Week 2 - Notes (Jan 24, 2013) -Huizinga Play -Never imposed by physical necessity or moral duty. It is never a task.

(Huizinga) -Play is voluntary. -Play is a well-defined quality of action which is different from "ordinary life". -It creates order, is order. Magic Circle -Stepping out of "real life" into a temporary activity of play. -The time & space where play happens become important (boundaries). Boundaries of Games - physical & non-physical Games -Entering a home | Sharing a state of mind -Rhythm & harmony -Rituals (being a part of a ritual) The State of Flow in Games Cheats -Bending vs breaking the rules - breaking the circle -Still within the game Phratrias - communities, loggias, societies -Caillois -A critic to Huizinga. -Game of chance is excluded. -Property is exchanged but not produced. -Play as waste | Professional remuneration -Categorized games: agon (competition), alea (chance), mimicry (simulation), ilinx (vertigo) -Defined games as an outcome known in advance, with no possibility of error or surprise… is incompatible with the nature of play. -Outcome that is free within the limits set by the rules. -In some games, fiction replaces rules. -Make-believe (2nd reality) -Agon (competition): vindication of personal responsibility -Alea (chance): surrender to destiny, negates work, experience truing (it is particularly human) -Mimicry (simulation): incessant invention of a 2nd reality - spectatorship

passiveness) -could even involve destruction -non-structured play (solitary game) -Ludus: taste for gratuitous difficulty .without rivalry . losing control) //The future of a civilization is implicit by its preference for a certain game .-Ilinx (vertigo): momentarily destroy the stability of perception (can be as simple as rolling down the hill Is acting mimicry? Paidia & Ludus -Paidia: primary power of improvisation & joy (not compatible with alea.control (not compatible with ilinx.hobby as vindication .

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