El pasado simple de los verbos regulares e irregulares

Pasado simple (verbos regulares)
I worked. You worked. He worked. She worked. It worked. We worked. You worked. They worked.

Forma afirmativa:
Sujeto + infinitive del verbo sin to + ed. I watched TV yesterday.

* Con la mayoría de los vebos, se añade –ed al infinitive sin to. work - worked * Con verbos acabados en –e, se añade –d. live - lived * Con verbos acabados en consonante + y, la y se sustituye por –ied. study - studied * Con verbos acabados en consonante, vocal, consonante, la consonante se duplica y se añade –ed.

began .travel .came .convertirse en.caught .comprar can . volverse begin .poder. Lista de verbos irregulares Infinitivo .became . estar become .was. `have´ se convierte en `had´ I had You had He had She had It had We had You had They had Los verbos irregulars no siguen normas ortográficas generales.Traducción be . were . por lo que hay que aprendérselos de memoría.could .empezar break .romper(se) build .built .bought .ser. que es la misma para todas las personas.broke .coger come .venir .travelled Pasado simple (verbos irregulares) El pasado simple de algunos verbos ingleses no acaba en –ed. sino que tiene una forma irregular.Pasado simple . saber catch .construir buy .

dibujar drink . tener hold .haber.lost .perder make .guarder.drank . irse (de) let .got up .learnt .levantarse give . conocer learn .sentir(se).made .forgot .fought .had .cost .knew .ir(se) have . notar fight .cost . mantener(se) know .got .felt .did .drove . sujetar keep .drew .volar forget .met .gave .left .luchar find .abandoner.encontrar fly .flew .conocer.conseguir get up .costar do . encontrarse (con) .saber.aprender leave .let .ate .hacer meet .dar go .held .agarrar.found .olvidar get .beber drive .comer feel .dejar lose .hacer draw .kept .went .conducir eat .

montar a (caballo).taught .spent .escribir Pasado simple (verbos regulares e irregulares) Negativo I didn´t work.sentarse sleep .saw .sang .said .mandar. .sat .cantar sit . He didn´t work.leer ride .pensar wear .rode .hablar spend .slept .paid .robar swim .thought .spoke .dormir speak .shone .took .correr say .wrote . enviar shine . pasar(tiempo) steal .pay .pagar read .enseñar think .coger teach .nadar take .vestir. You didn´t work.swam . andar en (bici…) run .ver send .read .gastar.stole .wore .decir see .sent .brillar sing . llevar puesto write .ran .

Yes. you did. they did. . Yes. you did. Yes. Yes. You didn´t work. We didn´t work. Yes. I did. Yes. she did.She didn´t work. Yes. It didn´t work. it did. Interrogativa Did I work? Did you work? Did he work? Did she work? Did it work? Did we work? Did you work? Did they work? Respuestas Breves Afirmativa Yes. he did. we did. They didn´t work.

el auxiliar es el mismo para todas las personas. No. I didn´t. No. We didn´t. El las frases negativas e interrogativas. you didn´t.Negativa No. You didn´t. they didn´t. No. we didn´t. No. she didn´t. it didn´t. You didn´t. you didn´t. he didn´t. They didn´t. No. así como en las respuestas breves. He didn´t. No. It didn´t. Frases Negativas: I didn´t. Frases interrogativas: Did I? Did you? Did he? Did she? . No. She didn´t.

last week (la semana pasada). * Ago no puede encabazar una expression de tiempo. She didn´t phone her No se puede decir: She didn´t phoned her. estas se colocan delante del auxiliar did. where). ten years ago No se puede decir: ago ten years . Ago * Ago se traduce por ¨hace¨ y se refiere a una acción del pasado. I played football last Saturday. why. a algo que ya ha acabado. En estas frases aparecen expresiones de tiempo tales como yesterday (ayer). when.Did it? Did we? Did you? Did they? Recuerda: * En las frases negativas e interrogativas. last night (anoche). Did you study yesterday? No se puede decir: Did you studied yesterday? * En las preguntas que contienen partículas interrogativas (what. They travelled to London three days ago. who. etc. siempre se debe utilizar el infinitivo del verbo sin to. Where did you go? Who did he visit? Usos: El pasado simple se utiliza para hablar de acciones que sucedieron en un momento concreto del pasado. We went shopping yesterday.

My mum ____________ (not cook) dinner last night. They didn´t dance at the party. My mum didn´t cook dinner last night. On Saturday I ____________ (play) computer games with my cousins. 4.Ejercicios A. listen __________ 5. cycle __________ 4. 1. Completar las frases Ejemplo: I didn´t watch TV last night. My brother ____________ (travel) to Ireland last summer. On Saturday I played computer games with my cousins. Las respuestas correctas 1. 2. 5. like __________ 8. 3. I ____________ (walk) to school because there weren´t any buses. My brother travelled to Ireland last summer. I walked to school because there weren´t any buses. copy __________ 2. They ____________ (not dance) at the party. play __________ 7. 2. 3. move __________ . Escribe el pasado simple de estos verbos 1. practice __________ 6. B. revise __________ 3. 5. 4.

you / many / did / ask? / How / people / _________________________________ 3. practice practiced 6. shout shouted 10.9. revise revised 3. copy copied 2. play played 7. like liked 8. listen listened 5. move moved 9. did / weekend? / the / What / do / we / at / _________________________________ . start started C. film? / like / you / Did / the / _________________________________ 2. cycle cycled 4. a / have / time? / they / Did / good / _________________________________ 4. Escribe las preguntas en el orden correcto Ejemplo: night? / meet / Did / you / them / last / Did you meet them last night? 1. shout __________ 10. start __________ Las respuestas correctas 1.

Where you did learn English? X 4. What do you this yesterday? X 6.5. did / yesterday? / Who / you / see / _________________________________ Las respuestas correctas 1. Did they last night phone you? X Las respuestas correctas . Did he go to your party on Saturday? 7. she / DVD? / Where / that / did / buy / _________________________________ 6. Why did you to go home early? X 3. What did we do at the weekend? 5. party / on / your / go / Saturday? / he / Did / to / _________________________________ 7. Corrige las frases Who do you met on Saturday morning? X Who did you meet on Saturday morning? 1. Did she works today? X 5. Where did she buy that DVD? 6. Who did you see yesterday? D. Did he went to school yesterday? X 2. Did they have a good time? 4. Did you like the film? 2. How many people did you ask? 3.

eat I 5. Where did you learn English? 4. Did she work today? 5. What did you do this yesterday? 6. use R 3. travel R 7. Did he go to school yesterday? 2. Escribe el pasado simple de los verbos del ejercicios E. fly I 2. Why did you go home early? 3. make I 6. Did they phone you last night? E. see ___________ Las respuestas correctas 1. . fly ___________ 2. use ___________ 3. travel ___________ 7. study ___________ 4. study R 4.1. make ___________ 6. see I F. ¿Verbos regulares (R) o irregulares (I)? play R 1. eat ___________ 5.

___________ 6. Then I ________ to the sports centre. I ________ a shower and some fruit for breakfast. used 3. 3. studied 4. ate 5. ___________ Las respuestas correctas 1. . Completa las frases utilizando el pasado simple de los verbos. ___________ 3. saw G. 5. ___________ 2. ___________ 4. ___________ 7. 6. made 6. At lunchtime I ________ my friends in a café. travelled 7. 1. I ________ 500 meters in the swimming pool and then 4.1. be – got up – meet – have – go – run – drink – sleep – swim – eat Yesterday I got up early. at about seven o´clock. flew 2. ___________ 5. 2. We ________ some pasta and ________ some juice. I ________ 5 kilometers.

2. My brother ___________ (not cry) when he fell of his bike. The plane ___________ (land) ten minutes ago. We ___________ (walk) to school yesterday. . 4. After lunch I slept for a few hours. 7. 5. I ___________ (carry) my mom´s shopping bag. I was tired! H. I swam ran 500 meters in the swimming pool and then 4. 7. 6. We ate some pasta and drank some juice. We ___________ (race) each other on our bikes. 11. We ___________ (live) in that house when I was a baby. I ___________ (not climb) over the fence. 8. I had a shower and some fruit for breakfast. I ___________ (rip) my shirt. 3. She ___________ (smile) when she saw me. Who ___________ (close) all the windows? 3. 9. I opened the door and ___________ (look) inside. At lunchtime I met my friends in a café. 13. 10. 5. She ___________ (laugh) when I told her the joke. Completa con el verbo en pasado simple (verbos regulares) 1. 2.7. I ran5 kilometers. 14. 12. I ________ tired! Las respuestas correctas 1. Then I went to the sports centre. We ___________ (hurry) to the station to catch the train. 6. After lunch I ________ for a few hours. Dad ___________ (not help) me with my homework.

We raced each other on our bikes.15. I ripped my shirt. I ___________ (not kick) the ball very hard. 21. 16. They ___________ (not work) until twelve last night. We ___________ (return) our books to the library. 11. 17. Two doctors ___________ (rush) into the room. 10. 5. 18. Who ___________ (invent) the computer? 23. I opened the door and looked inside. 7. Dinosaurs ___________ (live) many years ago. I didn´t climb over the fence. . 19. 25. Luis Miguel ___________ (hurry) to catch a bus. 22. Helen ___________ (whisper) me a secret. The plane landed ten minutes ago. She smiled when she saw me. 6. 2. We lived in that house when I was a baby. My brother didn´t cry when he fell of his bike. 9. Las respuestas correctas 1. 8. We hurried to the station to catch the train. Who did close all the windows? 3. 20. The frog ___________ (change) into a prince. I carried my mom´s shopping bag. She laughed when I told her the joke. 4. 13. She ___________ (not kiss) the frog. 12. It ___________ (not snow) last night. We walked to school yesterday. 24.

6. 3. The glass ___________ (not break). 9. 15. 22. 24. Dinosaurs lived many years ago. 19. I ___________ (get) this book from the library. The frog changed into a prince. Who invented the computer? 23. 16. It didn´t snow last night. 4. I ___________ (loose) my watch in the park. Two doctors rushed into the room. Helen whispered me a secret. They didn´t work until twelve last night. 12. We ___________ (buy) a new car. 20. 11. I. We ___________ (sell) our old car. I didn´t kick the ball very hard. Ali ___________ (cut) his knee. She didn´t kiss the frog. We had a garage where we ___________ (keep) our car. Pasado simple (verbos irregulares) 1. 10. 18.14. . 2. 21. 5. I kicked the ball and it ___________ (break) a window. The glass ___________ (fall) off the table. Luis Miguel hurried to catch a bus. Dad didn´t help me with my homework. 25. My new shoes ___________ (not cost) a lot of money. David ___________ (not hurt) his knee. 7. 8. The bell ___________ (not ring). 17. We returned our books to the library.

We had a garage where we kept our car. Her ring ___________ (cost) ten Euros. 9. 23. Jack and Jill ___________ (not go) up the hill. Yesterday Dad ___________ (not take) me to the carnival. We bought a new car. Our cat ___________ (run) onto the road. 3. 6. We all ___________ (go) into school. 17. The man ___________ (not kneel) down. 16. I got this book from the library. Jane ___________ (not write) a letter. 2. 15. 7. My new shoes didn´t cost a lot of money. I ___________ (put) sugar in my coffee. 18. The dog ___________ (catch) the ball. 22.13. 24. I kicked the ball and it broke a window. 10. 20. 19. The glass didn´t break. David didn´t hurt his knee. We ___________ (drive) to a safari park yesterday. 21. 4. I lost my watch in the park. Las respuestas correctas 1. We sold our old car. I ___________ (buy) a new camera last week. 14. Elizabeth ___________ (give) Eva a chocolate. The glass fell off the table. . 11. 5. Ali cut his knee. He ___________ (not hit) the ball over the net. 8. 25.

20. Yesterday Dad didn´t take me to the carnival. 25. . 14.12. Elizabeth gave Eva a chocolate. 19. We all went into school. 13. The bell didn´t ring. He didn´t hit the ball over the net. 22. 18. 21. I put sugar in my coffee. The man didn´t kneel down. Jack and Jill didn´t go up the hill. I bought a new camera last week. We drove to a safari park yesterday. Our cat ran onto the road. 17. The dog caught the ball. 15. Jane didn´t write a letter. 24. 16. Her ring cost ten Euros. 23.

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