Kate Cervone Grade: 4 Long Division Family Math

Content Area: MST Topic: Long Division

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVE Following a group discussion, the student will be able to apply the family math steps strategy to long division problems with at least 80% accuracy on a worksheet. STANDARDS AND INDICATORS Mathematics, Science, and Technology Standards #3: Mathematics Students will understand the concepts of and become proficient with the skills of mathematics; communicate and reason mathematically; become problem solvers by using appropriate tools and strategies; through the integrated study of number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics and probability.  This will be indicated when students apply the long division steps to complete problems, specifically related to the Number Sense and Operations Strand. MOTIVATION The teacher will discuss the popular Disney movie, “The Incredibles”, and how each family member has an important role.  Dad = Divide  Mom = Multiply  Sister = Subtract  Brother = Bring Down        MATERIALS SmartBoard (Notebook, Markers) Long Division Worksheet (In-Class) Long Division Worksheet (HW) Pencils STRATEGIES Whole group Modeling ADAPTATIONS The ESL students will be given a translated English-to-Spanish worksheet if necessary, with help from the ESL teacher.

DIFFERENTIATION OF INSTRUCTION Teachers are aware that not all students learn the same way.  For the student who needs extra time to complete the assignments, he/she will have extended time.  For the students who are “slow” learners, the teacher will slow her pace down to accommodate the student’s needs.

For the student who has difficulty with math, he will be expected to complete at least seven questions from the worksheet, instead of ten.

DEVELOPMENTAL PROCEDURES The students will be motivated with a discussion of the movie, “The Incredibles” and each superhero’s role, to then be related to the steps of long division. (What makes each character special? What is each family member’s role in the movie? How can we relate the movie characters to the long division process?) The students will observe a SmartBoard lesson discussing the steps to long division while associating the process with the different movie characters in the form of a mnemonic. (Why do you use “Dad” to divide? Can steps be repeated? Why/why not? Are all steps always used? Why/why not?) The students will independently try to complete the in-class worksheet with ten long division problems on it, as well as the mnemonic displayed on top. (Does anyone have any questions? Are you using the family math strategy? Are you showing all of your work?) The students will go over and check the long division problems with the teacher, who will write the answers on the SmartBoard. (How did you get that answer? Do we agree or disagree? Why/why not? How can we check our answers when doing division?)

ASSESSMENT The teacher will formally assess the student’s in-class worksheet following the lesson. INDEPENDENT PRACTICE The students will complete a long division with remainders worksheet as homework to be collected by the teacher the following day. FOLLOW-UP Academic Intervention: For the student who did not meet the objective, the teacher will work one-on-one with them to go over the long division process in further detail. Academic Enrichment: For the student who easily meets the objective, they will create their own long division problems with remainders to be shared with classmates. REFERENCES Long Division With Remainders. (n.d.). Math is Fun - Math Resources. Retrieved from http://www.mathsisfun.com/long_division2.html Super Teacher Worksheets - Printable Worksheets. (n.d.). Super Teacher Worksheets – Printable Worksheets. Retrieved from http://www.superteacherworksheets.com The Math Worksheet Site.com -- Long Division. (n.d.). The Math Worksheet Site.com.

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