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Educational Philosophy

The purpose of schooling is not to teach students to merely be successful in the classroom and to strive to attain good grades, but also to help those students grow and learn as citizens, future parents, and individuals. These ideals are significant to me because I understand that in becoming a teacher, one accepts the responsibility for generations to come. The leaders of our nation were all once students of teachers just like myself. It is a great responsibility that I have accepted and upon which I will base my teaching. There are many aspects both in and out of the classroom teachers are responsible for. I believe it is the responsibility of the teacher to serve as a positive example of morals and manners, as well as creating and adjusting innovative lesson plans that capture the interests of the young minds counting on them. I also believe that the teachers have a responsibility to hold students accountable for their actions so they learn that they will eventually be in control of their own destinies. The choices they make will affect them in the future. There is also a responsibility of teachers to provide colleagues with advice about students to maximize their learning potential when students move on to the next grade level. This communication creates healthy working relationships that benefit all teachers within the same school system. There must be a healthy relationship among teachers and parents. Because students are engaged in learning outside of the classroom, the two environments must cooperate and

collaborate. The responsibility to align these two depends on the communication the teacher is responsible for sharing. The nature of student learning is not the same for any two students. It is an individual process that includes past experiences, previously learned schemas, and the combination of inquiry-based learning that is aided by a teacher only when necessary. By using all of these, learners create their own meaningful learning experience that encompasses all students and provides a comfortable learning environment that invokes confidence throughout the classroom. To accomplish these things, teachers need to be organized, well-educated, and communicative; these qualities aid both learner-based and teacher-based instruction. Teachers should work to obtain, perfect, and master such skills so they may continue to provide their students with the confidence to further their education after the completion of each grade level. I firmly believe I have these skills, and am committed to the constant revising necessary to instruct all of my students effectively.