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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas


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Guided Discovery Model

Making sure students understand a subject topic by illustrating content matter through the use of examples.
Main idea Main idea Main idea Main idea

1. Identify Topics -choosing to teach either a concept, a category of common characteristics, or a generalization, a statement that relates concepts to each other in general patterns. 2. Specify Learning Objectives -set clear expectations for what you want students to remember and understand from the topic being taught through examples 3. Prepare examples and nonexamples -make sure examples will enable students to reach the learning objectives -make sure you have enough examples to completely illustrate the assigned topic to students

Phase One: Introduction -grab students’ attention and have them put on their “observation goggles” as you begin to present your examples to them Phase Two: The Open-ended Phase -students are asked to observe the given examples and are then asked to compare and contrast the examples Phase Three: The Convergent Phase -guide students to identify specific characteristics of the examples to help them reach the important aspects of the topic you want students to remember and understand Phase Four: Closure and Application -students are able to either recall characteristics of a concept they have just learned or are able to describe the relationship of the generalization they have just learned about

Assessments must be able to match up with the learning objectives you expected students to take from the topic illustrated through examples Assessments can be done both formally and informally either by written assignments or even simple performance activities Informal Assessments -promotes deep understanding of the topic by providing the students with feedback -promotes critical thinking -takes little teacher effort Formal Assessment -simple performance measure

Motivation/ Modification
Students are motivated by being more thoroughly involved in the topic, especially if it peaks their own interests. Students are also motivated by their own curiosity through the idea of exploring a mystery.

So what? What is important to understand about this?

Students are able to open up their minds to explore and observe, draw conclusions, and in doing so expand their critical thinking skills.