APRIL 16, 2013

NR # 3075B

Use solar energy to solve Mindanao power crisis - solon
A lawmaker believes that exploring and developing other alternative sources of energy would help address the worsening power shortage in Mindanao. “Mandating the government to give priority to research, development and utilization of science and technology will help national development and progress to include development of alternatives to the traditional sources of energy,” said Rep. Carlo Lopez (2nd District, Manila), author of House Bill 4556, which he filed in 2011. “We are currently experiencing an energy crisis, the prices of oil products are constantly rising. We are too dependent on imported crude oil for our energy requirements which results in the diminution of our dollar reserves,” Lopez noted. Lopez said there are other sources of energy, like hydroelectric and geothermal energy, but the supply is inadequate. “It is necessary that we explore and develop other alternative sources of energy like solar energy which is very abundant in our country,” Lopez said. Lopez said the State should support indigenous, appropriate and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities and their application to the country’s productive systems and national life. Under the measure, a Solar Energy Development Authority is created to conduct extensive research on solar energy, formulate a comprehensive policy for search, development and utilization of solar energy and implement the government program on the allocation, distribution and sale of solar energy. The Authority shall have an authorized capital of P10,000,000, which shall be fully subscribed by the government and other government financial institutions. (30) lvc

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