Favorite song

  Source/Reference:   Hannah  Livingston     Description  of  Strategy:   Students  research  a  favorite  song  artist  or  band  and  research  it.  The  student  will   then  make  a  poster  with  the  name  of  the  song  and  artist  as  if  it  were  a  concert   poster  showing  the  style  of  the  artist  and  why  they  believe  the  person  is  a  good   musician.     Suggested  Application:   Could  be  used  in  collaboration  with  an  Art  teacher  and  the  English  teacher.     Adjustment:   All  students  can  create  a  poster  like  this    


  Source/Reference:   www.litandlearn.lpb.org     Description  of  Strategy:   Research/teaching  project  where  each  student  becomes  an  expert  at  a  specific  topic   then  teaches  his/her  topic  to  the  other  students.     Suggested  Application:   All  content  areas.     Adjustment:   Students  don’t  need  as  long  as  a  presentation  and  don’t  need  to  have  as  many  facts   about  the  subject.    


  Source/Reference:   http://www.litandlearn.lpb.org/strategies.html     Description  of  Strategy:   Before  beginning  a  new  unit  you  have  the  students  write  down  what  they  already   know  about  it.  Once  you  are  part  way  through  the  unit  the  students  write  what  they   would  like  to  learn  about  the  unit  still.  After  the  unit  is  completed  the  students  write   what  they  learned  from  the  unit.     Suggested  Application:   This  strategy  could  be  used  in  any  subject  area  either  at  the  beginning  of  a  unit  or   even  the  beginning  of  a  section  of  a  unit.     Adjustment:   Students  can  make  a  list  of  words  instead  of  writing  sentences.      

Lyric Writing

Source/Reference:   Eakle,  Kit.  “What  do  Whole-­‐Language  teachers  and  Music  teachers  have  to  learn   from  one  another”.  Laney,  BC,  Canada  Research  Forum  1994:  1  Web.  10  Nov.  2012   http://www.musickit.com/resources/forumart.html     Description  of  Strategy:   Play/Perform  for  students  a  number  of  traditional  folk  songs  from  America.  Show   them  the  lyrics  and  have  them  learn  to  sing  them  on  their  own.  Once  they  are   familiar  with  traditional  folk  songs  and  how  they  function  have  them  write  their   own  lyrics  to  a  well  known  folk  song  that  the  class  has  been  studying.   http://www.midwestclinic.org/user_files_1/pdfs/clinicianmaterials/2011/willis_ra pp.pdf     Suggested  Application:   This  could  be  used  with  groups  in  elementary  school  as  well  as  high  school  students.     Adjustment:   Student  sonly  write  lyrics  for  a  small  part  of  the  song.    

Music Project

"ETNI  Teacher  Ideas  and  Projects  -­‐  Etni  Music."  ETNI  Teacher  Ideas  and  Projects  -­‐   Etni  Music.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  11  Nov.  2012.   <http://www.etni.org.il/music/ideas.htm>.     Description  of  Strategy:   Students  pick  two  songs  and  write  about  the  artist  and  the  song  then  present  on   their  findings.     Suggested  Application:   This  strategy  could  be  very  useful  when  doing  a  unit  that  involves  studying  a  period   in  history  or  particular  composer  or  style  of  music.     Adjustment:   Students  can  only  pick  one  song  and  not  do  the  presentation.                      

Newspaper Making

50  Social  Studies  Strategies  for  K-­‐8  Classrooms,  Kathryn  M.  Obenchain  and  Ronald   V.  Morris     Description  of  Strategy:   Creative  study  guide  where  students  create  a  newspaper  using  events  and  culture  of   a  certain  era.       Suggested  Application:   Students  can  collaborate  to  create  a  newspaper  with  articles  about  works  of  music   and  the  composers  of  a  specific  era  in  history.     Adjustment:   Student  can  find  an  article  online  instead  of  writing  one  of  their  own  or  they  can   only  write  the  opening  paragraph  of  the  story.        

Practice Journals

Source/Reference:   Andrea  Woody     Description  of  Strategy:   Students  record  the  progress  they  make  while  practicing.       Suggested  Application:   This  strategy  can  be  used  frequently  as  it  is  not  something  that  will  take  the   students.     Adjustment:   Student  can  use  one  or  two  words  to  record  what  they  practiced  instead  of  complete   sentences.      

The Quick Write
  Source/Reference:   http://www.lpb.org/education/classroom/itv/litlearn/strategies/strat_quick.pdf  

  Description  of  Strategy:   The  Quick  Write  is  a  literacy  strategy  that  is  designed  to  give  students  the   opportunity  to  reflect  upon  their  learning.       Suggested  Application:   This  strategy  would  work  well  if  used  while  introducing  new  content  to  students  as   it  gives  the  teacher  a  way  to  evaluate  the  success  of  their  teaching  and  give  students   a  chance  to  put  what  they  have  learned  into  their  own  words  which  is  one  of  the   best  ways  to  learn  new  things.     Adjustment:   Student  can  write  a  list  of  words  instead  of  sentences.                

Sticky notes

Source/Reference:   Jenise  Cardinal-­‐Donnelly     Description  of  Strategy:   Have  students  respond  to  a  question  on  the  board  that  is  related  to  the  things  that   have  been  discussed  in  class.     Suggested  Application:   This  strategy  is  a  great  way  to  take  attendance  and  also  to  check  on  the  students   understanding  of  the  subject  matter.     Adjustment:   Students  can  write  just  one  or  two  sentences  or  draw  a  picture  to  show  their  answer   to  the  question  or  the  question  could  be  adjusted  for  the  student.