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A Space is defined by the relationships between the objects within. A Good Design is achieved by creating a balance between the space, objects, functions and the user. TOTO redefines the contemporary kitchen by collaborating with renowned designers Yuni Jie and Leonard Theosabrata.



Yuni Jie

Born in 1977 and educated at Pratt Institute New York, Yuni Jie is an acclaimed interior and product designer, whose distinct style captures the true spirit of modernism. In 2007 she was a finalist in the International Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year award held by the British Council. In 2008 SWA magazine’s poll recognized Yuni as one of Indonesia’s leading businesswomen. She is a contributing editor for a prominent interiors magazine in Jakarta and has written four books on interior design.

Leonard Theosabrata

Graduated from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA in 2002. Leonard is currently the head of the Jakarta-based LTD, the Leonard Theosabrata Design studio, which focuses on interior and product design. His award winning furniture company Accupunto received the Red Dot Design Award in 2003, the Good Design Award Japan in 2005, and the recent Wallpaper Design Award 2009 for his collaboration with International designers. His work has been widely published and featured in books and magazines worldwide. This is his second collaboration with TOTO, following the signature LOOP collection.



Collection Yuni Jie 4 5 .

6 7 . this design creates a contemporary statement that is built around the urban lifestyle.Divine The DIVINE kitchen collection is a heavenly luxury. With its clean and modern approach.

8 12 9 13 .

10 11 .An open shelf is designed into the freestanding island counter both as a contemporary accent and as a convenient storage location for frequently used items.

The high gloss. 12 13 . and creates a warm clean environment for your family to enjoy together. A white solid surface island counter equipped with the latest premium brand appliances complements the ambiance by being the centerpiece for all your kitchen activities. pure white and handle-less surface is easily cleaned.

14 15 .

The accessories inside help you organize your cutlery and store them when all is done. A full complement of Blum fittings makes each subtle movement of the door an effortless pleasure. 16 17 . we have equipped the Divine kitchen with the latest top of the line appliances that are sure to inspire the cook within you. thereby maintaining the aesthetic purity of the kitchen.As the flagship of the collection.

Shadow The SHADOW kitchen collection is a vision of refined elegance. 18 19 . A subtle combination of exotic materials and good design meld together to establish a timeless harmony.

20 21 .

A luminous stainless steel background and warm indirect mood lighting set the overall inviting and comfortable theme of the kitchen. 22 23 .Handleless dark oak finish and wall hung design characterize the SHADOW kitchen.

24 25 .

26 27 . the experience is a pleasure you will want to repeat time and again.In a well-designed kitchen cooking is an absolute joy. Whether learning new recipes or cooking for your loved ones.

Black solid surface counter top. together with matching induction cooker and a black double sink creates the illusion of space. the SHADOW kitchen will definitely make you feel like a chef at home. 28 29 . With a professional faucet and carefully selected accessories to help you organize your cutlery.

Individual The INDIVIDUAL kitchen collection is specially designed to suit one’s unique character. The design captures a perfect blend of personal taste and functionality. 30 31 .

32 33 .

easy to clean handleless design.Stainless Steel appliances. and a white solid surface counter top combine to create a truly functional kitchen that is both practical and pleasing. 34 35 .

making the kitchen an integral part of your home. 36 37 . Elegant lines and generous storage space enhance the usability.The practicality of the INDIVIDUAL kitchen extends to the under counter sink installation that makes the surface easy to clean.

38 39 .A range of six designer motifs can be chosen to add a personalized accent to the kitchen. This warm personal touch creates a cozy atmosphere for your family to enjoy together anytime.

40 41 .

Collection Leonard Theosabrata 42 43 .

easy to understand and compliments your lifestyle. 44 45 .Radius The main feature of the RADIUS kitchen is the simple corner radius where form follows function .a design language that is user-friendly.

46 47 .

The RADIUS kitchen accentuates soft rounded shapes. 48 49 . and a feeling of comfort that puts the mind and body at ease.

hidden handles and recessed in-wall feature are a new take on modern kitchen design. 50 51 . The warmth and comfort of this very special kitchen will bring added joy to daily family life.The unique glossy gold finish.

52 53 .

54 55 .Subtle kitchen technologies enhance the user experience in this state of the art interior.

Planar The PLANAR kitchen follows a ‘less is more’ design philosophy. 56 57 58 . a strong statement that gives new meaning to a simple lifestyle in the fast moving modern world. The centerpiece is a single unit multi-purpose stainless steel cooking surface with a built-in sink.

The super-clear coated tempered glass is striking to behold and a delight to use. 62 59 60 61 62 .The recessed design makes efficient use of the space available.

63 64 65 .PLANAR is perfect for the individual who prefers the kitchen to be the showcase of their home.

66 67 .

68 69 .the use of wood exudes calmness and strength.Border The warmth and boldness of Asian architecture inspires the BORDER kitchen . an integral part of the Asian culture.

70 71 .

Bold vertical and horizontal lines strengthen the characteristics of the BORDER kitchen. 72 73 .The use of natural light oak veneer in a matte polyurethane finish creates warmth.

74 75 .Place a table and set of chairs. and you’re ready for an exhilarating journey of culinary delights.

76 77 .

cooking.Everyone needs to enjoy the simpler things in life. having breakfast with the family. like eating. 78 79 .

Technical Specifications 80 81 .

MENTS BLUMOTION Solid Surface European origin. All sides Solid or Pearl Color in Polyurethane High Gloss or Matte Finish. BACK PANEL Board: Origin: Quality: Edging: Board: Origin: Quality: Edging: Patterned 16 mm MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard). 7. Europe Moisture Resistant E1 Standard. 2. GLASS DOOR 5 mm Back Coated Super-clear Tempered Glass. Choice of Door Finish Divine Radius White—High Gloss WHITE—MATTE GOLD—PEARL HIGH GLOSS WHITE—PEARL HIGH GLOSS DARK GREY—High Gloss BLACK—PEARL HIGH Gloss 3.6mm ABS edging with matching pattern. Patterned 8 mm MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard). DRAWER BOX HINGE COUNTER TOP Accesories Runners: “Blum” TANDEMBOX plus BLUMOTION. 0. 4. SOLID DOOR Board: 18 mm MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). 0. 5. All sides Natural Wood Veneer in Polyurethane High Gloss or Matte Finish.6mm ABS edging with matching pattern. Quality: E1 Standard Finishing: 1.General Specifications CABINET 1. Europe Moisture Resistant E1 Standard. 6. CARCASE 2. MOCCA—High Gloss MOCCA—MATTE Planar* Shadow DARK GREY—BACK COATED GLASS WHITE—BACK COATED GLASS NATURAL OAK—MATTE DARK OAK—MATTE BLACK—BACK COATED GLASS * SUPER-CLEAR TEMPERED GLASS Individual Border Choice of Door Patterns For Yuni Jie INDIVIDUAL Kitchen White—High Gloss WHITE—MATTE NATURAL OAK—MATTE DARK OAK—MATTE DARK GREY—High Gloss TAUPE ORIENT KAWUNG HANA GRASS CIRCLE DIAMOND WINDMILL MOCCA—High Gloss MOCCA—MATTE 82 83 .

Syafi’i Hazami No. 8 Jakarta 12240 Production Notes Kitchen design Yuni Jie & Leonard Theosabrata PhotographY Martin Westlake Catalogue Design SUNVISUAL PrinteR Indonesia Printer 84 . Unit 193-196 Jl. Tomang Raya Web: www. 15-17 Jl. Thamrin No. 6507 Fax: +62-21-5682282 Email: mktkit@toto. TOTO Gallery Jl. 52-53 Jakarta 12190 Tel: +62-21-57973072 Grand Indonesia West Mall 2nd Fl.toto. Panglima Polim Raya No. Jend Sudirman KH. 56 Jakarta 12160 Tel: +62-21-7393147 Pacific Place Mall 3rd Fl.TOTO KITCHEN SHOWROOMS Head OFFICE Jl. 1 Jakarta 10310 Tel: +62-23581065 Gandaria City 1st Fl. No. 41A MH. 18 Jakarta 11430 Tel: +62-21-5663532 ext.

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