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Theory and pratice of .m files and simulink libraries. 1. Plot the results of certain basic arithmetic operations: a) addition, multiplication etc. b) exponential, logarithm etc. c) trigonometry, complex numbers. 2. Working with arrays of numbers: a) straight line plots. b) operation on vectors. c) matrices, circles. 3. Graph plots: a) sine plots b) decaying and growing functions. c) overlay plots. 4. Programs to understand creation,saving,execution of files. 5. Programs involving matrices,manupilation using linear algebra. 6. Basic 2D and 3D plots: a) parametric space curve. b) polygons with vertices. c) 3D contour lines. 7. Simple graphics problems. 8. The sampling and reconstruction of a given signal. 9. Amplitude modulation and demodulation. 10. Frequency modulation and demodulation. 11. Time division multiplexing 12. Pulse amplitude modulation. 13. Delta and adaptive delta modulation and demodulation. 14. Carrier modulation techniques using amplitude shift keying and frequency shift Keying. 15. Carrier modulation techniques using binary shift keying and differential shift keying. 16. Pulse code modulation and differential pulse code modulation as well as relevant Demodulation. 17. Quadrature phase shift keying and quadrature amplitude modulation.

BTE 623

Credit Units: 02

Examination Scheme:
IA EE A PR LR V PR V 5 10 10 5 35 35 Note: IA Internal Assessment, EE- External Exam, PR- Performance, LR Lab Record, V Viva.