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Sara Beth Creel


February 18, 2013

Concept Attainment Model C-A
Main idea Main idea

Is …

A teaching model designed to help students of all ages elaborate and Reinforce their understanding of concepts and practice critical thinking.
Main idea Main idea

1) Identify Topics:
Consider students’ prior experience. Generalizations


1) Have students create a concept map. 2) Give student a quiz and ask them to define concept, identify the concept’s characteristics, relate the concept to other concepts, identify or supply examples of the concept not previously encountered 3) Assess critical thinking by asking higher order thinking questions

Motivation and Modification
1) Intellectual puzzles 2) Sense of the unknown promotes interest, curiosity, and a sense of challenge and solving the problem is intellectually and emotionally satisfying. 3) Activities can add variety to classroom activities. 4) Working together motivates 5) For young children: use more concrete examples, introduce with a familiar idea and use a simple topic 6) II Increase the emphasis on hypothesis testing and critical thinking 7) III Extend the process of hypothesis testing even further

1) Introduction
Careful direction so students are comfortable with the process

2) Specify Learning Objectives:
Develop and elaborate concepts and the relationships among them Practice critical thinking by forming and testing hypotheses

2) Examples and Hypothesizing
Display one example and nonexample and ask students to hypothesize what the concept is

3) The Analysis Cycle
Display all examples and nonexamples. Students analyze the hypotheses and offer additional hypotheses

3) Select Examples and Nonexamples
Best illustrate the characteristics of the concept is essential

4) Sequence Examples and Nonexamples
Arrange examples for practice with process

4)Closure and Application
Students identify the essential characteristics of the concept, state a definition, and link it to related concepts.

So what? What is important to understand about this?

C-A Helps Students: make connections between what they know and what they will be learning. Learn how to examine a concept from a number of perspectives.
Learn how to sort out relevant information. Extend their knowledge of a concept by classifying more than one example of that concept. And go beyond merely associating a key term with a definition. Concept is learned more thoroughly and retention is improved.