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Date: April 15th,2013

Big Friendly Giant
1. BFG catches dreams with a : a). net b).bottle c).mug 2. BFG’s teeth are: a).round b).squared c).triangular 3. The snozzcumber has: a).white stripes and coarse knobbles b).yellow stripes c). yellow dots

4. Giants sleep: a). now and then b).all night long c).all day long 5. Jack is a : a). famous swimmer b).famous giant eater c).famous writer

BFG lived: a). in a cave 7.Queen Elizabeth b).under ground c).6.Queen Mary 8. Queen Victoria c).a llama c). In ten lines write an essay about the book in which to mention:  The author  The title of the book  The part you liked the best and why  The way you felt while reading the book . The ruler of India sent the BFG : a).hats 9. a magnificent elephant b).in a house b). Sophie met “ a).