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Analyzing simple declarative sentence, there are two major semantic roles;  The role of Predicator (played by predicates)  The role of argument (played by referring expression)  Example:  Achmad speaks English.  Achmad and English are the arguments  Speaks is the predicator

 The

predicator is the word (or a group of words) which does not belong to any of the referring meaning of the sentence.  A predicate is any word which can function as the predicator of a sentence.  Example;

Marcus Brutus killed Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus and Julius Caesar are the referring expressions, the roles are as the argument Killed is the predicate, the role is as the predicator

 The

verb exist can be a predicator, but in English the verb “be” in its various forms is not a predicator  The predicators in sentences can be of various parts of speech (adjectives, verbs, and nouns).  Example;

 

Margaret was unhappy. The role of Margaret is as the argument The role of Unhappy is as the predicator The role of was is non predicator

 There

are different degree of predicate:  Examples:
 

1. They scream loudly Scream is a predicate of degree one (one place predicate) 2. We watch TV together. Watch is a predicate of degree two ( a two place predicate) 3. John gives Mary a bouquet of roses. Give is a third place predicate

 

 Sometimes

two predicates can have nearly, if not exactly, the same sense but be of different grammatical part of speech  Example:  Jack is foolish, Jack is a fool  Foolish and fool are predicate  Foolish is an adjective  Fool is a noun  Both have different part of speech

 1.
  

Determine the semantic role:

A. The child is afraid of cats. B. The lamp is over the table. C. The new campus is outside the city.

 2.
  

Determine the degree of predicate:

A. The students build the green house. B. The supermarket is between the park and the gas station. C. Mrs. Azizah is a sister of the mayor.

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