INTRODUCING HAIKU FASHION (a new fashion brand and lifestyle concept) By Dwight Isebia

HAIKU BRAND Haiku Fashion is the brand expressing our thoughts in form of haikus

HAIKU FASHION Wearing a nice shirt, showing important message, by tiny Haiku

A REASON TO LOOK Haikus on his shirts, gave girls reasons to approach and read him closer

JUST COME CLOSER This is not a pass: I just want you close to me, to watch my message

ART WALKING For those who can read, I am a walking symbol of art on the streets

JOIN HAIKUFASHION I invite you to Join Haikufashion before you become my friend HELP ME Kan je mij helpen? Ik kan echt niet lezen wat er op mijn shirt staat

LESAMI Ta bon pa lesa teksto riba mi kurpa pa konosemi

GRIJP DE KANS Leer mij nu kennen, dus bestudeerme voordat het boek voorbij loopt (DPI 2011)

We hope to introduce and to elaborate on the concept by October 4, 2011. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.


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