Acute uveitis 1. What is the mean visual acuity 6/2-4? 2. Blindness international terminology according WHO?

3/60 or 3m counting small + visual field < 10 for medical term 3. What is ciliary injection? 4. Keratic presipitat? inflamation cell because of iritis 5. Flare? When +/6. Explain Dd/ acute uveitis >< konjungtivitis 7. Why you give sulfas atropine 8. Cause of acute uveitis 9. Th/ directly use Ab virus circulation blood vessel & come to iris imunologic process-secondary glaucoma-IOP ^ Katarak 1. Shadow test (+)? 2. Why you sure the IOP before surgery because diabetic & glaucoma is aging disease if glaucoma the prognosis is mlm coz glaucoma destroyed nerve blood vessel yg menutrisi N optikus jd atropi 3. CDR (N)? <0.3 0.8 = glaucoma 4. What is fundus exam before surgery? papil, nerve, retina u/ Dx prognosis u/ mendapat retinopati c/ DM 5. Kalau ada 1/300 px apalagi untuk liat retina USG 6. What is secondary cataract 7. What is cataract komplikata? krn peny di luar lensa 8. Biometri fgs? 9. Shadow test? Konjungtivitis flikten 1. What is the main cause of flikten hipersensitivity of tuberculo protein 2. Flikten >< pinguekula 3. Why it is only flikten how you can differentiate flikten >< on slit lamp yellow white nodul 4. Sensitivity of light not only cause of keratitis peny. lain, hipotensi acute congestive glaucoma 5. Acute konjungtivitis non flikten 6. DD/ konjungtivitis, glaucoma, iritis 7. Why give kortikosteroid?

pinguekuilitis whitening only

Glaucoma secondary siliar sw Flouresen test efek dilusi > scheidel tes tanda ada kebocoran kornea . How you manage kortikosteroid tappering off 40mg 1 minggu > turun 9.because most of uveitis is imunologic reaction 8. Patognomonis iritis can cause katarak komplikata coz sinechia post 11. How the typical pain light pain palpable pain 10.

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