Media Studies

Assignment 2

to review what you know about advertising to review what you know about lynx and unilever To explore the ad you will be writing about

Mise en scene Institution Framing Branding Hypodermic needle theory Casting

Write them down if you don’t know the meaning
Target Audience Narrative Denotation Stereotyping Ideology Subtext

Representation Diegetic sound Connotations Pack shot Uses and gratifications theory Shot sizes (establisher, CU, LS, MS etc.)

To view and analyse lynx adverts in anticipation of the controlled assessment To use media language to analyse the texts To comment on Representations, Audience and Institutions

Watch advert Pick one shot to describe in detail denotation - what you see and hear Use media language Share

Lynx Attract Unleash the Chaos


Watch the advert again and answer the questions

Write the narrative of the advert in 25-30 words only How are men and women represented in the advert? Who is the product aimed at and how do you know? How and why is music used? How is camera used to tell the story? How does the mise en scene reflect the title or slogan? What hidden meanings are there in the advert? How is the brand represented?

Success criteria
If you use at least one media term in answering each question. Complete all questions. Write in complete sentences.


Prepare for Assignment 2a draft Re-Watch the advert and add to your notes


How is this advert different from previous Lynx ads?

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