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Inner Child Adult PLACEMENT Step 2 Parent

USES: USES: ? Helps create ? Restore natural and awareness and true placements to solutions about any system relationships with self and others

A primordial dynamic, is that of the child, parent and adult archetype. Placement isarchetypal not an opinion or perception, but inner a fact, an absolute truth. When any system, Theitchild and parent archetype are polarized seek If we suppress one be a company, a team or a family denies or and resists this balance. fact, the system and its members (minus), automatically other polarity pair (plus). Only when child and suffer. In we nature everythingexaggerate has a placethe and by remaining true to this, systems function well parent archetype are the adult archetype emerge. to support the and harmoniously. Usebalanced, this PQF tocan explore and restore placement harmonious functioning of any group dynamic.

Everyone belongs:in true place - CHILD then + PARENT +their CHILD then - PARENT
PQF What places?
LIST of places in system

Contract GROUP (System) Goal

Draw a diagram of all the places (roles/titles/positions) in the system/group. Think carefully and draw Theme Date them in a way that represents the logic and truth of the system. Then Name write the names of the people that truthfully belong to each placement. Include unborn children and deceased members. Make a note if some people seem in the wrong place i.e. are factually not correctly placed e.g. a child trying to be an emotional parent, or a manager making decisions for the General Manager. What types of placements can exist in a system? Family - children, siblings (in their order of birth), mother, father, adopted parents, grand mother (maternal), grand father (maternal), grand mother (paternal), grand father (paternal), aunts, uncles, step parents, step siblings, half siblings, great grand parents and cousins etc. Companies - all departments and positions, CEO, MD, GM, Chairperson, founders, partners, clients, suppliers, board, directors, departments and supervisors etc.

3 Perspectives

System coaching questions

How can you best honour the placements in this system? What are your factual places in this system? What is the absolute truth here? How might it feel to resist the truth of your true place in this system? What might it ultimately be like to fully acknowledge the truth? How does it help to see the truth? What are the factual places in this system? How could you completely honour the truth of each persons place in this system?

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