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Functional Training Proposal

Functional Training Proposal

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Published by: Vimal Singh Chauhan on Apr 16, 2013
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Transforming through the learning space

Innovation Systems Consulting

Functional Training for functional excellence. 1.Objectives: • To formulate the competency map for the requisite function. • To formulate the model of excellence for the functional area consisting of competencies as well as the level at which they have to be practiced for achieving excellence. • To facilitate subject matter experts for formulating the competency development plan w.r.t the identified competencies. • To catalyze consolidation of learning for each identified functional competency. • To enhance the requisite behavioral competencies. • To trigger the formulation of an,”Action Plan” by each participant for applying the competencies in order to achieve excellence in the functional area. 2.Pedagogy: 2.1 Pedagogical Process

Experiential Analysis

Case Analysis

Consolidation Of Learning

Action Planning

2.2Pedagogical Tools ◦ Cases ◦ Role plays ◦ Group analysis and synthesis ◦ Quiz

Innovation Systems Consulting,1270(GF),Block C2,Palam Vihar,Gurgaon-122017,Haryana,India Ph.:91-9810354339,9810858177,0124-4203725 sanjiv@innovativetraining4u.com.www.innovativetraining4u.com

Transforming through the learning space Innovation Systems Consulting 3.Block C2.Haryana.1270(GF).Workshop Contents: • Competency Model for excellence • Functional competencies ◦ Exploration and assimilation ◦ Case analysis ◦ Experiential analysis • Consolidation of Learning • Identification of application points for excellence • Behavioral competencies ◦ Effective communication ◦ Emotional Intelligence ◦ Conflcit managment ◦ Time management • Consoildation of learning • Application planning for excellence.9810858177.:91-9810354339.Palam Vihar.0124-4203725 sanjiv@innovativetraining4u.www. • Action plan for achieving excellence 4. • Model of excellence. • Identification of application and learning points rregarding each competency.com.India Ph. • Consolidation of learning regarding each competency.com .innovativetraining4u. Takeaways: • Competency map for the requisite position.Gurgaon-122017. Innovation Systems Consulting.

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