Week 1  Searching for topics and related IEEE papers Next week task  Requirement gathering

Week 2  Requirement Gathering  Information from Internet, Information from books and IEEE papers etc Next week task  Scope and problem statement of the project

Week 3  Designing problem statement and scope of the project Next week  Study of existing system

Week 4  Worked on researching the problems that are faced in the existing system and their drawbacks Next week task  We will be designing block diagram for the project

Week 5  Prepared the block diagram for describing how the system should actually work Next week  Preparing TPP

Week 6  Proposed a technical paper on our project and studied reference paper for understanding working of project Next week  Study Concept of SMS controlled relay board Week 7  Studied the concept of GSM based relay and its limitation which can be covered in our project Next week  Component study Week 8  Studied the component requirement Next week  Listing components to be used Week 9  Studied concept of micro controller and embedded system Next week task  Study of GSM modem and Relay Week 10  Studied the logic for sending SMS and working of GSM Modem and Relay board .