The Recruitment Process

The Step one is to send the application or fill the application form of the company giving job or of any consultancy service or any job providing agency, along with your duly filled Resume’ or Curriculum Vitae.

Note, the resume’ must contain all the information of you, remember its your projection you are giving to the company but in as less words as possible, it is just for the Recruiters to know about you and your profile and match it with the job. The second step is the selection process, after your resume; has been shortlisted and you are called upon by the company for the interview. Interview may be according to your resume, or your job profile, or it may happen that the interviewee may ask you according to his mood but he will not be absurd for sure. The third step is the decision, the panel or the interviewee will decide that you are selected or not, after the decisions are made the results are announced. To study this process I have personally interviewed some of working professionals of various posts, who willingly shared their experiences with me to help me understand the process better.


Naveen Srivastava Branch Manager State Bank of India. Emerald Branch Near Rave 3 Kanpur Educational Qualifications: BSc (Honors). CAIIB Work Experience: 11 Years in State Bank of India Worked only in SBI Joining Procedure: Interview Process of State Bank of India Job/ Seat Related Questions 2 .Mr.

Seat-Related (Credit. Agriculture) About SWOT Analysis of Company in Interview Say for ExampleStrength. Hierarchy of the Branch 3 .Biggest in Network Keeps Update in Technology. Debit.

Mr. Sales Executive Khanna Hundai. Ambrish Nigam Sr. Kanpur Educational Qualifications BBA Work Experience:  Work Experience of 13 Years o 2 Years in Opel o 11 Years in Khanna Hyundai Joining Procedure: Walk-In Interview with Resume’ Interview regarding previous job 4 .

Checks Stability. Manners & Etiquettes 5 . Customer Convincing Power. Technical Knowledge on Automobiles.

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