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com MALC Conference Call on HB 3339
Folks, bill HB 3339 will be discussed this morning, please help us to take action by making some calls and supporting the restoration of the education funds. Please read below; TMF stands for Trey Martinez-Fischer, chairman of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus. -joey Bea- can you please distribute through-out? -Thanks Joey, Please share the below summary of today's MALC conference call with HOPE members. Patricia ------------------Rep. TMF noted that Ds have been very united to leverage support for the water issue but they were also very adamant about there being similar investment in public education. There's been 10-12 people (equally split as Ds or Rs) working behind the scenes talking about the need to address school funding since day 28 of the session—when Rep. TMF began making noise on the back mic—and since then there have been steady responses to the need. This has resulted in $2.5B has since been put into restoring funds. There's also $500M in the works, which would bring it to $3B. That $500M is not yet confirmed so Rep. TMF is sticking with there only being $2.5B. Rep. TMF has already drafted a CSHB 3339 that changes the language to request $2.9B from the Rainy Day fund. Rep. TMF is not asking for the House to pass HB 3339 on its own. This will likely be a conversation that runs parallel to the debate on HB 11, which calls for $2B from the Rainy Day fund to be used for water. Rep. TMF's wants HB 3339 to be used as an opportunity to let members have a debate and a vote, and let the vote speak for itself. Simply asking for a fair debate on the state's priority to fund public education. Rep. TMF is asking for folks to register FOR the bill. Consider submitting a written statement in support rather than oral testimony. There's $11.8B in the Rainy Day fund so it's not an issue of not having the money. We can certainly be cordial while continuing to apply pressure and press for members to have a debate. Rep. TMF is going to ask that the funds be dispersed through the Foundation School Program rather than through grants. Knows there might be some disagreement with that but it's what he is recommending.

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