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Targeted Fresh Press 4.12.13

Targeted Fresh Press 4.12.13

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Broccoli markets are stable; quality is mostly good with only occasional defect (flowering / open beads) and supplies good.
Broccoli markets are stable; quality is mostly good with only occasional defect (flowering / open beads) and supplies good.

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Published by: BuyEfficient on Apr 16, 2013
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VEGETABLE Asparagus SOURCE Peru April 12, 2013 Markets are stable as Mexico production finishes and volume from Peru increases. Sizing and quality are both good. Broccoli markets are stable; quality is mostly good with only occasional defects (flowering/open beads) and supplies good. Supplies are good with increasing demand. Quality is good. Market conditions are stable. Cauliflower markets are up with lower than forecasted supplies pulling from the West. Occasional defects such as flowering, yellowing and under sizing are noted. Condition and quality are steady and markets are softer. Smaller sizes are limited. Florida corn is harvesting with good quality reported. Markets are active as demand keeps pace. Cucumber supplies from Honduras are light, and markets have eased as Florida volumes increase. Eggplant markets are better and quality is fair to good, with mostly choice available. Supplies and quality are increasing as new harvest areas open up. Markets are steady. Good supplies. All lettuce markets are low. Iceberg quality is improved and weights are better. All lettuces are showing increased quality with stronger demand being met with ample supplies. All lettuce markets are low. Defects affecting Green Leaf are expected to improve, with volumes stable. Red leaf volume is stable as well. All lettuce markets are low. Romaine quality continues to improve as well, with limited cupping noted. Spring mix quality has stabilized. Supplies are good with good quality being reported. Stable supplies of most mushrooms with good quality. Sheds are beginning to finish up in the northwest area, putting pressure on markets. Texas availability is getting better. All Red Onions will be tight for the next few weeks. Markets are stable with adequate volumes. Good things come from Sysco



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Celery Corn Cucumbers Eggplant Green Beans Herbs Lettuce – Iceberg Lettuce – FreshCut Lettuce – Leaf, Green & Red Lettuce – Romaine Lettuce – Spring Mix Mushrooms Onions



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Peas – Snow Peppers – Chiles Peppers – Green Peppers – Red & Gold Potatoes – Russet Potatoes – Red, White & Yukon Potatoes – Yams Spinach Squash – Yellow/Zucchini Tomatoes GT FL FL, MX MX ID CN, US MS, LA CA FL, MX Markets are stronger with good quality. Quality is good with tighter supplies. Florida Green Pepper markets are stronger as recent erratic weather impacted volume. Supplies and quality are good. Mexican Red Pepper markets have eased. Yellow Pepper markets are steady and supplies are stable. Russet Potato markets are steady and quality is good. Florida Red and Yellow Potato markets are stronger. Supplies are good with great quality. Supplies and quality have improved over the last week. Markets have stabilized with improved quality. Zucchini markets are off with increased supplies better from Mexico and Florida. Yellow Squash markets are stable as supplies increase. Round Tomato markets have strengthened as Florida transitions in few weeks. Fields were impacted in Immokalee from bloom drop and rain. Mexico volumes are down and Palmetto is expected to start in two weeks. Grape and Cherry markets are firm. Plum Tomatoes are steady.


FRUIT Apples Avocado, Hass Bananas Berries – Blackberries Berries – Blueberries Berries – Raspberries

SOURCE WA, NY MX, CA Guatemala, Costa Rica MX FL MX, CA

The Apple season continues with lower than average supplies especially on smaller fruit. Markets and supplies are stable with good demand. Quality is good. The supply has stabilized in the various growing regions. Color is improving as the season progresses. Quality is good. Markets have eased as volume is better from Guatemala. Quality is good. Markets have eased. Chilean volumes are finished and Florida/Georgia harvests increase. Quality is good. Weather issues are impacting volumes from California and Mexico. Prorates are likely. Quality is good.

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Produce that’s Fresh. Information that’s to the Point
Berries – Strawberries CA We are seeing a split market between California growing areas. Be wary as Oxnard markets are low, reflecting quality issues. Santa Maria and Watsonville quality is better and volumes are increasing. Quality is good. Supplies are better on larger sizes. Markets are still up on larger sizes with 165 count and smaller sizes your better bet. Quality is good to excellent. Expect markets to be stable and larger size supplies to be tight for the next couple weeks. The new crop has started with smaller sizes trending. Good availability on all sizes and grades. The Navel market is stable, but winding down. Valencia oranges are available with mostly small and choice sizes predominate. Red Grape markets are steady and supplies are good; Crimsons are mostly shipping and there are plenty of Black and Globe Grapes available. Green Grape markets are reflecting two tier market. Thompsons quality is fair with Sugar Ones/Princess a better choice. Quality and volume are fine. Markets are steady with good internal quality and good overall market outlook. Honeydew volume is running large with good demand on smaller sizes. Supplies are improved as product arrives from Honduras and Mexico. Quality has improved on seeded and seedless. Bosc, Anjou and Bartlett varieties are coming from Washington. Markets are stable with quality fruit. Supplies are consistent with good quality. Brix has been averaging 12% with average internal gold color.

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Citrus – Oranges

CA , Fl.



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