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Saratoga Security Cameras

Saratoga Security Cameras

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Published by David Lombardo
Work order for citywide cameras
Work order for citywide cameras

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Published by: David Lombardo on Apr 16, 2013
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The project timeline includes the following stages:

1) Mounting locations and availability verified (complete)
2) Agreement between City of Saratoga and utilities finalized
3) Power requirements fulfilled at each location
4) Pre-assembly and testing/configuration of devices
5) NVR/Recording Server installed and licensing applied
6) Installation of City Hall and Public Library wireless locations
7) City Camera locations installed
8) Testing, adjustment, and troubleshooting
9) Training and project turn-over

The City of Saratoga Springs would like to have this camera system operational by early summer of 2013. In
order for this to occur, DSS recommends the following timeline:

• February 2013 – Complete application and attachment requirement process for the Phase 1 Camera

Project with National Grid and Verizon.
• March 2013 - Procurement of equipment will begin with delivery of cameras, accessories,

enclosures and wireless equipment.
• March 2013 - Coordination will begin with Saratoga DPW and The Traffic Department to ensure all

Phase 1 locations have the proper power requirements and connections installed ensuring they are
ready for installation of camera equipment.
• March 2013 – Equipment pre-assembly, testing and configuration.

• April 2013 - The installation of equipment will commence.

The timeline for the priority 1 cameras would take approximately four weeks to complete with signal
adjustments and modifications. DSS anticipates sign-off for completion of the Phase 1 project by the end of
June 2013.


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