Registration of a Custom Form in Oracle Applications (11i and R12) Summary of Steps to Register a form 1.

If it is a new Report start from Oracle Report Builder and build the required report TESTREPORT.rdf.. 2. FTP the report TESTREPORT.rdf from Client Windows PC to Oracle Applications Middle Tier to the path $CUST_TOP/reports/US 3. In Oracle Applications, Navigate to Application Developer Responsibility-> Concurrent-> Program- Executable 5. In Oracle Applications, Navigate to Application Developer Responsibility-> Concurrent ->Program and associate the Executable with the Concurrent Program. 6. In Oracle Applications, Navigate to Application Developer Responsibility-> Application->Request Group and associate the above Concurrent Program. 7. In Oracle Applications, Navigate to System Administrator Responsibility >Security Responsibility-> Define and associate the Request Group with the Responsibility. 8. Assign the above Responsibility to the Application User, Navigate to System Administrator Responsibility – Security- User-- Define Detailed Explanations and Step by Step Report Registration Tasks Requirements: 1. Oracle Applications (11i or R12) Access 2. Oracle Reports Builder(6i or 10g) 3. WinSCP Tool or ftp tool like ssh or putty - WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer. - Download option of WinSCP Tool was available the following link

FTP the Report to Remote Server Step1: Develop the report in Client Windows PC using Oracle report Builder and save the name as (.rdf) Extension for example (TESTREPORT.rdf.) (or) Any other report other than .rdf like sql report to register in Oracle Application 11i or R12.

Step2: Open the winSCP tool, The Following window is opening,


then click the Login button. Enter the Host name of your Oracle Application And Enter the Username & Password.In this Window. open the report’s (.rdf) current folder (appltop/custom/reports/us) Then Move (copy) the developed Report (TEXTREPORT. In Remote system window.rdf) from local system to Remote system (path like $CUSTOM_TOP/reports/US). -2- .

Step 1: Registering a Executable Navigation – Application Developer ->Concurrent->Executable Now..Move the Next Step. Once FTP of report Completed as above. Registering the Reports into Oracle Application Document Summary This document describes the process of registering new reports in oracle applications. the following window appearing on the Screen. -3- .

rdf) (Mandatory Field) Short Name: TEST_REPORT (Enter Unique value without space) (Mandatory Field) Application: Application Object Library (or suitable Application name) (Mandatory Field) Description: This for Test Report ( Non Mandatory Field) Execution Method: Select the “Oracle Reports” from List of Values.rdf ) Save It through File -> Save or Press the Save Icon. Step 2: Creating a Program Associate with an Executable Navigation – Application Developer Responsibility ->Concurrent->Program Now this window appearing on the Screen.Enter the following fields. -4- .rdf that is TESTREPORT. Execution File Name: TESTREPORT (Enter the File name in Upper Case without extension of . Executable name: TEST REPORT (Whichever Name you want to mention the Executable or in this case to reflect TESTREPORT.rdf without .

-5- .

Enter the following fields. If Reports have a Parameter Values. -6- . Program Name: Report for TEST (Enter the Report name whatever you want?) Short Name: TEST_FOR_REPORT ( Enter the Unique name without Space for this Report) Executable name: TEST REPORT (Executable Name mentioned by you in previous step/Window for Executable Registration) (Mandatory Field) Output Format: PDF (Select the Output format from the List of Values) Output Style: Landscape ( Select the style from the available List of Values) Save it Through File - save or Click the Save Icon. Then You should mention the parameter values through the following way.

Click the Parameter button from bottom of that form. Save it Through File save or Click the Save Icon. In Display Part. Assign the Value set for this Parameter from validation List. In this Window. Assign the Concurrent Program to Request Group -7- . Now one more window will opening. Enter Prompt name and Token Value of the Parameter.… Enter the Parameter name without Space Please note that in this current example we have not passed any parameters as this report does not have any report parameters. Enter the Seq value of Parameter like 10. In Validation Part.20.

-8- .Step 1: Navigation – System Administrator Responsibility -> Security Request The below window appears on the Screen. Responsibility In this Window.

Assign the Request Group to Responsibility Navigation – System Administrator -> Security->Responsibility->Define -9- . Then Save it through File save. then select file New(assuming that there are already concurrent programs associated in this already existing Request Group).Select the Request Group (name whichever you want) After that move the Cursor into Name field in Requests Part. Please note that choose Type as “Program”. to create a new row then enter registered report program or the above Concurrent Program name in this field.

J (dataQapps Technologies) . Author : Lingesan.10 - .Click on Define button and you will see following screen: Please note that Request Group created in the previous step has been assigned to the Responsibility.

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