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Applying Oss Notes

Applying Oss Notes

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Published by Srikanth Siddareddy
appllying oss note in nt system
appllying oss note in nt system

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Published by: Srikanth Siddareddy on Apr 16, 2013
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OSS notes are the notes which are provided by SAP officially.

If they found some bug or if they want to give some more information regarding the products they i ssue an OSS note. You must need a SAP Martket place id to access the OSS notes. When a new business scanerio comes up due to the legal requiement which SAP curr ently does not handle, it will issue an OSS notes. If OSS notes contains the code correction, you can use th SNOTE to upload the OS S note to respective objects. to FIND Goto transaction SNOTE. Now select the menu option Goto->Note Browser. Now give the OSS note number and execute. If it is implemented in the system, it will give you the details. Otherwise, it will inform "Unable to find SAP Note that meets specific criteria" . SNOTE- SAP NOTE ASSISTANT, Description The Note Assistant (transaction SNOTE) helps you to implement SAP OSS notes. Alt hough it is not perfect it does generally make the application of OSS notes a much easier process. Note assistant is at its best when all that is required is a simple code deletion/ins ertion into an existing ABAP object. If the object does not exists then you will be required to do the c reation bit manually, note assistant will then be able to insert the ABAP code. Another benefit of SAP note assistant is that it automatically prompts you to im plement any prerequisite notes that apply. Note assistants biggest problem comes when updates have been provided by SAP but not for general release (i.e. a specific fix for your company) or you have modified stan dard SAP code. If note assistant tries to update an object which has been changed using this metho d then it may have trouble inserting the code in the correct place. go through this link http://www.sapdevelopment.co.uk/tips/tips_snote.htm http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/b8/3cf839fd35384de10000000a11402f/c ontent.htm http://www.sappoint.com/basis/snote.pdf http://www.sap-img.com/basis/manually-applying-the-oss-note.htm http://www.experts-exchange.com/Applications/SAP/Q_20861605.html

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