Solid Plastics India Ltd.

Group # 4, Sec-A, GMP 12- 13 Amar Kumar Achin Suman Aninda Goswamy Himanshu Singh Sheldone Pillai

Exit from the business Rationalize the dealer’s numbers Build Brand for high price acceptance by the customers Identify newer end uses and end users Create differentiated products Buy Competing unit to kill the competitors and earn high prices . Optimum capacity utilization to recover depreciation and fixed costs Improve the capital structure so that interest cost reduces Utilization of recycled material and scrap materials Reduce costs and apply proper costing methods to recover the costs. How to turn huge losses into significant profits? Improve Sales Revenue Reformulate marketing strategy for different segments Focus on limited customers and limited end users segments Maintain good relationships with the distribution partners and motivate and train them to achieve the target.Issue Tree Analysis Buy a Low cost competing unit Invest in required machineries to bring down the cost of manufacturing Implement inventory management to improve ROI.

• SPIL prices are on higher side for many products. several small players competing for the same pie. .besides 5 known players. • Competitive market. • Internal branding among distributors will help motivate the partners achieve organizational goals in long run. • Brand will help tackle threat of substitute products.A collaborative venture between MP and SPL. Germany • SPIL has capability to create differentiated products.Will Creating a ‘Brand’ help SPIL? • SPIL.

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