The Great Barrier Reef

By: Maddie and Julia

Interesting Facts
Living , and seen from space More than 1250 miles Longer Then Great Wall of China Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Types of Fish
1500 different types of fish
Banggai Cardinal Fish Angelfish Yellow-faced Angelfish Clown Fish

Trevallies Mandarin Fish Manta Rays Tiger Sharks
Whale Sharks Gobies

Pictures of Fish

Dangerous Fish
Box Jellyfish Irukandji Jellyfish Blue Ringed Octopus Cone Shells Stonefish Lion Fish

Endangered Species
Dugong Blue Whale Sea Turtle

Facts on Coral
400 different types of coral dead = white alive = colorful Optimum Conditions warm water (not to warm) salt water light shallow What is Coral? made up of polyps living organisms they have hard shells

Pictures of Coral

Things Harming the Reef
Run off Oil and chemicals

Waste and garbage

Reef walking – sometimes Aquaculture Urban development

Natural things
Water temp. rising “Global Warming”

Lion Fish Crown of thorns

Who is Helping The Reef
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Reef Protection Plan
Australian Governments Community groups Industries

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