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Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Omicron Upsilon Chapter

Founded 1977
Spring 2013 Edition

Alpha Epsilon Pi, the global college Jewish fraternity, has 166 active chapters in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Israel with membership of over 9,000 undergraduates.

Hillel Shabbat Comes to 28 North College
For the first time in Ohio relationship, and lets Hillel will continue to help AEPi by

University history, Hillel was
invited to the AEPi Fraternity house for Shabbat dinner. Master Jarrad Gold approached Rabbi Danielle Leshaw with the idea of having Shabbat dinner at the

know they are always
welcome at 28 North College. It is very important that AEPi establishes a strong relationship with our Jewish counterpart Hillel. This connection and relationship

helping us strengthen our
Jewish identity and heritage. Judaism is what brings all of the brothers together, and making sure that we understand where we come from and being able to

fraternity house. This
was a turning point in the relationship between Hillel and AEPi. Already having a strong bond, this strengthened our

celebrate holidays the
traditional way is important to the Jewish religion. This relationship will continue and we will be sure to invite Rabbi

Danielle and Hillel to
the house again soon.

Alpha Epsilon Pi – Omicron Upsilon

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Recreational Leagues End in Disappointment
Alpha Epsilon Pi does their part in making sure athletics are a key component of the Fraternity, whether it is watching or playing. This winter the fraternity participated in competitive basketball, and soccer. The basketball team consisted of Senior leader DJ Feld, Junior star Josh Rogers, Sophomores Evan Gale, Seth Schwartz, Jacob Freeder, Max Steinberg, Matt Turner, and up and coming freshmen Mike Lash and Max Peltz. In the first game of the season the team played a great game keeping it relatively close, losing 4333 in the end. Rogers and Peltz combined to score 25 of the teams 33 points. The second game was embarrassment and the game was ended with 7 minutes remaining, the final scoring being 113-44. In a post game conference Mike Lash was quoted saying “We may have been winless this season, gotten crushed by 50+ points, and didn’t even attempt the playoffs, the candelabras will always be winners in my eyes.” The soccer team had similar success compared to the basketball team. In the first game, they kept it close and lost 5-4. Then in the second game, embarrassment was shed down upon AEPi athletics once again with a 14-1 defeat. The team consisted of senior leaders Matthew Newman, Jake Resnik, and Ethan Krochmal, Juniors Josh Rogers and Alex Felser, Sophomores Andrew Kroeze, Max Steinberg and Mac Kahn, and Freshman Mike Lash.

From left to right:
MAL Zack Schulman, Scribe Max Peltz, Social Chair Elliott Wood, and Master Jarrad Gold on Birthright in Israel.

Newly Elected Executive Board
In December we saw the election of a new executive board. This was an exciting day for the Omicron Upsilon chapter. The new Eboard shows the young leadership that is devoted to helping this chapter. This new Eboard is taking strides that this chapter needs to see. The eight of them, plus four of the newly initiated brothers went on a long bus ride to Bradley University to attend Conclave and better their

With this new Eboard we see six
sophomores and two freshmen with positions. Master – Jarrad Gold Lieutenant Master – Seth Schwartz Exchequer – Colin Weinblum Sentinel – Andrew Kroeze Member at Large – Zack Schulman Scribe – Max Peltz Rush Chair – Chad Ingber Social Chair – Elliot Wood Brotherhood Chair – Matthew Turner

leadership for the chapter.
Another leadership opportunity we saw the Eboard seize was an opportunity to go to Cincinnati and meet with representatives from Nationals in order to get personal assistance with running the chapter more successfully and smoothly. Some of the recent

accomplishments of the new
executive board consists of a successful philanthropy with Delta Gamma with proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, AEPi Formal at Stephan’s, weekly socials, the current an 8-man pledge class, and a Seder for Passover ran by our very own Past

Master Matthew Newman.

Alpha Epsilon Pi – Omicron Upsilon

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Greeks Go Hollywood: Greek Week 2013
This past week was Greek week, and the boys of AEPi were lucky to be paired with the sorority of Pi Beta Phi. Although AEPi didn’t come out on top, it was a successful week nonetheless. The theme of this years Greek Week was Hollywood, and we were given the movie E.T. the Extra – Terrestrial as our team. The week began with opening ceremonies where the teams came together and competed in team building activities. The next day the teams put on their air band dances that they had been working on for the past couple of weeks. The dance and skit were to match your team theme. For our dance we used songs such as Embrace the Martin, Space Cowboy, Starships, Don’t you Forget About me, and Phone Home. We incorporated the songs and dances into a skit about E.T. coming to Ohio University for Halloween weekend and experiencing the greatness of OU. On the last day of Greek Week we participated in a March Madness basketball tournament where the teams assembled teams of 8. Only 4 players were allowed to play at a time, and two of them had to be girls. The brothers participating were senior Griffin Weisberg, Junior Josh Rodgers, Sophomore Collin Weinblum, Freshman Max Peltz, and Coach Ethan Moses. Although not able to win in the first round, and only able to win the consolation game, the team still had a great time playing and getting cheered on by their fellow brothers and sisters.

Alpha Epsilon Pi – Omicron Upsilon

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A Message from the Master
Dear Brothers, family and friends;

Reminder: April 19 - 21 is Alumni Weekend

I am honored to have been elected the Master of the Omicron Upsilon Chapter here at Ohio University. I am a sophomore, civil engineering major from Chagrin Falls, Ohio where I attended Kenston High School. I am very pleased with the progress we have made this year and even more so since taking office at the beginning of the semester. This past fall semester we inducted 11 new brothers, who have truly proved themselves in being active contributing members of our fraternity. We currently have an 8 member pledge class who are also proving our expectations and we are excited fro them to join us among the ranks. Brotherhood is what embodies our fraternity; we must keep in mind the fact that there is a reason why we do not just call ourselves friends, but instead brothers. There are places within our chapter where our brotherhood is stronger than anywhere else, but on the contrary there some places we are definitely lacking. The focus of my term is to keep excelling where we are strong and rebuild where we are weak. One could spend hours explaining what we need to work on to be better, but in our case one thing can solve our issues, and that is brotherhood. From philanthropy and community service to social and organizational aspects, all will improve. Just within the beginning months of my term the results have been immediate, our philanthropy we held with Delta Gamma, the community service event with Sigma Kappa and the Shabbat we hosted in the chapter room at our fraternity house; just to name a few. Through hard work and returning to our roots we are establishing a culture that future members can look up to and pass on for years to come. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and thank you for all the support you give to us. - Master Jarrad Gold Senior Spotlights with Zeta Deuteron (Minus CJ Buskey) Joe Tetelman and Andrew Exler:
1. What made you decide to join AEPi four years ago? Joe – When I was freshman, I had no intentions of joining a fraternity. Adam Levine, the rush chair, had me in his sights from day one. He initially made contact with me by visiting my dorm on the first day of school stating "he used to live there freshman year." Adam did his job well and made me feel comfortable. I was hooked. Andrew - I knew a lot of guys coming in, during fall quarter I got close with most of the ED pledge class. They all rushed me. 2. What has AEPi done for you? Joe - Pledging completely changed me as a person. I gained a huge amount of confidence and I broke out of my shell. Joining AEPi has done wonders for my life socially, professionally, and personally. I met so many people I would have never met. Andrew – It always gave me a place to go, as a freshman/sophomore having the older guys to hang out with was helpful. 3. You're graduating this year, what is some advice to pass down to younger members? Joe - You will only get out of AEPi what you put into it. This means that the more events you go to, leadership opportunities you take and effort you put into getting to the brothers the better and more positive your experience with AEPi will be. AEPi should not be the only student organization you join. You should expand your horizons and get involved in other things. Andrew - Take advantage of the seniors. I have all of these AEPi alumni who have helped me in the job search process. It's good to make relationships to have outside of Athens. You will always have a place to go. 4. Best moment of college (doesn't have to be frat related): Joe - My favorite single moment in college was when my pledge class ZD (Andrew Exler, CJ Buskey, and I) was initiated. My best moment in college will be when I get my first job offer. Andrew - When OU beat Georgetown in the tournament, I was watching at Sebo's place on Courtside. Riot on Court. Amazing. StStrStreet.Amazing.