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Course: English 1101 Instructor: Anthony Borrero Email: Project #1: Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative I.

General Assignment Description: For this project, you will take the roles of a historian, and will explore your own history through examining your beliefs and experiences with literacy and composition. Like a historian, for this project, you will have to reflect, research, document, archive, and analyze various ideas, significant events, places, and objects which have contributed to, or at times, hindered the development of your literacy and composition skills. To complete this project, you will conduct four separate tasks:  Part 1: Literacy Experience Account  Part 2: Cultural Domain Analysis  Part 3: Literacy Sponsor Analysis  Part 4: Genretized Narrative Reconstruction Note: All products should be formatted with MLA conventions including an MLA Heading, 12pt Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced lines, and 1” Margins. II. Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to develop a more critical view of literacy and composition through engaging with and reflecting on the fundamental components that have influenced your own ideas and practices. In addition to this, the Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative will also allow you to compare your ideas and experiences with those of others, and will provide an opportunity for you to work on your ability to critically analyze various subjects, learn about genre theory, understand how to engage in peer review, and of course, learn how to formalize your language and writing to meet the standards of academic composition. Part 1: Literacy Experience Account: For your first task, compose a piece in which you discuss your history and past experiences with reading, writing, and composition. In the piece, include discussions of your past encounters with composition (all forms and types considered), your beliefs and opinions of reading and writing (like, dislike, ambivalent, etc.), significant details that made reading and writing successful or difficult, as well as any specific triumphs, challenges, or disabilities that you feel shaped your progress as a reader and writer. Your piece should be a minimum of 2 pages typed (standard MLA format) and should be uploaded to Moodle as a Word doc before the start of our next class (Please Make sure to put your name as the file name). In addition to uploading your piece to Moodle, you should also bring a printed copy of your account to our next class. In the printed version, it is absolutely pivotal that you DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON THE PRINTED DOCUMENT. Rather than including your name, please include the number that you have been assigned (please do not tell others what you number is).