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Course: English 1101 Instructor: Anthony Borrero Email: Aborrero@uncc.


Project #1: Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative – Part 3: Literacy Sponsor Analysis


Introduction: On TV and radio, we have commercials. In magazines, we have print ads. And in sporting events like football, soccer, and more locally, Nascar, well, just about everything is covered in sponsorship logos. As you can see, in the twenty-first century, it’s perfectly normal for major organizations to acknowledge those who have supported them, shaped their views and practices, and made their endeavors possible; but why is it that we seldom think to acknowledge the sponsors who have impacted us - the people, places, texts, and institutions that have shaped our perspective, and for better or worse, are responsible for our current beliefs and practices?


Assignment Description: For the third part of the Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative Project, you will identify and analyze at least four literacy sponsors who you feel have made your current views of literacy possible. Remember: according to Deborah Brandt’s article, “The Sponsors of Literacy,” a literacy sponsor is defined as the following: “any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, or model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy” (Brandt 2). While the most obvious sponsors may be individuals who you have encountered face-toface, such as parents, family, teachers, friends, etc., a literacy sponsor can constitute any agent that has shaped how you view literacy. This means that sponsors can include, but are not limited to, public figures that have influenced you (i.e. celebrities, authors, etc.), texts that you have read, and communities/institutions you have been part of (i.e. neighborhoods, districts, clubs, schools, etc.). For this activity, I would encourage you to think outside the box. Rather than jumping to immediate sponsors, such as parents and school, try to think of other sponsors that have impacted how you view literacy. In addition to this, keep in mind that a sponsor does not necessarily have to be positive. Our views of literacy can also be impacted by negative views, practices, and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to explore all of the sponsors that you feel have shaped your current view of literacy. Below, you will find an example of the chart you will use to complete this assignment (note: I will provide a worksheet on Moodle that you can actually interact with). To complete this task, complete the chart for four sponsors (this means completing four separate charts). Once you have done this, the final component will consist of a short reflective essay.

Course: English 1101 Instructor: Anthony Borrero Email: Your Name: Course #: Date:

Project #1: Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative – Part 3: Literacy Sponsor Analysis Instructions (Part 1 – The Charts): Fill out the chart to describe a sponsor who has shaped your views of literacy. While you need to describe at least four sponsors, keep in mind that each sponsor should have their own chart. Also keep in mind that your responses should be detailed, and should be formulated as full sentences.

1.) Identify the Sponsor: In the space below, identify a sponsor that you feel has impacted your current views and/or practices of reading, writing, and communication. If the sponsor is a person, give their name; if it is a text, object, or institution, describe what the sponsor is, and if necessary, where it is located. Your Response to Questions 1:  (Compose your response here)

2.) Making a Connection: In the space below, describe your relationship with or connection to the sponsor. If they are a person, how you know the person, and if the sponsor is a text, object, or institution, provide context about when or how you interacted with this sponsor. Your Response to Questions 2:  (Compose your response here)

3.) Tracing Experiences: In the space below, briefly describe experiences or memories that you have had with this sponsor related to literacy. While these experiences can be positive or negative, try to identify was many experiences as you can that you feel impacted your current view or literacy. Your Response to Questions 3:  (Compose your response here)

4.) Tracing Emotions: In the space below, briefly describe your emotional response to each of the experiences and/or memories you accounted for in question three. Were your experiences happy, sad, discouraging, encouraging, inspiring, terrifying, etc. Describe the emotional response you had or have, and explain why. Your Response to Questions 4:  (Compose your response here)

5.) Ideologies of Literacy: In the space below, consider how this sponsor influenced the way you think about literacy, and briefly describe the ideas, views, and/or beliefs of literacy that you gained from this sponsor. Your Response to Questions 5:  (Compose your response here)

Course: English 1101 Instructor: Anthony Borrero Email:

Your Name: Course #: Date: Project #1: Multi-Modal Literacy Narrative – Part 3: Literacy Sponsor Analysis Instructions (Part 1 – Reflection): Now that you have documented details about each sponsor, I want you to reflect on what you have learned. In the space below, compose a reflection in which you consider some of the following questions and compose a short reflective essay:  Did you learn anything about how you learned to read and write that you did not know before?  What ideas and beliefs about literacy stood out the most during this activity?  Have your feelings about your sponsors remained the same over time, or have they changed?  If you were to compare one literacy sponsor to another, do you find that the views and beliefs they have are in agreement with one another, or is there tension between beliefs and values?  What was the most significant discovery that you made while completing this activity.

(Compose your response here)