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Course: English 1101 Instructor: Anthony Borrero Email: Aborrero@uncc.


Final Presentation: “Ignite (UNC) Charlotte”: Health & Wellness Edition Introduction: “Enlighten us, but make it quick” – This is the motto of the annual Charlottes annual public speaking event entitled Ignite Charlotte. Within this event, members of the Charlotte community are given a platform to share their thoughts and opinions on subjects such as technology, the arts, communication, education, non-profits, politics and more. For this event, the constraints of the presentations are simple: each speaker has 5 minutes and 20 slides to share their ideas with the viewing public. For the final component of our inquiry, we will conduct presentations based on the content and purpose you pursued in your C.A.P Project, and we will use a format similar to that of Ignite Charlotte. Presentation Requirements: Much like the presenters at Ignite Charlotte, our presentations will also have a few constraints:     Presentation Length: 5 Minutes Presentation Title: Something “jazzy,” but appropriate. Presentation Content: The topic & purpose pursued in your C.A.P. Project. Media Requirement: 10-20 slides to accompany your presentation (text or still images only – NO video or audio).

Within your presentation, you will focus on addressing the same topic and purpose which you explored in your C.A.P. project, however, unlike the C.A.P. essay, the audience which you will be addressing your this presentation will be your classmates and myself. During your presentation, you will be expected to make your purpose clear to your audience, and you must use your verbal response as well as your accompanying media to address your purpose. Your media can consist of still images or text related to your topic, and much like in your C.A.P. project, you will be expected to use research to support your claims throughout your presentation. While you may have notes to guide your discussion, if possible, I would encourage you not to simply read to your audience (Remember: This is a speaking event, not a reading event). Examples of Presentations:  
Ignite Charlotte 3: "Who Dares, Wins" (How to Assess Risks in Your Life) Ignite Charlotte 4: "If You Hate Justin Bieber, Patriarchy Wins" (A Feminist View of Pop Culture)

Course: English 1101 Instructor: Anthony Borrero Email:

Presentation Dates:  For Monday/Wednesday Classes:  Monday, April 22nd (4/22/13)  Wednesday, April 24th (4/24/13)  Monday, April 29th (4/29/13)  For Tuesday/Thursday Classes:  Tuesday, April 23nd (4/23/13)  Thursday, April 25th (4/25/13)  Tuesday, April 30th (4/30/13)