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Student Presentations Sparks Center Auditorium

5:30-6:00 The Root of Darwin’s Discovery Day In honor of Darwin and Discovery, students will be reading <2 minute long speeches they have written about the importance of Darwin or Discovery to them. 6:00-6:15 Science Outreach Club: Bringing the Wonder of Science to Elementary Schools through the Process of Inquiry Students from McKinley Elementary are going to be presenting, with the help of their high school student teachers, about the scientific discoveries they’ve made over the past year as a part of their affiliation with Science Outreach Club. 6:20-6:35: Bringing Nature Back: The Restoration of Clark Creek Students from South High Environment Club will present a short talk and film that highlights their most recent riparian restoration work along Clark Creek. 6:40-7:00: JGEMS Student Research Presentations Students from JGEMS Middle School will be presenting their findings from this year’s field research.