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2013 Science Expo program

2013 Science Expo program

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A program for the 2013 Science Expo at Willamette University's Sparks Center.
A program for the 2013 Science Expo at Willamette University's Sparks Center.

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Published by: Statesman Journal on Apr 17, 2013
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Science Expo April 17, 2013 Willamette University: Sparks Center 5:30-7:30 Welcome to the fifth annual Salem-Keizer School

District’s Science Expo. This year’s Expo showcases the many ways that students interact with science in our K-12 schools and universities as well as how science is used out in our community. Features this year are: Salem-Keizer Schools (K-12) • Students will have table displays and posters of the great science work being done in the classrooms around the district. This ranges from activities, to projects to research. • Salem-Keizer teachers will show the research they have been involved in College/University • Students will be available to talk about their science program and show what can take place in a science classroom at the college level. Community • A variety of agencies, nonprofit organizations, and business that use science for their work will be on hand to share their work and answer questions. Science Talks: • Ambitious students from around the Salem-Keizer School district will share, via PowerPoint presentations, the research they conducted. This will take place in the Sparks Meeting Room inside of the main front doors (look for signs). Please take time to visit all the displays, see a science talk and ask lots of questions of those displaying their work. It is important that you also fill out evaluation forms at the end of your time here so that we can continue to grow this event and make it even better next year. Brief Schedule 5:30-7:15—Organizations, Businesses, Professors, Undergraduates, and Students will, in all manner of forms, share the science that is being done in and around Salem 7:15-7:30—Closing ceremonies, prizes and presentation of Latter Day Darwin Award. Programs within Program (schedule on the back): 5:45-7:15—Research talks with Salem-Keizer students in Sparks Center Auditorium (follow signs) PRIZES DRAWN EVERY HALF HOUR FOR STUDENT PARTICIPANTS – TICKETS AT FRONT TABLE

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