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UTTAR PRADESH UP PCS UPPSC Prelims Exam 2009 General Studies Solved paper UTTAR PRADESH PCS UPPSC

Prelims Exam 2009 Solved paper part1 As these Questions appear in all exams so its helpful for every exam like UPSC prelims ,all state public service Exams etc 1. Consider the following statements about the Preamble of the Constitution and state which of them are correct with the help of given codes 1. The objective resolution pro posed by Pt. Nehru ultimately became the Preamble. 2. It is not justiciable in nature. 3. It cannot be amended. 4. It cannot override the specific provisions of the Constitution. Codes: (A) Only land 2 (B) Only l, 2and 4 (C) Only 1,2 and 3

(D) All the four Ans:D 3. SEZ Act was passed by the Parliament in the year? (A) (B) (C) 2004 2005 2006

(D) None of the above Ans:B 4. The Governor of a State can act independent of the advice of the Council of Ministers in? 1. Asking the Government to prove its majority in the Assembly. 2. Dismissing a Chief Minister. 3. Reserving a bill for the consideration of the President of India. 4. Returning the bill passed by the legislature for reconsideration. 5. Seeking the opinion of the High Court.

(D) Only2 ,3 and 4 Ans:B 2. The Union Parliament can also legislate on a subject of State List 1. To give effect to international agreement. (B) 2,3,4 and 5 2. With the consent of the State concerned. (C) 1,2,4 and 5 3. During Presidents rule in the State. (D) All the Five 4. In the national interest, when Rajya Sabha passes a resolution to this effect by a 2/3 rd majority. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) 1,2 and 3 (B) 2, 3and 4 (C) 1,2 and 4 Ans:A 5. Mayor of a city in Uttar Pradesh 1. Is first citizen of the city. 2. Is ex-officio member of the Municipal Corporation. 3. Is ex-officio Chairman of the Executive Committee. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) 1,2,3 and 4

4. Exercises full control over the executive machinery. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes:

Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) 1, 2 and 3 (B) 1,3 and 4

(A) 1 and 2 (C) 2, 3 and 4 (B) 1 ,2 and 3 (D) 2,3,4 and 5 (C) 2,3 and 4 Ans:A (D) All the four Ans:D 6. Planning was considered a pre requisite 1. For balanced socio-economic development. 2. For extending the benefits of development in an even manner. 3. For focusing on removal of regional disparities. 4. India is the largest producer of sugar. 4. For maximizing the utilization of available resources. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) l and 2 (B) 1,2 and 3 (C) 2, 3and 4 (D) All the four Ans:D 7. India in recent past has succeeded in attracting large foreign investments in? 1. Life Insurance Business 2. Banking Sector 3. Automobiles Sector 4. Film-making 5. Medical Tourism Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) l and 2 2. Sugar industry is the second largest agro-based industry in India. 3. India is the largest consumer of sugar. 8. Which of the following statements about Sugar industry are correct? 1. In the world, Indias share in sugar production is over 15 per cent.

(B) 3 and 4 (C) 2 and 3 (D) 1 and 4 Ans:C 9. Which one of the following is nut a measure of reducing inequalities? (A) Minimum-Needs Programme (B) Liberalization of economy (C) Taxation (D) Land Reforms Ans:B 10. The largest item of public expenditure in the Union Budget in recent years has been

(A) Defence expenditure (B) Interest payments (C) Major subsidies (D) Capital expenditure Ans:B 11. Consider following statements and Select the correct answer from the codes given below 1. The term Union of States has been used in the Constitution because Indian States have no right to recede. 2. The S. K. Dhar Commission preferred reorganization of States on administrative convenience rather than on linguistic basis. 3. The Congress Committee under Pt. Nehru, Sardar Patel and Pattabhi Sita ramayya did not favour linguistic basis for re-organisation of States. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 1 and 2 (C) Only l and 3 (D) All the three Ans:D 12. Upnishads were translated into Persian during the reign of? (A) Aurangzeb (B) Shahjahan (C) Jahangir (D) Akbar Ans:B 13. Given below are four events connected with Indias struggle for independence. Select their correct chronological order by using the codes given below the events 1. Second Round Table Conference. 2. Karachi Session of Indian National Congress. 3. Execution of Bhagat Singh

4. Gandhi-Irwin Pact Codes: (A)1,2,3,4 (B) 2,1,3,4 (C)4,3,2,1 (D) 2,4,3,1 Ans:C 14. Who of the following had called Subhash Chandra Bose as Desh Nayak? (A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) Ram Manohar Lohia (C) Rabindranath Tagore (D) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Ans:C 15. Who of the following had presided over the annual session of Indian National Congress held at Lucknow in 1916? (A) Annie Besant (B) Lala Lajpat Rai (C) Motilal Nehru (D) A. C. Majumdar Ans:D 16. Who of the following presided over the session of Indian National Congress when resolution of Poorna Swaraj was passed? (A) Dadabhai Naoroji (B) Jawaharlal Nehru (C) Lala Lajpat Rai (D) Surendranath Banerjee Ans:B 17. Aruna Asaf Ali was connected with which one of the following movements as a woman organiser of underground activity?

(A) Civil Disobedience Movement (B)Non Cooperation Movement (C) Quit India Movement (D) Swadeshi Movement Ans:C 18. The cardinal features of political system in India are 1. It is a democratic republic. 2. It has a Parliamentary form of Government. 3. The supreme power vests in the people of India. 4. It provides for a unified authority. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) l and 2 (B) 1,2 and 3 (C) 2,3 and 4 (D) All the four statements are Correct Ans:D 19. Who among the following leaders was the supporter of Swadeshi? (A)Arbindo Ghosh (B)Pheroz Shah Mehta (C)Dadabhai Naoroji (D) Subhash chandra Bose Ans:A 20. Given below are two statements Assertion (A) : Political parties are the life blood of democracy. Reason (R) : People generally curse political parties for poor governance. In the context of the above, which one of the following is correct?

(A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A) (B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) (C) (A) is true, but (R) is false (D) (A) is false, but (R) is true Ans:B 21. Which one of the following pairs about the subject and the respective list under the Constitution of India is not correctly matched? Subject List

(A)ForestsConcurrent List (B) Stock ExchangeConcurrent List (C) Post Office Saving BankUnion List (D) Public HealthState List Ans:B 22. Right to Equality finds a place in the Constitution under 1.Article 13 2. Article 14 3.Article 15 4. Article 16 Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A)1 and 2 (B) 1,2 and 3 (C) 2,3 and 4 (D) In All the four Ans:C 23. Centre-State relations in India are dependent upon 1. Constitutional provisions

2. Conventions and practices 3. Judicial interpretations 4. Mechanisms for dialogue Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) (B) (C) (D) Ans:D 24. The Preamble of the Indian Constitution adopted on 26th November, 1949 did not include the terms 1. Socialist 2. Secular 3. Integrity 4. Republic Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) 1,2 and 3 (B) 2, 3and 4 (C) 1, 2 and 4 (D) 3 and 4 Ans:A 25. Poverty level in India is established on the basis of (A) Pet capita income in different States (B) House-hold average income (C) House-hold consumer expenditure (D) Slum population in the country Ans:C l and 2 1,2and3 2,3and 4 All the four

26. In which one of the following places, the cave temples built by the Rashtrakutas in the Ellora mountains are located? (A) Aurangabad (Maharashtra) (B) Nasilc (Maharashtra) (C) Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) (D) Colconda (Andhra Pradesh) Ans:A 27. Let no man ask a mans sector caste. This statement has been given by (A)Kabir (B) Ramananda (C) Ramanuja (D) Chaitanya Ans:A 28. Tamasha is the famous folk form of musical theatre and belongs to (A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Punjab (C) Maharashtra (D) Bihar Ans:C 29. Musical instrument Tabla was introduced by (A) Adil Shah (B) Amir Khusrau (C) Tansen (D) Baiju Bawara Ans:B 30. Non-performing assets in commercial banks means (A) Bank deposits which are not invested (B) Capital assets not in use (C) Loans in which interest or principal amount is not recovered (D) Low-interest rate loans Ans:C 31. Base year for estimation of Gross Domestic Product at constant prices in India, at present, is (A) 1999-2000 (B) 2000-2001 (C) 2002-2003 (D) 2006-2007 Ans:A 32. The total number of Puranas are (A) 12 (B) 16 (C) 18

(D) 20 Ans:C 33. Consider following statements about Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana and state which one of them is incorrect? (A) It was launched during 2007-08 (B) It envisages an outlay of Rs. 2,500 crores for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (C) Additional Central assistance under the scheme would be available as 80% grant to the States (D) Activities under the Yojna include integrated development of Food crops, Agriculture mechanisation, development of Rainfed farming etc. Ans:C 34. Consider following statements 1. A watershed development fund has been established with a total corpus of Rs. 200 crores. 2. The objective is to undertake integrated watershed development in selected 100 districts. 3. Under the scheme 2/3 rd of amount is given for grant based projects in the State. With the help of given codes, find which of the above statement(s) is/ are correct. Codes: (A)Only l (B) l and 2only (C) 1,2 and 3 (D) 2 and 3only Ans:C 35. What was the name of Ujjain in ancient times? (A) Takshila (B) Awantika (C) Indraprashtha (D) None of the above Ans:B 36. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (A) Kalinga AwardPopularization of Science (B) David Cohen Award Literature (C) Borlaug Award Agriculture (D.) Pulitzer PrizeProgress in religion Ans:D 37. Which one of the following parts of Mentha possesses maximum oil percentage? (A)Root (B) Stem (C)Leaf (D) Flower

Ans:C 38. Balance of Payment includes (A) Visible Trade (B) Invisible Trade (C) Debts (D) All the above Ans:D 39. Now, packaging has assumed importance because (A) It provides protection to products (B) It makes products attractive (C) It increases credibility of the product (D) It provides all the above Ans:D 40. The Bank rate is the rate at which (A) A bank lends to the public (B) The RBI lends to the public (C) The RBI gives credit to the commercial banks (D) The Government of India lends to other countries Ans:C 41. Nitrogen use efficiency in crop production may be enhanced by ? (A) Split application of fertilizer (B) Use of nitrogen inhibitors (C) Use of slow release fertilizers (D) All the above Ans:D 42. Research and development of farm tools and machinery are being carried out by Central Institute of Agriculture Engineering which is located at (A) Pant Nagar (B) Bhopal (C) New Delhi (D) Ranchi Ans:B 43.The National Agriculture innovation Project is being implemented by ICAR with credit assistance from World Bank. It has got how many components? (A) Only one component (B) Two components (C) Three components (D) Four components Ans:D 44. Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award is given four outstanding contribution to? (A) Afforestation and conservation of waste land (B) Neat technology and development (C) Wildlife conservation (D) Writing of Hindi books on Environment Ans:B

45. Given below are two statements Assertiqn (A) Natural vegetation is the true index of climate. Reason (R) Water-loving plants are found in moist climate. In the context of the above, which one of the following is correct? (A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A) (B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) (C) (A) is true, but (R) is false (D) (A) is false, but (R) is true Ans:A 46. In October 2009, a decision has been taken to shift the wholesale Price Index base year from 199394 to? (A) 2001-2002 (B) 2002-2003 (C) 2003-2004 (D) 2004-2005 Ans:D 47. Which of the following conditions indicate the impact of global warming? 1.Melting of glaciers. 2.Rise in sea level. 3. Changes in weather condi lions 4. Rise in global temperature. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) l and 2 (B)1,2 and 3 (C)2,3 and 4 (D)All the four Ans:D 48. Tree cover is maximum in? (A) East Deccan (B) Northern Plains (C) West Coast (D) East Coast Ans:C 49. As per 2001 Census, arrange the following States/ Union Territories in descending order of population (A) Chandigarh Puducherry Sikkim Mizoram (B) Chandigarh Puducherry Mizoram Sikkim (C) Puducherry Chandigarh Mizoram Sikkiin (D) Puducherry Chandigarh Sikkim- Mizoram Ans:C

50. Arrange the following States in the descending order of literacy as per Census Report of 2001 and select the correct answer from the codes given at the end 1. Kerala 2. Manipur 3. Tamil Nadu 4. Himachal Pradesh Codes: (A)1,4,3,2 (B)4,1,3,2 (C)2,4,1,3 (D) 1,2,4,3 Ans:A 51. Which of the following statements about Radioactive pollution are correct? 1. It causes hereditary change in the animals. 2. It causes disbalance among different minerals in the soil. 3. It hinders blood circulation. 4. It causes carcinogenesis. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A)l and 2 (B) l and 4 (C) 1,3 and 4 (D)) 2,3 and 4 Ans:C 52. Which one of the following years is known as the Year of the Great Divide with regard to population, after which there has been a continuous and rapid growth in Indias population? (A) 1911 (B) 1921 (C) 1941 (D) 1951 Ans:B 53. Among the following 4 cities (Principal Corporation) which one had the least population as per 2001 census? (A) Kanpur (B) Lucknow (C) Agra (D) Varanasi Ans:D 54. Which of the following conditions determine an area as urban as given in the Census Report of 2001? 1. Its minimum population will have to be 5,000. 2. The minimum percentage of its working male population, engaged in non-agri cultural work, will

have to be 75. 3. The density of its population will have to be at least 400 persons for sq. km. 4. It will have to have a minimum area of 10 sq. km. Select the correct answer from the codes given below (A)l and 2 (B) 1,2 and 3 (C) 2,3 and 4 (D) All the four Statements Ans:B 55. The percentage of urban population in India according to Census 2001, is? (A) 20.8 (B) 25.7 (C) 27.3 (D) 27.8 56. Which one of the following Union Territories in India has the sex ratio (number of females per1000 males) above 1000? (A) Puducherry (B) Delhi (C) Chandigarh (D) Lakshadweep Ans:A 57. Given below are two statements Assertion (A) : The dividing line between village and town begins to be passed with the presence of traders and manufacturers. Reason (R) : The traders and manufacturers wholly depend on village resources. in the context of the above, which one of the following is correct? (A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of(A) (B) Both (A)and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) (C) (A) is true, but (R) is false (D) (A) is false, but (R) is true Ans:D 58. Who of the following received Lachchu Maharaj Award for Kathak Dance at its ceremony in September, 2009? (A) Madhuri Dixit (B) Rekha (C) Kunkum Dhar (D) Asha Parekh Ans:D 59. The first High/Supreme Court Judge, who voluntarily made public his assets, is? (A) Justice D. V. Shyalendra Kumar

(B) Justice K. Chandru (C) Justice K. Kannan (D) Justice U. C. Srivastava Ans: C 60. Which of the following items of works are included in Bharat Nirman ? Find your answer with the help of given codes. 1. Accelerated irrigation benefits programme. 2. Inter-linking of River projects. 3. Scheme for repair, renovation and restoration of water bodies. 4. Rehabilitation of displaced persons due to irrigation projects. Codes: (A) Only land 2 (B) 1,2 and 4 only (C)1,2 and 3 only (D) All the four Ans:C 1. The Committees set up by GOI have identified 5 new sites for Nuclear Parks. Of these five, which site has been allotted to AREVA of France? (A) Kowadi (B) Mithi Virdi (C) Jaitapur (D) Haripur Ans: C 2. Who amongst the following became the only sports person to have been awarded all the three major sports awards viz. Drona charya Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and Arjuna Award? (A) Prakash Padukone (B) Sanjeev Kumar Singh (C) Harika Dronavali (D) Pullela Gopichand Ans: D 3. U.S.A. and Indian forces carried out a joint Yudha Abhyas in October 2009. In which State of India it was carried out? (A) Arunachal Pradesh (B)Uttar Pradesh (C) TamilNadu (D) Maharashtra Ans:B 4. Musicians like Tansen, Baiju Bawra and Gopal Naik received training from Swami Haridas. How many main Sangeet Archana Kendras have been established by followers of Swami Haridas? (A)5

(B)4 (C)3 (D)2 Ans:D 5. Among the Worlds 100 most powerful women those included from India in Forbes Power List recently (2009) ar? 1. Sonia Gandhi 2. Shabana Azmi 3. Pratibha Patil 4. Chanda Kochchar 5. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A)1 and 2 (B) 1,2 and 3 (C) 1,4 and 5 (D) 2,3,4 and 5 Ans:C 6. Scientists of Britain have built Gravity Tractor. Identify the same from the following (A) A double storeyed Jugaad type tractor trolley to be used in public transport (B) A tractor with a mechanism to sweep public roads and is economical to run (C) A bullet train run on the principle of earths gravity with the help of powerful magnets (D) A space craft with a mechanism which would check asteroids from hitting the earth Ans:D 7. In the first week of October 2009, I.C.C. announced its World ODI team of the year. Who among the following Indians is not included in the team? (A) Virendra Sehwag (B) Yuvraj Singh (C) Sachin Tendulkar (D) M. S. Dhoni Ans:C 8. Kanya Vidya-Dhan Yojna pro posed to give Rs. 20,000 to a girl student for pursuing further studies after passing class (A)V (B)VII (C)X (D)XII Ans:D 9. Which one of the following is not a folk song of UP.? (A) Dhola Maru (B) Rasia

(C) Birha (13) Kajari Ans:A 10. Identify one from the following who is not associated with Kathak dance (A) Bindadeen (B) Shambhu Maharaj (C) Lachchu Maharaj (D) Dhruvtara Joshi Ans:D 11. Find which folk music does not match with the place (A) Kajari Banaras (Varanasi) (B) Birha Kanpur (C) Holi.Brij (D) Nautanki Hathras Ans:B 12. Given below are two statements Assertion (A): Shiksha-Mitra Yojna provides opportunity to rural youth to serve their own villages by providing education. Reason (R) : Its objective is to maintain teachertaught radio as per norms. In the context of above, which one of the following is correct? (A) Both (A) and (R are true and (R) is the correct explanation (B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct expla nation of (A) (C) (A) is true, but (R) is false (D) (A) is false, but (R) is true Ans:B 13. Identify the district in U.P. which has not been selected for Sodic Land Reclamation Project-II funded by World Bank. (A) Allahabad (B) Aligarh (C) Sitapur (D) Rae Bareilly Ans:C 14. In UP. the Kharif crop is sown during (A) January-February (B) April-May (C) June-July (D) October-December Ans:C 15. In IPL 2009 the two players who did hat trick, were

(A) A. Symonds and A. Nehra (B) L. Balaji and HarbhajanSingh (C) R. Sharma and Yuvraj Singh (D) R. P. Singh and L. Malinga Ans:C 16. Identify the district which does not have an Animal Polyclinic? (A) Lucknow (B) Jhansi (C) Muzaffamagar (D) Gorakhpur Ans:B 17. In U.P., the famous pilgrim centre of both Jain and Bauddha Dharma is? (A) Sarnath (B) Kushinagar (C) Kausambi (D) Devipatan Ans:C 18. Which one of the following dances is not correctly matched? (A) Karma Mahoba (B) Dhuriya Bundelkhand (C) Dhiwar Kahar (D) Natwari Purvanchal Ans:A 19. The Hathras and Kanpur traditions relate to (A)Theatre (B)Classical singing (C) Folk dance (D) Kabbadi Ans:A 20. Identify the University in the Private Sector which does not match with the place shown against it (A) Maharshi Information Tech nology University Lucknow (B) Amity University Noida (C) Jagadguru Ram Bhadra charya Vikhand University Chitrakoot Dhani (D) Integral University Lucknow Ans:A 21. UPSIDC has established Industrial Parks for specific industries. Identify the Park whose location is not correctly shown (A) Bio Technology Park Lucknow

(B) Apparel ParkNoida (C) Plastic city Kanpur (D) Leather Technology ParkUnnao Ans:B 22. The winner of Ranji Trophy Cricket Championship held in January 2009, was? (A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Mumbai (C) Punjab Eleven (D) Delhi Eleven Ans:B 23. If 3/16th of a tank is filled in 15 minutes, the rest of the tank will be filled in (A) 61 minutes (B) 65 minutes (C) 79 minutes (D) 81 minutes Ans:B 24. Which one of the following is not an award given on the National Awards Day? (A) Rajiv khel Ratna (B) Arjun Award (C) Dhyanchand Award (D) Vishwamitra Award Ans:D 25. The number of parallelograms that can be formed from a set of four parallel lines intersecting another set of three parallel lines will be? (A) 6 (B) 9 (C) 12 (D)18 Ans:D 26. There are certain number of benches in a class room. If four students sit on each bench then three benches remain unoccupied. If, however, three students sit on each bench then three students remain standing in the class. The number of students in the class is? (A) 36 (B) 48 (C) 60 (D) 72 Ans: B 27. Apart from quinine, which one of the following herbal drug is used to cure malaria? (A) Arteether

(B) Glace (C)Lutivit (D) Cineraria Ans:A 28. Chilgoza is obtained from the seeds of a species of? (A)Pine (B) Palm (C)Cycus (D) Deodar Ans:A 29. Of the two bulbs in a house, one glows brighter than the other. Which of the following statement is correct? (A) The brightness does not depend on resistance (B) Both the bulbs have the same resistance (C) The brighter bulb has larger resistance (D) The dimmer bulb has larger resistance Ans:D 30. A third allotrope of Carbon, Fullerene was discovered by a team of 3 scientists who were awarded Chemistry Nobel Prize. Identify the one who was not a member of that team (A) H. W. Kroto (B) R. F. Curl (C) R. F. Smalley (D)Feyman Ans:D 31. The atoms, in which the number of protons is same but the number of neutrons is different, are known as? (A) Isotopes (B) Isobars (C) Isomers (D) Isotones Ans:A 32. A fluorescent tube is preferred to an electric bulb because? (A) It has a larger light emitting surface (B) Voltage fluctuations do not affect it (C) In a tube electrical energy is almost fully converted into light (D) None of the above Ans:C 33. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? (A) Y2KComputer

(B) Arthritis Uric Acid (C) Noise pollution Decibel (D) Param 10,000Land to land missile Ans:D 34. Vinegar is an aqueous solution of? (A) Oxalic acid (B) Citric add (C) Hydrochloric acid (D) Acetic acid Ans:D 35. The blue moon phenomenon occurs (A) When two full moons occur in the same month (B)When four full moons appear in two consecutive months of the same calendar year (C) When two full moons appear in the same month thrice in a calendar year (D) None of the above Ans:A 36. Which one of the particles, claimed to have been discovered, can put Albert Einsteins theory of Relativity to the risk of being proved wrong? (A) Microwave photons (B) Neutrinos (C) Liquid crystal (D) Light emitting diodes Ans:A 37. Consider the following statements in respect of a jet engine and a rocket 1. A jet engine uses the surrounding air for its oxygen supply and so is unsuitable for motion in space. 2. A rocket carries its own supply of oxygen in the gas form as fuel. Which of the above statements is/are correct? (A) 1 only (B) 2 only (C) Both l and 2 (D) Neither 1 nor 2 Ans:C 38.Enriched uranium are ? (A) Uranium rods kept under special shield (B) Natural Uranium in which the component of radio active isotope U235 is artificially increased (C) Natural Uranium mixed with Thorium (D) Uranium rods coated with Chromium Ans:B

39. Which of the following laser types is used in a laser printer? (A) Dye laser (B) Semiconductor laser (C) Excimer laser (D) Gas laser Ans:B 40.The inexhaustible source of energy of the stars is due to (A) Conversion of Hydrogen to Helium (B) Conversion of Helium to Hydrogen (C) Decay of radioactive elements (D) Excess of oxygen that helps burning and release of energy Ans:A 41 The leaning tower of Pisa does not fall because (A) It is tappered at the top (B) It covers a large base area (C) Its centre of gravity remains at the lowest position (D) The vertical line through the centre of gravity of the tower falls within the base Ans:D 42. How much is one barrel of oil approximately? (A) 131 litres (B) 159 litres (C) 179 litres (D) 201 litres Ans:B 43. While lifting a bucket of water from a well, we feel that the bucket ? (A) Becomes heavier above the surface of water (B) Becomes lighter above the surface of water (C) Looses stability on coming out of water (D) Has gained mass on coming out of water Ans:A 44. Nutraceuticals are products having (A) Nutrient vitamin and minerals (B) Nutrient protein and fatty acids (C) Nutritional and toxic effects (D) Nutritional and medicinal effects Ans: D 45. The thermometer suitable to measure 2000C is? (A) Gas thermometer (B) Mercury thermometer

(C) Total radiation pyrometer (D) Vapour pressure thermo meter Ans: C 46. Given below are two statements Assertion (A) : Lighting a candle in space does not produce a flame. Reason (R) A flame exists due to the pull of gravity. In the context of above, which one of the following is correct? (A) Both (A)and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation (B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) (C) (A) is true, but (R) is false (D) (A) is false, but (R) is true Ans: C 47. A colour-blind man marries a normal woman. The features of colour blindness will appear in his (A) Sons (B) Daughters (C) Sons sons (D) Daughters sons Ans: D 48. A country has become the first country in Asia by sending its SELEN (Selenological and Engineering Explorer) probe in the orbit of Moon. The country to win this Laurel is? (A)Japan (B) China (C)India (D) Pakistan Ans: A 49. When soggy biscuits are kept inside the fridge for sometime they become crisp because? (A) Cooling releases extra moisture (B) Humidity inside the fridge is low and extra moisture is absorbed (C) Humidity inside the fridge is high and extra moisture is absorbed (D) Pressure inside the fridge is high and helps in releasing extra moisture Ans: B 50. The best preserved pillar erected by Ashoka is that of (A) Lauria-Nandangarh (B) Sanchi

(C) Sarnath (0) Kausambi Ans: C 51. Reasons for the spread of Buddhism included 1. Simplicity of religion. 2. Special appeal for the downtrodden. 3. Missionary spirit of the religion. 4. Use of local language. 5. Reinforcement of vedic spirit by philosophers. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) 1,2 and 3 (B) 2,3 and 4 (C) 1,2,3 and 4 (D) 2,3,4 and 5 Ans: C 52. The rivers around which Indus Valley Civilization existed were 1.Indus 2. Chenab 3.Jhelum 4. Ganga Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) l and 2 (B) 1,2 and 3 (C) 2,3 and 4 (D) All the Statements are Correct Ans: D 53. Given below are two statements Assertion (A) : Mohenjodaro and Harappa cities are dead now. Reason (R) : They were discovered during excavations. In the context of the above, which one of the following is correct? (A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct expla nation of (A) (B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct expla nation of (A) (C) (A) is true, but (R) is false (D) (A) is false, but (R) is true Ans: B 54. According to the Puranas, original place of the rulers of lunar dynasty was (A) Kashi

(B) Ayodhya (C) Pratishthanpur (D) Sravasti Ans: C 55. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of persons who occupied the office of the President of India right from beginning? (A) C. Rajagopalachari, Rajendra Prasad, Zakir Hussain, V. V. Gin (B) Rajendra Prasad, S. Radha krishnan, V. V. Gin, Zakir Hussain (C) C. Rajagopalachari, Rajendra Prasad, S. Radhakrishnan, Fakhruddin Ali Ahinad (D) Rajendra Prasad, S. Radha krishnan, Zakir Hussain, V. V.Giri Ans: D 56. The earliest inscription on stone were in which language? (A) Pali (B) Sanskrit (C)Prakrit (D) Brahmi Ans: C 57. Who of the following Mughal Emperors was coronated twice? (A) Akbar (B) Jahangir (C) Shahjahan (D) Aurangzeb Ans: D 58. The Worlds most active Volcano (A)Cotopaxi (B) Fujiyama (C)Kilaueu (D) Vesuvius Ans: A 59. Which one of the following countries is credited with the establishment of Uranium city? (A) Australia (B) Canada (C)Russia (D) U.S.A. Ans: B 60. Which of the following are cold ocean currents? 1. Humbolt current

2. Brazil current 3. Oyashio current 4. Canary current. Select the correct answer from the codes given below Codes: (A) l and 2 (B) 2 and 3 (C) 1,3 and 4 (D) 2,3 and 4 Ans: C 61. Which of the following rivers has the largest catchment area? (A)Narmada (B) Mahanadi (C)Godavari (D) Krishna Ans: C 62. Which one of the following is a warm ocean current? (A) East Australian current (B) West Australian current (C) Benguela current (D) Peru current Ans: A 63. Which of the following countries are landlocked countries? 1. Afghanistan 2. Hungary 3. Malaysia 4. Switzerland. Select the correct answer from the codes given below (A) l and 2 (B) 1, 2 and 3 (C) 2,3 and 4 (D) 1,2 and 4 Ans: D 64. Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands? (A) Saddle Peak (B) Mount Thuiller (C) Mount Diavolo (D) Mount Koyale Ans: A 65. The State having the highest rainfall by NorthEast Monsoon is?

(A) Assam (B) West Bengal (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Orissa Ans: C 66. Which one of the following places gets the least rainfall? (A)Bikaner (B) Leh (C)Jodhpur (D) Jaisalmer Ans: B 67. In which State of India, Fulhar Lake is situated? (A) Madhya Pradesh (B)Uttarakhand (C)Uttar Pradesh (D)Jammu & Kashmir Ans: C 68. Among the SAARC countries the most densely populated country is? (A) Bangladesh (B) India (C) Pakistan (D) Maldives Ans: A 69. Which one of the following waterfalls in India has the most height (A) Barchipani Falls (B) Jog Falls (C)Meenmutty Falls (D)Kunchikal Falls Ans: D 70. On which one of the following rivers is located Indo-Pak Bagalihar Project? (A)Sutlej (B) Jhelum (C)Beas (D) Chenab Ans: D 71. Arrange the following Indian States in a chronological order, according to their formation, and select the correct answer by using the codes given at the end 1. Chhattisgarh

2. Arunachal Pradesh 3. Jharkhand 4. Sikkim. Codes: (A) 4,1,3,2 (B) 4, 2, 1, 3 (C) 3,2,1,4 (D) 1,4,2,3 Ans: B 72. About 30 per cent of Indias area lies in the three States of? (A) Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat (C) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra (D)Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh Ans: C 73. Consider the following statements and state which one of them is correct? (A) LAquila is a famous castle in Romania (B) LAquila is the famous beach in France on the shores of Mediterranean sea (C) LAquila is a famous castle in France (D) LAquila is a place in Italy Ans: D 74. About one-third of Indias cattle population is found in three States. They are. (A) Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh (C) Punjab, Orissa and Rajasthan (D) Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan Ans: B 75. The recently appointed Chief of the Nepal Army (August- September2009) belongs to ? (A) Erstwhile royal family (B) Privileged elite classes (C) Indigenous tribes (D) Maoists party Ans: C 76. A ship caught in August 2009 in the eastern territorial waters of India, plying without persuation, belonged to? (A) China (B) North Korea (C) South Korea (D) Thailand

Ans: B 77.. The largest tribal group of India is? (A) Bhils (B) Gonds (C) Santhals (D) Tharus Ans: B 78. Which of the following tribes of india practise polyandry? 1. Gonds 2. Nagas 3. Jaunsaris 4. Todas. Select the correct answer from the codes given below(A)1 and 2 (B) 2 and 3 (C)3 and 4 (D)1 and 4 Ans: C
U.P. PCS Lower Subordinate Services (Pre.) Exam. 2008
Q.1. The Thermometer suitable to measure 2000C temperature is (A) total radiation thermometer (B) gas thermometer (C) mercury thermometer (D) vapour pressure thermometer Ans: (A) Q.2. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is (A) ethane (B) ethylene (C) carbon dioxide (D) oxytocin Ans: (B) Q.3. In which of the following districts India's largest mica belt is found ? (A) Balaghat and Chhindwara (B) Udaipur, Ajmer and Alwar (C) Hazaribagh, Gaya and Monghyr (D) Salem and Dharmapuri Ans: (C) Q.4. Silent valley is situated in (A) Uttarakhand (B) Kerala (C) Arunachal (D) Jammu and Kashmir Ans: (B)

Q.5. The fastest computer of the world is (A) Param-10000 (B) J-8 (C) Yenha-3 (D) T-3A Ans: (A) Q.6. Which one of the following organizations is not related to science and technology ? (A) DST (B) CSIR (C) ICSSR (D) DAE Ans: (C) Q.7. The name of the ICBM developed by India with a strike range of more than 2000 km is (A) Prithvi (B) Trishul (C) Akash (D) Agni-II Ans: (D) Q.8. Geneco technology is (A) A defense system for prevention from AIDS (B) A method for the development of species for food crops (C) A techniques for pre-information regarding genetic diseases (D) A technique for prevention of cataract Ans: (C) Q.9. 2, 4-D is (A) an insecticide (B) an explosive (C) a fungicide (D) a herbicide Ans: (D) Q.10. The percentage of nuclear energy in India's total energy generation is (A) 60% (B) 27% (C) 10% (D) 2% Ans: (D) Q.11. Satish Dhawan Space Centre is located at (A) Vishakhapatnam (B) Goa (C) Shri Hari Kota (D) Chennai Ans: (C) Q.12. Which one of the following scientists has carried out researches both in the field of biology and physics ? (A) Jagdish Chandra Bose (B) Har Govind Khorana (C) C. V. Raman

(D) Homi J. Bhabha Ans: (A) Q.13. Which one of the following is a bacterial disease ? (A) Herpes (B) Polio (C) Pox (D) Tetanus Ans: (D) Q.14. An Offshore Patrol Vessel was inducted into Coast Guard in March 2010. It is named (A) Eagle (B) Vishwast (C) Jatayu (D) Aashwast Ans: (B) Q.15. To insulate the country from disruptions in supply of crude oil, India has established India Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd. It will construct underground storages at three places. Identify the place which has not been selected for the purpose. (A) Vishakhapatnam (B) Manglore (C) Padur (D) Ankaleshwar Ans: (D) Q.16. Presidents of USA and Russia recently signed a historic treaty committing their respective country to drastically reduce arms. It was signed on (A) 15 January, 2010 (B) 18 May, 2009 (C) 08 April, 2010 (D) 12 February, 2010 Ans: (C) Q.17. Russia has agreed recently to construct how many units of nuclear Reactor at Kudankulam in TamilNadu ? (A) 02 (B) 04 (C) 05 (D) 06 Ans: (A) Q.18. Who of the following has been appointed as Chairman of Mumbai Stock Exchange in March, 2010 ? (A) Prof. Rakesh Mohan (B) Prof. Bhagawati (C) S. Ram Dorai (D) Prof. Manoranjan Misra Ans: (C) Q.19. Who of the following is the fourth woman Judge appointed in the Supreme Court in India in

April, 2010 ? (A) Justice Fatima Beevi (B) Justice Sujata Manohar (C) Justice Gyan Sudha Misra (D) Justice Ruma Pal Ans: (C) Q.20. A World Expo 2010 as a grand event to showcase the best achievements of human civilization has been opened on May 1, 2010. Where was this expo opened ? (A) In Shanghai (B) In Kuala Lumpur (C) In Tokyo (D) In Moscow Ans: (A) Q.21. Air Force Exercise Garuda-2010 was held by India jointly with which of the following countries ? (A) France and Singapore (B) Australia and France (C) Singapore and Australia (D) None of these Ans: (A) Q.22. Which one of the following states bagged the National Rural Health Mission Award of the Government of India in April, 2010 ? (A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Orissa (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Rajasthan Ans: (D) Q.23. Who of the following has been included in the Hall of Fame by I.C.C. in March, 2010 ? (A) Sachin Tendulkar (B) Sunil Gavaskar (C) Kapil Dev (D) Anil Kumble Ans: (C) Q.24. Who said, Imperialism is dead as dodo ? (A) Ramje Macdonald (B) Winston Churchill (C) Clement Attlee (D) Lord Wavell Ans: (B) Q.25. The annual session of Muslim League in the year 1970 was held at (A) Dacca (B) Karachi (C) Aligarh (D) Lucknow Ans: (B) Q.26. The Indian National Congress had launched the Non Co-operation Movement in the year (A) 1918 A.D.

(B) 1919 A.D. (C) 1920 A.D. (D) 1921 A.D. Ans: (C) Q.27. Who amongst the following made regular broadcast on Congress Radio operated during Quit India Movement ? (A) Jaya Prakash Narayan (B) Subhas Chandra Bose (C) Ram Manohar Lohia (D) Sucheta Kriplani Ans: (C) Q.28. Which of the following newspapers advocated revolutionary terrorism during the period of Indian freedom struggle ? 1. Sandhya 2. Yugantar 3. Kaal Choose the correct answer from the code given below : Codes : (A) 1, 2 (B) 1, 3 (C) 2, 3 (D) 1, 2, 3 Ans: (D) Q.29. The movement in India which became popular during the first World War was the (A) Swadeshi and Boycott Movement (B) Home Rule Movement (C) Separatist Movement (D) Swarajist Party Movement Ans: (B) Q.30. Arrange the following events in chronological order and choose the correct answer using the code given below : 1. Jallianwalabagh Massacre 2. Chaurichaura Episode 3. Champaran Movement 4. Moplah Rebellion Codes : (A) 1, 2, 3, 4 (B) 2, 1, 3, 4 (C) 3, 1, 4, 2 (D) 3, 1, 2, 4 Ans: (C) Q.31. Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below the Lists : List-I (a) Abul Kalam Azad (b) Pherozeshah Mehta (c) Annie Besant (d) Mahatma Gandhi List-II

1. Bombay Chronicle 2. Al-Hilal 3. Young India 4. New India Codes : (a) (b) (c) (d) (A) 2 1 4 3 (B) 1 2 3 4 (C) 2 1 3 4 (D) 3 2 1 4 Ans: (A) Q.32. Who of the following was the President of Indian National Congress for consecutive six years ? (A) Jawahar Lal Nehru (B) Dadabhai Naoroji (C) Abul Kalam Azad (D) Gopal Krishna Gokhale Ans: (C) Q.33. Who of the following had started the Khilafat Movement ? Choose the answer from the code given below : 1. Shaukat Ali 2. Mohammad Ali 3. Shariatullah 4. Abul Kalam Azad Codes : (A) 1 and 2 (B) 1, 3 and 4 (C) 1, 2 and 3 (D) 1, 2, 3, 4 Ans: (A) Q.34. Kakori Conspiracy Case took place in the year (A) 1920 (B) 1925 (C) 1930 (D) 1935 Ans: (B) Q.35. In the Interim Government (1946) who held the Railways Portfolio ? (A) Baldev Singh (B) T. T. Chudrigar (C) Asaf Ali (D) Abdul Rab Nishtar Ans: (C) Q.36. The Province where Indian National Congress did not form ministry after the General election of 1937 was (A) Orissa (B) Bihar (C) Madras (D) Bengal Ans: (D)

Q.37. The transfer of capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi was effected during the period of (A) Lord Minto (B) Lord Hardinge (C) Lord Chelmsford (D) Lord Reading Ans: (B) Q.38. Who was the leader of the Swadeshi Movement in Madras ? (A) Srinivas Sastri (B) Rajagopalachari (C) Chidambaram Pillai (D) Chintamani Ans: (C) Q.39. Which one of the following statements is not correct about Dadabhai Naoroji ? (A) He wrote a book Poverty and Un-British rule in India (B) He worked as a professor of Gujarati in the University College, London (C) He laid the foundation of woman's education in Bombay (D) He was elected as a member of British Parliament on the ticket of the Conservative Party Ans: (D) Q.40. Which one of the following was directly related to the Poona Pact of 1932 ? (A) Indian women (B) Indian labour class (C) Indian farmers (D) Indian depressed class Ans: (D) Q.41. Subhas Chandra Bose had founded Forward Bloc in the year (A) 1936 A.D. (B) 1937 A.D. (C) 1938 A.D. (D) 1939 A.D. Ans: (D) Q.42. The Gujarra minor rock edict, in which the name of Ashoka is mentioned, is located in (A) Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh (B) Datia district of Madhya Pradesh (C) Jaipur district of Rajasthan (D) Champaran district of Bihar Ans: (B) Q.43. Choose the correct pair from the following (A) Khajuraho Chandellas (B) Ellora caves Saka (C) MahabalipuramRashtrakutas (D) Meenakshi TemplePallavas Ans: (A)

Q.44. Which of the following sites has yielded skeleton of dog along with human skeleton in burial ? (A) Brahmagiri (B) Burzahom (C) Chirand (D) Maski Ans: (B) Q.45. Which of the following Ashokan inscriptions is devoted to the principle of religious tolerance completely ? (A) Rock edict XIII (B) Rock edict XII (C) Pillar inscription VII (D) Bhabru minor rock edict Ans: (C) Q.46. The earliest evidence of agriculture in Indian sub-continent comes from (A) Koldihwa (B) Lahuradeva (C) Mehargarh (D) Tokwa Ans: (C) Q.47. Which of the following mentions about the meeting of Sandrokottas (Chandragupta Maurya) with Alexander, the Great ? (A) Pliny (B) Justin (C) Strabo (D) Megasthenese Ans: (D) Q.48. Which Sultan of Delhi assumed the title of Alexander the Great ? (A) Balban (B) Alauddin Khalji (C) Mahammad Bin Tughlaq (D) Sikandar Lodi Ans: (B) Q.49. Who among the following was given the title of Shaikh-ul-Hind ? (A) Baba Fariduddin (B) Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (C) Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (D) Shaikh Salim Chishti Ans: (C) Q.50. Which one of the following is correctly matched ? (A) Kakatiya : Devagiri (B) Hoyasala : Dwarsamudra (C) Yadav : Warangal (D) Pandya : Madura Ans: (B) Q.51. Who of the following introduced silver coin called tanka ?

(A) Alauddin Khilji (B) Qutub-ud-din Aibak (C) Iltutmish (D) Balban Ans: (C) Q.52. From the following names identify the one who was not the brother of Humayun. (A) Kamran (B) Usman (C) Askari (D) Hindal Ans: (B) Q.53. Permanent Settlement was introduced during the tenure of (A) Warren Hastings (B) Lord Cornwallis (C) Sir John Shore (D) Lord Wellesley Ans: (B) Q.54. In whose reign was the Treaty of Chittor signed between Mughal and the Rana of Mewar ? (A) Akbar (B) Jahangir (C) Shahjahan (D) Aurangzeb Ans: (B) Q.55. Which medieval Indian ruler prior to Akbar has been referred to as the Akbar of Kashmir ? (A) Ibrahim Shah Sharqi (B) Sultan Sikandar (C) Zainul Abedin (D) Mahmud Gawan Ans: (C) Q.56. The Bengali leader who opposed socioreligious reforms and support orthodoxy was (A) Radhakant Deb (B) Nemisadhan Bose (C) Hemchandra Biswas (D) Hemchandra De Ans: (A) Q.57. Varindra Ghosh was associated with (A) Anushilan Samiti (B) Sadhava Samaj (C) Abhinava Bharat (D) Swadesh Bandhav Samiti Ans: (A) Q.58. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to have levied Haqq-i-Sharab or irrigation tax ? (A) Alauddin Khalji (B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (C) Mohammad Bin Tughlaq (D) Firoz Tughlaq Ans: (D)

Q.59. Which Sultan of Delhi had established a separate agriculture department and had planned the rotation of crops ? (A) Iltutmish (B) Balban (C) Alauddin Khalji (D) Mohammad Bin Tughlaq Ans: (D) Q.60. As per world statistics 2008, what approximate percentage of world population lives in Asia ? (A) 61% (B) 63% (C) 65% (D) 66% Ans: (A) Q.61. The State having highest scheduled caste population in India is (A) Rajasthan (B) Maharashtra (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Uttar Pradesh Ans: (D) Q.62. Ujjain is situated at the bank of (A) Chambal river (B) Kschipra river (C) Godavari river (D) Narmada river Ans: (B) Q.63. Bagalihar Project lies on the (A) Jhelum river (B) Ravi river (C) Chenab river (D) Indus river Ans: (C) Q.64. Drakensberg is a mountain of (A) Botswana (B) Namibia (C) South Africa (D) Zambia Ans: (C) Q.65. Which one of the following is a cold current of the South Atlantic Ocean ? (A) Canary Current (B) Benguela Current (C) Agulhas Current (D) Brazil Current Ans: (B) Q.66. Which region of the world, would you associate with Bushmen ? (A) East Africa (B) Sahara Desert (C) New Zealand

(D) Kalahari Ans: (D) Q.67. Identify the only tributary of River Ganges which rises in the plains (A) Son (B) Sharda or Saryu (C) Gomti (D) Ram Ganga Ans: (C) Q.68. Uttar Pradesh holds the first place in India in the production of (A) Rice and wheat (B) Wheat and sugarcane (C) Rice and Sugarcane (D) Wheat and pulses Ans: (B) Q.69. Which one of the following is the tertiary activity ? (A) Forestry (B) Manufacturing (C) Farming (D) Marketing Ans: (D) Q.70. Chilka lake is situated in (A) West Bengal (B) Andhra Pradesh (C) Orissa (D) Tamil Nadu Ans: (C) Q.71. The distance of Moon from the Earth is (A) 364 thousand kms (B) 300 thousand kms (C) 446 thousand kms (D) 384 thousand kms Ans: (D) Q.72. Japan is one of the leading industrial countries of the world because (A) It has ample mineral resources (B) It has ample bio-energy resources (C) Industrial revolution was initiated here (D) It has high technological capacity Ans: (D) Q.73. The planet which is called twin sister of earth is (A) Mercury (B) Venus (C) Mars (D) Pluto Ans: (B) Q.74. The deepest lake of the World is (A) Pushkar lake in Rajasthan (B) Lake superior in America (C) Victoria lake in Africa

(D) Baikal lake in Russia Ans: (D) Q.75. The deepest trenches of the ocean are found in (A) Indian Ocean (B) Pacific Ocean (C) Arctic Ocean (D) Atlantic Ocean Ans: (B) Q.76. The Fundamental Duties of a citizen do not include duty (A) to protect and improve the natural environment (B) to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom (C) to strive towards abolition of untouchability (D) to develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform Ans: (C) Q.77. Education which was initially a state subject was transferred to the Concurrent list by the (A) 24th Amendment (B) 25th Amendment (C) 42nd Amendment (D) 44th Amendment Ans: (C) Q.78. The Constitution is silent in the Directive Principles of State Policy about (A) adult education (B) living wages for workers (C) free legal aid to the poor (D) Primary education to children till they complete the age of 6 years Ans: (A) Q.79. The Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly under Dr. B. R. Ambedkar had how many other members ? (A) 7 (B) 6 (C) 5 (D) 4 Ans: (B) Q.80. The distribution of legislative power between the centre and the states in the Constitution is given in (A) Sixth schedule (B) Seventh schedule (C) Eighth schedule (D) Ninth schedule Ans: (B) Q.81. The number of High Court of Judicature in India is (A) Twenty (B) Twenty one (C) Twenty two

(D) Twenty three Ans: (B) Q.82. Which one of the following states does not have a bicameral legislature ? (A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Bihar (D) Karnataka Ans: (B) Q.83. The cardinal features of political system in India are 1. It is a democratic republic. 2. It has a Parliamentary form of government. 3. The supreme power vests in people of India. 4. It provide for a unified authority Select the correct answer from the codes given below : Codes : (A) 1 and 2 (B) 1, 2 and 3 (C) 2, 3 and 4 (D) All the four Ans: (D) Q.84. The basis of determining dearness allowances to employees of India is (A) National Income (B) Consumer Price Index (C) Standard of Living (D) Per Capita Income Ans: (B) Q.85. Narsinham Committee related to (A) Higher education reforms (B) Tax structure reforms (C) Banking structure reforms (D) Planning implementation reforms Ans: (C) Q.86. Note issuing department of Reserve Bank of India should always possess the minimum gold stock worth (A) Rs. 85 crore (B) Rs. 115 crore (C) Rs, 200 crore (D) None of the above Ans: (B) Q.87. Smart Money is a term used for (A) Internet Banking (B) Credit Card (C) Saving Account in the Bank (D) Current Account in the Bank Ans: (B) Q.88. The aim of differentiated Interest scheme was to provide concessional loans to (A) Weaker Section of Society (B) Public Sector Industries (C) Public Limited Companies

(D) Big Exporters Ans: (A) Q.89. The first Industry to develop in India was the (A) Cottage industry (B) Cement industry (C) Iron and steel industry (D) Engineering industry Ans: (A) Q.90. Which one of the following states was having the highest Human Development Index in the year 2001 ? (A) Assam (B) Kerala (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh Ans: (B) Q.91. In which one of the following Countries High Yield variety seed were developed for the first time ? (A) Argentina (B) China (C) Mexico (D) India Ans: (C) Q.92. Which one of the following per capita daily calorie intake has been recommended for determining the poverty line in rural areas in India ? (A) 2200 (B) 2400 (C) 2500 (D) 2600 Ans: (B) Q.93. In India which agency is entrusted with the collection of data of capital formation ? (A) RBI and Central Statistical Organization (B) RBI and SBI (C) RBI and all other Commercial Banks (D) Central Statistical Organization and National Sample Survey Ans: (D) Q.94. Which one of the following duration is related to XI Five Year Plan in India ? (A) 2005-10 (B) 2006-11 (C) 2007-12 (D) 2008-13 Ans: (C) Q.95. Open market operations of RBI refer to (A) buying and selling of shares (B) auctioning of foreign exchange (C) trading in securities

(D) transactions in gold Ans: (A) Q.96. Which of the following is the smallest bone in the human body ? (A) Vomer (B) Stapes (C) Malleus (D) Incus Ans: (B) Q.97. Which of the following is fish ? (A) Sea cucumber (B) Sea cow (C) Sea horse (D) Sea lion Ans: (C) Q.98. The yellow color of human urine is due to a pigment called (A) Cytochrome (B) Urochrome (C) Haemochrome (D) Phenolichrome Ans: (B) Q.99. The branch of study dealing with old age and aging is called (A) Oncology (B) Gerentology (C) Teratology (D) Ornithology Ans: (B) Q.100. Emphysaema is a disease caused by environmental pollution in which the affected organ of the body is (A) liver (B) kidney (C) lungs (D) brain Ans: (C)

UPSC Solved Sample Question Paper (Financial and General Awareness)

1. When did Regional Rural Banks start functioning in India? (A) 1975 (B) 1947 (C) 1956 (D) 1960 2. Who was the Chairman of the Sixth Central Pay Commission? (A) Justice B. N. Srikrishna (B) Prof. Ravindra Dholakia (C) J. S. Mathur (D) Sushma Nath

3. The 11th Five Year Plan is termed as plan for. (A) Indias Health (B) Eradication of poverty from India (C) Indias Education (D) Development of Rural India 4. Which of the following correctly describes what sub-prime lending is? (1) Lending to the people with less than ideal credit status. (2) Lending to the people who are high value customers of the banks. (3) Lending to those who are not a regular customer (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 5. The actual return of an investor is reduced sometimes as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden. In financial sector this type of phenomenon is known as: (A) Probability risk (B) Market risk (C) Inflation risk (D) Credit risk 6. Which of the following is the limitation of the ATMs owing to which people are required to visit branches of the bank? (1) It does not accept deposits. (2) It has a limited cash disbursement capacity. (3) Lack of human interface. (A) Only (1) (B) Only (2) (C) Only (3) (D) All 7. The World Development Report 2009 is released by which of the following Organisations? (A) UNESCO (B) ADB (C) IMF (D) World Bank 8. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE about the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. which was in news sometimes back? (1) The US government provided a US$ 7000 million bailout package to the company. (2) The company filed for bankruptcy in a court in New York. (3) The company is now out of financial crisis and is busy in its restructuring so that it can start afresh. (A) Only (1) (B) Only (2) (C) Only (3) (D) All 9. The Reserve Bank of India has recently issued guidelines to banks on Pillar 2 of Basel II

framework. Pillar 2 deals with which of the following? (1) Better human resource management (2) Adequate capital to support risks (3) Better profitability with minimum number of employees (A) Only (1) (B) Only (2) (C) Only (3) (D) None of these 10.The World Investment Report 2008 was released in September 20This report is published every year by: (A) Government of India (B) World Trade Organisation (WTO) (C) Asian Development Bank (ADB) (D) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 11. As we all know some new initiatives were introduced in the area of Fiscal Management by the government of India. Which of the following acts was passed a few years back to keep a check on the fiscal indiscipline on macroeconomic parameters? (A) FERA (B) FRBMA (C) FEMA (D) Public Debt Act 12. Which of the following has the sole right of issuing paper notes in India? (A) Union Government (B) Reserve Bank of India (C) Ministry of Finance (D) Supreme Court 13. Decision taken at Bretton Woods Conference led to the formation of (A) IDA (B) IMF (C) ADB (D) IFC 14. Which of the following is known as plastic money? (A) bearer cheques (B) credit cards (C) demand drafts (D) gift cheques 15. Euro is the currency of European Union. When did it come into being? (A) 1999 (B) 1995 (C) 2000 (D) 2001 16. Which is the largest commercial bank in India? (A) Reserve Bank of India

(B) State Bank of India (C) ICICI Bank (D) Bank of India 17. The Bank of Calcutta, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras were merged in 1921 to form (A) Reserve Bank of India (B) Imperial Bank of India (C) Bank of India (D) Union Bank of India 18.In India, income tax is levied by (A) Union Government (B) State Governments (C) Ministry of Finance (D) RBI 19. The Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in? (A) 1947 (B) 1948 (C) 1950 (D) 1956 20. What is a Bank which has capital and reserves of over Rs. 5 lakhs called? (A) National Bank (B) Cooperative Bank (C) Scheduled Bank (D) Unscheduled Bank