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11th February 2013

Subject: 64th Annual General Meeting of the Society NOTICE-II
Dear Member, The 64th Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held on 16th March 2013 at Hotel TARAMATI BARADARI, Hyderabad along with a seminar on “Regional Transport Aircraft”. The programme of AGM is as follows:16th March 0900-1000 Registration 1000-1130 Inaugural Function 1130-1200 Tea & Inauguration of Exhibition 1200-1330 Memorial Lectures 1330-1430 Lunch 1430-1530 Business Session & distribution of certificates 1530-1600 Governing Council Meeting 1600-1700 Technical Session on Theme “Regional Transport Aircraft” 1830 Onwards Cultural Programme & AGM Reunion Dinner 17th March 1000-1330 Technical Sessions on Theme “Regional Transport Aircraft” 1330-1430 Lunch 1430-1630 Technical Session on Theme “Regional Transport Aircraft” 1630 Round Table Discussion & Valedictory Function Agenda for Business Session is enclosed. You are cordially, invited to participate. For all your logistics support please contact:Vijay Kumar Hon. Secretary Hyderabad Branch, Aeronautical Society of India 17, Godavri Gardens, Yapral Post, Secunderabad – 500 087 Mobile : 9441093820. AeSI Hyderabad Branch Office – Ms. Jayashree – M : 9849040075 E-mail:,

Thanking you, Yours sincerely,


23. 19..Ltd. Hyderabad ZEN Tech. Bangalore Airbus Industrie.. 41. Kolkata. Singapore Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Air India Ltd.. Mumbai Rockwell Collins. New Delhi Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. London Bell Helicopters India.A Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Integrated Test Range.Ltd. 32. New Delhi Rolls Royce India Ltd.. Mumbai Air Works India Engg. 56.Co. Mumbai EMBRAER.Ltd.. and endeavours that they will continue to extend their support in the years to come.. Indian Aero Medical Services Pvt. Mumbai Aeronautical Development Agency.Ltd.. 27. 40. 4. Bangalore MLR Institute of Engg. U. 49. Mumbai ASSYSTEM India (P) Ltd. 5. 20... NewDelhi Hindustan College of Engineering. Bangalore Shipra Technologies Ltd.. New Delhi Radiall Protection Pvt Ltd. 11. 13. Hyderabad Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. Bangalore Godrej & Boyce Mfg. 16.. Mumbai 39. New Delhi ASL Advanced Systems Pvt.Ltd. 47. Mumbai Honeywell International (P) Ltd. 6.Ltd. 45. 29.. 24. Item 6: Support by Corporate Members The Society received generous help and support from the under mentioned Corporates in its objective:1. 44. Mumbai Jet Airways India Pvt. 50. Ltd. Dr.. Bangalore Integrated HQ (Navy) Defence Metallurgical Res. 35. 9. Bangalore Royal Aeronautical Society.. Hyderabad Taj Air Ltd. Mumbai Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. Item 1: Address by the President.. 7. Mumbai 36. New Delhi Airports Authority of India.. Shri Ashok Bhushan Item 4:(a) Presentation of the Statement of Accounts for the period 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012 by the Honorary Treasurer. Defence Research & Development Lab. AeSI – Mr. 14. Indocen Electronic System Pvt. Bangalore Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. Bangalore Genesys International Corp..Tech. Bangalore 30. 18. 46. Biren Roy Trust.. 25.. 10. Pahuja Enterprises. 12. Hyd. Kanpur National Aerospace Laboratories. and Student Prizes and certificates Item 3:Presentation of Annual Report for the period 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012 by the Honorary Secretary General. 34.Ltd. Bangalore Indamer Company Pvt.Hyderabad United Technologies International Operation. Ltd. Mumbai Krasny Marine Service Pvt.” . The following resolution is accordingly submitted for approval “Resolved that the Aeronautical Society of India records its appreciation of the generous support given by the Corporate Members. 51. 42. Singapore Bharat Dynamics Ltd. and Aeronautical Research & Development Board (MOD). 55. 53. New Delhi Indian Air Force. GM Rao Item 2: Presentation of Essay Competition Awards.. 48. New Delhi SNECMA. Mumbai 37. Pune BAe HAL Software Ltd. 33. Hyderabad Codes Digitech (P) Ltd. New Delhi Indian Institute of Technology. New Delhi. 16th March. 2. 54. Chennai Indian Oil Corporation Ltd..Bangalo Indian Institute of Technology.Lab.S. 43. 52. Chandipur Army Aviation Corps... 15. 3. 2013 at Hyderabad. 26. Bangalore VEM Technologies Pvt.Ltd.. Hi-Tec Systems Inc. Gurgaon 38.Ltd. Pvt. Mumbai Intercontinental Consultant & Technocrats Pvt Ltd. Ltd. New Delhi Max Aerospace & Aviation Ltd.THE AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA AGENDA FOR BUSINESS SESSION Agenda for the Business Session of the 64th Annual General Meeting scheduled to be held on Saturday. Bangalore CEMILAC. 22. Ltd. 17.. France Aeronautics R & D Board. New Delhi Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. 21. 28.. 31. 8. Hyderabad Telelogic (I) Pvt. Shri Lalit Gupta (b) To adopt the Audit Report for FY 2011-12 Item 5:Confirmation of the Minutes of the Business Session of the 63rd Annual General Meeting held at Thiruvananthapuram on 1st June 2012.

Prof.K.e.S. Accordingly. AGM:64:1 dated 11th January 2013:- VICE PRESIDENTS 1. No other additional nomination under the provisions of Rule 78 has been received. Dr K.Sharma 6. Job Kurian 4. Rear Adm. duly elected at the 63rd Annual General Meeting will continue to hold the office till 65th Annual General Meeting.K.D Singh 10..Saraswat who presently holds the positions of the President & President-Elect respectively.Shri Shyam Chetty 9. Shri G. i. Chartered Accountants.Boora 12 Shri Vikram Rai. Capt. Delhi had audited the Society accounts for the year 2011-12.” Further it is proposed to nominate M/s D.Cmde Amit Bhandari 2.K. Delhi for having audited the accounts of the Society. Mr.Cdr.S. Madras Bell Helicopters CEMILAC Indian Navy HAL MEMBERS 1. DM Sudan 7. of the members nominated by the Council under provisions of Rule 77 was circulated under cover of letter ref. Jitendra Singh 7. Chartered Accountants Delhi for the year 2012-13 for auditing the accounts of the Society. Chairman of Branches and the Editor of the Journal of the Society are ex-officio Members of the Council. Tamilmani 6. the under mentioned resolution is submitted for approval:“Resolved that the Aeronautical Society of India records its appreciation of the services of M/s Rohtas & Co. Adimurthy 2.K.Shri P.K. Therefore. 5. The House may wish to approve the nominated Council.Srikumar 11. Singhdeo 5.Shri Debashish Saha 3. Dr. Gupta & Co. Coast Guard Eurocopter Sukhoi (India) ADA SUSCET DIAL DRDL NAL Air India ADE PHHL GE Engines HONORARY SECRETARY GENERAL Shri Ashok Bhushan HONORARY TREASURER Shri Lalit Gupta The Two immediate Past-Presidents. Chartered Accountants. Rao & Dr.Ghosh. until next AGM The list.C. The house may wish to approve.Shri V. R. Sharma 8.Item 7: Auditors for the Financial Year 2012-2013 M/s Rohtas & Co. Item 9: Any other points with the permission of the Chair .Gp. B. Shri R.S. the posts of the President & President-Elect are not subject to any election. Dogra 4 Dr. AVM M Bahadur 3.M. V. O. Shri M.Wg.A. reproduced below. Item 8: Election of the Members of the Council for 2013. Dr. Shri Sudhir Kumar ISRO Air HQ IIT.

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