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This project report entitled “(A Study on Customer Satisfaction at Digjam Ltd.)” has been submitted to Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration. I, the undersigned hereby declare that this report has been completed by me under the guidance of Mr. S.A.LOHANI, (Q.C. Manager) and Prof. NISARG JOSHI (Faculty Member, Shri Jairambhai Patel Institute of Business Management & Computer Applications, Gandhinagar). The report is entirely the result of my own efforts and has not been submitted either in part or whole to any other institute or university for any degree.

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This is to certify that Piyush K. Parmar, student of MBA (2009-2011 batch) at Post Graduate Centre of Gujarat Technological University – MBA, SJPI has prepared a Summer Internship Project Report on “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF DIGJAM FABRIC” in partial fulfillment of two years full-time MBA Programme of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. This project work has been undertaken under my supervision and found satisfactory.

Date: ----------------Place: Gandhinagar

Prof. Nisarg Joshi (Core Faculty – MBA Dept. & Project Guide)


I have managerial concept with the help of collective information sustaining the theoretical principles. I have prepared this report of on management of the company. In this report I have tried my best to cover all the information available from concern unit. This training enhanced my particularity on management of industry of the firm in area of marketing. so there is also a part of practical study.B.T. It means.A. so I am heartily thankful to G. I am a management student you know manufacturing is more over art. for including this subject. faculty designed in such a way that it depicted all the major functioning of report to clarify various business and construction. I visited “DIGJAM Ltd. level is to give a perspective about the organization and functioning of the marketing department in industrial units. So I have got maximum knowledge about the management through this effort.B.B. For my practical training.U. iv . on visit and its work at managerial level as become very clear. The object of industrial training at M. art involves practical so there is no meaning of theoretical study only.A. I have got through all the major practical aspect of the organization and the same has been depicted in this report.A.” at Jamnagar. How much I have benefited in my life through this effort that is the main object or aim.PREFACE I am the student of M. M.

Junare and my faculty guide Prof. I take this opportunity to put on record my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Shri Lohani sir. Satish. Jamnagar for their kind co-operation. Hence. Jamnagar for providing me an opportunity to carry on my project report in prestigious organization. Nisarg Joshi for their valuable inputs for my project. General Manager & Mr.” S. I also heartily wish my deepest sense of reverence to Shri Sharad Goel for his kind co-operation in each and every way. DIGJAM LIMITED. guidance and constructive criticism. Last but not the least I would like to thanks my affectionate parents without whose blessing the study could not have been possible.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The successful completion of any project depends upon the co-operation of many individuals.. I would like to thank our director Prof. valuable suggestion.(PIYUSH PARMAR) v .O. Narendrabhai trivedi. First of all I would like to express my deepest sense of gratitude to the leading team of DIGJAM LTD. . Jamnagar for granting me permission to carry on my project. “Dr. Personnel Manager of DIGJAM LIMITED. Through this brief note I would like to acknowledge the help of individuals who have directly or indirectly contributed towards the completion of our project. I also express my indebtedness to Mr.

DIGJAM is committed to satisfy customers by providing quality products and services. Product and Promotion. I am really very thankful to the management at DIGJAM for giving me to an opportunity to undertake a project work in their organization. vi . I hope that the work done by me is satisfactory.e. which give highest value for money. ‘IT’S WHO YOU ARE’ – they commit themselves to continuous growth so as to fulfill the aspirations of the customers.. employees and shareholders. The whole project is based on understanding the two P’s of marketing i. They believe that their employees are their most important assets through which they can reach the top in each field they venture into.Figure 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The textile sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. There are many players in this sector but DIGJAM is a step ahead of them all.




are marketed through the same types of outlets. This offering becomes the basis upon which the company builds profitable relationships with customers. or fall within given price ranges. are sold to the same customer groups. that might satisfy a want or need it includes physical products. “Product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention.1. place organization and idea. Product Line: A group of products that are closely related because they function in a similar manner. Marketing mix planning begins with formulating an offering that brings value to target customers. PRODUCTS OF DIGJAM DIGJAM woolen mills produce the fabric which is used for the purpose of making: • • • • Blazers Trousers Sherwani Safari Page | 2 . acquisition.” Product Mix: Product mix or product assortment consists of all the product lines and items that a particular seller offers for sale.1 INTRODUCTION Product is a key element in the market offering. services persons.

The collection comes in superfine merino wool and poly wool in aesthetically designed Checks. 600 to Rs. The recently launched techno finish in summer 05 has been very well appreciated in the market. Herring ones. 2500 per meter. The Free Spirit for winter 05. Specially carved to praise the Indian style of dressing the jacketing collection which has a wide range of fabric to choose from. The company continues to be ingenious in its feet while delivering to the ever-growing and ever-changing demands of the clothing and fashion industry. Page | 3 . The prices range from Rs. and adds to the much wanted class and lavish appeal to one’s personality. both in the domestic as well as the international markets. This collection boasts of fine finish and excellent quality.DIGJAM’S WINTER COLLECTION Figure 1 DIGJAM launched its new collection of fine jacketing fabric. The jacketing collection has been specifically designed for the Indian winter and is a must have in your wardrobe. Hound’s Tooth and other fancy weaves.

hangora wool and mink (a bird of South Pole) hair is used as a raw material along with sheep hair. therefore all these types of raw material is used in very small quantity. The sheep which they use is MARINO SHEEP from Australia.2 RAW MATERIALS Woolen fabrics:These are made out of wool. Types of wools:• • • • 22. Not only the sheep hair but also some amount of rabbit hair. Mink hair is very costly it costs 2 to 3 lacks per meter.5 micron 19.5 micron Figure 2 Figure 2 Figures 2 Page | 4 . basically hair of sheep.5 micron 17.5 micron 18. Wool is a natural product. Polyester is also used as a raw material. camel hair.1. New Zealand and some parts of South Africa. Polyester is a product of crude oil (artificial fiber).

3 PRODUCT PLANNING Product planning means planning for the product that is to decide what type of product is too produced or what need or requirement the product is to satisfy and for whom the product is meant.1. are marketed through the same channels or make up particular price range. DIGJAM LIMITED has three product lines which are used to prepare different types of products:- Woolen fabrics • • Suit length Coat length Worsted fabrics • • Sherwani Safari PV fabric (polyester viscose) • • Blazers Trousers Page | 5 . If existing product satisfies the need of consumers is also a part of product planning? Product Line:A product line is a group of products that are closely related because they perform a similar function are sold to the same customer groups.

4 PRODUCTION PROCESS The various operations that are carried out at Jamnagar plant are as follows: Chart no.1.: 1 Page | 6 .

Production process


Chart 2 – Process of Grey Combing

1) Sorting, blending and scouring: - The Greasy wool bales are trapped and sorted to give a proper mix and to remove the solid impurities. It is then scoured to remove the greasy and vegetable impurities.

2) Carding: - The scoured wool is carded and is made in silver form. The impurities like vegetable burrs, dust and very short fibers are removed.

3) Gilling: - In this process the carded wool in the form of silver is treated with faller pins and it is made parallel and weight per meter is regulated.

4) Combing: - Gilled silver with definite weight per meter is combed and short fibers, neps and vegetable matters are removed to get a clean combed silver output.

5) Post Gilling: - Combed silvers are fed to the Gilling Machines and in the last silver output are transferred into shape of ball which is suitable for dyeing and transporting. In the above process the CV% length is achieved in the form of final top.

Page | 7

In this process, polyester tow is cut into required fiber length and converted into top after three gilling operations.

This is another high-tech area in Digjam, where fully automatic microprocessor-controlled HP HT Dyeing machines are in operation. Also in use are radio frequency dryer, Vigorous printing and Jet dyeing machines. The dyeing plant has a computerized IBM-based system for color matching.

In this gilling either pure wool blended tops are gilled and in third phase a predetermined weight per meter is taken as output. The output in silver form is put in cans and fed to comber in this operation blending, fiber blending, removal of short fibers; neps, etc. are carried out. Now this recombed cans are fed into two gilling operations and in the last gill box output is in form of balls. Top is ready for spinning.

Page | 8

Flow chart of spinning department.

Gilling Roving Spinning on Ring frame Single yarn steaming ( to remove the snarling) Single yarn winding(to remove the fault from the yarn) Assembly winding (assemble two single yarn on 1 package) Twisting on TFO(two for one) Double yarn steaming Double yarn winding Visual checking of yarn

Yarn delivers to the godown

Chart no. : 3 spinning process

Page | 9

Chart 4: Process of Weaving Page | 10 . capable of producing the highest quality of fabrics. The sulzers are the world’s highest rated weaving equipment.WEAVING A well-laid out weaving shed houses 116 Sulzer-Ruti microprocessor controlled projectile weaving machines.

Swiss and Japanese machines finish the fabric to perfection. In this way. thus avoiding lot variations. These machines use a process sequence that is automatically controlled by a punch card system.FINISHING The finest Italian. 5: Process of Finishing Page | 11 . perfect uniformity is ensured. Dry / Wet Setting Heat Setting Singing Scouring Cropping Damping Rotary press / Paper press Continuous Press KD Machine Grading / Folding Chart no.

shade no. final product is transferred to final inspection / perching department. and length & weight of fabric. . Designing department Sources of design: • • • • International magazines which contains fabric cutting Designer’s intuition and past experience. fabric. export development.FOLDING DIVISION After the shrinkage department or keir decatisation. cut no. there are arranging a conference two times in a year for the selection of yarn. quality no. this cutter pieces go for the folding. table checking. As per requirement Like 75cm length. selvedge stamping and measuring & cutting Then. . Market survey Customer requirement(they also design for institutions) Activities of design department 1) Yarn development 2) Fabric development 3) Export development As per the domestic and export order. Page | 12 . Final fabric is folded by the folding machine. generate barcode. weighing and recording as per concern person or client by whom company got the order.

%.%. The types of checking are as follow: 1) Tow(denier. pilling test.v. In quality control some of the checking is done. twist. relaxation Shrinkage. Neps) 3) Yarn checking(count. oil%. color fastness) Page | 13 . oil%. c. 2) To find out blend composition 3) To find out count value of yarn 4) To find out the fabric properties like steam shrinkage .5 Quality control The main functions of the quality control department are: 1) Find out micron value of wool.1. width. shade) 4) Dyeing(washing fastness. short fiber%. stretch & growth percentage. fastness etc.v. shade) 2) Final top(c. Neps. light& rubbing fastness) 5) Fabric checking(weight.


nothing will work if an organization doesn’t have sufficient manpower and suitable managerial personnel system and practices. technological advancement. that are required in order to run an organization. It is basically concerned with the human relationship within the organization and helps in maintaining smooth relationship between employees and employers. It is the art of getting things done through other people. In DIGJAM Limited. It is strongly believed in this approach and philosophy that the collaborative and participative efforts of human resources are to be nurtured.2.1 INTRODUCTION: Personnel management is a link between the top management and the workers or we can say that it acts like bridge between the employers and the employees. there is no difference between Human Resource Department and Personnel Department. Factors such as funds. He is treated as resources contributed towards the overall objectives of the organization. And the personnel department is very important in each and every organization and we can say that the personnel department is known as Police Department of any organization. In Human Resource Management there is an emphasis on the developmental aspects of human being. etc. machineries. Page | 15 . And the all the activities of HRM is done by Personnel Management. developed ton the fullest extent and human resource development is the foundation of this philosophy. Manpower is the most important resource among all the resources. So the all activities which are done by the Digjam Limited are stated below.

As Yoder point out. promotion and advertisement etc.2 RECRUITMENT & SELECTION: Recruitment has been regarded as the most important function of the personnel department because unless the right type of people are hired. These are some advantages of using internal sources: o Improve employee morale o Job security and opportunities for employee members o Tried people and then be relied upon o Require less training. “Recruitment is a process to discover the source of manpower to meet the recruitment of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection and efficient working force. organizations and control system would not do much good.” Recruiting Procedure of Digjam Limited: • • • Recruitment of workers Recruitment of executives and managerial staff Recruitment of technical personnel SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT: Sources are those where prospective employees are available like employment exchange while techniques are those which stimulate the prospective employees to apply for jobs like applications by employee. so the training cost will be minimized o It is less costly than going outside to recruit Page | 16 . Internal sources:Internal sources are the most obvious sources.2. Sources for the recruitment for DIGJAM are as follows: • • Internal Sources External Sources 1. This includes personnel already on the pay-roll of the organization. now we discuss the sources of recruitment. even the best plans.

As per the requirement of concern department recruitment procedure will be done by HR department. The unemployed with wide range of skills and abilities. college students. mostly inexperienced. accountants and welders. With the help of internal advertisement. young. External sources:Many of the organizations are depends upon the external sources for the recruitment like. customers and business practices well In DIGJAM the internal recruitment is done by the reference of internal member of the organization. It provides the requisites type of personnel for an organization up to the required standards. In DIGJAM the external recruitment is done by HR department with the help of concern department. Page | 17 . • • • • • New entrance for the labor force i. 2. potential employees. It is economical because potential employees do not need extra training for job. company gets enough references for the recruitment. within the company.e. Experienced persons such as mechanics.o Present employee can understand local languages.

Recruitment and selection procedure for WHITE COLLAR force refers to the selection of officers and managers.2 SELECTION Selection is the process of choosing the most suitable person out of all the applicants. Unsuitable In DIGJAM recruitment and selection procedure for BLUE COLLAR force is as per labour laws for the recruitment of labor in the company it is essential that he should acquire the certificate of ITI examination. Selection is the process of matching the qualifications of applicants with job requirements. • • • • • • • Application receipt Employment test Group discussion Final interview Medical examination References checked Orientation programme Page | 18 . Physical fitness and attitude are considered at the time of selection. Suitable 2. Selection divides all the applicants into two categories: 1. For this purpose DIGJAM is largely depend upon the fresh candidate and for that the company is following the formal selection procedure. Workers are selected by the concern supervisor and Assistant personnel manager.2.

follow workers. work culture. To give all the necessary information to employee about location of workrooms.3 INDUCTION: Induction mainly implies familiar introduction of new employee with the work. canteen and other facilities. DIGJAM has systematic induction program. superiors and organizations. Page | 19 . leave rules. The main objectives of an induction program of DIGJAM are: • • • To build up the new employee’s confidence in him in lathe new organization so that he may become an efficient employer. rest periods To develop a feeling of belongings & loyalty to the organization. which helps to make employee feel at home and reduces the initial nervousness on his part.2.

multitasking. skills and abilities of employees to perform specific jobs are increase. discipline. awareness. awareness. skill improvement. housekeeping. are given. In case of staff category.4 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: Never stop listening Never stop learning Never stop training “Training is any process by which the aptitudes. Every year in the month of March. • In case of workman. after having training rate identified the Human Resource Department with the top management prepares a training calendar are conducts the training program. motivation. training is given on safety. the training areas are skill development. attitude. quality improvement. In case of management training or all the training areas are of the specific nature mainly the management development areas are been conducted There are two types of training are given to employees: • • • • On the job training Off the job training Page | 20 .” Training is the process of increasing the knowledge and skills for doing a particular job. roles and responsibilities etc.2. In DIGJAM the Human Resource Department identifies the training in all the employees with the departments’ heads. behavior and conduct rules are given here.

Transfer is a movement of employee from one job to another without any significant change in duties. The promotion is to be given on the merit basis. responsibilities. In DIGJAM being management reviews the performance of every individual on the yearly basis.2. required skills or compensations. requires a great degree of skills. Page | 21 . These step is also been taken for some workers who do not performs his job well as required. commands more prestige & a higher status & carries higher rate of pay. In DIGJAM demotion is also followed. Transfer may have to be made within an organization for varied reasons. There are no fix promotion schemes. In other words employee can be said to have been promoted where he performs his job which involves higher responsibility. This is on needing base in case of sales promotion to the transfer is in one location to another which also needs base.” The term promotion is referred to the advancement of an employee to a better or higher job.5 PROMOTION AND TRANSFER: “A promotion is the transfer of an employee to a job which pays more money or one that carries some preferred status. In DIGJAM workmen & staff employees are normally being transferred from one department to another department.

” On the other hand salary normally refers to the monthly rates paid to clerical administration and professional employees or “White collar worker” in DIGJAM time office department decides the wages of worker. In case of staff category the employee’s gets consolidate salary on monthly calculated basis the pay scale starts from 7000 gross salary. There is attendance system and after totaling the attendance of workers.2. 6 WAGES & SALARIES: The wage is remuneration paid for the service of labor. while salary normally refers to the clerical administration & professional employees. A person who gets the wages is called “Blue collar worker.450 each. In production wages usually refers to the contribution to production. The maximum general advance will be Rs. they are paying to the workers at the 10th date of month. Page | 22 .

277 staff and 53 sub staff is included. Trade union is an association of workers which protects and maintains employee’s interest. In DIGJAM there are more than 1300 employees in the organization.7 TRADE UNION: Trade union is one of the associations of employees. The unions are affiliated with external trade unions such as • • • BMS (Bharat Majdoor Sangh) AITUS (All India Trade Union Sangh) Janta Dal There is family type of environment in the unit and if any problem occurs then union leader or labor officer solves that problem jointly. In DIGJAM are having three labor trade unions. in which there are 1061 workers. “Worker is a flower and trade union is a garland”. It works for employee’s welfare. All the trade union helps in the development of the unit Page | 23 . According to G. Ramanagan.2.

Performance & development agreement Performance Review Managing performance Throughout the year CONTENT OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Every organization has to decide upon the content to be appraised before the programme is approved. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AS A CYCLE Performance management can be described as a continues if – renewing cycle. It is a thing to be achieved.8 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance is not a matter of chance. • Ability to work with others. • Technical skill Page | 24 . It is not a thing to be waited for. discipline. • Leadership styles & abilities. it is a matter of choice. Content to be appraised may be in the form of contribution to organization objectives like production. return on capital. presence etc CONTENTS TO BE APPRAISED FOR AN OFFICER’S JOB: • Regularity of attendance. • Self expression: Written & oral. • Initiative. Generally content to be in the form of the basis of job analysis. cost saving.2.


The marketing mix will naturally be changing according to changing marketing conditions and also with the changing environmental factors affecting each market. For each segment of subdivision of the market. Marketing mix decision constitutes a large part of marketing management. the decision in one area affects action in the other. A successful marketing strategy must have a marketing mix as well as a target market for which the marketing mix is prepared. we have to select specific marketing targets in the form of market segments. Page | 26 . • • • • Decision on Product or service Decision on Price Decision on Promotion Decision on Place/distribution These 4 ingredients are closely interrelated. Marketing manager is a mixer of all marketing ingredients and he creates a mix of all marketing elements and resources. based on marketing research and marketing operations. The elements or variables that make up marketing mix are only four. and market share and so on. Marketing mix offers an optimum combination of all marketing ingredients so that we can have realization of company goals such as profit. It is the profitable formula of our marketing operations.1 INTRODUCTION Basically. It is of course. They are: • • • • Product Price Place Promotion In marketing.3. we formulate a combination of a number of devices or type of marketing activities that are integrated. sales volume. return on investment. The contribution of these marketing methods of devices is known as the marketing mix. marketing mix consists of four elements. Under the system approach.

Instead. most use intermediaries to bring their products to market.2 MARKETING CHANNELS / DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS Few producers sell their goods directly to the final users.Consumer Marketing Channels Page | 27 . they are part of every channel.3. They try to forge marketing channel or distribution channel – a set of independent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user. Because the producer and the final consumer both perform some work. NUMBER OF CHANNEL LEVELS: Companies can design their distribution channels to make products and services available to the customer in different ways. Each layer of marketing intermediaries that performs some work in bringing the product and its ownership closer to the final buyer is a channel level. Producer Producer Producer Wholesaler Retailer Retailer Consumer Consumer Consumer Chart 6 .

on the rate of selling. ii. There are many selling representatives who work as agents on the basis of commission which is based on the turnover achieved by them.e.There are 3000 such retailers of DIGJAM spread all over India and does not get any such benefits.They work as the agents on the basis of commission paid to them based on the turnover i. iii. Page | 28 .DIGJAM has 1600 to 2000 distributors spread all over India. Turnover incentive Early Bird Incentive Free Of Interest (FOI 3) DIRECT SHOWROOMS: .There are about 27 direct showroom of DIGJAM spread all over India and get the benefit of Free of Interest (FOI).They get the following benefits: i.Multichannel Distribution of Digjam 1) SELLING REPRESENTATIVES: . DIGJAM follows a Multichannel distribution system which is as follows: PRODUCER (DIGJAM) Selling Representative (AGENTS) Wholesaler (100 wholesalers) Direct Showrooms (27 direct showrooms) Retailers (3000 retailers) Chart 7 . 2) WHOLESALERS:. 1) RETAILERS: .

companies can now use PRM software to help recruit. Just as they use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems to help manage relationships with important customers. This creates a marketing system that needs of both the company and its marketing partners. motivate.3. Many companies are now installing integrated high-tech partner relationship management systems to coordinate their whole – channel marketing efforts. the various promotion tools used by DIGJAM are as follows: 1) Free Holiday Trips 2) Gift Articles 3) Carrier Bags 4) Glow Sign Boards 5) Sponsoring Events Page | 29 . manage. DIGJAM LIMITED motivates its customers by providing them gifts and discounts etc. The company must sell not only through the intermediaries but to and with them.3 MOTIVATING THE CHANNEL PARTNERS Once selected. In managing its channels. train. channel members must be continuously managed and motivated to do their best. a company must convince distributors that they can succeed better by working together as apart of a organized value delivery system. and evaluate relationships with channel partners. Most companies see their intermediaries as first – line customers and partners. They practice strong Partner Relationship Management (PRM) to forge long-term partnerships with channel members. organize.

The company’s ad agency is RADIANT and it is ranked 4th in the country ad agency rating list.” DIGJAM believes in planned and controlled ads.3. The advertisement program decision is based as follows: Mission Money Message Media Measurement - What is the advertising object? How much can be spent? What message should be used? What media should be used? How should the result be evaluated? The department carries out the function of communicating the brand name value and image to the customer. It ensures the premium image of DIGJAM brand is upheld in the market place for this. India Today and Business India.4 ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisement is nothing but a paid form a non – personal presentation or promotion of ideas. goods or services by an identified sponsor. According to Richard Buskirk: “Advertising is a paid form of non – personal presentation of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor. “Aaj Tak”. Some of the print media through which the company makes advertisement of the product are Outlook. Every year around 15 crore of rupees is spent on various types of advertisements. it decides on the advertising to be undertaken by the company and supervises the functioning of the advertising agency. DIGJAM advertises its product on various channels mainly in news channel viz. The ad punch line “FABRIC FOR Page | 30 . It communicates about the firm which manufactures the product. Advertising thus means spreading of information.

The Raymond at present rank in the market as far as the sales and advertisement is concern. 30 crore. emotion and humor are the key contents of advertisement is limited and therefore executives have to check out the various types media and their features like cost of media and high customer reach. The company takes part in various trade fairs organized in various parts of the country and outside the country to tap the national as well as international market.THE GREAT SUIT” has proved to be more effective. 25 lacks in the said production cost of Rs. The other media through which the company communicates its exclusive message to the customer are window display. One of such different initiatives taken by the department in the recent past is discussed below. A back drop of DIGJAM brand was used in the highly successful movie. Page | 31 . The company has to see that it does not spend too much or too less to wastage of money a negligible effect on consumers respectively. The lifestyle. DIGJAM has the market share of 12% in the total market of woolen fabrics. Advertisement is given through various ads media like postal electric sign and electric display. The total advertisement cost was Rs. exhibitions and showroom. OUTDOOR MEDIA: Generally company contributes 50% advertising expense rendered by local agents. DIGJAM’s main competitor is Raymond. The company targets its ads on the younger and most successful person. Back drop in movie “KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM”.


This all the type is as follow. a lather briefcase is given with a product promotion is very easy and also this briefcase is useful in your real life.5 TYPES OF PACKING DIGJAM has five types of packing at a different product and at a different price. Packing B Page | 33 . Packing A In packing A. as a office document and also you can use this bag at office level.3.

Packing D In the packing D a paper bag which can be disposable also. And wait is light and attractive. Page | 34 .In the packing B. a lather travel begs is given with product and in this bag you can use at different place. This bag is very attractive and its wait is very light and there are no government restrictions on this bag. At an official level. Packing C Packing C in the product give with a velvet bag life suitcase type this types of bag you can use anywhere and of any purpose and this bag is very chip as compare to the lather bag. at a sales man level and in real life also.

Packing E A packing E is give product with cover and plastic paper for the protection of the product. Page | 35 . It give a direct choose of color and design of the product for helping your side.

and Ahmedabad etc. Pune. Baroda. Bikaner. Bhopal. Page | 36 . It advertises in Cinemas and Multiplexes only in Metros.PROMOTION: In order to promote the brand name and sales of the company the marketing department launches various promotion schemes aimed at the consumers and the channel partners. sponsorship of different prizes at as disco night in a five star hotel.. Digjam suit lengths were distributed as prizes.g. ADVERTISEMENTS NATIONAL LEVEL Aaj Tak Zee News NDTV India NDTV 24x7 CNBC REGIONAL LEVEL ETV Gujarati Zee Gujarati ETV Punjabi UDAYA Gemini MAGAZINES Business World India Today Flight Magazines Swagat (IA) Jet Wing (JA) NEWSPAPERS Times of India Gujarat Samachar Rajasthan Patrika Chart 8: Forms of Advertisements DIGJAM also advertises through FM Radios in Metros and Semi – metros like Jammu. Low cost effective promotions done by the department for e.

3. 33%. Table 1: Influence of media on unit PARTICULARS Television Newspaper and magazines Internet Others % OF RESPONDENTS 60% 33% 5% 2% Page | 37 . Which media plays a vita role in the customer buying behavior? From the survey it was derived that about 60% of the people ranked TV for their media habit. the unit is in touch with: The reason behind this point is to know which media has greater influence over customer.e. 5% are in favor of internet while the rest 2% are influenced by other means.6 Ranking of media.. ranked second to the newspaper and magazine i..


Ratio Analysis. Fund flow Analysis. Finance function assumes an important role in the business system and it should be given equal importance as to production and marketing function. refers to such a treatment of the information contained in the income statement and the Balance sheet so as to afford full diagnosed of the profitability and financial soundness of the business. The bank related employees working under the finance manager who handle the matters and also fund management related matters.” Financial management refers to the planning & control of financing decisions so as to ensure proper acquisition. 2. The scope of financial management provides an overview of important decision making areas relating to the financial operations of a firm. The basic objective of this department is t handle the finance as well as to maintain records of finance. Financial statements are indicators of the two significant factors:i. Comparative Financial statements. 3. → Tools of financial Analysis :1. ii. Page | 39 . Finance is as important as brain in human body.4. Common size financial statements.”Finance management is concerned with the managerial decisions that results in the acquisition and financing of long term and short term credit for the firm.1 INTRODUCTION Finance department is the heart of any organization. allocation and maximum utilization of financial resources. Finance manager who works under the direct control of company executives who handle the finance department. 4. Profitability and Financial soundness Analysis of financial statement therefore. Profit maximization and wealth maximization are the main objective used in the sense of decision criteria for investment financing & dividend policy decisions involved in financial management. According to phillipatus.

4. the company as well as the industry in which the company operates. the leverage planned by the company. Internal Source: • • Depreciation fund Profit Fund External Source: • • • Banks Financial Institutions Others So these are the sources of finance and this necessary for every company to know their sources and they have to keep watch on all these sources. they use both types of sources for meet their different future requirements. In DIGJAM. the financial condition prevent in the economy and the risk profile of both viz. diversification and modernization and rehabilitation scheme is ascertaining the cost of project and the means of finance.. The selection of fund source is dependent on the financial strategy pursued by the company.2 SOURCES OF FUND: One of the most important considerations for an entrepreneur of company in implementing a new project or undertaking expansion. Each and every source of finance of funds has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Page | 40 .


The RTW range will be available across India through a chain of select showrooms. Page | 42 . they gear themselves for this shift with the launch of an exclusive range of RTW.FUTURE PLANS The global trend in textiles is shifting to ready-to-wear (RTW). At Digjam Limited. run by franchisees and dealers.

No diversification till the year 2000. Relatively higher carrying cost of inventory. Company covers 1/6th of the market share in the organized segment.CHAPTER 6 SWOT ANALYSIS Every company does SWOT analysis whether it is large scale organization or small scale organization to measure. WEAKNESS • • • • Image in the mark of only manufacturer of woolen fabric. opportunities and threats. Lack of funds for heavy investment in advertisements. Strong marketing and distribution network. Strong brand equity. They do their analysis for the purpose of identifying their strengths. weakness. STRENGTHS • • • • • Sound logistics management system helps the company to cater the customers having varied requirements in different varieties. color and packing. goodwill and reputation. Page | 43 . Young and the dynamic work force providing professional edge to the management.

demand for the product can be expanded. Existing dealer network sued to cater to new products also. Page | 44 . Change of consumer preference towards readymade garments. Cotton fabric is preferred more by the consumer as compared with woolen.OPPORTUNITIES • • • Company has good image in woolen segment so it can enter into production of shawl and blanket. Dependable for raw material on other countries. By introduction of new applications. THREATS • • • • Cheap imported fabric.


• Completeness of service: The degree to which the total job is finished. • Professionalism of service: The degree to which the provider uses suitable professional behaviors Research Model: It is the purpose of this study to determine the relationships between the five factors and customer Page | 46 .S. and professionalism of service were identified as the five critical factors affecting customer satisfaction in parcel delivery industry.D.. Findings: Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in Parcel Delivery Industry: • Availability of service: The degree to which the customer can access the delivery service and contact customer service. GA 31705 U.7. The questionnaire gathered data on the characteristics of each factor and determined the ranking of importance of factors. A model of customer satisfaction in parcel delivery service was developed. US Postal Service. UPS. were Abstract: Parcel delivery companies (e. From a literature review. Parcels are delivered to the right receivers without damage within the promised time. The research tested the hypotheses to determine the correlation coefficients between the five factors and overall customer satisfaction with respect to all customers for both outgoing and incoming parcel delivery services. completeness. reliability. and FedEx) are significant parts of modern transportation systems. Written questionnaire responses from university academic departments across the U. availability. Ph. responsiveness.g.S.1 LITERATURE REVIEW Literature Review on Customer Satisfaction: Author: Bingguang Li. Phone: (229) 430-4779 Fax: (229) 430-5119 Email: bli@asurams. Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management College of Business Albany State University Albany. • Reliability of service: Consistency of performance and dependability. • Responsiveness of service: The willingness or readiness of staffs to provide service and the degree to which the staff react promptly to the customer.A.

When parcel carriers make investment decisions. responsiveness of service. and professionalism) were positively correlated with overall customer satisfaction with respect to all customers for both outgoing and incoming parcel delivery services. and completeness of service were statistically significantly different from each other. and sometimes they were not statistically significantly different with respect to two different services (outgoing or incoming service). completeness. responsiveness.CONCLUSIONS AND DISCUSSIONS Summary of the Research This research concluded that all the five factors (availability. Managerial Implications Reliability of service was the most important among the five factors. Professionalism was the least important for conditions of outgoing service and incoming service for all customers. and completeness of service were in the middle of the rankings. Sometimes availability of service. the highest priority should be given to the projects related to reliability improvement. Since reliability of service contributes to customer satisfaction. responsiveness of service. it is believed customer satisfaction contributes to customer retention and business success. Availability of service. reliability. This research discovered that reliability of service was the most important among the five factors with respect to all customers for both outgoing and incoming parcel delivery services for the university departments surveyed. Page | 47 .

3(July1996): 15-32. Company should not announce in advance about their research schedule. vol. Company should select more diversified sample Company should provide some promotional gift to the customer for increase the response rate for the survey. • Intentionally wrong ratings by customer in order get more concessions. • Exclusion of unhappy customer during the survey period. Page | 48 .Spreng.. 1996) Published by: London Financial times. 2 “Saturn Illustrates Customer Satisfaction. no. “Louisville courier-journal of marketing. • Inaccurate survey by being nice to customer just before the survey. no. RESEARCH PAPER ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION :  Author :Scott B. 1998  Findings : • Manager and salespeople can manipulate customer satisfaction ratings.”A Reexamination of the Determinants of customer satisfaction. Vol. Richard A. 1 1 Scott B.  Recommendations : • • • • Company should hire an outside research agency for getting accurate result. 3 (July.  The Journal of Marketing. Mackenize & Richard A. 1999. September 5. Spreng.Mackenize.” journal of marketing.

b2binternational. where low absolute scores are and low scores relatives to the competitive. 7 Company should provide good quality of product. 3 Think through the issues that need to be addressed and list them out. by Paul Hague and Nick Hague of B2B International Website : www. 4 Courtesy from sales staff 5 Representative of the sales staff should be friendliness 6 Company should provide after as well as before sales services to their customer through which company able to get satisfaction from customer side. 2 Look at the customer satisfaction data to Recommendation: 1 Pay attention to those issue that is important to customer.Literature Review on Customer Satisfaction: Author : A White Paper. Page | 49 .

Padilla Research Faculty of Commerce and administration. whether inside or outside the organization. 132. in the beginning stages of the customer service revolution. 2 Customer Satisfaction: Improving Quality and Access to Services and Supports in Vulnerable Neighborhoods Tim Mannello. “Susquehanna Health System: 1999 Global Customer Service Award Winner” Page | 50 . 1996 Fifteen years ago. 1995). Bowen. and then empower them to work on behalf of customers. 2 1 Customer Satisfaction: Improving Quality and Access to Services and Supports in Vulnerable Neighborhoods Benjamin Schneider and David E. understand. a primary concern of business research and literature is building companies that excel at gaining and keeping customers. The focus on complete customer 5 Company should establish concrete standards of service quality and regularly measure themselves against those standards. From the top-down. Concordia University. these organizations act to provide positive customer experiences. and ensure that service quality is personally and positively important to everyone in the organization. they distilled five general operating principles that research and experience continue to uphold: Recommendation : 1 Successful customer service companies should listen . Winning the Service Game (Boston: Harvard Business School Press. communicate that vision to employees at every level. Studies show that outstanding customer service organizations focus on a clear goal—satisfying the customer—and design everything else with that aim in mind. From this investigation. 3 Company should establish a clear vision of what superior service is. 4 Not surprisingly.Literature Review on Customer Satisfaction: Author: Rodrigo A. December 5. and respond—often in unique and creative ways—to the evolving needs and constantly shifting expectations of their customers 2 Company should carefully hire people. train them extensively so they have the knowledge and skills to achieve the service standards. Ron Zemke and Dick Schaaf canvassed 101 leading companies to see how they approached customer service.

Often at much smaller companies. Many large companies’ hires summer trainees from management institution for cost-effective market research year after year. Page | 51 . marketing research is not limited to large companies with big budgets and marketing research departments. Most large companies have their own marketing research department. Awarding live projects to MBA as part of their course work is also a common practice. collection. Analysis and Reporting of data and Findings Relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. industry report. Companies normally budget marketing research at 1% to 2% of company sales. 2 Monitoring published information and actions systematically. websites. Yet.7.2 INTRODUCTION OF MARKET RESEARCH Definition of Marketing Research : Marketing Research as the systematic design. and by visiting competitive outlets. which often play crucial role within the organization. This may be done by examining news paper. A large percentage of that is spent on services for outside firms Here Digjam spent approx 10% of the company sales. everyone carries out marketing research-including the customers. Specialty-line marketing research firms: A company can hire services of marketing research firm or conduct research in creative and affordable ways such as: 1 Engaging professors or students to design and conduct studies.

SECONDARY: 1. with respect of brand usage.3 Objective of study PRIMARY: 1. 2.7. 4. To get an insight about what the customer feels about the company policy. 3. 5. 2. To know the market share of the company. To gain knowledge about the market of DIGJAM fabric. To get an overview of the customer about the quality and sales promotion activities of the company. Page | 52 . To know the problems of customer. market size and industrial scenario. To study the customers psychology regarding the company. To identify the market forces that influences the customer decision in buying the product.

7.4 LIMITATION Time horizon: Shortage of time duration. And can not be justify in the context of time limit. Response: The response rate was very low. Page | 53 . result for low response. Technology: There was lack of availability of hardware equipment and internet connectivity. because the research on customer satisfaction is very broad area and it’s require much more time for reached at the good conclusion.

about the organization. view on overall quality and price competitiveness. On the basis of the information collected in the interviews from the respondents and filled in questionnaire from them. They also point the aspect in which the organization is lacking and need to improvise upon as well as the aspect. For this purpose a extensive study was initially done about the product and the production process. Marketing research was done to assess the customer knowledge about the organization. view on overall quality and price competitiveness.7. The data collected through questionnaire was tabulated and analyzed to study. about the production process was necessary. After the initial study. certain findings were made on that basis and some recommendations too were given to the organization so as to improve the level of satisfaction of their customers. These findings and recommendations would go a long way of satisfaction and service in order to maintain its existing customer as well as to add 1-1 new customer to its existing data base. the advertising media to which the customers are in touch with the problems they are facing with the product. a insight about the product. the respondent attention toward buying the DIGJAM to assess the customer knowledge about the organization. Page | 54 . the advertising media to which the customers are in touch with and the problems they are facing with the product. which are its plus point and which can really help in future.6 DATA ANALYSIS In order to do the work properly. 7.5 DATA COLLECTION As a tool a well-structured questionnaire was used. These were used for collecting the responses from the respondent. the survey was started in order to get the questionnaire filled by them.

This includes advertising & marketing. and due to time and cost constraints. The size of the sample is dependent on the city. Vadodra. enhancing market/customer understanding. This was done with the help of discussions held with the sales and marketing professionals in the company. the factors that affect the satisfaction level of DIGJAM customers were obtained. The sampling unit is decide to cover maximum city through online(Ahmadabad. As a universe was infinite. First. Surat) and oral(Jamnagar) research . retailer. But a minimum of 90 samples was to be taken to maintain the standard quality and reliability of the data collected. a questionnaire was properly designed for the customer. Page | 55 . regional promotion.7. showrooms or shopping malls. fashion/trend • Price competitiveness • Marketing efforts by the company to increase its sales. The following factors were obtained as a result • Purchase influencers • Preference of garments getting stitched • Quality the fabric • Variety of design and colors with feel & finish • Offerings in tune with market demand. Basically those customers were undertaken who were purchasing the product from dealers.7 RESEARCH METHOD To get an insight about the company.

Page | 56 . Although 72% of people were aware about the customers. so we can get some information regarding requirement and what are their expectations from the company. Is there any product promotion problem or adv. If customers are not aware about DIGJAM product. This is mention in questionnaire Q.-2 Are you aware about DIGJAM product? The main purpose of asking this question is that to know how much percent of people at least know about DIGJAM product. we can ask them about our loop holes and defect that what are the reasons of why we do not live up to the expectations of customers. And 28% of people were not aware about the customer.-1 Customer Detail.8 DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION Q. If customers aware about the product and also purchase the DIGJAM product regularly. problem? Through the help of end users we can reach the final decision.7. So we can ask them next question related to DIGJAM product and its services .

Freq. Yes No Total Percentage 65 72 25 28 90 100 Page | 57 .

during purchase of fabric most of the purchasers are influenced by their wellknown and in the form of peer pressure i. family and community) involvement . Moreover. pushing him to purchase a specific brand/quality. Therefore companies who market to them by focusing on these aspects. are far more likely to capture their attention. Influence plays a very vital role in affecting the preference and choice of people . In case of fabric purchase. As it is often seen. As for example: women are considered to be more influencers an ( I deeply interested in people. either any friend/colleague or family members who can judge better the customer on his overall look/personality. there can be several other influences as well. along with exposure and education are making children and young adults increasingly participating in purchase decision and are becoming brand conscious with strong brand preference. shown in the advertisement is in demand. rather than solely on the product. the survey shows that about the customer’s nature Page | 58 . any design/shade. this question was to know that with whose influences customers purchase the fabric. the company should never allow their sales associates to talk down to them.Q.g.e.-3 Who influences your decision to buy clothes? The purpose of asking. Or it may be possible that the retailers influence customer. Besides these. Better quality life. Moreover sometimes advertisements and retailers also influence the customer to purchase the product as e.

Freq. therefore they should give more advertisement on news paper and local media . Advertisement Friend Family Member Retailer Other Total Percentage 14 16 39 43 34 2 1 90 38 2 1 100 - Company should have to concentrate on final customer . Page | 59 .

With the result obtained. 34% people prefer to get trouser stitched 21% people prefer to get shirt stitched 13% people prefer to get 2pcs suit stitched 6% people prefer to get safari stitched Here. However. it should encourage the young adult male by its advertisements attracting them for the product. The company can too by-furcated or expand its activities by not just providing the customers the best quality fabric at cheaper rate but by entering into READY-TO-WEAR segment and providing it in cost effective way to the customer Page | 60 . 26% people prefer to get a blazer stitched. the company should produce more fabric usable for trousers &shirt purpose.Q. location factor plays an vital role in deciding the taste and fashion of the customer. As the taste.-4 which of the given garments you like to get stitched? This question was asked to enquire which of the garments the customers like to get stitched . Moreover. time consuming with uneasy fitting given by the tailors. the above analysis may not be right in the truest sense as the. above result shows that a large proportion of the population have shifted to READY-TOWEAR segment and affected the scale of fabric a lot. to readymade garments is mainly due to heavy stitching charges. fashion and preferences of the customers are changing. respondents have marked only one of the option as answer to this question. This shift. In most of the cases. It was difficult to analyze to the improper responses and understanding of the respondents.

Freq. 2Pcs Suit Safari Blazer Trouser Shirt Total 12 5 23 31 19 90 Percentage 13 6 26 34 21 100 - Therefore. the company should try to manufacture the READYMADE garments by using its integrated manufacturing facility and receive high margins on that. Page | 61 .

Brand awareness is high not only in pure retail terms.VADODRA ). but also disseminated through media advertising. loop holes in the product or in the company’s policy.Q. features heavily together with branded merchandise. it will not affect the market. But company’s having a lower or less brand image. were in favor of DIGJAM product is located. or REID & TAYLOR. most of the preferences. then even if there are some. has to struggle in the market against its price competitiveness with its competitors or the quality of the product. Fashion wears especially for male. 3 % of people give their preference to OCM. or RAYMOND. may work better than ten weak brands. The reason behind its not brand image in customer mind is that there are showing very less advertisement on T. 14% of people give their preference to REID & TAYLOR . Besides. or DIGJAM has just 25 outlet whole over the India which very less that he RAYMON is about 600 outlet in all over India . Brand awareness with visibility can be with help of planned advertising activity. whether it’s DIGJAM. 49% of people give their preference to RAYMOND 10% of people give their preference to OTHER. about 24%of the people.-5 which of the fabric brands you prefer to buy? As we know that brand image play a vital role in the market. One powerful brand. or any other. where the factory of DIGJAM product is located.V. As per survey was conducted in local area of Jamnagar and many more city within the GUJARAT(SURAT . strong brand can help companies to extend their offerings into newer product and develop a critical mass. AHMEDABAD. In this respect DIGJAM conforms to current retail pattern with luxury and premium quality goods featured quite widely in prominent exclusive show rooms. RAJKOT. It was necessary to know in the survey that which brand the customers want to purchase. If a product has a good brand image. or OCM. Page | 62 .

Page | 63 .Freq. DIGJAM REID & TAYLOR OCM RAYMOND OTHER Total Percentage 21 24 13 3 44 9 90 14 3 49 10 100 Through. the company should try to manufacturing the readymade garments by using its integrated manufacturing facility and reap high margins on that.

what conditions govern the increase and decline of satisfaction of a customer? If these can be identified. can they be influenced? Customers with higher rates of satisfaction generate significantly higher performance outcomes resulting in higher sales. The view over a product varies with each mid even-person depending upon his likings. as compared to other jeans manufacturing company. in the customer’s viewpoint “LEE” jeans are considered to be a costly one.g. As such e.Q. A more satisfied customer is likely to be more co-operative and brand loyal to the company. whether their product overall view on the market is having a positive impact or a negative one.-6 what is your view on DIGJAM fabric? For a company it’s an important things to know. financial resources available etc. But the key growth for a company is. Whenever customer had been asked about their view on DIGJAM fabric and it observed that Page | 64 . dis-likings.

Page | 65 .Freq. EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTION NEED IMPROVEMENT POOR Total Percentage 27 8 43 48 22 24 11 7 90 12 8 100 Interpretation: Company should try to give some gift to their customers with which company can achieve maximum customers.

which regularly checks the fabric during the process of production. 14 58 13 1 4 90 Percentage 15 65 15 1 4 100 EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTION NEED IMPROVEMENT POOR Total Interpretation: Company should try to manufacture itself. Some observation is also made that customers are ready to spent a little more. but within their budget. a quality control machine is installed. To stand in the market arid to gain faith of the end consumer. a quality control department is made. At each and every point of production. There is no compromising in mill. Moreover. with the help of imported sophisticated machines and with set standards of ISO-9001 gives a best output for its quality. if they are getting a standard set of quality product. The company is using latest technology machines. as far as. either it is less or more. They want a return whatever they spent. As customer don’t want to compromise on the quality.-7 how would you perceive the quality of DIGJAM product? Expertise and quality are the two key words that rightfully describe the company and its work. it is essential for a company to provide good quality product to the customer at a comparative cheaper price. to give the best output quality of product in the market for the end users of DIGJAM brand. Page | 66 . may even out-source but it doesn’t be at the cost of quality of the fabric. or if not possible. quality is concerned with. which. with the procedures as Laid down in ISO9001.Q. Freq.

Q. 38% of people were satisfied with Suit. Page | 67 . 14% of people were satisfied with Trouser.-8 At which level. you are satisfied with the DIGJAM’s product? The main objective behind this question is to collect information about DIGJAM’S various product. 2% of people were satisfied with Shawl. All product has some satisfactory level which mention in below figure as well as chart . 32% of people were satisfied with Blazer. 14% of people were satisfied with Shirt.

retailers and even from the customers about their needs and requirement and the latest changing trends and fashion. As the competition increases in India.Q. But still it can make an improvement in this sector by exploring the market and getting the feed backs from the dealers. design.-9 What are your perception about the various Design & Color of the DIGJAM fabric? Change are a part of life in the growing market change is constant innovation is the key to success and makes business profitable in the long run. design and colors would need to be upgraded regularly to keep it with the changing requirement of the customers. Page | 68 . exports say that the changing design and colors with respect to change in fashion and trend holds the key to profitability. As per the result and market condition it is impossible to satisfy each and every customer and the company is spending a lot on making design and color development. marketing or price. Topics such as “Design as the final differentiator” play an important role for a company. here be it in terms of product. The company has to first identify the specific needs and tastes of customers and then making arrangements to provide the desired lines and colors that appeal to the customers. Differentiation and creativity are the most important hallmark in the modern era. In the survey about 16% of the people were feel excellent 48% of the people were feel good 20% of the people were feel satisfactory 12% of the people were feel need improvement 4% of the people were feeling poor. Since brand names and traditional advertising do not necessary translate in to sales.

EXCELLENT GOOD SATISFACTION NEED IMPROVEMENT POOR Total Percentage 14 16 43 48 18 20 11 4 90 12 4 100 Page | 69 .Freq.

And here the factor affecting in purchase the different type of fabric in different range is money means INCOME . The income profile is also different in today’s India. I n which range they prefer to buy a DIGJA..-10 Choose the range of DIGJAM product you prefer to buy . But it’s fact that the range factor totally depend upon the income of the customer Here company should not concentrate only on price but they should maintain the quality of the fabric so they can able to attract to customer.Q. Of Range 150-300 300-475 475-800 800-1300 More than 1300 Total Freq. 16 34 25 9 6 90 Percentage 18 38 28 10 6 100 Page | 70 . The objective of asking this is to get information about the customer expectation . No. As per the result we can’t say that there are maximum people who want to purchase fabric at higher price.M fabric.

-11 How does your view the price-competitiveness of DIGJAM fabric with its competitors? The main objective of asking this question to customer is that want to find out the current market condition of DIGJAM and what kind of image set in customers mind compare to its competitors like Raymond .Q. Company has mass number of customer are in favor of it fabric but still company should maintain their price as well as quality. Freq. As per the research result finds that Rest of the people view is that the price of DIGJAM is average compare to its competitors. Reid & Taylor etc. Excellent Good Satisfaction Need Improvement Poor Total 9 49 20 9 3 90 Percentage 10 55 22 10 3 100 Page | 71 .

Result is shown in below chart . The survey also revealed the policy of the company.Q.-12 What do your feel about the packaging of DIGJAM product? Company should maintain its quality as well as have to maintain its product packing for attract to customers. Excellent Good Satisfaction Need Improvement Poor Total 13 22 24 7 4 70 Percentage 18 32 35 10 5 100 Page | 72 . If company provides good packing with its product so they can easily attract the customers. Freq. More than 85% of the people were satisfied with company’s product packaging .

Page | 73 .-13 Where do you prefer to buy DIGJAM fabric? The objective of asking this question was basically to know that from which outlet they want to purchase and what their demand toward company is. 31 21 28 80 Percentage 39 26 35 100 Therefore. Whether the DIGJAM brand is easily.Q. the company should open make more exclusive show rooms and make more retailers/dealers at such places to provide the customer with a cost effective and operationally efficient location. As we observed in the research about Exclusive Show Room Digjam retail shops Shopping malls Total Freq. available to the end user or he has to travel less for purchase of the fabric.

The survey also revealed the policy of the company Freq. company should concentrate on this 20% people who were unsatisfied and also improve their outlet services. Page | 74 .-14 How would you evaluate the responses given to you by company/retailers to your complain? This question was asked to customer to get an insight into whether there is any complaint coming up for the product and if ‘YES’ then responses given by the company/retailers is up to mark or not. Excellent Good Satisfaction Need Improvement Poor Total 6 22 12 8 2 50 Percentage 12 44 24 16 4 100 Therefore. the company takes it very seriously. But even if any complaints arises in the fabric and are forwarded to the company. The company policy is to produce the fabric at the best quality level to ensure no complaints.Q. simply replace the genuine defective item with a fresh one without loosing much of time. They.

the customer become cool-minded. Before purchase service includes a warm welcome by the retailer to the customer. once the product is sold. This may include helping the customer by informing him about the proper care of the fabric. tea. It is not surprising to see that 80% of the people were satisfied by the retailer before and after purchasing the product . snacks. washing instructions. The best of the product may not sell if the service offered to the customers is not satisfactory. why would a customer especially drive to a shop. offering a glass full of water. the customers always enter at the retailer’s place for purchase of product. coffee or providing good packaging to the product. At this point. ir-respective of how much they advertise or bring down price.-15/16 Please states the services given by our retailer’s before/after purchase of our product ? Services are one of the most important parameters to be kept in mind. where earlier also lie had got full satisfaction regarding the services rendered by the retailer or lie may be a referral client as well Page | 75 . it will be hard for them to attract the customers.Q. These services are offered to attract the customer to re-visit the retailer’s place again. After purchase service is about services rendered after the customer has made the purchase. friendly environment (if possible ). The key differentiator to brand choice is pre sales and post sales service experienced. bidding him a proper good buy. one might wonder. These findings were made in the survey too. good service experience will be essential for brands to survive. The reason behind dis-satisfaction was mainly due to the pact that not all the dealers/retailers do an extra expense on the end-users. fight for parking and then enter into a store and pay. The retailer is. proper billing listening to any complaint or suggestions of the customers etc. offer unique services to the customers. comfortable seating. So that. feels comfortable and fully concentrates oil purchase of fabric. offering cold drinks. There are equal chances that a customer may get annoyed with a bad services as with a bad product. Since. Moreover. giving home delivery service. until retailer do not pull up their socks. word of mouth plays a very vital role. a similar price for a similar product that he or she would have purchased from any other store. helping him to choose the right fabric etc.

Freq. Excellent Good Satisfaction Need Improvement Poor Total Percentage 6 12 21 43 13 27 8 1 50 16 2 100 Page | 76 .

Q.-17 The distance of our digjam show room and retailer from your place? The purpose of asking this question was basically to know that whether the DIGJAM brand is easily, available to the end user or he has to travel a long distance for purchase of the fabric. As we observed in the survey about 20% of the customers come from the area of 3 kms . to purchase the fabric from the retailers counter’s counter and 22% of customer comes on an average from 1,2and 4 kms. and 40% of the customers were from more than 4 kms. This can be analyzed in two ways firstly, it can be seen as a strength for the company that it is able to attract its customers not only in local areas but from far areas too. But still on an average 17% of the customer were from the near or adaptive places. This shows tile brand loyalty mid brand image which the company has in the customer’s mind. Therefore, the company should open their exclusive show rooms and make more retailer/dealers at such places to provide the customer with a cost effective and operationally efficient location. The distribution of distance of DIGJAM retail outlet /showroom from customer’s place is shown above. But this data itself is not sufficient to make any decision. We also need to know as to how much distance a customer is willing in order to make a fabric/garment purchase. This Questionnaire assumes that a distance of 4km and above is ‘FAR’ for customer. In place like metropolitan cities, customers are willing to move to distances of around 20 km . in order to get good quality/reasonable prices/good brands, etc.

Page | 77

Freq. Very Near Near Average Far Very Far Total 3 13 20 16 38 90

Percentage 3 15 22 18 42 100

Page | 78

Q.-18 Rank the media you are in touch with (maximum to minimum) The purpose of asking this question was to know the media habits of the end user so that accordingly the advertising plan can be prepared by the company. Brand awareness and visibility can be achieved with the help of planned advertising activity.

This means that we should adequate presence on television, newspaper and magazines. Again the limitation was that if the survey was conducted in any other metropolitan city, the result might very a lot.
Freq. T.V. News Paper & Magazine Radio Internet Other Total 43 25 11 6 5 90 Percentage 48 28 12 6 6 100

Page | 79

62% of the people were un-satisfied with adv. nor are they worth the hassles they bring with them. advertisement is shown at the national level. would prove to be useless. on television. As in modern era. As in television. In a market that is bursting at its seams with posters. the right vendors to promote your product.V. With the question being asked about the television ads of DIGJAM fabric.Q. the brand image of the company also builds up with more advertisement. on television and rest 38% of the people were satisfied with adv. A battle won over visibility is wining half the battle in marketing your product. well that would neither solve the purpose. if your product does not cut through the marketing din and stand out. signs etc. Moreover. advertisement of DIGJAM fabric? All your efforts of choosing the right advertising medium. drawing up a marketing strategy. the reach ability of the company towards its customers is at a higher side. But at the same time. Imaging seeing a big carving of your favorite dessert from a very far off distance or seeing huge ducks on a building! Stunningly huge graphics would no doubt stand out from the other advertisements. visibility is a tough battle to be won. a large number of sample populations were un-satisfied with the advertisement of DIGJAM in television channels. Page | 80 . mostly companies aim to give their ads at national level. if you think of putting up huge billboards. without good advertisement policy it is not easy task to catch up the customers and influence or attract them to buy the product. banners. So. tying up with the local store.-19 What do you feel about the T.

Excellent Good Satisfaction Need Improvement Poor Total Percentage 4 4 9 10 3 3 32 42 90 36 47 100 Page | 81 .Freq.

the company should give some extra advertisement to regain its market position at least at the regional level. it gradually increase its area . As once the brand name becomes famous in local area. Page | 82 . so regional level ads on newspapers.Q. as the company had some financial constraints.-20 What do you feel about the magazine & news paper? Giving advertisement at local area is an important source of generating revenue and sales for any enterprise. This question asked to get the view of the customer regarding the magazine and news paper advertisement of DIGJAM fabric. magazines or local channel should be preferred. Therefore. Moreover. The result of the survey shows that about 78% people were satisfied & 22% people were its image at national level.

Freq. Excellent Good Satisfaction Need Improvement Poor Total 2 11 13 31 33 90 Percentage 3 12 14 34 37 100 Page | 83 .

Make More Adv. Readymade Cloth ...Readymade Fancy Jacket.Customer expectation from DIGJAM .Jacket . .Readymade Shirt ..I Want Readymade Formal Garments. .Readymade Garments .Readymade Garments . . A Ready To Wear Cloth .Need More Improvement In Marketing. . So Customer Can Aware About Your Product .More Bridal Collection . .Mfg..At Low Price Middle Class People Afforded It..Ladies Wear In Domestic Market Page | 84 .Only Readymade Shirt.Mfg.Readymade Trouser .Quality Oriented .

Main complaints in P. The main thing in the customers mind is that company manufactures only woolen fabric. Lack of innovative idea regarding new application of product. A sales promotional scheme floated by the company is not impressive.7. which is adversely affecting its domestic market. Page | 85 . fabric regarding its quality.9 FINDINGS Findings during the survey were: At present company’s more emphasis is on the export business. Lack of promotional activities at national as well as in regional level. price with feel and finish.V.

• Company should improve its promotional activities • Company should aim and try to hit the right mark with teenagers too • It should also step into new segments like readymade garments. cotton fabric. • DIGJAM should go into the fashion shows because fashion show serves as an interesting way to showcase your products and seasons offering to your customers. • To create awareness in areas of north an east. • Company should direct its attention on the shop-in-shop retail format for greater market penetration. • Company should strategically locate its outlet in different areas. shawl and blankets.SUGGESTIONS • DIGJAM should go into the fashion shows because fashion shows serves as an interesting way to showcase your products and seasons offering to your customer. Page | 86 . company should prefer advertising through niche magazines.

Keller Kevin Lane..BIBLIOGRAPHY / WEBOGRAPHY BOOK REFERENCES  By Kotler Philip. Tata-McGraw Hill Publishing Co.html http://www.pressganey. http://pages. Marketing Management (13TH Edition) .Pearson Education Schindler Pamela S.  By Cooper Donald P. http://www. Koshy Business Research Method (9th Edition) www.infinite. Zha Mithileshwar .apple. WEB REFERENCES Page | 87 .

Others ________. What is your view on DIGJAM fabric ? a. 2Pcs Suit Trouser b. Poor c. JAMNAGAR {Customer Questionnaire} 1. Excellent Improvement b. Need Page | 88 . b. No 2. satisfactory d.CHAPTER-9-ANNEXURE DIGJAM LIMITED. Shirt c. Good e. Others. satisfactory d. e. DIGJAM Raymond b. Reid &Taylor e. Good e. Yes b. Need 6. Blazer d. c. Adv. 4. 5. Family Members d. How would your perceive the quality of DIGJAM products ? a. Which of the following fabric brands you prefer to buy ? a. Are you aware about DIGJAM product? a. Who influences your decision to buy clothes ? a. Which of the given garments you like to get stitched ? a. Safari e. Excellent Improvement b. OCM d. Retailers 3. Friends c. Poor c.

Need 13. Poor c. a. 12.800 d. Choose the Range of DIGJAM products you prefer to buy. Poor c. Good e. Excellent b./Retailers to your Complain? a. Poor c. More than 1300 9. Excellent Improvement b. What are your perception about the various design & colors of the DIGJAM fabric ? a. satisfactory d. satisfactory d. What do your feel about the packaging of DIGJAM products ? a. Where do you prefer to buy DIGJAM fabric ? a. Please state the services given by our retailers before purchasing our products. Need 10.1300 e. Good e. 800 . Need 11. 300 – 475 c. 475 . Good e. Poor c. How would you evaluate the responses given to you by Co. satisfactory d. DIGJAM Retails Shops b. Good e. satisfactory d. Excellent Improvement b. Excellent Improvement b. Need Page | 89 . Good Improvement e. Poor c. Excellent Improvement b. satisfactory d.7. How do your view the P rice-Com petitiveness of DIGJAM fabric with its competitors? a. a. Exclusive Show Room Shopping Malls b. 150 -300 b. Need 8.

Need 15. 16. What do you feel about the M agazine and N ew spaper Adv. Need Page | 90 . (Maximum to Minimum) a. Adv. Poor b. T. Poor b. Internet e. Need 18. Please state the services given by our retailers after purchase of our products. What do you feel about the T. near Far e. of DIGJAM fabric? a.V. Good c. Radio d. c.14. satisfactory d.V. satisfactory d. Rank the MEDIA you are in touch with. Excellent Improvement e. satisfactory d. Good c. Adaptive (4 KM) d. Very Far (1 KM) (2 KM) (3 KM) (More then 4 KM) c. Excellent Improvement e. Poor b. Rank Assign alphabets as per rank 1 b. of DIGJAM fabric ? a. The distance of our DIGJAM Show Room and Retailer from your place. Excellent Improvement e. Very near b. Good c. a. Magazines and Newspapers Others_________. a. 2 3 4 5 17.

Age: ________________________ yrs. Suggestions:_________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 20.19. What is your expectation from DIGJAM? Which type of product you want from DIGJAM? _________________________________________________________________ ______ _________________________________________________________________ ______ _________________________________________________________________ ______ Consumer Details: Name: ______________________________________________________________________ Occupation: _____________________. Marital Status: ___________________ Annual Income: __________________ City: ___________________________ Page | 91 .

HOD 1.SUP. Organize & control • Assertiveness • Ability to articulate & motivate • Ability to take decisions Page | 92 . Unsatisfactory-1) KNOWLEDGE/ SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES RATING/SCORES IMMD. Good-3. Average-2. A) ATTITUDE • • • • Regularity in attendance Punctuality Desire to learn Attitude towards work B) RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE • Professional Qualification for the • Relevant experience on the job C) CONCEPTUAL SKILLS • Ability to analyzer & use data • Recognizing problem / improvement Areas • Suggesting solutions on above D) FUNCTIONAL SKILLS • Setting priorities for work • Target orientation • Timely delivery of job E) INTERPERSONAL SKILLS • Ability to get along with juniors • Ability to get along with peers • Effective listening F) LEADERSHIP SKILLS • Ability to plan. Very good-4.EXAMPLE PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM DIGJAM LIMITED (DIGJAM WOOLLEN MILLS) Confidential Performance & Competency Assessment: 2006 Name : Designation : Date of Joining : Department : Qualification : Please rate the employee on a scale of 1-5 on the following parameters: Scale of rating: (Excellent-5.

Please list down a few strengths of the employee: 4. job rotation etc.g.SUP. Total scores by immediate superior: Total scores by HOD: Unit Head: Date: Page | 93 . e. Any suggestion on methodology for brining in improvement in the areas listed at (4) above.G) POTENTIAL ASSESSMENT • Ability to further improve in current job level • Ability to take additional / higher responsibilities at same level • Ability to take up a cross –functional rule • Level of Ambition IMMD. Please describe briefly any significant contribution / achievement on the job during last one year: 3. HOD 2. Please list down a few specific areas if any where employee needs improvement: 5. any specific need based tailor-made training.

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