‘MARIAH’ BY CHE HUSNA AZAHARI LITERARY ELEMENTS Themes  The treatment of women Is criticized through the characters of Imam

when he easily marries another (Mariah) even when he already has a kind and submissive wife (Cik Yam).  Polygamy Imam practices polygamy which is then becomes the hot topic among the villagers when everyone is talking about it. Characters Imam : pious (head of mosque), respectable, succumb to his lust. Cik Yam : good wife, loyal, understanding Mariah : beautiful, famous, good cook, polite, strong, respectful, independent Cik Gu Nab : full of hatred, love badmouthing and gossiping, hopeless cook Plot Exposition – Introducing Mariah, a popular woman in Molo, who sells nasi lemak. Dream of almost every man in the village. Rising action – Cik Gu Nab badmouthing Mariah to Cik Yam, Imam’s wife. At the same time, Imam reminiscing his unexpressed love towards Mariah. Climax – Imam ask Cik Yam’s permission to practice polygamy in order to marry Mariah. Falling action – Cik Yam’s agree to let Imam marry Mariah as the second wife with some conditions given. Denouement – Finally, Imam marries Mariah happily and fulfills his dream. Setting   Molo, Kelantan, Malaysia Pattani, Southern Thailand

Literary Devices .

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