a) Suppose you are working as System Analyst for an organization that intends to deploy an Information Systems to automate its core business processes. What important roles would you play for that organization? [8] Briefly explain the term Business Process Redesign, Continuous Process Improvement and Enterprise Resource Planning. [7] What is Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Explain its different levels, along with its effect on organization Risk and Competitiveness [8] Explain merits and demerits of Model Driven approach of system development [7] Briefly explain the Rapid Application Development Route of software development with its merits and demerits. [8] Explain different activities in Project Management Life Cycle. [7] What do you understand by Feasibility Analysis Matrix during the Decision Analysis phase of Decision Analysis? [7] Briefly explain the task associated with Preliminary Investigation phase during system analysis with task diagram. [8] Define Joint Requirement Planning? Mention guideline for JRP planning? [7] Why normalization is necessary? Explain first form with an example. [8] A heart hospital has a pharmacy division, which procures medicines/drugs from various pharmacists. The division also maintains drug’s inventory and issues medicines to patients as prescribed by the different Doctors in the hospital. The patients have to pay for medicines if they are not come under welfare category. Establish the relationship between the data entities and draw an E-R diagram. [7]

b) 2. a) b) 3. a) b) 4. a) b) 5. a) b) 6. a)


Draw the Data Flow diagram for Library Management System. Assume student, Library-Staffs, faculty and supplier interact with system [8] Write short note on any two i. Outsourcing ii. Common mechanical error in DFD iii. Four Measures of Feasibility [5*2]


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