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Living Longer

Living Longer

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Published by: rica web on Mar 26, 2009
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Living Longer (Expository) In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon.

Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.


are living longer now because of our advances in health and medicine, advances in food production, and availability of nutritious food in the local markets.

are living in a society where we are now reaping the benefits of scientific research. After centuries of trials and documentation of diseases, its causes, and remedies, we are now able to eliminate these previously deadly infections through drugs. Vaccines can now prevent the epidemics of the yesteryears. However, there are illnesses that are not curable and death is the only imminent outcome. Thus, research and development continue for finding these elusive treatments. Pharmaceutical companies work overtime to deliver these wonder drugs to save precious lives.

in food production also led to our abundance in food supplies. In ancient societies, people used to hunt and gather to feed their selves. The food does not last for a long time, which made them nomadic. They would follow the herd of animals in order to be near their source of food. Eventually, people stayed in one place and developed settlements when they started to farm. Even so, they still had problems in producing and storing food.
qWhen there was drought, warfare, and bad weather, food became scarce. Fortunately,

when men invented machineries, it gave rise to faster sowing and harvesting. There was an abundance of food that can feed generations. As a result, people began preserving and storing produce through canning and bottling. Preserving food assures them of plentiful stock throughout the years.
qNow that we have an efficient production and distribution of food supplies, people can

now avail nutritious fruits and vegetables from their local supermarkets all the time. The availability of nutritious food enables the people to live longer and healthier.

conclusion, the effect of the abundant food supply led to more time for recreation, education, and distribution of local produce to more markets. Our people are no longer burdened to produce their own food supplies in their backyards or hunt in the forest all day. Instead, they now allot more time to educate themselves to make this world a better place to live in. More time and effort are now allotted to research and development of pharmaceutical drugs to treat more ailments. Thus, people are now living longer and happier than the previous generations. Word Count: 384 words by: raa

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