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ZRR #5 2013 04

ZRR #5 2013 04

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Published by Scott Roberts
DC Office of Planning Zoning Regulations Review for ANC 5E page 5 2013 04
DC Office of Planning Zoning Regulations Review for ANC 5E page 5 2013 04

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Published by: Scott Roberts on Apr 17, 2013
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Accessory Dwelling Units
Comp Plan Action H-1.5-B: Explore changes which would facilitate development of accessory apartments (also called "granny flats ·· or in-law units). English basements, and single room occupancy housing units. Any changes to existing regulations should be structured to ensure minimal impacts on surrounding uses and neighborhoods. Ctiang 1 Principal 1 ADU 2 UNITS/LOT total in Permission

1Domestic unit 3 UNITS/LOT total 1 Principal 1 ADU fs.e.l 2 UNITS/LOT total

No Change

R-1. R-2. R-3 Bv -Right •ADU In house •ADU in Existing accessory building Special Exception •New construction of on accessory building •New construction to on existing accessory building

Would this apply in ANC SE?

Yes- some of ANC 5E is zoned R-3; there is no R-1 or R-2 zoning in ANC 5E R-4 currently permits 2 units by right; the proposal would allow the second unit to be in a separate acce ssory building on the lot


Alley Lots
Uses- non residential Alley Dwellings Artist Studio, Parking, Storage One max, provided alley is 30' min. width Some



R-1 and R-2- not permitted R-3 to R5 - one max: • by right if alley is 30' min width; • one by sp. ex. if not • 500 s.f. min. lot oreo requirement for single res Conform to zone lot dimensions

New Alley Lots

Conform to zone lot dimensions

Are there alley lots in ANC 5E? Very few:
[ Mostly in the R-3 or R-4 zoned area s, some part of larger institutional uses


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