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F;37-3/Legol/2004 of AICTE dqted September 1q, ZOOO

December; 2006

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AICTE 37'3/Lest]/1991"t i N; Notificotion 2006
dqted SePtemberI 4'

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2006 December,

EDUCATIoII TECIII0AL FgR ';G: coultctl tltDtA ALL I -1 Estofe' Siorts ComPlexl
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andisvested a mandate is given (AICTE) Education forTechnicai Council ff.," nff India quality in growth and nurture the planned to foster andfunctions witha setof powers to promote Thoughthe effortsare to continue in the country. education, technical and mutualtrust quality and nurture is to inculcate the endeavour education, technical assume nation the help to in our attempts so as to bringconvergence confidence globally acceptable generating andthereby ourstakeholders by empowering leadership humanresources. for some changesrn the ApprovalProcess This year,the AICTE has introduced havebeenevolved mechanisms suitable to makeit morerealistic. institutions technical rationaldecision-making and consistent transparent, to ensure reviewed andprocedure was abjured basedapproach Calendar all the stakeholders. takinglntoconfidence 'anyttme theyear'with round to apply to theapplicants giving an opportunity lastyear, like Mandator y Pr ovisions of the pr oposals. fo r p ro ce ssing sch e d u l e w e l l d e f in e d weremadecompulsory on partof instrtutions of website and maintenance Disclosure to make informed and enablethe stakeholders transparency lastyearto enhance of m aintenance to ensur e willbe conducted visits a n d su rp ri se Random d e c i s i o n s. 'Norms education. q u a l i ty of technical d & S ta n d a rd s'a n approval to "grant AICTEis empowered of the AICTEAct,1987, Undersection10(k) or programmes of newcourses andfor introduction institutions newtechnical for staring p r o vides detailed c o n c e r n e d .T "h i s m a n u a l i n c o n s u l t a t i ow niththe agencies of and extension in thisregard by the Council beingfollowed on process information new of andestablishment institutions technical forexisting in intake approval/increase the wouldappreciate thatthe stakeholders hoped lt is earnestly institutions. technical strerrgthen woulcj systemanci stepsbeingtakenby AICTEfor a fairand transparent improvement continuous to facilitate to thecouncil inputs valuable withtheir oureffofis of aPProvals. in the process

Prof,R.A.Yadav Vice-Chairman


''}l#:{'xfiltriq. and promoteManagement standards counctl Productivity National in the latefifties. o{ Technical the imponance Significant provinces' in several schools N.the need for a rong taught werebeing formulate to AICTE under Studies in 1954to setup a Boardof Management decided of India TheGovernment fifties.J"ili it l r J l t. 1 ') for M.1972' up o{ the Administratiu" setting Act' was coveredunderthe Architects' Architecture in the earlysixties. . inthecountry. Economics. Management. in the Government. level on self-financing Institutions in tre settingup of rechnicaland Management privateand Voluntary organizations hascontinued which trend a system. (1)provisions at a low intakeremarned and institutions of programmes]Meanwhile. .Sr tTi. suchui Co*tur"e. expansion cells. D whichall the institutions similar Arts& craftshavealsoundergone Applied suchas. Pharmacy.i'{:lliil'!q.f"Ct 3ili{l lier. Education Technical of the expansiJn in an eraof unprecedented basisushered FiveYearPlans' successive during .ulatlon +f J?rr}*'tr?cti{}n .. Technical of standard quality and of the improvement QualityImprovementProgrammeconsistingofthreemajorcomponentsviz. t ' . Plan Year FromthefourthFive (3) shortTermTraining of involvement towards eighties during shift The policy private-aided andunversitysectors.:iAni. Sociology Industrial and Psychology Finance. such as Business in otherfields. whichstarted are atfiliated' run by the Government of HotelManagement 1982.E. theourview and Foodscience' in Nutrition withshortprogrammes beginning had a modest Education HotelManagement was set up in and cateringTechnology councilof HolelManagemenl The National in the tatefifties. and post-Graduate Degree Diploma. iil I-rli. of the This was done throughimplementation Education.qrountl The malorpolicy century.'riiJ. of AICTE. 1g45basedon the recommendations The AlcrE was set up in November time' that period' At post war of the development and industrial facilities oi educational controlthe provisions Technology' and Engineering in programmes only covered of AIcTE basically mandate professionals theneedforqualified alsodemanded justafter rndependence. st"tt collegeof Indiaat Hyderabad . include: Education takenin Management other majorinitiatives Education.and Report of the Sergeant Preparation of lndia' (AICTE) in 1945by theGovernment Education forTechnical ot theAll lndiaCouncil Formalion and coordinate of CABEto stimulate. of Management elements diverse onlyin the waywasfertin India formar a in Education Management for time.. of Management and IndianInstitute was alsoplacedunoer Education courses.Architecture of the professional for bettercooidination subsequently. Technical ior period.i_"r.t .E.i 5}tA{UttCfypyr}\il:$il3n :liRdef AICTH . ThegroMhof industries the Although etc Pharmacy HotelManagement' Architecture. andDevelopment Design of curriculum (2)Establishment Techand ph.-:r1{.in Bengalin 1g05 and lndustrial in Kanpur. Programmes the post-independence during developments aI personnel technical for growing demand the to meet Education year plans. Textileand Institute in Bangalore. O a of 1944._ i .iM. in Indiacan be datedbackto the mid 19th Education rechnical of formal The beginning in 1902' commission Universities Indian of the appointment periodrncruded in the pre-independence initiatives stressing 1913 of policy statement General's in 1g04andtheGovemor policy resolution Education issueof the lndian for sugar. Technology Leather include: developments (cABE) of Boardof Education committeeof the centralAdvisory Education of the Technrcal o constitution 1943. 'feehnncal Htiuseation t. of rechnical expansion weredevoted'to to shifted was emphasis the onwards. llsc of establishment the Education. in otherprofessionalfietds Education Five three first the during Education.

{ J i 3 1 31 ss i.It was in thiscontext powers thatAICTEwasgiverr statutory by theAICTEActof Parliarnent in 1987. At Present.2006.itrcatiq:n The growth of Technical Education before independence in the Country has beenvery slow.1. witha viewto ensurethe properplanning and coordinated development of Technical Education Systemthroughout the Country. thereare 1511Degree leveland1292Diploma LevelEngineering/ Technology. incorporating Norms and Mechanisms for enforcing accountability.Jitrt:.10.. staif qualifications. and10 Degree level and4 Diploma level Applied Arts& CraftsInstitutions witha combined totalintake of 10.rr1'5p6i111rt lrr"c.yis!uqis uf ihc ^._: '_) . : . ' i i l l r r t r i f i. the Councilmay causean inspection of any deparlment or departments of such technical institution or University to be madein such manneras may be prescribed and by such personor personsas it may direct. l . quality instructions.. 't. : h f i i u il ti.'L) Takeall necessary stepsto prevent commercialization of Technical Education.l. .. and instructional facrlities. Due to effortsand initiatiryes taken during FiveYearPlansand parlicuiarly successive due to policy changes in the eighties to allowparticipation of Private andVoluntary Organizations in thesetting up of Technical Institutions on self-financing basis. I .g2lakhs(approx) as on 20.The nunrber of (including Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics Pharmacy andArchitecture Institutions) in 1947was44 and 43 respectively with an intakecapacityof 3200 and 3400 respectively.i. to provide for theestablishment of theAll India Counotior Technical (AICTE) proper planning Education witha viewto ensure andcoordinated development of theTechnical Education qualitative Systemthroughout the Country.i.6 l i'li For the purposes of ascerlaining the financial needsof technical institution or a Uriiversity or its standards of teaching. i j. : { i l a L ! { 5 el 0 i i ) Lay doln normsand standards physical for course curriculum. assessment and examination... andApplied ' r . examination and research. 1003 MCA. Management. staffpatterns. r i t " : : ..1987waspassed by the Parliament. improvement of such education in relation to planned quantitative growth and the regulation and proper maintenance of normsand standards in the Technical Educatior-r Systemand for matters connected therewith. thegromhof Technical Education has beenphenomenal. .llCTE i\ct on . Architecture.oproval Process i .)litijse t') ifj) Inspect or causeto inspectany technical institution. TownPlanning.1. .i r. I .665Degree Level and558Diploma Level Pharmacy. 1132 Management.5 . 64 Degree Level and 90 Diploma Level Hotel Management.. Technical Education in thiscontext includes fieldsof Engineering and Technology. i387 TheAICTE i0 (g) performance Evolve suitable for Technical appraisal system Institutions and Universities imparlinq Technicat Education.ise i C(l<) Grantapproval for starling newTechnical Institutions and for introduction of new Courses or Pi'oqrammes rn consultation withtheAgencies concerned. Pharmacy Arls& Crafts. 116Degree Level Architecture and4 Diploma Level Architecture.j : ll::r.if q. I :j-iliq :\ir)'iE .

D Dissemination planning. Applied Technology. t. with may. declare' Gazette.C 8l a u s e of to the results its viewsin regard or the University.2 standards world-class by ensunng in the Country Education of Technical development !.6.V 1 ision of the Countryby .afterascertaining any such inspection takenas a resultof such inspection. andglobalmanpower forecasting D Technology and patents. to in sub-section referred 1. for optimumresource of institutions D Networking of knowledge.6.To development and socioeconomic technological leacling be a world classorganization to all quality education technical high ensunng by and manpower of technical the gtobat enhancing "orpJtitiu"ness of the societY." sections lViission 1. . uiilization.which is proposed (3). non-formal D Focusingon to all' education affordable D Providing .:1. consultation Government or areasas the Central and suchotherprogrammes & Crafts. meansprogrammes Education" Arts and Pharmacy.9 c l a u s e1 1( 4 ) underthis sectionshall be made to the executive or University institution to a technical All communications shall reportto the Councilthe or University of the technicalinstitution thereofand the executiveauthority authority as is any of implementing such recommendation to be takenfor the purposes action.r' Clause11 (2) under the dateon whichanyinspection or University institution to the technical Tlrecouncilshallr-ommunicate the with be associated to entitled shallbe University or (1) is to be madeand the technicalinstitution sub-section prescribed' in such manneras may be inspection 1 1( 3 ) r " r i . institution to the technical shaltcommunicate The Council be to action the University or institutron technical that of the opinion and may. through of institutions through: Education Technical world-class L Facilitating researchand and innovative academicexcellence high qualityinstitutions.5Deiinitionof TechnicalEducation & Technology' . in the Official notification I 6 AICTEProfile 1. on developing D Emphasis develoPment Programmes. for developing interaction industry-institute D promoting entrePreneurshiP.Technical in Engineering andTraining Research of Education. new products. D Inculcating technology. plannedandcoordinated accreditation.. services. indigenous D Encouraging education.. by the Council. Townplanning.: 'i.if any. & catering HotelManagement Management.

. Regulations andmaintenance of Norms andStandards. Universities and otherStatutory Bodies.Legal action will be initiated running/offering againstinstitutions/ organizations programmes/ technical courses without the approvalof AICTE..:" ') .l .* $ Promotion of Quality in Technical Education.i I "i. :\iliir i{) r r'l i n cj. e S PolicyDirections." :. Planning andCo-ordinated Development of Technical Education System.:i::n.r. a!. Othersas provided in the Act.( l ! i i t . Review of Normsand Standards.l:. r ' r '-')'. of Manpower Liaison withStateGovernments. . .i0n S Research (RPS) Promotion Schemes (NTMIS) Note: Technicalprogrammescannot be run/offered without the prior approvalof AICTE.j r .$ l+:. Assessment requirement.::'.

. i i I . technical for the existing of approval Grantof Extension (c) . dated No.pqir. : i .i-1ili'. MCR.. F. { 1. .: . 1 ' i I r i' i ..:. (a) (b) . Educatron forTechnical Councrl the All India means (self financing) Aided andPrivate .i!. in technical or programs courses seatsin existing institutrons. r i l i ) l i n ' . i i ' l i j i ' i I lth :i':r. 1.. Including Technology in Engrneering.37-3llegal/2004 of the Regulations session in super by theCouncil: notified | ..Act. t gaz (52of 1987). and crafts and such otherprogrammes & Arts Applied Technology.f Theyshaltcome (Z\ requlres' unlessthe contextothenrvise In thesei?eguiations. Education 1987 (52of 1987)and' (o).e. theinstitution means Institution" researcn and training education. .{€ir'lb€r.Technical Government of Government.37-3/Legal/2006 Act. institutions to technical shallbeappticable TheseRegulations training education' technical fields of the programs in private(selffinancing) courses/ the conduciing Management' TownPlanning' MCA.F. 1 l i i ' . ietV .Architecture' Includinq ..(p)& (v)and section11of theAll lndiacouncilforTechnical arehereby regulations thefollowing 28-11-2005. .. .: :.j{i'tt.i.' Act 1987(52of 1987). for stafiingnewtechnical approval for the of approval and Extension or programmes of seatsfor the courses of intakeclapacity variation 2006' Regulatrons' institutions technical existing of Indta' Gazette in the Official . i ' . Aidedand Government of Government.. . thedateof publication intoforcew. Education Technical saiC. 23 readwithsection10 (1) of section by sub-section of the powersconferred : ln exercise No. catering & HotelManagement fromtimeto tlme' by the Council areasas notified in the All Indiacouncilfor but defined and not defined usedherein All otherwordsand expressions to themin the assigned respectively havethemeanings shall nci. technical in thefield thecoursesiprogrammes conducting institutions Pharmacy' Management' TownPlanning. ' t l t (1) (AICTE) Grantof Education for Technical may be calledthe All lndiaCouncil TheseRegulations Increase/ programmes and or of courses introduction instrtutions.Act. i .l^tr .nrchitecture.r )1 i .(g).i_tr--l: 2 . of new techntcal for establishment Grantof approval of in intake variation and/or increase and/or or programs of newcourses for introduction of approval Grant institutions. l ' .:j t t l r .r.-ril'6 . l . : j ]" .'r.(k). (c) for: TheseRegulations Provides (a) (b) institutions.(i).. .

loexisting technical institution of Govemment. processing Form in four copiesalongwith requisite Dulyfilledin and signedProposal Fee and the proposals in support shallbe submitted requisite of the to Concerned Regional documents Officeof AICTE. Hotellt{anagement & Catering fromtimeto time. (2) (3) (4) t f :Jf. provisions Associated Individuals as thecasemaybe for contravening of thisregulations by conducting priorapproval wiihout in "technical Education" obtaining fromAICTE. institution shallconduct to a Universitv anvtechnicalcourse/orooramme whether affiliated or notaffiliated without priorapproval of the Council.The proposal for the new Institution shallbe validfor threeyears. 5000f towardsapplication Secretary.emet. Forms canbe downloaded However.lpproval (1) Aidedor Private (self institution of Government. Aprplied Arls & Crafisand suchoihercrograms Pharmacy.6.aicte. i-lequirenient of grant uf . by the Regional The deficiencies if any. by the Council and areasas notiiied ?.O IE RF R O C E S S I N G O F P H O P O S A L SF O R G H A N T O F A P P R O V A LF O R E S T A B L i S H i \ i l E N T E ) FF ! E WT E C } I N I C A L I N S T I T U T I O N S FORCONIDUCT O F T E C H N I C A LC O U R S E S / P R O G R M M E S SUBNIISSION OF APPLICATIONS/PROPOSALS Institutrons Formsfor establishment of New Technical The Proposals for conducting technical programmes. leading to awardof Degree/Diploma No admission authority/body/institurtion shallpermitadmission of students to a course/programme of technical institution notapproved by AICTE. Thechecklistattached to theproposal shallbe scrutinized by a committee comprising of fwo rnembers the Regional including Regional Committee Officer of concerned as convener. e (b) (c) (ci) . mustbe enclosed formfailing which theapplication at New Delhi. courses/progarmmes (selffinancing) Govemment Aidedor Private l.}OCEDI"JF } .r lechnology.notapproved by AICTE. payable withtheproposal AlCTE".Applicant Society/ -lrust proposals Regional the to submrt to the concerned Office of the Council allowing anytime round received by the Council the year. shallnot be considered. can be submitted by thefollowing: (a) (b) (c) Registered Societies and Trusts Instituiicns Central/State Government Government AidedInstitutions The Proposal fromtheAICTE website: www. obtaining lnstitutions andtherr technical A University or a Bodyor a Boardshallnotaffiliate courses/proqrammes etc. Government No newtechnical financing) institution. y.1 (a) process The approval for establishnrent of new lnstitutions shallbe open ended. a DDfor formdrawnon a nationalized bankin favourof "Thefulember Rs.rhether shallbe started or not affiliated to any University and no new courses aifiliated or programs and no increase andiorvariation of intakein the existing shallbe introduced Courses/Programmes priorapproval Education'withoLrt in thefieldof 'Technical at all levels obtaining of the shallbe effected against action suchdefaulting Institutior/Society/TrusVCompany/ TheCouncil maytakeappropnate thechecklistshallbe communicated Office to of the Council f rom the date of receipt theapplicant Society/Trust within15 days of the proposal underintimation to theAICTEHQsNewDelhi.

6.t. ot new technical establishment State {rom the concerned society/Trust to the AlcrE by the Applicant to be submitted is required GovVUniversitY. . (-Forlvlanagelnent of llT/NllT/l Director of suchproposals. whrle of the StateGoWUniversity the recommendations The Councilshallhavethe rightto overrule rnstitutions./and The State Otfice. whichshallbe validfor threeyearsfromthe dateof normsand Standards the fulfilling aiter from the Council bocietynrustshallobtainletterof approval the Applicant year duration.funion to theconcerneci eachof theprcposals onecc. of new technical of establishment the matters deciding by the to be constituted Committee Hearrng by following be considered shallthereafter The proposal AICTE: Chairman . of AICTEHqsas Convener' An Advisor/Director (b) (c) 2. cornplete the oroposals Officeshallforward The Regional Temtcries SiateGo'. Letter of for issuance shallmakea freshappfication Society/Trust as rnaybe andconditions & siandards of noi'ms for non-fiiifiiimeni is denied of Intent in caseswhereLetter of denial.Cn and other Conditions of Intent. justification to substantiate providereasons'and for the proposals while processing shall be taken rnto consideration GovernmenVUniversities (l'lOC) Certificate No Cblection no separate Accordingly.6. onlyonce.7 r. alongwithgrounds shallbe rnformed by the council.6. of reputeas Chairman An educationisVacademician Proposals) lM. preferan appealany f rom AICTE by theChairman ccnstituted Comrnittee by an Appellate timeandthe appealshallbe ireard members: timeto timewiththefollowing .2 (a) '15 within daysf romthe date in all respects. ln casethe to seek reconsideration shallbe eligible Society/Trust the Applicant However of Letter for issuance application a f resh make shall TrusVsociety the Applicant proposal is rejectett of Intent. at the cost of the Applicant such claimsshallbe verified. the affiliating Govt.the applicant of Lol during issue (LOl).6 (a) (b) (c) of the Councilit may the decision disputes Societyffrust 2. Basedon the recommendations whichtime. 4 (a) (b) committeewithnecessary the Hearing before shallmakea presentation society/Trust The Applicant by the Council' as prescribed Documents/information Sccietyi by the Applicant Commrttee to be placedbeforethe Hearing The listof documents/information Hand Bookfrom timeto time' Process by the Councilin the Approval Trustshallbe notilied the AICTEmay issuea LetterOf Intent of the HearingCommittee.6. the 3 of expiry prescribed from time to f rom the of the proposals receipt State concerned the views of The their stand.l(c)aboveasmembers. stipulated the deficienctes' afterrectifying of the proposal reconsicleration may seeK Society/Trust The Applicant TrusVSociety. 6 .a) In casethe Applicant .6.5 2. the proposals' to process shallmeetat leastoncein a month committee The Hearing 2 . theirviewswithin for obtaining University andAffiliating its vtewswithin30 daysf romthe dateof shallfonvard Universities -Regional The StateGovtsand the Affiliating shall university. of receipt 30 days. of reputeas Chairman' An academician/professional of thecommittee oneof whomshallbe the member at the levelof Professor Members ThreeExpert oftheRegiona|Committeereferredatpara2. institutions.3 (a) " (b) amongthe members repute by a academician/professionalof shallbe headed committee The Hearing of the aboveCommittee.

However. (b) c) ViceChancellor of a Universitv (AICTE) Advisor asconvener The Appellate Committee shallmeetquarterly. (d)The JointFixedDeposit to be encashed shallbe permitted on expiryof the term of the Fixed period Deposit. A copyof theJointFixedDeposit receipt shallbe submitted to the concerned Regional Office of the paper AICTEalong stamp withan affidavit on nonjudicial of prescribed value stating thattheJoint priorconsent FixedDeposit or modified without shallnot be encashed of AICTE. In case the proposal is rejected the applicanVsociety/trust may make a fresh application for issuance of Letter of lntent..iin '. d) hasbeenissued 2.35.seeking Committee suitable datesfor visitof the Expert alongwiththe following documents: (1) processing A Non refundable fee of Rs 50. The Regional Banknotto allowanyencashmenVmodification Officer AICTEshall theconcerned alsoinstruct of fixeddeposit thedeposrt without and grantof loanagainst the priorconsent of AICTE.8 Theapplicant to whoma Letter of Intent Society/Trust shallbe required to makean application and requirements to the Council. rl J:r'_.. (3) The processing fee and the JointFDR amountfor Minority institutions may be reduced by 20%. and conditions...1t .00Lakhs R s . standards laiddownby the Councrl f romtimeto time.Universities at NewDelhi(Government Institutions areexempted) (a)A JointFixedDeposit for a periodof 8 yearsin the nameof the PresidenVChairman created of the Regional Applicant andtheconcerned Society/Trust officer of AICTEforan amount as applicable (Government to thecategory indicated below of theinstitutions andGovernment AidedInstitutions and Govt....t$p Engineering & Technology Pharmacy/H MCT/Arch itectu reiPlanni ng/Applied Arts& Crafts(Degree)MCA/MBtuPGDM/PGDBM Rs.000 drawnin favourof the "Member Secretary" AICTE payable andGovt.'.. requirements by the institution and/or non-performance and/or complaints against the institution. ili. a finaldecision grant shallbe takenby theChairman AICTEon of Letter of Intent or othenvise.1 50 0 L a k h s (b)Theoriginal Deposit receipt shallbe keptunder JointFixed thecustody of theproposed rnstitution. Based Committee on the recommendations of theAppellate andotherrelevant information. . The Expert Visiting shall comprise of the following Committee members: ThreeExpedmembers notbelow thelevelof Associate Professor/Reader nominated by the Chairman. thetermof thefixeddeposit couldbe extended for a further as may be decided fodeited incase on caseto casebasisand/or of any violatron of norms.r. it. 2.9 (a) premises An Expert visiting Committee shallvisitthe proposed of the institution on payment of requisite processing fee by the Applicant Societyffrust and examinethe preparedness of the institution to quality impart prescribed education as perthenorms & standards andconditions from by theCouncil timeto time. AICTE (b) . (c)The interest shallbe credited accrued to the concerned on the fixeddeposit institution on yearly basisand shallbe utilized for awardof scholarshios to the students. (2) t:U 1'\gf'':l:ri. afterfulfilling the norms.6.Universities are exempted).6.

bytheApplicantSociety/Trust.shallbeinformedalongwithgroundsofdenial' and complying the deficiencies afterrectifying may seekreconsideration societyffrust The Applicant to tlme' time frorn council by the and ionditionsprescribed withthe norms.10 . in the Approval shallbe notified Committee Expert to the visiting to be madeavailable The documents from time to tlme' Handbook Process TheReportoftheExpertvisitingCommitteesha|lbeplacedbeforeEC-Sub-Committeecomprisingof: .6. of reputefrom the above academician/professional The Expertcommitteeshall be headedby an committee.andthe respective by the chairman to be nomtnated otticeror an officerof the councilas convener Regional concerned AICTE..tio. as Chairman' of the Council ViceChairman (c) (d) (a) 2.ExpertmemberSoneeachnotbe|owthe|eve|ofAssociateProfessor/Readertobenominatedbythe University Affiliating StateGovt. d) within30 daysof the dateo{ the Society/Trust to the Applicant shallbe issued The Letterof Approval of issueol letterof approval' whichshallu" uu[o for two yearsfromthe date decision as may be and conditions of norms& standards rsdeniedfor non-fultillment In caseswnereapproval stipulatedbytheCouncil.The depision of newtechnicat for ratification. of the Councilit may appealany time and the decision disputes Society/Trust In casethe Appticant theappealsha|lbeneardbyanAppe||ateCommitteeconstitutedbytheChairmanA|CTEfromtimeto members: timewiththefollowing as Chairman of repute An educationisVacademician Proposals) (. .ForManagement of llT/NlT/llM" Director of a UniversitY ViceChancellor as convener (AICTE) Advisor (b) (c) shallmeetquarlerly' Committee The Appellate a final information.standards e) s) (a) 2.TwomembersoftheExecutiveCommitteeasMemberstobenomtnatedbytheChairmanAICTE AICTE' Secretary out of whichone membershallbe the Member (b) shallmeetat leastonce in month The EC Sub-Committee shallbe placedbefore rnformation andotherrelevant of the Ec-subcommittee The recommendations or of for estabrishment a new rnstitution grant of approvar the chairmanArcrE for a decisionon ratification' for commtttee the Executive before be placed shall of thechairman Thedecision otherwise. decision committee the Executive placed before be shall chairman the of instit. committeeand otherrerevant of the Appeilate Basedon the Recommendations establishment on or otherwise ntbTE on grantof "approval" shallbe taren by the chairman.11 Thecomp|iancereportonthedeficienciessubmittedbytheAp p |veriiying i c a n t s hthe a | |claims b e r e cmade onsideredbythe for committee visiting an Experl to depute The councrlmaydecide Council.whoserecommendationssha||bep|acedbeforetheEC-SubCommittee A||costsincurredonthisaccountsha||bebornebytheApp|icantSociety/Trust.6.

Incase the proposal is rejected Applicant SocieVTrust shallmakea freshapplication for issuance of Letter of Intent.including withdrawal of approval and appropriate legalaction.7 AICTEapproved technical Institutions whether affiliated to an University or notconducting technical education "l courses/progarmmes: (a) TheAICTEapproved technical Institutions shallsubmit twocopies of Compliance Report in theprescribed formatalongwith mandatory disclosure information as definedat para2. 2./TrusV Institution by 31.1 .000 drawnin favorof MemberSecretary. ' . and conditions as are stipulated by the Council.if foundthat any information provided in the compliance reportis false.etc.& standards and conditions as may be stipulated groundsof denialshall be communicated by the Council.1.1(a) Thecompliance reports shallbe processed through an Appraisal Committee comprising: ' ThreeExpertmembers not belowthe levelof Associate Professor/Reader in the concerned subjecV fieldVarea of specialization or equivalent fromR&Dorganizations or f romthe Industrv notbelowthe rankof Scientist (F)and General Manager respectively. AICTEpayable at NewDelhito the concerned Regional Officeof the Council by 3l "tAugust everyyear. (b) 2.7 APPROVAL PROCESS FOR PROCESSING APPLICATIONS FOR EXTENSION OF APPROVAL TO EXISTING TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS: 2. In thosecaseswhereextension of approval is deniedfor non-fulfillment of norms. to the institutions and authorities concerned.(d) Caseswhereapprovalis deniedon the .Thereafter the Applicant Societyffrusts shallfurnishinformation aboutcommencement of Institution within30 daysto AICTEfor updating its database.7. The institution shallalsosubmitan undertaking inthe prescribed formatstating that the information provided in the compliance reportis factualand correctand that the Councilcan take appropriate action. (e) (0 2.1(7) and a demanddraft processing towards fee of Rs 40. (b) The Appraisal Committee shallbe headedby an academicrae/professional of reputefromthe above committee.'ecommendations of the Appellate committee due to nonfulfillment of norms& standards. lt shall be the responsibility of the applicantinstitutions to obtain necessary affiliation/ permission fromtheconcerned affiliating University/State Govt. Two members of the Regional Committee including the Regional Officerto be nominated by the ChairmanAlCTE.7.2(a) The recommendations of theAppraisal Committee shallbe placed before theViceChairmar/Chairman AICTEfor a decision on continuation of approval or otherwise.The abovedecision shallbe placed before the Executive Committee for ratification. (c) (d) TheApplicant Institution mayseekre-consideration afterrectifying thedeficiencies andcomplying withnorms prescribed standards andcondjtions fromtimeto perthe prescribed schedule of the UniversityiAdmission Authority etc. An Officer of the Council as convener . (b) The approvalgrantedto all existing technical Institutions shallbe communicated to the concerned affiliating university/State Govt.7. groundsol denial shallbe communicated to the concerned Applicant Society/Trust. The decision on grantof approval or othenvise shallbe communicated to the institutions throughout the year.tMarcheveryyear. .

1. complalnts specific on talse violations for any punitive actions to verifythe facts.AICTEshalltake appropriate reported to tt. ' ' cf reputet s Chairmatr An educationisVacademician Proposals) llT/NlTillM. by the Applicant lnstitutiorr. when changes as and updated continuously be must information Thewebsite information.{INTAKE TNCREASE^/ARIATION of ProPosals 2.(e) by the shallbe reconsidered by the Applicant submitted reponon the deliciencies The compiiance made claims the tor verifying comrnittee an Expeilvrsiting to depute council. includirrg facilities infrastructural on cost basis.7. submitted Disciosures alongwith Mandatory Rgport A copyof rhe Compliance Handbook Process in Approval projectReport notified alongwiththe documents Detailed .t. be could approval AICTE of withdrawal actionincluding appropriate (c) 2.|. aspects all about information everyyearwith uprlatecl shallbe revised information (b) the prescribed a web-site providing to maintain institutions for the technical lt shall be mandatory takeplace. misrepresent and/or or suppress theinfornration failsto disclose lnstitution lf a Technical initiated. tlorrns and of violation of mis-representation.J AICTEmay carryrandom ol normsand standards' maintenatrce ensure the datesin caseswnere notifying with or lvithout inspections The AICTEmay causeto conduct etc are mal-practices standards.3 (b) 2. ihe counciimaydecide Chairmani placed Vice before be shall whose recommendations Society/TrLrst.The education of the technical stakeholders to thre bookletshallbe made availanle of the instttutton. mandatory form of the in facultyetc.llcosts Chairman. and otherrelevant Committee of the Appellate Basedon the Recommendations "Extension of grant of for will be taken by the chairman.("ForManagement Directorof of a UniversitY ViceChancellor as convener Advisor(AICTE) (a) .7.1 of and details conducted being coursesiprogrammes and the institution yeargivingdetailsregarding information The disclosure. . any timeand of the councilit may appeal the clecisiorr Cisputes society/Trust ln casethe Applicant frorr timeto AICTE the by Chairrnan ccnstituted Committee the appealsirallbe heardby an Appeilate members: timewiththefollowing .1.1 Submission (a) in the "anytime"roundthe year. furnished information 2.7 (a) Thetechnical 2. The decision approval" for ratification.8.7.a. to of ihe Institutions the status the yearany timefor verifying visitsroun. n to the council.4 shallmeetquarterly' Cornmittee The Appellate a f inal information. the rnformation. of ProPosals: submission .o of theacademic commencement before booklet publish an information shall institutions . by the Applicant shallbe bcrr"le thisaccount on incurred A.AIcTE on behalfof the council decision cornmittee placed the Executive before shallbe of the Chairman or otherwise.8 C LO U R S E S I O FA D D I T I O N A N SO Ri N T R O D U C T I O GF P R O P O S A LF O RP R O C E S S I NO P R O C E D U RF E INSTITUTIOtJS TECHNICAL FXIST!NG lN THE ll.a proposal may submrt Institutions technical The AICTEapproved officeof the Regional to theconcerned documents alongwiththefollowing prescribed format(fourcopies) tn itrtake and/orincrease or programmes of newcourses for introduction for grantol approval Council 'cut otf' dates prescnbed for the Council bv no be shall There and/orvariationin the intakecapacity.

8 . AICTE. thecouncil in the Approval The Hearing committee based on information furnished by the Instrtution mavdecrde: (i) To recommend to the AICTEfor approval.2 (a) (b) (c) 2. 2. Accordingly "Noobjection no separate (Noc). or (ii) To recommend to the AlcrE for the visitof the Expert committee (iii)1iorecommend to the AICTEfor rejection showing relevant grounds for suchrejection.' certificate is required to be submitted to the AICTE by the Applicant Society/Trust fiom the concerned State GoW University. mal-practices etc.8. The deficiencies if thechecklistshallbe communicated by the Regional Officeof the Councrl to the Applicant Society/Trust within 15 daysf romthedateof receipt of thJ proposal underintimation to theAICTEHQsNewDethi. are received to verifythe facts. The Council shallhavethe right to overrule the recommendations of the StateGoWUniverslty while deciding the mattersof introduction of additional course/increase/ variation in intakein the existing technical institutions. ThreeExpert Members at thelevelof Professor oneof whomshallbe themember of thecommittee of the Regional committee referred at para2.8./Union Territories andAffiliating University for obtaining theirviewswithin30 days. The StateGovtsand the Affiliating Universities shallforwarditsviewswithin30 daysfromthe dateof receipt of the proposals fromthe Regional Office. shatl providereasonsand justification to substantiate their stand./and the affiliating universrty. AICTEmay also conduct fromtimeto time Inspections withor withoutnotifying datesin such cases wherespecific complaints of misrepresentation.40. The listof documents/information to be submitted before the Hearing Committee shallbe notrfied by processHandBookfromtime to time. 4 (a) (b) The Hearing Committee shallbe headed by a academician/professional of repute amongthe members of theaboveCommittee.' Processing Feeof Rs. onecopyeachof theproposals to theconcerned State Govt. (c) 2.The viewsof the concerned State GovernmenVUniversities shall be taken into consideration while processing the proposals tor establishment of newtechnical institutions.s (a) (b) (c) 2 . i\ew Delhi payable at NewDelhi (b) The checklistattached to theproposalshall be scrutinized by a committee comprising of two members of concerned Regional committee including the Regional officer as convener. within15 daysfromthe date of receipt of the proposal. The Regional Officeshallforuvard the proposals complete in all respects.AICTEshalltakeappropriative punitive actions for any violations on falseinformation furnished tb it. The proposal shallthereafter be considered by following Hearing Committee to be constituted by the ChairmartAlCTE: .1 (b) aboveas members. An Advisor/Director of AICTEHqsas Convener. The Hearing Committee shallmeetat leastonce in a monthto process the proposals.000/(Fupees Forty thousand only)by means of a Demand Draft drawnon a nationalized bankin favour of the Member Secretary.8.5 .8. The StateGovt. (c) AICTEmay carryout.randomvisitsroundthe yearany timefor verifying the statusof the rnstitutions to updateits database and ensuremaintenance of Normsand standards. An academician/professional of reputeas Chairman. ' . violation of normsano staniafrs.

uuiooy un Appellate members: timewiththefollowing ' .8 (a) ( b ) C a s e s w h e r e a p p r o v a | i s d e n i e d o n t h e r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s o f t h e A p p grounds e | l a t e co{ om mitteedue-ton denial by the Council' as are stipulated and conditions & standards of norms. Director of an UniversitY ViceChancellor as convener Advisor(A|CTE) (b) (c) shallmeetquarterly' Committee The Appellate a final information' and otherrelevant committee of the Appellate Basedon the Recommendations grant of for the council of behalf on AlcrE chairman.86 (a) (b) T h e r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s o f t h e H e a r i n g C o m m i t t e e s h a | | b e p | a c e d b e f o r e t h e V i cof eC harrmern/Chairma intake increase/varration and/or newcourseslprogrammes on introductioiof for a decisron AICTE for ratification' committee the Executive before shallbe placed decision The above capacity.g.ritl$.ForManagement of llT/NlT/llM. fulfillment sha||becommunicatedtotheconcei'nedApp|icantlnstitution.vith normsstandards le) T h e c o m p | i a n c e r e p o r t o n t h e d e f i c i e n c i e s s u b m i t t e d b y t h e A p p | i c a n the t s h a | | b e made reconsideredbyth forverrfying claims committee visiting an Expert to depute maydecide Thecouncrl courrcil. .} li.. (r) HowevertheApp|icantlnstrtutionsha||beeIigib|etoseekreconsiderationon|yonce. arisesas to the iRterpretation lf any question shallbe the responsibility of schedule prescribed per the Govt... variation for ratification' Committee throughout to the institutions shallbe communicated otherwise on grantof approvalor The decrsion affiliationl necessary to obtain instrtutions of the appli_cant the year. of issueof letterof by the AIcTE shallbe validfor two yearsfrom the date accorded The approval approval.etc. grounds rnaybe stipulated and complying the deficiencies afterrectifying may seekre-consideration Institution The Applicant fromtimeto time' prescribed and conditions r.IncasethePropos of new for introduction for grantof approval shallmakea freshapplicant institutron theapplicant is reiected in intakecapactty' andiorincreaseivariation courses/programmes ?.or of newcourses forintroduction otheruvise Executive the placed before be shall chairman the of ine oecision rn the intakecapacity. ' of reputeas Chairman An edlrcationisVacademician Proposals) (. shall be placed beforeVrce chairman/ whose recommendations society/Trust.8"7 (a) |ncasetheApp|rcantSociety/TrustdisputesthedecisionoftheCounci|it mayappea|anytimean by the chairmanAicrE fromtrmeto constituted committee the appealshallbe University/State uttiriuting f romthe concerned permission information furnrsh shall Institution the Applicant etc.approval. (c) (d) InthosecasesWnereapprova|rsdeniedfornon-fu|fi|lmentofnorms'&sta ndardsandconditions institutions' to theconcerned be communicated shall of denial by tneiouncil..{..:i:}fI. .rority the University/Admission its database' for updating to AIcTE days 30 within of programmes aboutcommencement 2."tnereatter nutl.^ti{)rl by the the sameshallbe decided of theseRegulations. Co'''*'rnee' the of the Aoprellate (c) Incasethe proposalis reiectedbased on the recommendations shallmakea freshapplicatton' Societyffrust Applicant . by the Applicant Institution' by the Applrcant borne be shall on thisaccount All costsrncurred chairman. willbe takenby the vice chairman/ dectsron and/or in rntake and/orincrease or programmes .

11. " (d) An educationisVacademician of reputeChairman Director of llT/NlT/llM" (. thusshifted as additional seats for the remaining programme.1.TheCouncil shall havethepower to issue clarification to remove anydoubt whichmayarisein regard to implementation of theseRequlations.formanagement proposals) Vice-Chancellor of an University (AICTE) Adviser as convener (b) (c) The recommendations oftheAppellate Committee shallbe placed before theChairman. aftermakingsuch inquiry.1 Technical Institutions affiliated to an University: (a) The Council may causean inspection to any technical institution withor without prror rntimation for the purposes of ascertaining thefinancial needs. The Council shallaccordingly approve the number of students. violation of regulations and malpractices etc. as it may consider appropriate and aftergivrng the technical institution concerned an opportunity of beingheard. the Council maydecide to withdraw itsapproval/or "noadmission" impose status forone or morecourses/or programmes or imposeany otherpunitive actiondeemednecessary. 2. maintenance of normsand standards. withdraw the approval granted undertheseRequlations 2.for removal of any hardship or such otherreasons to be recorded in writing. The Council shallinform the concerned affiliating universrty to dis-affiliate the programmes of the institution concerned as per the decision of the Council with immediate effect. or itsstandards of teaching.10 Power to relax The Councilmay in exceptional cases. relax anyof the provisions of theseRegulations in respect of anyclassor category of institutions. duration of the (e) (0 (g) . beforean Aooellate Committee. whichshallbe constituted by the Chairman AICTEwithin15 daysof the receipt of the appeal fromthe Institution concerned withthefollowing Members: .1 Procedure for No AdmissionMithdrawalofapproval: 2. the Council may. . examination and research.11. . to the concerned institution and otherauthorities. The decision of theChairman shallbe placed before the Executive Committee for ratificatior The decision of the Council shallbe communicated within'15days of the date of meetinq of the Appellate Committee. 2. In caseof violations of normsand standards and regulations etc as prescribed by the Council and as communicated to the technical institution/s based on the recommendations of the Inspection Committee. AICTEforfinal decision. The Affiliating University shallbe responsible to shiftthe current students of the rnstitution to other AICTEapproved institutions underthe jurisdiction of that University to avoidany disruption and to continue the academic activities of the existing students. Thetechnical institution mayprefer an appeal within 15daysof thereceipt of thecommunication fromthe Council alongwith all relevant documents in compliance of the deficiencies etc.11Withdrawalof approval lf any technical institution contravenes any of the provisions of theseRegulations.

the financial purposes of ascertaining etc. maintenanco and as by the Council etcas prescribed and regulations of normsandstandards ln caseof violations Inspection the of based on the recommendations institution/s to the technical communicated "noadmission" for one status impose itsapproval/or withdraw to decide may the Council Committee. and institution to the concerned committee. Committee theExecutive before be placed shall of theChairman Thedecision decision. of approval uponwithdrawal consequent to otherInstitutions bee6shifted dues. Appellate tc other steps to shift the existingstudentsof sttch institutions The Councilmay take necessary the approve accordingly shall TheCouncil effect. the refund declines Institute concerned by anyothermeansabout and/or on itswebsite anddisplay in newspapers shallpubtish TheCouncil pitblic' the general etc'to caution of approval thewithdrawal (i) io arlv:':nirr:"r'citv: illoT affiiiaiect proglsfiiri'it):-') (offeringnon-rJegree insiitr:tions i'!. punitive deemed action other any impose programmes or or morecourses/or fromthe of thecommunication 15daysof the receipt within an appeal mayprefer institution Thetechnical Appellate an before etc. other and fees of such the refund declines lnstitute aboutthe anyothermeans and/or on itsvvebsite anddisplay publish in newspapers shall TheCouncil oublic. or itsstandards needs. necessary. of the within15 days of the date of meeting shallbe communicated of the Council The decision other authorittes. malpractices regulations and of violation of normsand standards. the deficiencies of in compliance documents alongwith all relevant Council of the AICTEwithin15 daysof the receipt the Chairman by constituted be which shall Committee. . FDR and otherassetsot the the RPGF/Joint actionto forfeit shalltake appropriate The Council tvho have paid by the stttdents the fees and otherdues already to recover Instrtutions/Society/Trust if theconcerned by AICTE. examination of teaching.(h) FDR and otherassetsof the the RPGFiJoint actionto forfeit shalltake appropriate The Council pardby the students dues already feesand other the proporlionate to recover institutions/Society/Trust if the by AICTE. before shallbe placed Committee of the Appellate The recornmendattons for ratification. (d) (b) (c) of an University Vice-Chancellor (AICTE) as convener Adviser AICTEfor final Chairman. withimmediate institutions AICTEapproved similar duration for the remaining are shifted to whichthe students seatsin institutions of additional nunrber of theprogramme. Members: withthefollowing concerned romthe Institution appealf rman Chai of reputeAn educationisVacademician (. tltegeneral etcto caution of approval withdrawal (e) (D (g) (h) . of approval uponwithdrawal consequent to otherInstitutions who havebeenshifted of suchfeesandotherdues.formanagementproposals) of llT/NlT/llM" Director .1"2Techrrical (a) prior forthe intimation wrth or without institution to anytechnrcal maycausean inspection fhe Council andresearch.

(b) &lember Secretary . wrthoutprior approval of AlcrE in technical education as defined under AlcrE Act.1 1. The councilshallalsoinform the general public aboutthe status of approval of suchinstitution f rom timeto time.thecouncilmaytakeappropriate actionincluding Legalactionagainstsuchdefaulting Institution/society/Trusvcompany/Associated Individuals as the case may be.2.1.3 O t h e rT e c h n i c aIln s t i t u t i o n s : (a) The Institutions which are not approvedby AlcrE conducting courses/programmes.

D and Engineering 1 1 . to.3 'l Degree Levelin Engineering and Under-Graduate at Post-Graduate of courses nomenclature 1reapproved Technology Management & Catering and ApPianning/Hotel ii fechnologyi Pharmacy/Architectureffown introduction new in the and of courses existing Institutions in newTechnical plied to be started Arts& Crafts given as below: are fromthe academic lnstitutions technical Vear2OO7-2008. to. Technology 1 9 . 17. Leather . q & Instrumentation Eleclronics Applied and Robotics Automation Engineering Bio-Medical (. 9. 10.1L. tc. B. nologY neeriI g/Tech CeramicEngi Engineering Chemical CivilEngineering cr CH CE L. t.. Computer Science tz- or Electrical Engineering Engineering Electrical & Electronics E Eo r EEE ECE ENE FT IEM t'T !CE LT -t'1 Engineering Electronics andCommunication Engineering Environmental FoodTechnology and Management Engineering Industrial Technology Information Engheering and Control Instrumentation 1 A ta. Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Agricultural Engineering Automobile AC z- /.) Bio-Technology 6.: AUE AEI ARE BME BT 1. '1.

24. 26.3 Pharmacy 3. 26.2 Management PostGraduate Diploma in Management PostGraduate Diploma in Business Management Master in Business Administration PGDM PGDBM MBA 3. 27. z. 3. z t . Marine Engineering Materials Science& Technology Metallurgical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mining Engineering Oil & PaintTechnology Polymer Science and Rubber Technology Printing Technology Production Engineering Pulp& Paper Technotogy SugarTechnology Textile Engineering/Technology Transporlation Engineering MRE N4ST N4T ME MN OPT r-r{ PT PE PPT ST TXI TE 22.t.20. 29. 25.4 Architecture & Town planning Architecture Interior Design Building Construction Technology AR ID BCT PL .

/8.i"Jner Engineering/sugar Environmentar & Technology' Science (Engineering)/Materials havepassed if ai leastone batchof graduates wellestabiishecj be considered shallordinarily A depanment shall (An Instrtution good is consistently forthatDepartment andthe uniu"r. Techlevel"sult outof thatDepartment result)' copyof the university givecerlified .Arls & ProductDestgn Applied & AppliedAtls Arts/Fine FineArlsiApplied Destgn & APParel Fashion APD FfuAfuFAA FAD be B Tech and notB'E' should (-)The nameo{ the degree shallbe as stated programme degreerever at Under-Graduate of Bio-technorogy tor approvar The policy/guiderrnes below.. ArcrE app_roved offering in an Institution Deparlment (ii) Theremusroe a weil_estabrished EngrneerinE iechnorcgy/Bio-Medicar Engineering/Food Engineering/igricuiturat rnchemicar programmes Technology paperTechnorogy/ Textire & TJcnnotog"y/purp Tech""i.E.Tech. (i)Nonewinst|tutionssha||bee|igibletoStarlB./Under-GraduateDegree|eve|programmesin technologY.

1 Requirement of Grant of Approval No newtechnical instrtutions either Government.ailowing the Applicant societies / Trusts to submit proposals (four copies) to theconcerned Regional off iceof thecouncil anytimeround the year.aicte. lf the applicant is a society/Trust. payable at New Delhr. The landshouldhavebeenregistered in the nameof the appiicant societyitrust on or beforethe dare of submission of Proposal as per the requirements and freefrom any encumorances The proposed institution shallonlyoperate fromthis registered landor STAGE-l: Submission of proposal The approval process for establishment of new Institutions shallbe open ended.ect to compliance of ailtherequirements as per Norms of AICTE.2 The ProposalForm can be submittedby (a) (b) (c) Registered Societies and Trusts Central/StateGovernmenilnstitutions Government AidedInstitutions Application/Proposal shouldbe submitted bv: The Chairman or Secretary of Society/Trust OR The Director of rechnicalEducation/any otherofficer designated by the Government in case ot GovemmenVGovemment Aidedinstitution The applicants furfiiling the foilowing conditions are erigibre to (i) (ii) (iii) it shouldhavebeenregistered underthe societies Registration Act. a DDforRs'5000/drawn on a nationalized bankin favour of 'TheMember secretary. .3The stagesinvolvedin the processingof proposals are describedbelow: 4. 4. source. Government Aidedor private (self frnancrng) shallbe started and no newcourses or programmes in Technical Education shallbe introduced and no increase/variation of intake shallbe effected without obtaining priorapprovar of the councir.ernet. Howe.p ApprovalProcessFor Establishment of New Institutions programmes OfferingTechnical (MBA/PGDM/PGDBM/MCA Programmes and under-Graduate degreelevel coursesin Engineering & Technology/Pharmacy/Arch itecture/TownPtann i ngTHotelManagement & CateringTechnology/Apptied Arts & Crafts) 4.". the Proposat shallnot be consrdered. AlcrE.3. The Proposal Formandthe check-list canbe downloaded fromtheAlcrE website: www. Theproposal shall be considered onlywithin overatt ceiling fixedby thecouncrt sub. 4. mustbe enclosed withthe Proposal form!failing which. The TrustsAct or any similar Act on or beforethe dateof submission of proposat.

State Govt by concerned as designated Authorrty foi the proposed earrnarking larrijand butlding Sooety/Trust of the Applicant Copy of resolution institution(s) UT. h a r t t a b la en d e d u c a t t o n:a l h e r e s i i . of the development . f romCornpetent Copyof landusecertificate of FDFls.s a c t i v i t i ei s i n c l u d i ntg h e i rb a c k g r o u n d and vision. besides and operating of financirrg of capital Sources iorrrcopies.leased larrd Copyof registered prepared trorn Ccnril€terlt by an Architect :indalrproved planof theproposed institution Copyof buildrng /UT. tnciuding student andothersupport infrastructure of the acadernic development stage-wise facilities. classrf itt the nanre ot apDltcant. anddevelopnrent retention recruitnrent.e. Prciposal and srgned t)rrly filledir-r ice AiCTE. educational ts 'p .r cte n t h e s o c i a lc i t. ir'r managing and ci)eratrng to its expertence wrthreference of rusVSociety a Bacl<ground details of its promoters to rts registratton. 'f promoting. of asst. witha timeperspective instrtLrtii-rn the proposed Vrsion regarding planovertheftrst10-year perroo outitsgrowth institution spelling plarr fortheproposed Development programrnes.'ernrt'enl as desigrrated Copy of letterfronrucrrnpetent. for by the crlrc€Ined StateGo'. CrtylL/etropolitan Capitat to itslocation withrespect ication of land. to facuity Policy withregarcrs governance.vith formshallbe submitted I lter Proposal ' O memoranduin ol of corrstttution. andtheiirle scheduie and doctoral of postgraduate and the introduction facilities. anlong withProposrl. in siudent iniake iricrease of academic in terrns of the phasing afterits establishmerrt pr{lgran)nres fortlre trarly. with respect its legalstanding institutions.ctation withdetarls along of Societyi'1-n-rst Copyof Registratron the Soctetyflrust. and recruitment and recreattonal sports for students. suchas hostel projections schedule. amenities. a of the tirst10yearsoi rtsoperatlo. the The DPRshould otherthinrls. andrelevant Bankaccount available posrtion withphotocopy along funcj of latest Details ". Resource and its utilization gertei-ated firntls th'ough stutterlt expenditure. spellot-rt.r.itil for thisproposal theapplrcant (DPR) Report Detailed Prolect a o o a I I (DPR) prescribed lotnrat Report as perli're alortE Project to subrnit a Detailed shall be required Theapplicant lollowing. Authority as desrgnated fiy concerne d StateGo'vt. its mission inceotion: .State Others. i. Fegionai Off of to Concerned shallbe subrritted of theproposal Iocuments in support docunrerits: thefollowing along\. andadministrative Struciure ol acaderrric fortne propused institution pianrrrdicatiiig usepattern the lancl rnaster Architectural t a t a t and shallserveas the blueprtntfor proper of the proposal The DPR shallform the basisfor evaluation proposed institution.Authorrty Mega Crty.processing Fee atld the retitltsLte requtsite along"vtth Forrn. land.documents i Govt. of iacLtlty.

2' Registration (inoriginal)of document theTrusVsociety indicating members of Society/Trust anditsobjective. rha nrnnncrl" shall thereafter be considered by the Hearing Committees to be constituted by theChairman AICTE.shallbe communicated by the Regional Office of the Council to the applicant Society/Trust within15 daysfromthe dateof receipt of the proposal underintimation to the AICTE HQsNewDelhi.3. Thedeficiencies if any. Theviewsof the concerned StateGovernmenVUniversities shallbe taken intoconsideration whileprocessing the proposals for establishment of newtechnical institutions.the landdocuments arein vernacular laneuaoe. The Hearing Commrttee shallmeetat leastoncein a month to process theproposals. ln case./Union Territory andAffiliatinq Universitv for obtaining their viewswithin 30 days. The StateGovt. fromthe Competent Authority alongwithTopo-sketchA/illage Map indicating landSurveyNosand a copyof City road mapshowing location of the proposed siteof the lnstitution. onecopyeachto theconcerned StateGovt. The Applicant Society/Trust shall make a presentation beforethe Hearrng Committee wrththe following original Documents/ necessary information : 1. 4.3. An Advisor/Director of AICTEHos. Accordingly. LandUseCerlificate/Land Conversion Cerlificate allowing thelandto be usedforeducational purpose. TheCouncil shallhavethe right to overrule the recommendations of theState GoWUniversiW while decidinq the matters of establishment of new technical institutions. Landdocument (s) in original showing ownership in the nameof TrusVsociety in the formof Registered Sale Deecl/lrrevocable GiftDeed(Registered)/lrrevocable Government Lease(inoriginal) (fora minimum period of 30 years) by theconcerned authority of Government./UT andthe Affiliating University shallforward itsviewswrthin 30 daysf romthedateof receipt of the proposals fromthe Regional Office.Building Planin the nameof proposed prepared institution by a registered Architect and duly approved by theCompetent PlanSanctioning Authority of theconcerned State/UT administration. shallprovide reasons and justification to substantiate theirstand. Notarized English translation of the documents shallbe produced. ThreeExpedMembers at thelevel of Professor oneof whomshall be themember of thecommittee of theRegional Committee referred at para4.4. Site Plan. TheStateGovt. . within15 daysfromthe dateof receipt of suchproposals.2STAGE-ll: Verification of checklistand the proposal: a The Proposal alongwith relevant documents and the checklistattached to the prooosal shallbe scrutinized by a committee comprising of two members of concerned Regional Committee including the Regional Officer as Convener I The Hearing Committee shallbe headed by an academician/professional of repute among the members of theaboveCommittee. no \ selarate"NoObjection (NOC)" Certificate fromthe concerned StateGovVUniversity is required to be submitted ro the AICTEby the Applicant Society/Trust.3STAGE-lll: Evaluation of Proposal The Regional Office shallforuuard the proposals complete in all respects. consisting of: a i An academician/professional of repute as Chairman.and the affiliating university. 3.2above as members. a 4 3.

on expiryof the 3 year duration.40. at thecostof theAppricant shallbe verified. Bank in the Bankof ratest of eitherFixedDeposits in the fcr. .-n (Funds). the council of office Regtonal to the concerned shallbe submitted thefeeof Rs.standaids afterfulfilling the Council. of the Hearing on therecommendations Based obtain shall Society/Trust whichtime.5 Stage-Vlssue of Letter of Approval to to makean Applicatton to whoma Letterof Intenthas beenissuedshallbe required society/Trust The applicant from time to time' laiddown by the Council and requirements the norms. as Chairman of repute An educationisVacademician Proposals) (. 7.3.4Stage-lV: lssue of Letter of Intent shall (Lol)'which of lntent a Letter theAlcrE mayissue committee.5. In casethe proposal to seekreconsideration shallbe eligible Society/Trust the Applrcant However.forManagement of llT/NlT/llM. of Letter issuance Committee to an Appellate it mayappeal of the Councrl. by the Appellate is rejected In casethe proposal of Letterof Intent" for issuance 4. of Intent. documents: following the with along datesfoi visitof the ExpertCommittee suitable seeking . . the deficienciessuch claims afterrectifying of the proposal may seekreconsideration society/Trust TheApplicant alongwrtn of theproposal for reconsideratton requests The Trusvsociety.the applicant of Lol during be validfor threeyearsfromthe dateot issLie prescribed and othercondittons and standards norms the fulfilling after council the (LoA)f rom of Approval Letter for Proposal f resh a make shail Society/Trust the Appricant fromtimeto time. of Letter issuance as maybe stipulated andconditions of norms& standards for nonjultillment is denied of Intent ln caseswhereLetter denial' grounds of with along shallbe informed society/Trust theApplicant by thecouncil. . thedecision disputes Socrety/Trust In casethe Applrcant members: AIcTE fromtimeto timewiththefollowing by the chairman constituted . 4.3. the AIcTE HQs at New Delhiwrthin15 daysfromthe at its nextmeetlng' Jorreconsideration Committee is onlyonce. of Accountmaintained Statement account maytakeinto committee the Hearing instrtution.000/officeto Regional by theconcerned shallbe foruvarded fromthe Applicants received o{ reconsideration Therequests the Hearing whrchwill be placedbefore date of receipt. and otherrelevant committee of the Appellate Basedon the recommendations takenbytheChairmanAICTEongrantofLetterofIntentorothenrvise. for to makea f reshProposal be required shall Trusvsociety theAopicant again committee by theHearrng rejected of Intent. proofof adequate capitar working has Trust socieV/ In case the applrcant by the Society/TrusVApplicant. Director of a UniversitY ViceChancellor convener (AICTE)as Advisor shallmeetquarterly' Committee The Appellate shallbe a finaldecision information. may makea f reshProposal the applicanvsociety/trust committee. for the proposed the building constructed already of f unds requirement the assessing while burlding of construction incurreltowards arready the expenditure of the institution' for establishment in the DPR' as enunciated of the project andviability Justification plan)to showthatthe landis contlguous' plan( master Khasra 6.

if no nomination is received within. A copyof the JointFixedDeposit receipt shallbe submitted to the concerned Regional officeof theAIcTE alongwithan aitidavit on non judicial stamppaperof prescribed valuestating that the JointFixedDeposit shallnot be encasheo or modified prior without consent of AICTE.loint Fixed Deposit shallbe permitted to be encashed on expiry of thetermof theFixed Deposit. The interest accrued on thefixeddeposit shall be credited to theconcerned institution on yearly basis andshallbe utilized for awardof scholarships to the students.Universities are exempted). the termof the fixeddeposit couldbe extended period for a further as may be decided on caseto casebasisand.1 5 . Theapplicant institution/trusVsociety shallbe required to makeavailable thefollowing originaldocuments / necessary information to the Visiting ExpertCommi$ee per as details in the ExpertCommitt6e Rlport format.. the councilshallcomplete the visitwithout the nominees of the StateGovVUniversity.35.ior forfeited incase of anyviolation of norms. conditions. 0 0 Lakhs The original JointFixedDeposit receipt shallbe keptunderthe custody of the proposed rnstitution. ' ' The Expert Committee shallbe headed by an academician/professional of repute fromtheaoove committee. Engineering & Technology Pharmacy/H MCT/Arch itectureiplanning/Apptied Arts & Crafts/MCA/MBtuPGDM/PGDBM Rs. The Expert Visiting committee shall comprise of the following members: ' Three Expertmembersnot belowthe levelof Associate Professor'/Reader norntnatec by the Chairman. and requirements and/or non-performance by the rnstrtution and/or complaints against the institution.000 drawnin favour of the 'Member Secretary. However.r) Ll A Nonrefundable prooessing feeof Rs50. However.and the respective Affiliating University Concerned Regional officeror an officerof theCouncil as convener to be nominated by theChairman AICTE.Universities are exempted) A JointFixedDeposit created for a period of B yearsin favourof the PresidenVChairman of the Applicant Society/Trust andthe concerned Regional officer of AICTEfor an amountas applicable to thecategory of the institutions indicated below(Government and Government AidedInstitutions and Govt. TheRegional Officer AICTEshall alsoinstruct theconcerned Banknorro allowany encashmenVmodificatron of fixeddeposit and grantof loanagainst thedeposit wrthout the priorconsent of AICTE. . An Expert visiting Committee shall visitthepremises of the proposed institution andexamine the preparedness of the institution quality to impart education as per the norms& standards and conditions prescrrbed by the Councrl fromtimeto time. The. AICTE Expert members one eachnot belowthe levelof Associate Professor/Fleader to be nominated by the State Govt. AICTE'payable at New Delhi(Government Institutions and Govt.15 days. TheStateGoWUniversity shallbe requested to nominate experl members professor/ notbelow thelevei of Associate Reader to participate in the visit.00Lakhs R s . Theprocessing feeand theJointFDRamount for Minorrty Institutions maybe reduced by 2O?r.

r c r[J P h a s e .. rl lo a d i a l r c t i o no f r e q u i r e ' 'e P r o o f r .l 9.s lT.|'-erterotappointrnenVoffer|-ettersissttetltcDiretltoriPrincipa|rFact. J o i r rft: i x e d D e n O s i t A r. 1:l.l .ri. 28.) r .t t t l r i q i r r a l T i r eL . ' : i C ' i ' F r f I n t e r r ti. r eB dr .J i c a t i m S o r .li" nj o c ! l t r e n l sl r r . .r i l c i i tP Original ti i e a t i h e p e r r n a l r e r ts e l c ! r l : : l r . applied.r.a n c D Iload |r.opy rr / l/i s ta n c ir i s i ' ) b l o ' : 1 " " c s ' n re . .{ ] rb r i yo r e p a r e db y a r rA t c h i t e r :a r t r s t r L t c t ld Orn nr q A r c h i t e c t u r aD l r a w i n gc f L . O r i q i n a lI .A c o p y c f l h e P r o p c s a ls t r b t t r i t t e i 3 .Listoffacr-r|tyappointecj/irlerrtifiedwittrctuaIificationarldexperience 26. .rn. Ac o P Yc f U P R l il e lr'rtri-rr:il w i t h t h e c o p v r l f a f f i d a v i ts L t h n r i l i e lco al0ncr c f t h e . ll .rr Use Cerliiiciriei Originall-ap.J List of candirjates Committee os f Selection and proceeclin. l ocumettts. ln r b e r so i t h i ' .illatlrlr't. 23.1ao tbpor)rap|ricSk..i l l r a r yB o r l k s ' a n d L i b r a r yB o o k s ' c'quipmenls fo ':lr lr'1errt Copy of lrrvoiceiCash l ircrtlt'r meil'bers l f D i r e c t o rI P r i n c i p a / t i o o y o f i h e a d v e r t i s e m e nfto r r e c r u i t t n e t io tfre iitterview. Equipment'/Cottrr. 2 1.t1tca-|inttland. 24.r C i ' .iIty 27.q Composition i V ! i n t r t eo sf S e l e c t i o nC o t n m i i t e ef o r F a c u l t v 25.p/|ttclex DurLrose fr)redtrcati'lrral io be r'tqed (lerlificate' tile latrrJ allowrng l-artd(lotr'.LttersiSoftwares' StockFleqisterof A c c e s s i o r lR e g i s t e rf o i . 20.etchiCity N. 16 a t l r : i r l i j i i 'A t li e a ' .. r r i r i ntq M i n r i t e g6 f t h e M e e t i n qo f S c c r e t y t l i . r eflo vr t h e p r o p o s e oi t r s t i t u t e availaDle t p strutcture D e t a r l so f l . e n .rrs r tL .trstofequiptnentreqrtireclaspersvllabrrsanCeqLriprnentavailab'ie 18. e t l e o . i r l l o e a t i " ' nl i l a n r i .r l0 l1 i2.ersir-. . 29.i\4asterPt.' L r i i d in statutory atithoritY..1 ( ' 'lts A c a d e m i cb t t i k l i n ri :ievatir)|s cf allevis]inq F l o o rp l ? n s .tttire|at-ltiit.. 22. u i lu vv et h j e ctrttcerire'J t r r di l D [ .lftheCa|-]loLjSft.i i r ..r-tse.calledano atter-rcte. . t4 15 .J lan ig a p p r o r . frrnr-is etc.w i s eP l a n o f c o r r s t!rl ( ) l i o n i l e c t r i c .'I.4api Vi||aqeMap/LocationN4a. : i e t y t T r i tR s te g i s t r a t i c lc 'L''ttticiinq' o n r o p o s e c il r s t i t rt t t c n : t l i . Detailed Bio clataof PrincipaliDirector' Joining reporl of the Principal/Director' i appointed facrrltvtnembers the identifiecl one page bro tlata with passoorl size piotoqraph of .ihee.S e c t i o n s .

Acquittance Register. 36. The Letterof Approval(LOA) shall be issuedto the Applicant Society/Trust within30 days of the date of the indicted in DPR. . Backstdeof the entire building a lnternal portion of the classrooms a Internal portion of computer roomalong withcomputers . 37. 35.30. Details of theappointment of supporling andadministrative staff . Frontsideof the entire building. 31. r Internal portion of facultyroom. Joiningreport of facultymembers appointed/consent letterof identified faculty. . 35. 32. Cash Bookof the Society/Trust. The EC Sub-Committee shallmeetat leastonce in a month. The recommendations of the EC-subcommittee and otherrelevant information shallbe placed before the Chairman AICTEfor a decision on grantof approval for establishment of a new lnstitution or othenvise. 33. a lnternal porlion of principal's roomandadministrative area. o Amenities area. 36. 34. FundpositioniOriginal FDRand BankCertificate/Statement. CashFlowstatement for the nexttwo yearsfor the proposed institution showing pro1ecreo expenses and sources of fund. The Reporlof the Expert visiting Cornrnit-tee shallbe placedbeforeEC-Sub-Committee comprisino of : . and it shallbe validfor two yearsfrom the dateof issueof letterof approval for obtaining affiliation with concerned University andfulfilling concerned StateGovernment requirements for admission. c ViceChairman of the Council as Chairman. o Internal portion of library. Copyof the syllabus of concerned affiliating university. (color) Photographs of the building attested by the Chairman/Secretary of the Society VideoCD (Compatible with"Windows MediaPlayer') indicating physicat thecomplete infrastructure/ facrlitres andhighlighting following: . if any. Twomembers of the Executive Committee as members to be nominated by theChairman AICTEoutof which onemember shallbe the Member Secretary AICTE. Thedecision of the chairmanshallbe placedbeforethe Executive committeefor ratification. Internal ponion of laboratories andworkshops. Audited statement of accounts of the societyffrust for lastthreeyears.

as are stipu|ated and conditions & standards. taken for ratification' committee Executive the placed before shallbe of the chairman decision of norms urfitment dueto non-f committee ortheAppetate on the recommendations is denied caseswhereapprovar to ihe be communicated sha|| denia| o{ grounds by the Counci|. with the and complyrng the deficrencies afterrectrfying may seek reconsideration socrety/Trust fhe Applicant |}orms.40. to the ArcrE HQs shat be forwarded Society/trust from the Appricant received for reconsideration Ihe requests Thecounctlmay receipt. cases denral' grounds of alonglvith of thedecision shallbeinformed SocietylTrust the appllcant rhecouncil. rts 30 daysto AlcrE for updating within of Institution commencement commerrces years' oncetheprogramme forthesubsequent of approval extension year for every report compliance . | t s h a | | b e t h e r e s p o n s i b i | i t y o f t h e A p p | i c aetc.standardsanoconditionsprescribedbytheCounciIfromtimetotime. ThereatteitheApplicant Authority University/Admission submit to required is institution The database. of date the 15daysf rom within of thecouncir office Regionar by theconcerned NewDerhi Society'Trust Applicant the by made the claims for verifying committee visiting an Expert to depute rlecrde committee an Appellate of the councilrt may appealto thedecision disputes society/Trust In casethe Applicant constitutedbytheChairmanAICTEfromtimetotimewrththefo||owrngmemberS: .by as maybe stipulated and conditions cf norms& standards ulfiilment for non-f is denied approvar where r. officeof the Regionar to the concerned for reconsrderation the requests may submit Society/Trust fhe Appricant at payabre ArcrE secretary of Member in theformof DD drawnin favour witha teeof Rs. of reputeas Chairman An educationrsVacademician oDirectorof||T/NlT/llM-(-ForManagementProposa|s) . university/State atfiti"ting fromthe concerned permissron affiliation/ about shall furnishinformation society/Ti'usts etc.000/councirarong NewDelhi. ntS oc i e tthe y/T rusts/|ns t i t u t i o nof s tthe oobtatnne schedule prescribed per as Govt. Society/Trust' Applicant concerned ot Intent' of Letter for issuance shallmakea f reshProposal Society/Trust Applicant is rejected theproposal lncase societyiTrusts/lnstitutions to the Applicant shailbe communicated or otherwise on grantof approval Thedecrsron t h r o u g h o u t t h e y e a r . r of a UniversitY ViceChancellor convener (AICTE)as Advisor quarterly' shallmeet Committee TheAppellate be shall decision a final information' relevant andother committee of theAppellate on theRecommendations Based The institution technical new of on establishment or otherwise of "approval" AlcrE on grant by thechairman.

"uury Theinstitution shall alsosubmit an undertaking in theprescril-red format stating thattheinformation provided in the compliance report is factual and correct and thatthe councilcan tate"appropriate action.1 APPROVAL PROCESS FORPROCESSING PROPOSALS FOREXTENSION OFAPPROVAL OF EXISTING TECHNICAL TNSTITUTIONS : (a) TheAlcrE approved technical Institutions shallsubmit twocopies of comptiance Report(alsoa softcopyon cD) in theprescribed format alongwithmandatory disclosure information ani a demand drafttowards processing fee of Rs 40 000 drawnin favourof "Membeisecretary.1 Requirement of Grant of Approval Noexisting Government. rncludrng withdrawai of approval andappropriate legal action./Trusv Institution by 31st Marcheveryyear. (b) The approval granted to all existing technical Instrtutions shallbe communrcated to the concerned affiliating University/state Govt. (c) . The above decisionshall be placed before the Executive Committeefor ratification. AlcrE" payable at New Delhito the concerned Regional Office of the Council by 31stAugust y""i. (b) TheAppraisal committeeshallbe headed by an academician/ professional of repute fromtheabovecommittee. Twomembers of theRegional committee including theRegional officer to be nominated by thechairman AICTE. (b) (c) 5'1'2(a)The compliance r e p o r t ss h a l l b e p r o c e s s e d t h r o u g ha n A p p r a i s a c l o m m i t t e ec o m p r i s i n g o f: t rhree Expert members notbelowthe levelof Associate Professor/Reader in theconcerned subjecv fields/area of specialization or equivalent fromR&Dorganizations or fromthe Industry not below the rankof Scientist (F) and General Manager respectively. 5. 5'1'3(a)The recommendations of the Appraisalcommittee shail be placed before the Vice chairmanl chairman AlcrE for a decisionon coniinuationof approval or otherwise. grounds of deniaishattoe communicated to the institutions and authorities corherned. if found thatanyinformation provided in thecompliance reportis false. In those caseswhe-re extension of approvalis denied/ intakeis reducedfor non-fulfillment of norms & standards and conditions as may be stipulated by the Council.1. Govemment Aided or Private (self frnancing) technical institutions whether affiliated or not affiliated to a University shallconduct any technical course/programme withoutobtarnrng prior approvar of the Council. Thecompliance Reports andotherrelevant documents submitted by theAlcrE approved technical institutions shall be forwarded to AIcTE HQsNewDelhi by theconcerned Regional officeof thecouncil.e) Fxtensionof Approvalto ExistingTechnical Institutions (MBA/PGDM/PGDBM/McA Programmes and Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate degreelevelcourses in Engineering & Technology/Pharmacy/Architecture/Town planning/Hotel Management & catering Technotogy/Apptied Arts & Crafts) 5. An Officer of the Council as convener ' .