Micro Wheat Halwa

Preparation Time : 30 mts Cooking Time : 1 hour Serves / Makes : 8

Ingredients Sambha wheat rawa 1 level cup (lapsi ) Sugar 1/2 kg Boiling water 3 cups Ghee 3/4 cup Saffron 1/4 tsp cardamom pdr 1 tsp kesar powder very little

Method Soak wheat rawa for 2 hours in water. Wash well, strain and grind in a liquidiser with 1 cup of water. Strain well, squeezing the rawa. Repeat this four more times. Collect the strained liquid. Allow it to stand for 3 - 4 hours in a tall vessel to settle well. The thick milk which is used for the halwa settles at the bottom. Remove the liquid on top carefully and retain only the thick sediment at the bottom. Mix kesar powder well and keep ready. Warm saffron and powder. In a big Micro bowl take 2 cups of water and the sugar, mix thoroughly and Micro Hi for 15-20 mts, stirring 3-4 times in between. Test for a thin one string consistency. When it is reached ,add the paste and 2 tbsp ghee. Stir very well and Micro Hi for 5 mts. Remove add 1 cup boiling water,2 tbsp ghee, mix thoroughly with a handblender and Micro Hi for 8 mts. Repeat this twice more till 3 cups of boiling water are used. This helps to cook the sediment well. By this time halwa should be fairly thick. Add 2 tbsp ghee and Micro Hi for 5mts Remove ,mix spices,remaining ghee, and Micro Hi for 5 mts Remove and stir for a few mts to prevent crust formation. Empty on a greased plate and cool.

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