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Culture in consumer behaviour

Culture in consumer behaviour

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consumer behaviour
consumer behaviour

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Published by: Santhosh Karnan on Apr 17, 2013
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perceptions. Culture is the learned values. and behavior from family and other important institutions . wants.

and evolves constantly with time.  Culture is not inborn.Culture is natural and permeates naturally into the social system.  Culture is shared.  Culture helps in satisfaction of needs.  .  Culture is dynamic in nature.

Values  Language  Myths  Customs  Rituals  Laws  .

Values give direction and consistency to behavior. improper. or bad.     Values are collective ideas about what is good. undesirable. . Values set the direction for one’s life. Values help you know what to and not to make time for. Values establish a relationship between you and the world. desirable and proper.

.     Projective Tests Attitude measurement tests and techniques Content analysis Consumer fieldwork Value measurement instruments.

Subcultures are groups of people within a culture with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations  Every society is composed of smaller subunits. customs and traditions etc  . beliefs. all of which when put together make a complex society. homogenous within.  sub-units or sub-groups are known as subcultures. people within sub-cultures possess distinctive sets of values. and heterogeneous outside.

 Nationality  Geographical location  Religion  Race and caste  Gender  Age .Based on.

.  how do consumers in one culture get exposed to good/services being used by people of other cultures  how should a marketer design/adapt his 4Ps so as to be accepted by people influenced by newer cultures  how should a marketer design/adapt his 4Ps so as to accepted by people of other cultures (in foreign markets).It is important for a marketer to give consideration to three major issues.

The effort to determine to what extent the consumers of two or more nations are similar or different. Similarities and differences among people The growing global middle class The global teen market Acculturation .


   Global Local Mixed (Glocal) COMMUNICATON STRATEGY STANDARDIZED COMMUNICATIONS STANDARDIZED PRODUCT LOCALIZED PRODUCT Global strategy: Uniform Product/ Uniform Message LOCALIZED COMMUNICATIONS Mixed Strategy: Uniform Product/ Customized Message Mixed strategy: Local Strategy: Customized Product/ Customized Product/ Uniform Message Customized Message .

religion. customs and traditions.   A study of culture. norms and laws. sub-culture and cross culture holds great relevance for a marketer. etc It would help marketer to design his 4Ps in an efficient and effective manner. . A study of culture is inclusive of language. art and music.


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