A tribute to our dear teacher Mrs Roseline Bernard.

The Lord has given us a life filled with varied and rich relationship and each one of us is a link in the chain of His masterful plan. Each one of us has an indispensable role to play at every period of His life. Today is a special day. We recognise the great sacrifices of our dear teacher Mrs Roseline has made for us. We honour our dear teacher who has played a part in the shaping of who we are and we are yet to be. As you are moving on today with fond memories of our school may you remember that, “Teaching is not your profession But you proved more of your action. You are very kind, Always with a calm mind, A woman with a loving heart, Caring from the very start A friend we like to have, For sure you’ll make us laugh.

A lot of lessons you have taught, Those remained clearly in our thoughts Because you teach us more than a teacher, And love more than a lover, Indeed you are our one and mother.

Your smile deeply touches our soul, Without you, we know we’ll never be whole. Your simplicity stands out among the crowd, We’ll simply miss you without a doubt. Your love can never be compared to anything, Because really, it’s a genuine thing.

To express ourselves we prepared to write, Because our imagination is not too wide However, to end this poem we cannot tell,

” Now Mrs.. Here is a spritely Gem for you. Roseline as we bid adieu with heavy hearts. .So it may not turn out very well…. We wish thee health We wish thee wealth We wish thee gold in store We wish thee success in all thy endeavours What could we wish thee more? May God be with you always.

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