Why Personally I believe the person you are is not hidden or an actor We all have mask's that is just

part of human nature as today's lies Truth not politically correct words meaning sugar coat the factor If one team works harder than the other they win the share I despise How can children ever learn competition builds strength not affront? If I say back when I was growing up right away ACLU in the picture Confusing the heck out of the public and young as a homerun bunt Pretty much impossible unless you're in La, La land as in anal stricture Nobody knows what we think or feel because that is impossible I feel My Father n Mother always said do the best you can with what you have We all know times are changing not rocket science to see what is real Listen to your heart right from the start no need for some mystical salve Science or faith does come a time of defiance and self reliance to us all Sometime the proof is not about pudding it is about doing others may cry Truth carries pain there is no getting around it unless sugar coating call So as my Pop would say "ask me no questions, I tell no lies" that is Why ©2013 I.M. Nobody