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1884 World's Fair and and Cotton Exposition New Orleans Guidebook

1884 World's Fair and and Cotton Exposition New Orleans Guidebook

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Guidebook to the 1884 New Orleans World's Fair and Cotton Exposition
Guidebook to the 1884 New Orleans World's Fair and Cotton Exposition

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Pittsburgh.W .' F G R K" I S . . Pa.

38 Rhode Island.. . S.. Foote. Delaware. 7 South Carolina. New York.. . Mineral Collection.. 44 New Jersey. Educational Department. 30 37 39 11 26 M82465 . . 27 27 16 Maryland. . Kentucky.37 Ohio. R. Page. A. BUILDING INDEX. Minnesota. Louisiana. Arizona. Mexico. 40 Orleans. Georgia. 22 23 War Department.. Florida.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK.. Agricultural Department. S. or General Government. 23 Greely Relief. Places of Interest in and About Electric Railway. Engraving and Printing Bureau. . East Tenn. 18 State Department.. and Va. Land Office. Women's Department... Montana Territory. Wisconsin.. 29 74 9 13 17 Center. 17 36 New 22 21 . Nebraska.. Massachusetts. . 32 Pennsylvania. 15 New Hampshire. Page. R. General Directions for use of Guide. 28 28 Richmond and Danville R. Colored People's Department. California.. 32 Iowa. <. 6 Queen and Crescent R. Indiana. West Virginia. R.. North Carolina. 37 Virginia. Miscellaneous. 11 Smithsonian Institute. 28 Patent Office. 27 Alabama. R. 32 Nevada. .. Arkansas.. tem. 9 29 Navy Department. 26 U.. 19 10 Texas. Dakota. Mississippi. 24 U. 34 Vermont. Commission. R. 38 Illinois. . . . Washington Territory. iii U. Connecticut. Light-House and Coast Survey.. 34 21 31 12 18 8 12 19 Wyoming Territory. R. 33 Idaho.. .. Michigan. S. 23 7 Kansas. 72 Post-office. Missouri. Maine. 13 Oregon. 30 30 31 38 12 21 New 3 29 35 Gallery.. Colorado. Building. Sys33 13 Geology and Ethnology.

Blades. .. .. . 50 52 60 Alling's Lightning Dish Washer..) 62 Abbott Buggy Co.. 56 .. Paper Box Co. 55 ^ " . 75 75 Appleton. ... American Hosiery Co. A. 50 52 52 56 56 . . 50 49 49 [ Armstrong. Co. American Wine Co. 64 Co. American Soap Stone Albro... Bailey. . Baltimore Sun Office. D... P.. 52 51 52 .. . ... Shot Co.. Taylor Thresher. Anderson. W.. American Scale Co. James. & Co.. 78 77 77 Austria..PRACTICAL. & Co. Buck's Stove and Range Co........ T.. 61 . Beck.47 Abbott.. Black Diamond File Co. American Ultra Marine Works. . .. 50 50 50 Co. MAIN BUILDING INDEX. Allen. 55 Boyd. Atkins.. & Sons.) .. 48 48 . 50 50 50 50 Co. Bent. & Co. & L. Machine Co. American Wire Nail Co...... (gal.. 75 Co.. Austin. Atlantic Eng. A. .. Andrew Bros. C. .. L. American Salt Co. . . Co. (gal. & Co. A. & Co. Standard Drop Am. W. . Page. . ... Bakewell & Mullins. Brown Mfg... 64 Blount's True-Blue Plows. . S.. & Co Biliousine Patent Medicine.. American Well Works. American Steam Gauge Ames Iron Works.. D... 51 Atkins. American Hair Brush Co. Anderson's Fruit Butters. Automatic Ice-Cream Freezer.. 54 Allen Car-Wheel Co. . 54 American Hoop Dresser. T.. . A very. . Bean. .) 48 . .. Alaska .. Co... <fcc. E. Carlton.. F. 56 57 Bullard Repeating Arms Co. Birdsall Mfg. Burhard. 60 Benheim....... & Co. George.. 64 65 American Machinery Am. .. (gal. Edwin. Aikman. B.. 60 Bergner & Engel.... E. 62 47 American Pin Co. Allen <fc . J. August.. L. L..... & Bauer.. E. G.. . Bowers. 52 53 Gaiter... B. Bonstein's Patent Pin Hook. Allen. V. F... F.. Baker. 48 . Ala... 56 56 American Diamond Rock Boring Co. . O. . & Co. 53 Arm and Hammer Brand Soda. <fe Co. 61 Barbour's Flax Thread. Page. . .. Walter & Co... 57 61 61 Brooklyn Shirt Co... & Bros. ... 62 ! i American Ship Windlass Co. Am...... Brown. C. 53 Burt. 48 49 51 Bridgeford & Co. Manufacturing Co.. Anhenser-Busch Brewers. E... Buckeye Harvesting Machine... . 60 Allison Manufacturing Co. 48 48 48 47 Down Co.. Altman... B. & Co.. & Sons. . Joseph. Blatz. and Ga.. Samuel. F. American Live Stock Salt Roller Belding Bros.. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Burroughs & Montford. C. 62 | Opdyke & Co...

48 Cross. & Co. 61 61 ... Boker's Stomach Bitters. 78 67 67 Berg & 60 Becker Bros. Bowers... Barrett. 61 Beandry & Cunningham. H. & Co. Bickford.. E. Belgium. Brown Cotton Gin Co. British Honduras. (gal. Corticelli Spool Silk. & Co. . L. 65 Chapman Valve Mfg... A.. Besse.. Baldwin.. 47 Boston Belting Co.61 ... (gal. T. 52 Colborn.. Hewit & Co.. Jones & Co. Chief of Transportation. Chalmette Mills Fertilizers.. . Page.. N. ... Arms Co . Buermann... office. F. Page. 77 Chattanooga Foundry Pipe Co 78 Cooper. .. Boyer. E.. Cincinnati Corrugating Co. office. George. Bromley.. .. . W.. . Buffalo Scale Co. .) Brunacci... ..) Boardman.) 78 . . A. Spool Cotton. David.. Cooper. . Carlisle Mfg.. J.. Barbour's Cotton Gin. 76 77 . Blaymyer. Boston Woven Hose Co. (gal... 53 53 Benjamin & Fischer.. H... H...) . O. 76 74 59 Brown. 51 53 53 j Bruce's. Cheesborough Manufacturing Co.... Coffin. (gal. Brunswick. 50 . F. Bridesburg Mfg. . .. 62 Cibil's Beef Extract Co 62 57 49 49 48 48 Buffalo Forge Co. 60 Co.. B.. Son & Co ..) Coleman. 54 55 55 Baldwin Dry Air Refrigerator.. S. Baker. Balke. E.. Alma Shoe . Collender (gal.. Co. D.. . Philip.. 50 Polish. [Gioni. E.... Jr. G. . . E. 47 Chief of Installation. H.. & Sons.) 64 59 59 . Cassidy Cahill's & Miller. . 50 Berkley & Co. & L. & M. Co. Burden berg. 63 61 Blackmer & Post. <fcc.) . G.. 51 51 Chase. Crane Bros.. . .. 78 Coleman's Shaft. 57 56 Cornish... W. H. Bergner tfc Co. M.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. . J. 62 47 Brown...... Beach. Sloo & Co. J. .. . .. & Co. 53 60 60 60 59 Buford's. A.. .. H. . 50 Clark's O.. Blymer Mfg. Cox & Poynter. (gal. 55 Carter. D. ... 56 Cincinnati Water Elevator Co. R. 52 . Dr. . . 48 50 Earner Packing Co. Co Brownel.. Sons. Sons Burkhart.... J... 54 California Chocolate Co. 72 73 . 49 52 52 48 Colgate & Co. Curtis & Greene. 61> Berry Bros. Chaffee. Baltimore Car Wheel Co. Co.. Baltimore Bell and Brass Works. T.. .. & Co.... Barnard. . Boncinelli.... . W..55 56 57 Brown's Corn Planter Works... (gal... 61 61 78 Cincinnati Brass Co.. & Bro... 61 61 . . Bradley.. True & Co. Cabott.) Buddington Dress-Cutting Machine. Burkey Foundry 60 63 63 64 Canh'eld Dress Shield Co. ..& 61 6$ . G. Cold Storage Rooms. (gal. Brazil. Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co.. j I .. Charter Oak Stove Co Colt's Fire .. Fred'k. Samuel. . Altemus & Co. S. Bollmann. J. Bailey Wringing Machine. .. L. Cambria Iron Co. Co. Fred'k.56 Champion Iron Fence Co.. Bliss. 65 61 .... Best. D.. 54 Beck.. .... 51 53 Chamberlin Cartridge Co.

Donnell.... Detroit Coble. & Co. E.... Win.) .52 52 . C.) 78 77 77 Christina Carriage Factory.. & Bro.. (gal. 57 Deere. 55 Dennison Mfg Co. Poor <fe Co. J. (gal.. .. C.. M.vi PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. E. J. .. Wire Co. Electrine Magic Cleaner.. Dolph... Cavarro Wine Co. T. W. 76 Caw's Ink. Demerest.. A. 75 68 Decanville's Portable Railway.. Haing. Empire Pottery Works. .. (gal. ..51 53 Denny.. Engelbach. <fe 66 67 Co. 50 E. 62 . E.. D.... H... Demuth.. Dietz Fruit Evaporator.. Detroit. 60 60 65 77 77 James 64 64 Dietz. . H. Dexter Spring Co. 60 59 . Page. & Kugemann. L. Carson <fc Brown... Chamberlain Plow Co Combination Gas Machine Co.. Conley.) .. Cleveland Carriage Co. India Fancy Goods. Clark Gas Engine Co. Cooper <fe McKee. (gal.) Davis.. Clark.) 77 Columbus Buggy Co.. Coats. & Co. Degraw. & Co. Ditson. . W.. Dunn Edge 64 Tool Co... (gal... Col well Iron Works. Cunningham... China. . 63 49 . Delamater. Excelsior Pottery Works... Stove Works. J.. Clark's Mile End Spool Cotton. Benj.. T. . Cleveland & Hardinwick.. Son & Co.. Mansur & Co. A. 52 . Dennel. Michigan. Dozier <fe Weyl.... Dairy Exhibit of Wisconsin.. F.. Dodge Manufacturing Co... Doherty & Wadsworth. 63 61 56-63 62 53 52 Clawson. ... Dietz Manufacturing Co.. Thomas. 47 53 60 61 Eberhard Mfg Co.. (gal. 77 (gal.. <fc Co. Schlicht Field. 77 77 Daisy Sewing Machine Co. H. 75 75 Duryea's Mazena. Canedy.. &Co. H. (gal.. Page. Erkenbrecker.. Continental Brewing Co. (gal. Davis' Fire-escape. .. 56 57 Goes. M..... R... Collier White Lead Co.) 78 . . . (gal. Durham Tobacco Works. (gal. J. . -. Duffy. Cincinnati Barbed . 47 Denler's Butters.) Dowdell. 55 55 Dwight Mf g Co. ... 65 53 53 53 53 54 Diamond Emery Wheel Co. . . 63 47 . Curtis. Christian. Durrie & McCarty Dunlap & Co. A.... Egyptian Chemical Co. 47 47 47 71 D. Eavenson. Croft & Sons .. Evans... A.) Crane Bros. James. 48 51 Empire Lamp Co . H.. Colby & Co.. John.. Chess-Carley Co. Blower Co.. W. 75 76 75 74 Columbian Type Writer.) .. F.... & Son. & Co & Allen.. R. Cincinnati Safe Co. 60 Dejan <fe Carter.. 62 62 Goes.78 67 76 Clagul.... W.. W.. Canini. M. Herbert tt Co. Ayrner & Co.) 78 . 52 54 54 55 . C. E.. Delpit. 50 Eastwood. Danziger. J..) . <fc DapeBros. .. .. . (gal. ..... Dodany.. 49 .. 51 Eclipse Blacking Brush. & P. Tobacco and Snuff.) Chong. 47 47 49 47 Elizabeth Paraffine Co. C... <fc Sons. Detroit Safe Co Director General's Office.. J..

& Co.. Page.. England. Co. ... G. M.. Edgetield and Nashville Co.. A..... Farmers' Fertilizer Co. Glass Engraver. B.. G.. Fenton. Edison Light Co.. .. 78 78 67 ... Exhaust Ventilator Co. B. & Co llecht. Gibson. Esterbrook Pen Co. .. 63 62 63 .. Griffin. Enterprise Mf g Co.... & White.53 54 55 60 Smith & Co....) .. Filter Tanks and Reservoirs..) . 55 53 53 46 Gardner Piano. T. . (gal. Fenner. & Brown. (gal.. George.. General Directions for Main Building. Wm. Bros.. Garobolo & Co. 78 78 Friedrich... Manufg 78 General Description of Main Building. W. 75 . \ Gardner 59 Gunold. W. 45 6t 61 Gents' Water-Closet. Graphite Lubricating Co. Halliday. 53 Gillett . J.. 47 49 ... Freeport Machine Co. (gal. Gross Pen Co 49 Gutta Percha Paint Co. 63 63 50 Finlay. Excelsior Errico.. . E.. & Co.) 68 France.. 47 Engle Cotton Gin Co. (gal. Emerson. & Co. 77 77 67 . T. Fay. 48 52 Globe Pickle Gray. Erie Preserving Co.) . L. . (gal.. L. .. Egan Wood-Working Machinery.... Talcott <fc Co.) . .. .. W.. Flanigan. . 54 Gast. Hance 50 47 67 Heinemann. J... (gal. 67 67 .) Top Co. 48 Gilbert & Bennett Mfg. Globe Planter.. R. & Co.. Franklin Knitting Works. & Co. ElkhartMfg... Foos Mfg. Fulton Iron Works. G.&Sons. . Co.. 49 54 75 75 70 72 Germany. Gandy Belting Eastern Mfg. Goodyear Rubber Co.. M.. Ac. . (gal. Freman's Face Powder. 48 & Son. 60 63 64 Forsaith Machinery Co. Win. Hall Guatemala... Alia. 77 M... . Globe Knitting Co. J... Fields. Michele. & Son. August.. 48 Graham. J. P. Gordon's Planer.... F. C. 78 & Gottschalk... 3 61 49 47 . E.. Goodeli & Waters. Fairchild Gold Pen Co.. Fletcher Mfg. Hoffman. Gleason. J. F.... H. 57 63 52 Elgin Watch Co. & Co. Fair Haven Slate Co.. Fisher. Co. (gal. 52 & Co. Griscuolo.. Fairbanks' Scales. <fe J.... Favorite Stove Works.) W.. Co. 56 48 55 56 60 64 64 . Granite Iron Co.. Co. Hart.. V.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. 53 Ganche's Sons.. Frick & Co. Jewelry. Co. F. 48 Fong.. Gillam'sSons.. Excelsior Steam Pump. Page. T..) Goidschmidt..) (gal.. A.. E.. & F. (gal. 60 64 Grunewald Piano.. Fair bank Canning Co. (gal..64 65 66 Ginoris.) Farr. J. Farfalla. Wm... .... (gal.) 79 76 French Spring Co.) C..77 Hoyt. 69 61 62 Grovet. Co.. 49 Fountain Ink Co. .

. (gal. Ideal Coffee Pot Mfg.. Kemp A Co. W. Co... 75 A Co. A 50 53 52 Indianapolis Terra Cotta Co. Hubbard Hammock Hart.. . International Pottery Co. J.viii PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Israel. Johns.. (gal. H. . ... J. 76 .. J. . Iron Barbed Wire Co. Ivers . 56 Hutchins Refrigerating Car. Holmes... . E.. . Hard Rubber Co.. (gal. Page. Hastings Gold Leaf. 60 47 Humane Hough A Society. 77 77 77 .. Holy ok e Paper Co. Jamaica.) (gal... 60 King's Food. . . Page..) . 64 Kalbfleish. M. Clark A Co. . A. Haraszthy A Co. Harron A Dexter... R. A Co.. . Extin- King. Henning Bros. 58 61 61 61 62 63 53 55 57 55 55 Haven A Johnson A Field. 53 Brandy Co. . S.. A. A. W. Helms' Snuff. W. 70 K. 53 Co... Hutchinson.. : Burpee Manufacturing Hopedale Machine 65 .. T Hall. .. 53 Jennings.. . H.. Hughes. Jackson A Tyler. A Son. Harden's Grenade Fire . Hill Bros.. Hanson. Hiram. . Hemingray Glass Co. Holmes A Co. 61 Kranch A Bach. Co. .. . . 50 Heald A Jones... ....) . . Junius... 76 60 60 . A.. Johnston's Fluid Beef. P... A Co. Thos. J. John. Huyett A Smith... 55 Homestead Fertilizer. 50 51 51 A Co.) . T.. 63 47 . Junius. . M. .. Keystooe Watchcase Keller. J. Co... Jillson A Palmer.. A Pond. . Holmes... Ac... 55.. Harrison Machine Works. (gaL. . Holman. 52 57 75 Hemsheim. Hartel. A. . Johnson. Hertts Bros... .. Hoe. John. R. Herbner A Sons Holt. Halls.. Heinz Bros. Keller in 49 47 charge. E.... Jones....52 Kingsland 64 A Ferguson... Hercules Mfg.... .. 49 Heywood Bros. . . Italy. .. Hughes. . Jenney Electric Light Co. . 53 64 67 49 49 Co. A. Howe Scale Co. . 53 53 53 54 55 .. Jackson. Pierce A Co... Hartshorn Spring Bed. . Co. F. 48 Holmes A Coutts. . Phineas. D H.) .. Hengley A Challenge. 76 . Co. Co.) Co.56 guisher. Henderson Buggy Co.. . A Co.. 56 55 55 54 I. Johns. H. . Hart... G.. Ford. Roller Skates.. 53 50 50 52 Jarvis Harper Bros Hahn. 75 . Inman Steamship Line.. . Herbert. 79 76 A Co. Martin 57 52 51 A Sons.. 77 71 55 56 56 57 57 Japan.. . (gal. (gal... J. A Co Hotchkiss Boiler Cleaner. . Higgins Eureka Dairy Salt. ... T... . . He-No Tea Co... Iveys' Adjustable Box. O. .. . . R.. Hyatt. Horstman Bros.. . A Co. B.. Jackson.. . Hancock Inspirator .) Hall Mfg.. 49 48 48 55 & Co. . Evan Hallihan.. Iowa Farming Tool Co.

... D. &c. 49 Mixter Saw Tools.PRACTICAL. <fe Son. Co. J.. 63 Mason. . Smith . . . A.. Co. (gal... 48 48 Kendall's Manufacturing Co.. Luez.47 49 Marsok & Schottler. 52 52 57 56 56 Mason Lalance Co. Meyer.. . Dr.. Kruse. A. Laclede Fire Brick Co. Albert. Co. . Klein.... H..) (gal. Velocipede . John.. Leviathan Belting Co. Kaemper. C... . A. & Co.) Lengert. Co. & H. Cultivator. McKinnon. M.. Lancaster Mills. Myers. Monumental Bronze Metallic Burial Co. & Freres.. Moreley Landon.. <fe Maltre.. 47 Moffett. J.. . Lacroix. LePaige's Liquid Glue... Lyons.. . R. H. E. 59 McBryers. L. Lundy. Osborn & Co. A. W. (gal. Michaelobitz. .. T. 57 60 62 Marietta Hollow. Axe and Tool Myers. (gal.. .. . 48 48 Kilpstein. Fred. Maginnis Cotton Oil Works..... H.) ... Henry. & Grosjean Manufacturing 47 Moline Plow 49 Lyon... Morse. A.. .... Co. Krell... Co. . J &. & Co. Moillard.. A. H..... Morris' Tobacco Works. 53 .) . Mfg. A. Leffel.. H... Lebess. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. E. N. William. Mich... William. R..Ware Co.) Co.. Ernie.. 76 Marshall. Knoxville Car Wheel Co.. Lee's Patent Undergarments. Ivory Goods. Lowrie. 48 Marvel & Williams. ix Page.. 50 52 52 52 L... Lufkin. Abraham. Lucas. Mississippi Mills. 54 54 Kanny. 48 49 49 49 . & Son. 47 Miller.... John. . G. Marks. Mathias.. I. Michigan Scales Co... Leedon.) Little & Larkin.) Labriola... 62 54 ' 61 63 61 62 62 62 Luby. Check & Adding Machine. 54 59 Bros. .. J. .. Thomas. Myers.. . J. A. Leigh. McCormick's Reapers. ... & Co. Kirk. 47 Keonig & Bauer. Mast&Co. & . F. Amassa. Lamar Cotton Ladies' Toilet... 56 56 56 Lehman. .. Stove Co. Bahmann & Co. A. C...) . Keummerle Vegetable.. ... LeGraf's Manufacturing Co. Mich... W. (gal.. 60 68 49 53 Manning Co. C.... 77 Kentucky Furniture Koons.. W. Co. .. B..53 65 ... G... Mosler.. H.. 50 50 51 78 78 Mayers... & Co. . . & Co. L. 54 60 61 McMann & Bros. Co. Medart Patent Pulley Co. . Albert. &c. 50 52 68 Mitchell & Co... 56 47 .. Kirk's Perfumery. 79 77 77 67 Moir. & Co. M. . & Co. & Hamlin Organs.. Kalamazoo R. 52 Mann. T. . 48 Maine Belting Co. .. J. J... 52 53 56 62 62 Magnolia Ham Co. 49 50 51 59 61 61 54 54 54 .. (gal. Ladies' Dressing-room. . M. H.. (gal. T.. (gal... Page. Meriden Britannia 78 Mahr'sSons. Meikel. McAllister. Kursherdt Kaffel & Co.. & Co. Mott. 68 68 75 Murry Iron Works. F. Co. .

Co. Porter... <fe Co. Noye.) Nagl. H. T. Newark Machine Co. 52 53 56 57 New York Belting Co.. H. John... Antonio. ...62 Palmer.. (gal. 55 55 Merchant Mexico. . . (gal. Ewald..) ...) . ... . 64 & Gorsline. Phoenix Chair Co.. A. . 64 Phoenix Silk Mfg. A. J.) .(gal. J. Piano Mfg... .) . & Moseley & Co..PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK.... & Co. . 61 . 61 62 . (gal. . Penfield.. 68 Palmeni. D. A. Page.60 57 Plumley & Ritchie. E. (gal.. Matthews. (gal. .....) .. 77 . H 49 iery Co. Ludwig. 64 65 66 79 78 ... National Sheet Metal Roofing Co. Marderis Standard Scales.79 Olwoti Bros. 78 78 77 77 76 . & Co. Massman.. Neiter & Prestat.) 77 Parker Gun. .. (gai. 73 Pullman Car Co. (gal. .. Mitchell. . . (gal.) 78 Osgood's Scale Co.. (gal. G. 76 Powers & Wightman. (gal. C. & Co. 48 51 Co. 75 Peters & Calhon Co. .. .) . Northfield Knife Co.FurnitureCo. 62 47 Nash & Parker <fc Bro. C. J.. N... & 49 Plimpton.... R. 60 60 63 64 Co.) 78 ... Monarch Rim Button Moser.. Nashville Trunk Manufy.. 54..)76 Mclntosh Battery Co... Palmer. Co. Smiths Co. 63 61 61 63 62 Co. & Sons. Charles Purdy & Nichols.C. Page.. Shepherd Paige Mfg. . & Son. Co.. 65 Puffer. .) 79 Olweri.) . B.... J... McBride<fe Co. (gal.. Mussey.. . .. R. J. (gal. (gal. Otis Morse Cotton Compress. (gal. (gal. Norfolk and New Brunswick HosPomeroy. T.. Manufacturing Prouty Printing Press... W. 74 74 74 & Co.. 49 55 Pratt.) 77 67 Pomenah Mills. Folding Chair Co.erg.. Produce Exchange Perkins.... . Henry. T. Willard Co.) 67 Potter. New York Ramie Fibre National J.. Co.. 76 75 76 Porter's Evaporator. . 51 Packard Organ Pitts Co. Mitchell. C.. (gal. T. J.. Ott Brewer. (gal. Co.. Norton Door Check and Spring. Raimond.... .. (gal. McKeller...... 54 Whitney Mfg. Nordyke.) McCaw. .. & Co.. Pioneer Silk Co..) O. P.) 78 P. Co. 62 56 65 65 66 Owensboro' Wheel Ortmayer. Marks Adj..... Pease. Sons & Co.. & Son. Pond's Extract...) . 51 56 55 & Jordan. Pittsburgh Arms . Powell Tool Co.. ... Noyes. . Narraganset Machine Co.. & Co.. 55 Poulson & Egan.. 63 Payne. Achile. E. New York Enamel Paint Co.. 77 79 67 67 57 Ol watte Bros. Phoenix Glass Co. Myers.. .)77 . (gal. .. Drigs. Mathews. G.. John. (gal..) .. 55 63 Pacific Novelty Iron Works... 47 PeniHiat. Mari.78 Palmer. & Co. F. Matthews. . Solon... D.... 64 Tube Works Co. . Moore. J. Co. Mills. 48 48 49 51 Milburn Manufacturing Miller....... Daniel..... Threshing Machine. Harmon <& Co. . C.. Stephenson & Co.Robt. . 56 Pratt & Nichols. Over.

William. R. Co. . R. W. Page. H. 62 Stanley Works. . 50 Stribley & Co. A. ... .... Fred. E. Randolph Paper Box Roggers. .... 62 j Stillwell & Bierce. C. John. A.. Russell & Co... 55 55 62 62 53 63 & Bros. 55 64 Remington Agrl.57 52 47 48 48 48 49 Reed & Co. . .. R.. H.. Speer & Sons. CharJes A. Sidney Steel Scraper Co. P. Reed. Robinson.. Smith..J.. . F. Anthony.) .. Randolph. 78 .63 63 Co.. A. A. 54 Sugar Apparatus. (gal. E. Sternberger.. Louis.. 47 47 Co. C. Page. Scarfe.. Stearns... 77 Springfield Machine Co. <fe Refrigerator. Filter.. Riggs. (gal. W.. Smith. F. S. . Richmond Transfer Co.) 77 77 ..... Roinkey. Rushton. & Sons. (gal.. Simonds' Manufacturing Co. C. 49 & Co.. 55 57 57 Quint. Louis Wrought Iron Range Co. (gal. G. Quinby.. Curtis & Co.. A..PRACTICAL... 49 49 Schwab & Co. Schroeder..) 77 Schwartz. E.. Peet & Co. & 47 49 . C. Sons. 54 Scoville Manufacturing Co.) Rurnine.. & Son. B. Rommarius. 68 75 75 75 Republic of Honduras. 52 & English... 56 63 62 Bros. 50 Simpson. . Southern Express Co...... C.. Schmidt Simons.' Graziotie 67 Pouvier.. Russell & Irwin. Sons 50 59 Selz.) Renick. D.... (gal.. Rayner's Pressure Reading Iron Co. Schlitz's Beer. Skinner & Wood. .. J.. 77 76 74 Redden. 49 50 50 52 74 ... & Reichle Bros. W. Roggers & Maher. T.. 55 52 Sibley.. Wm. 60 60 54 Remington Ag'l Co. Reichle Bros. Stong. S..... J. . & H. & S.. Seabury & Johnson. B... 58 70 Petoreto. Syracuse Chilled Plow Co. Ticket Office... Reed's Tonic. .. .. 64 Rutledge. D.... Pyle's Pearline. .. F. H. 50 54 Superintendent of Agriculture. Downs & Thompson... & Co.. 64 . J....) 60 . Works. 62 62 77 Randall.. L. . <fe Co. A.. : 54 53 53 59 60 57 Renton Bros. T.. Strange. Roebling's. F. 55 Sunny Side Tobacco Co. Starr. Ross. R... M.. (gal. 53 St. Q. & Son. . A... COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK... Rose. & Co. Schmidt.. Shriver <fe Co. . Schwab.. Smith. Penn Wire Works. L. Schlicter Jute Cordage Co. W. Sutton. (gal.. 49 Stein Mf'g Co. W. & Co. L. F.. Smith. G.. Robinson* Hilt... J. Refrigerator. Russia. Remington Mfg.) . 64 Reading Bolt and Nutt Works.. .. Standard Lighting Co. & Co. Swift Manufacturing Co. 63 61 61 61 61 62 62 Ready Cash Carrier.. Schwarzwaelder. Co. Steel & Nissen. i & Zeigler. R Portevent & Favre.. J. & Co. . & Co. . Rotary Nutmeg Mill. J. Stephens.. S.

. 64 L. Baby Tennessee Lumber Co. H.. Hoget & Shaudein... & Sons.. . 75 Iron Works.' . J..) . Valentine & Co... .) Schreppel & Walch.... 67 67 56 W. C.. 78 . 60 Sullivan Diamond Prospecting 64 : Tuft. ... P. U. Vester. J.. 63 Tichenor Hand Smith.Box Strap 77 77 .) Tausig. 52. B. White.) . . J.. Drill. Scribner. John. Jacob.. . 67 78 78 75 Storm. Thomas Clock Co. (gal. (gal. A.. StierT Piano Co. (gal. Superior Drill Co... San Salvador.) ... Stetson. 63 57 Tichenor. 55 57 Taylor Cottonseed Crusher.. ...... W. Page. Southern White Lead Co.) 76 77 77 Schwartz. . 52 53 65 78 Shutz. Frederick. 48 Tieman. M.. Spaulding. Thorp. & Co.) . C. Ferdinand.& Co.... Mint... 63 Gang-flooring Machine.. C. <fc Co. Co. Vail Bros. Co... 61 57 Sprout. Veit. Tisch... . S. 56 Simpson. & Co. . Co. & J.. .. ... 48 49 49 52 Wolf&Relsing . V. . S. Co. L. Carriages. Thome.. 60 Sturtevant... 78 Urbana Wine Co.. (gal. . Watson's Portable Forge.. (gal. H... M.. 64 Stoltz. M. Lawrence Manufacturing Co. H.. .54 St.. Ed.) Stein bach... (gal.. D... 48 49 49 52 Weaver Thompson's Glove-Fitting Tomson. S..63 Sheboygan Co. Co... Spain . (gal. G. &c. Thomas. Stephenson. Co.. L. S.) Shuler.) 78 76 . S. (gal. 78 76 67 Sidney* Co. T. C. Page.. A. (gal. Schwartz.) Studebaker Bros. C.) .. 74 Valentine Meat Juice Co.. 54 Touck.) . Maurice.. . 77 Twisted Wire..) Standard Saloon Fixture Co... Shaw Stocking 53 54 .) Scholl. . B. 61 60 54 54 53 Western Union Telegraph. Schmit Bros. . (gal. D. 75 Variety Vehicle Spring Co. (gal. (gal. F.) Schwartz Squire.. 51 Whiting Paper Wo Sun Quog.. H... . . Joseph.. Union School Fixture Co.. 77 & Sons.. F. ..) 79 Union Paper Bag Co. S.. A. St. & Co. H.. H. Dairy Board Trade. 51 Whitney. W. . Union Pottery Works.. Charles.. Smith & Myers. Siam. 75 63 54 52 48 54 ..... M. Valsecchi.. Singer Machine Co... (gal. ..... & Bros..) U.. S.. Albert.. (gal... . Scheffelin.. 47 Todd. 75 70 . McEntire & Co.. J.. Union Mfg.. Tolman.'. . 50 52 Speer's Wines.. ... & Co...) Suhr & Hauptmann. Corset. . . 78 Underwood's Chemical Ink... . 60 Tennis Stratton. J... Louis Lead and Oil Co.xii PRACTICAL. & Co. . 56 Presses.... COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. . 75 74 Sayers& Scoville.) 78 79 Saginaw Mfg... 56 Taylor Mfg. B... & Sons. 76 Adj.. (gal. C.. .. 63 Thompson & Houston. (gal. .. Wilmerding. (gal.. Semones... (gal. Thompson-Lewis. Taylor's Premium Cologne. P. Wyeth. (gal... (gal. 49 .

.) .. J. .. Wolf. Wing's Disc Fan. .. 76 75 75 Winchester Repeating Arms Waterbury Watch Co Weston. Francis. 62 62 53 Weedsport Hoopskirt Wilson. . Mfg. Page. .. B.. 66 66 Wood. Waterbury Button Co. John. C. 63 Walch. 56 53 61 Weikel & Smith Spice Co. R..(gal. Wade. . Whitman Wickes Agrl. . Woods. 84 79 Grand Rapids Furniture Saw-mills. & Walker... E. S. H. (gal.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. . D. (gal. Wilbur. . Whitehurst & Co. 51 White... 61 Young & Zerbe. Yunck & Co. Electric Railway.. xiii Page. H. J.. 64 Werlein. D. Williams' Tension Wheel Co. Woods. & Son.. 64 Williams' Evaporator. . Horticultural Hall.. .. Co.. .. Pavillion. I .. W.. Waymath. & Son & Co.. Wetherili.. Page.... (gal. 54 & Co.. 65 65 Wrerin. Washburn & Moen Mfg.. 56 Willimantic Cotton Co. . Byron.. . . (gal. N. 56 Whitin Cotton Machinery. A... Live Stock Stables. Co. Page.... A. . . Young... & Co.. Refrigerator. John. . .) 76 .....) 51 60 79 MISCELLANEOUS INDEX... 54 Co. Y. Co. Wagon Sheds. G. G. Co 56 Pat. Martin. & Williams Manufacturing Co. 75 75 55 55 Warren Fire Escape Co.) & Co. Brick & Drain Tile Machines. Weydig. 63 54 (gal.. H. . . D.. O.. & Co... Waltham Watch Wolf.. D.. Co.. H. & Co. Art Gallery.. 78 79 78 67 Walker. . Wisconsin's Dairy mens Association... Philip.. M. 56 Weston Wheel Scraper Co.) Co. Wood.)77 Wakefield Rattan Co. 57 Winn Boiler Compound.


Miscellaneous. Peter's Streets. ) Reached by New Shell Road. While at Barracks. St. WEST END Great resort on Lake Ponchartrain. Reached by N. MINT AND SUB-TREASURY 5ff Corner Esplanade and North Peters. COTTON EXCHANGE Corner Carondelet and Oravier Streets. Here can be seen the interesting process of ice-manufacturing. S. and St. The River front. through 3. Avenue. which is the place where General Jackson defeated Packenham. Fine drive over shell road. Charles and Lafayette streets. and Lake R. Charles. at foot of Canal Street or North Rampart and Dauphine Street Car. IT. out Canal Street. which leave corner Carondelet and Canal Streets. Canal Street . Places of Interest in and about New Orleans. SUGAR SHEDS River Front on Levee. Franklin. From the top of this building an excellent view of the city can be obtained.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSK GUIDE BOOK.Bounded . O.s tains the various city offices. LAFAYETTE SQUARE . Chartres. take street-car line down the river to Federal Cemetery. or by Steam Cars. and Esplanade CUSTOM-HOUSE Canal Street. two blocks from 62 IS. 2. passing Lee Place. Streets. TO CARROLLTON Up Charles Street to Napoleon Avenue. U. . down river. by Camp. R. NEW LAKE END Napoleon Avenue to river. 1. Ann. Take Levee and Barracks Street Car. This building conPeter. (monument. North and South Contains statue of B. S. Ft. Charles Street. Charles and Delord Streets. (pronounced Pont' Chartrain'. Up St. between DePOST-OFFICE catur and Fulton /Streets. LEE PLACE At intersection of St. CITY HALL Corner St. S. S. JACKSON SQUARE Bounded by Contains statue of Jackson.. SPANISH FORT Resort on Lake Ponchartrain. and up river to Carrollton. between St. St. ICE FACTOR Y and Front Street. AND U.) to Washington St. BARRACKS Down the river. FRENCH MARKET Streets. at foot of Bienville. Drives. largest in the South.

6th. 100X250 feet. 2d. near Canal Street. 190X300 feet. $ 100. the orders which take part: The "Mistic . FACTORIES AND MILLS Devoted to exhibits of Cotton in all its stages of manipulation. HORTICULTURAL HALL. covering 33 acres." organized February 13.378x905 feet. "Knights of Momus. expended on U." organized 1879.) Furniture Pavilion. there are the Mexican Barracks and Grand Rapids (Mich. Street.ENCH CEMETERY Basin Street. but was afterwards enlarged in its scope so as to include the various industrial pursuits of the world hence. as 1884 was the centennial of the first export of cotton. Take Canal Street Cars. denominated as above. MARDI GRAS (pronounced Marde Graw) means Fat Tuesday the day The following are some of Kre w of Comus. BUILDING Devoted to U. each. 5th. For this the citizens of New Orleans contributed $500. There are Seven Buildings Proper Devoted 1st. spent in gayety and festivity. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK.000. 1872 . MEXICAN BUILDING. Out Canal Street to Broad ade Street. 565X885 feet. 3d. S. exhibits.000. to Mardi Gras. . 4th. LIVE STOCK STABLES." before Lent. and some smaller buildings. 194X600 feet. S. "Phunny Phorties. between canal. ART GALLERY. 1857 "Rex on Mardi Gras. S. " organized February 24. Take green street-car from FAIR GROUNDS Baronne and Canal Streets. old and new Information Pertaining-. and is 1. up Esplanade to grounds. Besides these. down Broad to Esplan- TIPPER CITY PARK Includes part of Exposition Grounds LOWER CITY PARK Fronts on Metairie road. State exhibits.000. U." organized January 6. . MAIN BUILDING : to general exhibits and Machinery Hall. OARROLLTON GARDENS A beautiful sight. Women's Department.000. organized New Year's Eve.4 PRACTICAL. Building $250. 1871. GREENWbOp CEMETERY Canal Street. ^IfiflicKTieRY A novel sight to one unacquainted with New OLD FR.000. mentioned hereafter. 7th. 1872 "Night Revellers. State and City. and Colored People's Department. S. W ASHINGKTON. THE WORLD'S INDUSTRIAL AND COTTON CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION Was originally contemplated as a Cotton Centennial alone. U. 250 acres. The United States loaned $1. 150X350 feet.

which. furnishing 4. the ferns growing on the trunks.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. The Park on which the Exposition is situated was one of the oldest plantations under the old Spanish Regime. by reason of the hanging moss on them. Before main entrance of principal buildings are two electric lamps of 36. there are 20 gigantic engines. extending toward the river." notice. illuminated by tower light of 100.000 candle-power..000 candle-power. 5 In Machinery Hall. and Prof. The music is furnished by the great organ built for the occasion by Pilcher Bros. also. throws jets 100 feet high. and that the grass continues its growth right up to the trees. who rings the chimes daily at noon and evening and the excellent Mexican Band. and special attention is called to the grove of live oaks. Currier's Band. from Cincinnati. composed of fifty musicians. are named " bearded oaks. . near Mexican Department. Widdows. C. from Washington. of New Orleans. F. The Fountain in Artificial Lake.200 horsepower. D..

GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR USE OF THIS GUIDE BOOK In constructing the Guide. wherever one enters a building. turning to the Index. or exhibitor nearest. is a Third or Miscellaneous Index. On reaching an exhibit. as directed. you also. territory. to Separate Indexes have been alphabetically. territory. exhibits. go directly to it. Upon will be unnecessary. one can turn to that tioned. following directions. letter in Index and readily find page of Guide where menfor other buildings In addition. <fcc. but not arranged alphabetically. arranged first letter of name of state. or exhibitor.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Buildings. memorandum | and then. find the page on which the state. then. In Miscellaneous Index Offices may be found location of General and General Exhibits. or exhibitor is mentioned. with made for Main and U. and the visitor will find it best to follow its directions. . all and continue see. a systematic course has been adopted. for all principal objects are mentioned and described. territory.. examining this book. thus saving the trouble of making a of it. so. that and Persons with limited time can hastily look through the Guide and mark which they particularly wish to see. as in that way you what you wish and are S. will find that taking notes. but if is to it is desired to commence necessary get the name of state. which is alphabetically arranged. hastily glance at descripget a better idea of tion in Guide.


i .

Examining the foregoing. Commence with the display at the cellent taste. according to directions. Illinois. farther along. directly over you this completed. which are shown by following Departments and in following order. The exhibit of this state is most creditable and has been arranged with exThe educational exhibit is in the gallery directly over the state. over Main Entrance. and will be spoken of in another place. : . which occupies the side . and Florida. Nevada. into three parts. The viewer should commence with Iowa. and from some foreign schools. which contains State Representations. viz : S. to the right. passing farther along. California. but also Exhibits from The Brothers of the Christian Schools. For convenience of the viewer. at the right of Main Entrance. in Gallery. Center. At end Gallery. Kansas. In the Guide. New York. Oregon. and Post-office. Indiana. which contains the Exhibits of the following States and Territories in the order given : : : The Gallery Iowa. which occupies entire gallery to restaurant in end corner. and includes Ward's Natural History Exhibit. Women's Department. Connecticut. Wisconsin. West Virginia. to Left Wing. Treasury Department. you reach Florida. Dakota. and Maine. as indicated by Guide-Book. Alabama. BUILDING. viz Smithsonian Institute. After examining each division. War Department. U. Rhode Island. Nebraska. Colored People's Department over the Entrance. Educational Department. Louisiana. and you find the Educational Department. and in the end. Missouri. Georgia. pass upstairs to Women's Department. Arizona. which extends to first corner to right of Main Entrance. Ohio. and face Texas Exhibits. you reach the Women's Department. Included in this Department are not only the Educational Exhibits of each State. is divided viz Professor Ward's Wonderful Natural History Establishment. New Mexico. to right of Main Entrance. if the Guide be strictly followed. Pennsylvania. as shown farther on. I have divided the first floor of this building Right Wing. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Interior Department. State Department. Montana Territory. IOWA. Gallery opposite Main Entrance. Kentucky. Colorado. pass along Gallery to right of Rear Entrance. which is the last state in Left Wing here take up Exhibits of General Government. then follow the Guide-Book strictly. Virginia. In this wing are the following States. Idaho. Maryland. directly opposite Main Entrance. Vermont. and Left Wing. North Carolina.PRACTICAL. which must be of great assistance. Minnesota. . South Carolina. New Hampshire. New Jersey. lying to your right as you enter the Main Entrance. commences the Colored People's Department. Delaware. Next. Arkansas. finishing up the Right Wing first. Wyoming. pass Rear Entrance. Without examining Center. Washington Territory. as directed by Guide-Book. Navy Department. viz: Texas. Massachusetts. I have called attention to the main features of the respective exhibits. Mississippi. Michigan.

.8 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. principal exhibit of fruit from this state is at Horticultural Hall. . This state has an area of 83. upwards of 30. very interesting. H. column of grain. see geological collection. . which includes 208 varieties of potatoes next. . and its flour manufactures are among the greatest of the world. resting on a calcareous substratum. and. Next the Sugar and Syrup exhibit of J. in which particularly notice mottled marbles. showing the native fish.000 forest trees have been planted by farmers and are growing. ful methods and results in manufacturing New Process Flour ingenious method of filing newspapers. F.. also a pair of Albino Deer monument of building stone exhibit from Pipestone Co. their manufacturing exhibit notice in this their fine display of cloths returning. and samples of woods cut down by beavers. pork. so as to show the genuine fish. . C. MINNESOTA. corn corn-house. one weighing 450 pounds. in case attractive display made in pavilion by Pillsbury Mills. That portion of Pipestone Co. varieties ot flour.. 1 New Process Flour. . showing 167 different forms. W. real fish skins stuffed. . . to represent snow also notice Red River Cart. The ties of . WinchelPs excellent system of maps. Prof. next. with 72 variesocial condition of state. native fruits and woods. For its age.. glass globe filled with soil of state next. wonderful exhibit of flour showing 321 different grades and samples from 91 out of the 99 counties in the state next.840 acres. <fec. very pure. is watered by a great number of beautiful lakes. walking in snow slices. and system of manufacturing and analysis of Graham Flour. where there are a number of charts showing the health condition and These charts are ingeniously constructed and should be carefully studied next view the vegetable display. by West Publishing Company exhibits of granite and gabbro rock. fine specimens of lead ore. cabinet of Fish.531 square miles or 58. containing 1. together with process of Flour Making. . It ranks very high as an agricultural state. . the state is well supplied with manufactures.500 varieties. in addition. . with dog sledges.000. the honey exhibit pyramid of grain and seed. . made by his patent process. . where the clay used for making pipes is found has always been considered sacred ground by all Indian . particularly for wheat.459. on cotton. of Gluten Flour. . A considerable portion is covered with timber. Porter. The soil is generally a rich loam. . by Minnesota Fish Commission. Indians in Birch bark canoes. Porter Milling Co. . and their own manufacture showing the starch and gluten in wheat. Do not fail to examine the wonderful exhibit of the L. commencing with specimens of wheat from thresher up to No. animals and minrepresentation of "Falls of Minnehaha erals. wall. . The north-eastern section is rich in iron and copper ores. furnished by Prof. Winchell and the State University noticeable among the birds is the American Pelican. and peculiar specimen of pyrites of iron next. Its surface is undulating and generally presents a landscape of beautiful lawns separated by belts of timber. and Notice especially its wonderits exhibit in this direction is of great interest. excellent quality next. similar to granite but not containing quartz. topography of land. eight in all. with products of corn inside see near this. which makes its home in the state. . showing minerals. very fine " exhibit of birds.

. specimens of new growth wood. also. pair of American Antelopes. DAKOTA. Map. showing harnesses. &c. whips. bale of hay of native grass panel public-school fund 60 millions dollars containing 75 varieties of grasses specimens of tame grasses. samples of finished woods in case. at right. made of different grains. with the pivotical point Lincoln. . but destroyed by fires. showof : New r . cellent building stone. The all area of this state is 75." facing a map of U. . on front of mound cost $1. Its exhibits are not only numerous and varied. distinguished by his large horns. see the large Buffalo Wolf." Before leaving. with German . petrified woods. but what its soil could produce. or Loafer. and while adapted to the growth of all cereals. Prairie tlers. and what they believe was once plentiful." Though the Sioux and Chippewa Tribes have always been at enmity. A. ing the number of school-houses and miles of railroad in the state. In front of exhibit new process tanned leather.. A map of the state covers one screen. but displayed with so much skill and good taste as to attract the attention of every one.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. a globe representing the world. viz Bartholdi Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World. cities. made of leather tanned in 12 hours. such a remarkable character as to territory is 414 miles long and 316 miles wide. New York. Neb.000 square miles. next. at right." made of kernels of corn. M. Rocky Mountain Sheep. and French in weight . Of the animals. distinguished by his black horns. . . w ith divisions laid off in different grains the series of large screens on one is the "crowned king. as he is called.000.000 square miles almost three times as large as the great state. . ticularly Moose. The . very scarce. The mound which you first see. NEBRASKA. millet around a post vegetables in rear Chili squash 216f pounds there were 5 of these on one vine. or 48 million acres. S. when they meet here they must meet as "friends. notice parWhite Buffalo. The display of woods is not made so much to indicate that the territory wood. The remainder of this and other screens are artistically ornamented with cut corn. 80 varieties of corn see these on two posts in front samples of soil in boxes stem of blue grass 10 feet in height. rotary. is intended to represent the territory as it was when found by the white setthis territory is of call particular attention to its The exhibit made by domain. do not fail to examine the fine display of flour from the famous Washburn Mills. and exTribes. and the location of all railroad trains at 10 On column in front is o'clock. which is a cross with the dog. each day. and they are all permitted to obtain clay from this place for making "pipes of peace. Notice particularly the general " features. with two varieties of black walnut. with table of explanation. covered with rocks. It possesses an exceedingly rich soil. in rear of mound. has a large portion of the great wheat and corn belts of the north-west it has an area of 150. and post-offices. situation of towns. settlement of state. as displayed in stately obelisk. animals. . Turning from these to the log-cabin. as large as England.. . <fec. is now rich in .

"Kansas.299. and three to four feet high from uplands tame grasses and millets display of grain flour manufactured in the Territory. see 120 varieties of small canned fruit immense strawberries. and St. round stones. " a beautiful oil painting this and the monument "Ceres"' are the work of Mr. R. lead and zinc. they locked during a fight. southeast Kansas. &c.423. claimed to be superior to Minnesota flour.000. M. and is being used quite generally for building also.000 acres. Dakota. which includes largely Dakota exhibits. made in this state. pair of antler's heads.. Its display here is very attractive. six feet high. and an analysis shows be among the best in the world. W. A. with horns locked as. This state has an area of upwards of 52. . Notice particularly. of Lawrence. and about the same in 1884. He displays. . R. columns of grains silk exhibit. viz: The monument Ceres you will have to take a position some distance in the rear to properly view it the name of state. is allied to the dog species beautiful display of and mirrors ornamented with horns. flourishing business towns. Wolf. together with photographs illustrative of the Ouster Massacre. which give name to Cannon Ball river. Da. M. it is said.986. . number of school-houses. and has demonstrated it to be. Rohe. in the Devil Lake Region Indian carved stones wonderful grain column native grasses. 382. and three to four feet in uplands a loam soil. as follows. 6. and yet is deprived of the privilege rights of state government. P. post-offices. Upon leaving this state. you reach the remarkable exhibit of C. 18 feet high. . R. thus causing Mr. examine a box of Jasper Granite. . Notice particularly exhibits of Wisconsin woods. L.000.. . and hemp. corn in stalk. The small locomotive "The Alexander Mitchell" was made by the ladies of Mitchell. Kansas. showing a depth of seven feet in bottom-lands. P. from bottom-lands. owner of the cabin and display. As you leave the Kansas exhibit from rear. with Mr. special attention is called-to soil exhibits. 16 feet high building stone beautiful brooms. mineral specimens. said to be easily worked. heads. The population of this territory is now fully 500. who. perhaps. called the "Surprise. Dakota. a mineral region millets. a new variety. case of 63 varieties of evaporated fruits. Is not this deprivation a great injustice ? and and KANSAS. . found at Sioux Falls. number of school-children. . towns. . railroads. prepared by one Kansas farmer fruit evaporators case containing all varieties of native woods flour exhibit. resembling cannon balls. . and St. . made in State. In 1883 its average wheat production was nearly 23 bushels to the acre. running 25 to the quart. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Turning back to state exhibit. has also interesting Indian relics. The grain lady was made by the ladies of Aberdeen. Powell. too. or Coyote. map showing schools. . Dakota. ." near Ceres. large . 7 feet high cotton. examine the exhibit of C. before viewing Idaho. 8. including a . great agricultural resources development.10 PRACTICAL. which mounted animal their death. railroad facilities. . on ears 15 inches long. and number of teachers. several varieties of corn. . designed the exquisite wheat structure before you. . Barrows. excellent schools. The railroad train was made at Aberdeen. . the best wheat soil in the world. of Mandam. its soil to . showing in forms from cocoon to ribbon. R. ask to see petrified heart of buffalo.. some wonderful petrifications . Dakota vegetables. by William Sibben.

000 per ton very extensive see ruby silver in specimens. valued at $10. and includes large areas adapted to agriculture. silver. and Indian relics of Sitting Bull's tribe. showing potatoes weighing seven pounds each. averages $250 silver per ton sold for half a million specimens from the Custor mine in caseexamine them this mine keeps thirty stamping-mills running. and native silver. 000. WASHINGTON TEERITORY. . specimens from Excelsior mine. Ouster county. and should be thoroughly examined by territory has The Range every man . they claim to show you the richest specimens of gold quartz in the world from Mother Lode mine.000 per ton specimens from Silver Wing mine. . That part of the territory west The climate is similar to that of is densely wooded. A fir-tree . . . . : plank 24X4| feet. which assays from $200 to $5. in the regular order. . assayed $1. specimens of gold. .000 from Barclay Galena mine. each horn measuring twenty-one inches in circumference see oil painting of Shoshone Falls. from Viola mine. One of the most remarkable features of the exhibits is its display of timber. and copper ores. first 300 tons of ore taken. of the Oolorado an area of 42. gray copper. a pumpkin weighing 140 pounds. 11 pumpkin weighing 185 pounds.000 acres adapted to grazing. Ouster county thought to be the richest mine in United States averages $1. viz: Gold and silver its mineral resources. a squash weighing 146 pounds. England.200 acres. Ouster county.000 ask to see it 96 nuggets visible. and red cedar.000 per ton width of vein six feetsold lor $500. lead. but creditable. tana mine.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Notice particularly as follows.055 pounds. The soil is very rich. IDAHO. it has 40. It abounds in many valuable timbers.803. besides trace gold next see a pair of deer-horns with a foot growing out of them. a transverse cut. such as pine. and a number of bars of silver specimens from the Rainshorn mine. $2. viz . specimens from Atlanta mine. weighing 50 pounds each. Ouster county very rich and immense specimens from Mori. 187 ounces per ton silver richest lead mine in United States a thirty-foot vein without waste from Minnie Moore mine. The greatest display of the territory is exhibitions of Notice particularly. lead and $127 per ton silver width of vein four feet. including potatoes weighing 8 pounds and a squash weighing 216 pounds. interested in that direction.000 per ton. Though this territory is mountainous. . bricks. . black sulphates and gray copper. . 67 per cent. a pair of Rocky Mountain sheep horns. Its vegetable display is not large. From this exhibit go to Idaho. and has paid for everything and has left one and three fourths millions. . . fir. . of block sulphates. . a case of fine minerals. on Snake river. . 76 per cent. weighs 1. from a fir tree over 6 feet in diameter white ash 24 varieties of polished woods specimens of grains. as follows. including wheat and remarkable oats fine samples of potter's clay and brick specimens of grasses samples from its fisheries specimens of work of Neah Bay Indians vegetables.

WYOMING. worth $2. though traversed by two ranges of mountains the Coast range and Cascade range. .) specimens of granite and white and black marbles.000. very remarkable specimen from "Montana View " lode. richness of soil. This state.) sulphur.000. game. . silver. mica. a wonderful photograph rock.000 acres. and copper ores. its mild climate. Indian collection case of formations in Yellowstone Springs. the wheat is unusually good. and its plains are highly productive of wheat and some other cereals . wealth lies in the extent and richness of her mines of. of ore specimen from "Drum Lummond" mine. samples of gold. tin. parcuriosities. . . and its exhibits consist mainly of specimens of these minerals.776 square miles. . or 92. specimen of mineral rock from " Moulton " mine. . and copper ores. . copper.000 per ton. (of which there is a large deposit. Although the main range of the Rocky Mountains extends through the terriIt also tory. .) asbestos. as illustrated process for reducing copper . ten varieties of petroleum. silver. silver. arid its exhibits are very complete. Case of hot water formation . which yields 150 ounces of silver per ton . fail to see case of fine agates. and collection of Notice. as follows. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. used for paint. epsom salts. very rich in copper owners have refused half a million dollars for it. continuations of the Sierras possesses a rich soil in its valleys. in which is to be seen $3. case of sulphur crys- hematite iron. and yields 800 ounces of silver per ton specimens of rock containing silver and copper to" " gether specimen from Gloster gold mine. (of which they possess a lake.12 PRACTICAL. (of which they have 320 acres . rare. section of petrified tree .700 in gold the mine has already produced $1. gold. specimen from " Gregory Consolidated " mine. of fish and other interesting fossils. and photographs of "Yellowstone National Park. (of which there is a mountain. birds. home. MONTANA. on which is a sun picture angora wool. in order that she may attract the attention of capitalists to the opportunities offered for paying investments. ." Specimen of carbonate of soda. viz possess a lake . or $1 per pound specimen of "Queen's Hill" lode. The territory's greatest possesses millions of acres of rich meadow land. specimen of iron mountain. principally. in particular. consisting of coal. lead. (of which they ticularly.000 specimens of lead and silver bullion method of reducing ores. from goat which makes the territory its tals. and espe- . yet its valleys are exceedingly rich in fertile soil and vegetation. gold. 60 per cent. petroleum. Notice. its great fertility of soil.) kaolin. This territory contains an area of 143. alabaster. and also photograph case. fossil fish. The state's exhibit speaks in the strongest language of its. and curious display. This territory makes a rich. and lead. and remarkable degree of healthfulness make the State vastly important. OREGON. remarkable specimen showing silver in limestone wonderful geode don't : .) sulphate of soda. worth $800 per ton this vein is 80 feet wide.

case of minerals." by Stewart. C. and I understand that this display is in part made to show the world the vast resources of the country through which this system of railroad passes. Notice particularly.. notice section of immense beech tree and tine cherry lumber. the other extending through Atlanta. to Birmingham. radishes 10 inches in diameter.. onions 16| inches in circumference. Ga. among the 150 varieties of woods. McPhail is in charge of these exhibits and willingly imparts any information desired concerning them. all in cases back of tables containing minerals also. Its remarkable collection of woods used in manufacturing. among which and an ore out of which steel equaling that of Damascus Blades is made. yielding 162 bushels to the acre rye 7 feet high 37 varieties of grasses. R. and myrtle. : 13 seeking homes. C. manganese. corn with stalks . gold nuggets. It includes rich specimens of gold ore which sells at the mine for |125 per ton. kaolin. C. Capt. through Virginia to Charlotte. cab41 pounds. Ala. Hood. notice particularly the tine display of Tennessee marbles and several varieties taken from same quarry. section of tree which has been coked.. with straw measuring 1| inches in circumference and 6 feet in length oats 7 feet high. including beautiful specimens of the wavy maple. including principally coal and iron. N. with heads 16 inches long. H. N. &c. System.000 pounds. iron in every form..300 pounds to the acre.000. as follows. free milling and placer varieties. . quartz. 42 varieties of wheat. &c.PRACTICAL. specimens of manufactures. On entering this exhibit. and many other minerals. for variety of useful and rich mineral ores and timber. . is certainly wonderful. hops growing 2. The view is taken from a point showing crater. larly the collection of precious gems. including timothy 7 feet high. one line going to Augusta. C. bage Richmond and Danville R. and with iron and coal exhibit. This system extends from Alexandria. hanging on rear wall. next to rear aisle. Attention is called to the rich exhibit of silver are the rich Bessemer ores. carrots 32 inches long. from Birmingham. where the road branches. Ga. R. War . soapstone. copper. . The mineral and wood resources from which these specimens are procured are said to exist in the greatest abundance. Ala. granite. burl (knot) maple. some of which yielded 61 bushels to the acre. almonds. potato 8| pounds. C. East Tennessee and Virginia R. see Gopher wood. . Va. This rich deposit extends along the line of road 400 miles in the form of sulphides. nearly 19 feet high. viz Oil painting of "Mt. finished curly maple and cherry lumber. The exhibit made by this railroad system.. Ala. and in large piece on table. back of these. and its display is collected from along its line. and lead. Mr. zinc.. among woods. rubies.. feldspar and mipafor porceNotice particulain. diamonds. amethysts. quartz. Next exhibit is a part of the collection of this same system. wood. turnips 39 pounds. one specimen of coal weighs 26. rutabagas weighing 58 pounds.. including emeralds. to Birmingham.. ciaily to those COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and is an excellent piece of art it is valued at Near this picture are specimens of most beautifully etched touch$1. is illustrated how these changes occur.

from which the celebrated Mexican cakes are made examine fruits. NEW MEXICO. in Lincoln " These rocks " county display. which. . used in silver-mining by the ^Aztecs. . and nuts. which is actually used for laundry purposes.000 to 8.000 feet above sea level while her examine black wheat. . including a cave. assaying $3. of gold. assaying $1. The blankets on exhibition were made by Indians notice also.000 feet above sea level. . . notice the celebrated Mexican adobe brick. also samples of 62 kinds of grasses and millet. which the Mexicans use in making wine at end of table. good for use Senora wheat. and should be carefully examined. of which Mexican houses are built. and fine display of wines. for which building materials were brought from Spain. . . accompanied by their crossing aisle. wild hops. at rear of Socorro county exhibit." much of the ore displayed is very rich. church.000 per ton. to secure certainty of its blooming this year. and if they are wet with water you will see the picture most effectively brought out. . mineral exhibit. This territory is making an exceedingly novel and attractive display. Indian tanned sheep and goat skins. <fcc. very peculiar Mexican beans. The angora wool display the birds you see are mountain quails cases of Grant county ore. The bags contain carbonate silver sand. which were excavated 300 feet below the surface. .000 for gold per ton see bags of lentils. back of which is a mirror. in alcove. notice flower and stalks of century plant. see wonderful petrifactions and honey-comb sand. . pyramid of genuine Blosburg coal and coke made from it on top of coal. the small one was obtained 13. see large collection of work : . containing very rich ores. with seven ears on one stalk. and near these fire-proof stone and marble on next -table beyond.200 per ton. precious minerals. and rude step-ladders. and very near observe enormous sweet potatoes. On returning to the aisle. j ust mentioned at the corner. ing has charge of this exhibit. some weighing 18 pounds. indicating the peculiar way this plant blossoms. observe ruins of old Spanish . of bullion and ore. notice large leather cask. Leaving this exhibit. raisins. Leaving this. scattered effectively around within the cave will also be found wonderful specimens ortSopper ore.14 PRACTICAL. nearly all raised from 6. for this Exposition. silver. so constructed as to represent stalactites hanging within. . . commencing with agricultural display. next pyramid and table containing agricultural productions. . plums. petrified timber. in Santa Fe county. some of the specimens assaying $20. enter Colorado. . COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. . notice display made by Billing's Smelting Works. 16 feet high. and oats. soap plant. notice particularly the wonderful forest rocks. medicinal and dyeing plants see corn 15 feet high. and very kindly furnishes any desired information. mining-tools. mining-baskets. and near there. in the electric light reflects the stalactites. to the right. in which the bees make their honey. is a dummy representing a "prospector. you next examine New Mexico. wild rye. are beautifully painted by the hand of Nature. and copper the large display of ore on the left is from Socorro county upon the ore. . minerals from Lincoln county. and nectarines especially. In front of cave are photographs of Indian students of Albuquerque. for it is very beautiful back of this see petrified wood also large and small century plants..

including nuggets of silver. &c.000 feet high. illustrating farming by irrigation. The base.000. and collection of mineral specimens in cases of Span Aspen and Vellejho mines. back of exhibit. the left side of which displays the Royal Gorge and Grand Canon of the Arkansas river. 15 miles long and 6 miles wide.000. which is the Pike's Peak Region. viz: Remarkable agricultural display in alcove.000 per ton. Pitkin Co. Heistand.000. In front of the mountains is a miniature landscape. barley and rye from every nation in the world. Just beyond this in background is grand and very natural-looking Colorado and Rocky Mountain scenery. built of mineral ores. pumping works. where the first discovery of silver was made in the state. Notice particularly as follows. notice anthracite coal varieties of building stone rich gold and silver ores from various . 5 feet square at base. from State Agricultural College. inclusive. In going towards next exhibit. Ore from Span mine. rich gold.000 per ton.000. and manufactured goods.000 per ton.. train. showing chloride of silver gold ore from Gold Cup mine... topaz on amazon stone. The mineral ore near this collection is much of it very rich. formed by chasms in mountain side. tine gold quartz. and statistics of mineral products for 6 years. mines fine specimen from Excelsior mine. showing the signal station 14. G-. represents in size the quantity and value of silver. worth $60. Next back is miner's cabin. In front of Gunnison Co. native jet. The whiteness of straw is by reason of no rain. Gunnison Co. notice views of Leadville in 1877 and 1884. statistics of production. of wheat from Palestine. is 10 feet high and 2 feet square at top. exhibit from 200 mines. and in large chamber miners at work. &c. fall wheat changed from spring wheat.000. done by students.. silver. and illustration of the passing through of a Denver and Rio Grande R. Here the silver and gold obelisk shows the silver arid gold taken from this district.200 feet above sea level. very fine. The Mount of the Holy Cross. The gold. <fcc. assaying $2. mine. The mineral exhibit of state divided among counties.. Next. $5. See specimens of silver bullion. notice Leadville exhibit of ores. See reservoir and different methods of irrigation.. Chinese oats that are hulless. whose walls are 3. see exhibit of Clear Creek Co. J.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and towards the private mineral collection of Mr. which has produced $2. of Manitou Springs Co. and silver ores. See gold brick and silver bullion. This exhibit is for sale. which are covered with perpetual snow. Notice statistics on panels of this and Grande Co. .. . There is so much of interest in this exhibit that I can only call attention to the leading features.R. chambers. some assaying $2. its shafts. Next. This mining territory. and copper ores. Returning. Next back in cabinet is a model showing a silver mine. and a rounded boulder taken out 270 feet down in solid rock. Next. Arizona. the highest point in the world inhabited by man. Chaffe Co. .. giving total of 97 millions. and after leaving the cabin you come to Gilpin Co. . moss agates. and contains fine specimens from all is parts of the state.000 last year. from 1878 to 1884. Also Pike's Peak. Back of this. In this alcove is also front is work in wood and iron. This cross is 300 feet high. 15 COLORADO. $15. native grasses. and represents in This county also shows rich gold size and value the gold taken. In distant background are seen Snow Range peaks. has produced 30 millions of dollars. 8 feet square and 5 feet high. second crop of oats from one sowing. assaying $3.

and free gold on it. and other points have demonstrated their richness. you find The best exhibit of the territory is conrich silver ores from Pima county. equaled in the world. and fornia. Tucson. with lead and silver bullion. . is the fine collection of mineral specimens of Prof. from Pima county. Should there have been any doubts as to the wealth of the territo?y in this direction. . Turning about and taking cases on the other side. In this case is also a fine specimen of green copper. Arizona. as follows. which is a collection of petrified or silicified wood from what is known as the petrified forest of Apache county. Cochise is probably the richest mining county in the territory. . tarantalus and centipedes in bottles. including the Gila monster. 25 per cent copper specimens surrounding this mass of copper from 50 different mines. The last case in row contains rich gold and silver ores from Globe district.16 PRACTICAL. its display here will certainly remove them. and represents all the varieties of ore in the territory. which is the richest copper mine in the territory also.000 square miles. C. for it is not generally known that Arizona could produce these articles. including 2. of copper and $290 gold and silver. ARIZONA. produced from a weed which grows abundantly in the desert display of sugar cane and cotton from Salt River valley. pomegranates. Globe district. . many native reptiles and insects. including copper with gold and silver and bullion. R. The mining interests are as yet in the infancy of their development. The rocks on this cube indicate the character of rock lying above the copper. Commencing where the exhibit joins Cali- Though much Large display of copper ore from the Dominion mine. still large portions of it are rich in agricultural and grazing lands. and Indian pottery an excellent kind of tanning material. large cube of copper weighing 1. skin of rattlesnake 40 feet long. and It contains a kind of silver unis one of the finest exhibits at the exposition. This collection is worth $20. or crystallized carbonate of lead.500 specimens remarkable for rarity and richness and also the most novel feature of the exhibit. Arizona diamond. Since the opening of the S. Next see collection of ore from Yavapaia county. R. 96 per cent. running from $40 to $4. Wores. honey. and next Colorado space. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. P.000 for bullion alone.000. viz: . specimens of fire-clay. No other state can produce such a novelty. and cerusite. and is from the Silver King mine. tained in the high velvet-lined cases at your right. In the rear of exhibit see case of vanadimite and wulfernite. particularly. pyramid of silver and gold ore from Cochise county. exhibit of wheat. fruits. great variety of copper and rich horn silver ores from same mine next three exhibits include large specimens from Queen mine. which is lead crystallized. The next cases contain rich silver ores from Casa Grande district. . quite an interesting feature. it has taken a high rank in the production of minerals. . . Back of this. R.000 per ton.. The next case contains Tombstone ore of lead and free gold The third case contains ores also. should be carefully studied. of the territory is mountainous. the largest weighing 7. Mariposa county. apples. Pinal county. See among it gold and silver nuggets. or malachite.325 pounds. notice. This territory has an area of 114. Turning to right.000 of acres. but discoveries at Tombstone. the first case of mineral shows the changes in ore as it passes through the process of smelting.100 pounds. from IT ma county. See also mountain sheep. or 72.

casts showing elephant's tracks. Jones. including a burl (knot) of red wood. also the white sage honey. table of vegetables and grains. See photographs of prominent .000 per ton. which has petrified within last eight years see. proceed towards center. Notice particularly. to left. next. near Nevada county exhibit. See following petrifactions J. near by. methods of extracting same five southern counties of the state produced 10. driven inside of mountain at a. examine wood display. in which see yellow and sugar pine. near this. The display includes several private cabinets. silver ore. tooth. in which is ostrich eggs. and tusk. table of remarkable vegetables. with silk display. in fact. and lemon tree. to right. polished woods. S. (1853. and sweet potatoes 39 pounds. among which are those belonging to Senator products. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. farther on. next. mines. and near. Mr. section of first big tree discovered.000 per ton. and near them specimen of the Yucca Draconis tree. sandstone with wedge in it. threshes. beet weighing 81 pounds.PRACTICAL. Havener. Sacramento county. 17 NEVADA. also the state exhibit and Specimens of ore are shown which assay $20. specimens showing gold. next. squash weighing 222 pounds. used for making fibrous material read card of explanation. toward Arizona. and original drawings of great Sutro Tunnel. beautiful column of borax.600 The product of the Nevada mines has already feet. next. W. which is very large and fine. next. Dowling. This state makes a commendable display of agricultural and horticultural showing fine potatoes and apples of latter. next. Tola county exhibit. copper. is Sonora county. and near it is its bark. model of Centennial harvester. to drain the great mines. bearing fruit. 8 miles in length and from 8 to 16 feet in diameter. on right. section of red wood tree. The principal feature of its exhibit is the wonderful collection of minerals and photographs relating to mining interests. M. the entire state exhibit will repay the closest examination. Carefully examine each of the collections. silver. red wood plank 6| feet wide. worth $21. table of fruits. which cuts.000 per ton.) cut 100 feet from butt. tional Grange exhibit. as they are very fine and rich. granulations of gold and silver ores from the Comstock mine. to left. 2 .000 tons of honey during last year. Shaw. San Joaquin county exhibit. depth of 1. see immense grape vine continuing onward. made from white sage bush. and sacks forty acres of wheat a day. also. lies flat 011 floor. which is included in the Southern Pacific exhibit. Na.000. as follows. of which see specimen. these were found in sand 40 feet below the surface. remarkable grasses and grains. been $500. Commencing near wall of the building with botanical display. and measuring 17 feet in diameter. beyond this. and mercury together. and case of polished woods made into . that of the Pacific Coast Pioneers. CALIFOENIA. section of immense pine tree. a man's foot 22 inches long. the honey exhibit.000. piece of fence-post with a nail in it. notice beautiful rosycheeked lady apples. 39 inches thick at right. and see case in which is a pair of gloves made of a woman's skin. in which see remarkable one year's growth of black walnut. viz: Gold nuggets from rocks which yielded $100. gold leaf. : Bird's-nest with eggs in it. next.

which cost . showing resources of state in the rear are pillars of salt and coal next. <fcc. and specimens Its University of free-hand drawing and design. mechanical engineering. you find the display of excellent woods next. cereals. nuts. including tile and brick made therefrom." The grand stair and bridges are work of the University Students. honey erals. . around the walls. . woods. outside. from one firm. . . sugars and articles manufactured from them see here sorghum flour. collected by the Illinois Humane Society. . . including building stones. see instruments of cruelty to animals. fruits.000.. Wood. near center of exhibit. .18 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. . architectural drawing and structure. and shows. by Jean Smith. Assistant Commissioner. are cases of native wood next. cloths. and specimens from Economic Geology in cases. is a case containing one of the most interesting exhibits of the . . 5th case. silver. . and attractive display of canned fruits. Ills. notice in alcove at right. farther along and in center is a collection of seeds and grain farther back is an octagon pagoda. . sleeve-buttons. Esq.000. and vegetables. 640 different samples of grain seed. next. viz : Commencing at the Illustrations of live stock side of building. particularly." specimens of clay. . . pass directly to Illinois and view exhibit as directed. &c.. mineral display of gold. in many respects. $1. including the "bed of roses. of manufacturing. is quite different from others. on right. wines. interesting photographic views of mining interests and native scenery. so that the viewer can see for himself what food is composed of and which is most nutritive. on right. samples of beet-sugar. and therefore exhibits min- dairy products. state the analysis of every cereal. is cheese and butter display in 3d case on left.. at side of exhibit are models and specimens . on left. The object of this state is to show its resources. is the art work of the Industrial University. which is very creditable and deserves careful examination on this wall are two excellent paintings. display of native woods notice group entitled "Childhood's Palmy Days. Commencing nearest the wall of building. WISCONSIN. . vegetables. grains. ILLINOIS. and other scenery in the state the Lincoln and Douglas monuments fine map exhibit by Rand. and leather. 7th case. wool exhibit photographs showing Chicago burned and rebuilt. of Chicago. tobacco. California is the leading seed-producing state in the Union. E. ." designed by E. with every property contained in the cereal surrounding it. palm leaf stripped and made into basket and hat cotton. entitled "The Post" and "The Finish. Leaving this state. fruits. notice. Japanese persimmons. is work of the schools of Aurora. 6th case. bunch of peanuts as they grow. that at farther side is of beginners. also the wood and iron work in cases to the right the viewer will find in case mechanism representing all forms of motion next. The exhibit of this state. makes a wonderful display in manufactures of wood and iron. McNally <fc Co. particularly. and private mineral cabinet worth $10. and copper ores. as follows. and in front that of the High School on panels of this room or alcove. potatoes 4th case.

line flint corn . . value of products. as follows. kaolin. farm products. As you enter the space. of Lafayette. each case complete. . . . a piece of flag from Sir John Franklin's ship. the third and last costing 12. Indiana nearest wall. &c. excellent collection of woods. it is When making this Commencing tiful encaustic at the state house. see on back wall illustra. and notice improvements. MICHIGAN. it must be a matter of surprise. twisted with blue. which contains many beautiful and interesting articles. 19 notice here the process of preventing honey from crystallizing by heating to 130 degrees. cases of fleece and samples of wool. Entering space next to wall. 14th. statistics of public schools map of state up to date notice what it shows. and 16th cases. Ind. INDIANA.500. 13th. . . including tools and farming implements display of nuts and honey model of the Quaker Brick Machine. you find the educational exhibit. linen lace lambrequin. viz The beautile display. with process of manufacture. and china made from it cases of Indian relics. wheat labeled left. to see manufactures. This state exhibits her resources in substantial and staple products of which she stands at the head. screen case containing handpainted china. varieties of . farming lands. including crimson plush altar cloth.000 bed-room set. . acres of land. area in square miles. . tions showing the three capitols which the state has had. you are at once made aware of the fact by banners suspended from a very tasty railing inclosing the entire exhibit. three plates and beautiful wood inlaying and mosaic work by Mrs. notice particularly. for the exhibit is such now as to be commended on all hands. on returning . on small boat. . see panels covered with native grasses and grains the White county collection of corn Sugar Valley Seed Company's exhibit Gibson county grain and vegetable exhibit display of goods from the Evansville Cotton and Woolen Mills. The head-quarters are tastefully arranged. and farther on will be adorned with a $1. known that the commissioner and his assistants have labored in wonderful display without any state appropriation. which is very com- . and that what has been accomplished has been by individual enterprise. sofa pillow embroidered in poppies. fleece weighing as much as 35 pounds in last large case is a portion of the Women's Exhibit. made of Indiana clay at Indianapolis moving : . and wheat from which it is made llth and 12th cases. doylies.. . from a different mill. including 73 varieties of bean seeds 9th and 10th cases. variety of needle-work and painting. new style of wire fence which surrounds head-quarters only made in this state display of coal. from which is suspended a banner upon which very full statistics are given of population. 8th case. charts showing work of inmates of blind asylum on other side. Leaving this state.000. mineral statistics. . flour. Alexander Mitchell. and contain fine portraits of Governor Porter and Governor-elect Gray.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. including caiinei coal. seeds. and fine oil paintings by Miss Eva Stein. enter . Farther along is the school exhibit. table and piano covers. among which notice. back. 15th.

bar. mass. a pyramid of salt forms one of the conspicuous displays from the Michigan Salt Association. of Manistee county. "1st" in fresh water fisheries. showing the graded system of education of Michigan. Imitation in panels for cabinet work. Pass from this State into Ohio. PRACTICAL. where he receives his "sheep skin. The Lake which is classified. Passing this. into and through the University. valuable cabinet specimens of cop- gypsum. as it is susceptible of perfect cleavage in any size or thickness to right. also the manufacture of same into an article largely in demand now for paint or calcium. &c. among . to and through the high school. Noble. A pyramid of gypsum. "4th" in quantity. Large sections of trees and planks from various lumber companies through the State. Michigan stands at the head " " in staple products " 1st in copper " 1st in iron-ore and charcoal pig-iron "1st" in forestry and lumber. as they are used for interior decoration." entitling. made of native woods. The free-school system. as shown by the Detroit Copper and Brass Rolling-mill. This is an entirely original idea of Mr. Michigan may well feel proud of her resources. The collection of M. of all the States in the Union. the general manager in charge. comprising over 800 samples. 13 panels from H. to concentrate much into little space. which comes prepared in all colors. the agricultural college. where you will see a pyramid of jugs. very complete and properly showing every variety and family of the native woods. a can from Mt. and the Plumb <fe Lewis Manufacturing Company of Grand Rapids. "4th" in wool. . containing mineral water from the "Owen Well. in rock. a very fine display. so that he who runs may read. but "1st" in quality of wheat. Menomine iron range . Passing on. George <fe Son. him to all the rights and privileges of a gentleman and scholar. make this an interesting section of the exhibit. Superior slate in different forms as prepared for market rior to This slate is supe- slate yet discovered. the Marquette and per. and the University. and of the way they are represented to the public for examination.. Clement's mineral springs. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. of Detroit. showing one of the valuable resources of the state. for use. In center of space is one of the most complete and tastefully arranged cereal displays in the Government Building. "1st" in salt. To the left. shows over 400 samples. you are surrounded on all sides by minerals copper from all the mines of Lake Superior." or diamond finish. ready to mix with water. giving the largest variety of any state in the Union. iron. and "1st" : . made by the Veneer and Panel Company. you have to your right the potato exhibit. the Agricultural College collection. on through each year and grade." Ypsilanti. which can be entered by any one without any charge of tuition you will here see pupil's work from the first year and grade. showing the varieties of native grain. which contains over 600 varieties. including the primary. called " alabastine. ingot. Passing on. fine display of iron ores from all the large mines of any . in apples. and plate. Engelman.20 plete. and its various forms of manufacture. and at the same time give information regarding the resources of the state in general. is the elegant forestry display. . you enter the mineral display. the largest number in the United States.

74 inches in height. Conn. in center.. of itself. variety and excellent quality of slate. notice. You next visit Vermont. illustrations of school-houses. . 20 cases of mound builders' remains. Quaker City. with which is women's domesa very fine display see. embroidered in gold tinsel fine display of novelty work geological curiosities from celebrated "brown stone" quarries of Connecticut Valley. comprise a large display of agricultural products. particularly. maps illustrating geology. . Commencing at Commissioner's Office. mill products of grains. oats. pagoda of grains. Indian mounds. 32 oases of wool. . Notice. weighing 200 pounds. 21 OHIO. and enter Connec. Next enter Massachusetts. glass tic department. history. fine silk and merino hosiery brass goods in case near this. in imitation of the particularly. Leaving this exhibit. Entering this state from Ohio. you find its exhibit made up largely of manufactured goods. case of fine cutlery. ticut. Buckingham. archaeology. made of native woods. by Cincinnati School of Design." and alongside of it a modern kitchen it has a beautiful slate roof. collection of native woods'. The was state house. is an ornament. S. agricultural display. see beautiful bird's-eye maple and veneers. educational display. carved wood work and hammered brass. play celebrated Barnard panther. outside near the Government Building. next to Michigan Department. next. among woods. yet Though it is making this state late in getting her exhibit in its space and arranged. showing fruits preserved globes. of plated and porcelain ware. 16 feet wide. In front of this house is an arch of marble and granite 17 feet high. turn to your left. next. geological collection. this state The exhibits of women's work. . . . Notice deep. including 140 varieties of wheat. particularly. including specimens 6. great . art. also. . 20 cases of fleece. railroads. with name of state in red letters. cabinets native woods. VERMONT. with photographs of the sheep from which they were taken display of vegetables. and topography. under clock. including wheat. specimens representing geology of state. viz: Carved work of Cincinnati School of Design. .PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. of Hartford. women's work. Woods. next. 12 cases of samples wood. and grasses carefully examine. corn. and samples. entering nearest to state-house. containing a kitchen of " an hundred years ago. fruit display. blades. manufactured by Quaker City Window Glass Co. both by E. exquisite display of tapestry goods in raw silk. and a bear weighing over 200 pounds. 4 cases of art pottery from Cincinnati. case containing busts in clay of Tennyson's "Merlin and Vivian. and an apiary of 100 swarms.<15 feet. next to wall of building. . as follows. including birch veneering from which furniture is made excellent display of marbles fine dairy dis. CONNECTICUT. a display which attracts universal attention and interest." also bust of Gov. including a knife with 35 . Ohio see on wall. and 7 feet " Arch of Titus " in Rome. specimens of wool. in fleece. case.

2 French rapiers. Rhode Island. equipped for halibut fishing also Low's Life Saving Service. in next alcove. Commencing next to New Hampshire. placed on low columns From this state you pass into finest granite displayed at the Exposition. Watchman's hook. or fish boat. industrial exhibit of Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded see on wall n ear this. fine samples of woolen blankets. pewter bowl and spoon. notice display of Chelsea Art Casting Company. the fisheries. used by him while on Washington's staff. A blackboard made of soapstone. case of native woods. captured in the Revolution 1 Continental Light infantry musket. 2 Bayonne daggers. containing a sword Watchman's rattle. . which should be carefully examined.) 4 Continental bayonets. Turkish scimiter. General Knox's . Samuel Adam's shoe-buckles. fisheries. shearing machine case showing wonderful exhibit of foxes. 1 Captain's pike.22 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. rivers. cards of every description. Proceed from this exhibit to New Hamp. justly celebrated for their chrornos. sword carried at Bunker Hill. and Continental money. viz: profile map of state. art-work. for bean porridge 4 pewter porringers. 6 Continental newspapers. wonderful invalid bed. . apple machines. MASSACHUSETTS. is designed to show principally the educational and and her industrial resources. worn at Washington's inauguration. and others here is shown new processes of photo-etching.. notice particularly collection of relics loaned by Benjamin Perley Poore. &c.) representing the mountains. mantles. . . Revolutionary. . saddle. . consisting of bronze placques. very fine specimens of granite. and especially building stone. (lying flat. armour. display of Prang & Co. and the Photo-Engraving Company. I Sergeant's halberd. author of "Star Spangled Banner. Notice particularly as follows.. Revolutionary cartridge-box. Don't fail to notice. . map of statistics of state and her schools table of minerals. The exhibit of this state charitable institutions. pistols of Captain Key. 1 French musket. Estes & Lauriat. 3 British muskets. Esq. . in alcove. (original bayonet. lithographing. on other side of partition a dory. NEW HAMPSHIRE. shire. smoking tongs. of Boston. birds. &c. Revolutionary. and valleys. Revolutionary. and reproduction of art-work by recasting art-work of Industrial School art. Read card on it. General Knox's shoe-buckles. next. This is the Also. Lafayette's Masonic collar and gloves.work of Massachusetts Normal School and further along. including building stone. Heliotype Printing Company. Alexander Hamilton's camp-kettle. 1 Lieutenant's half pike. . . Colonial rapier. . and fancy articles. principally at Manchester. Turning to left. The exhibit from this state consists largely in textile fabrics from several different factories. John Randolph's pocket pistol. 1 Continental cartridgebox. case of fine worsted goods. 2 pewter plates. British officer's sword." General Wolf's pocket-book. minerals.

which should have the closest attention of all lovers of the beautiful. cotton. Notice particularly the maps and charts of school statistics. and Sandford Mills.PRACTICAL. Indian birch bark canoe. 2d. viz: Model of ship ready . at Commissioner's Desk. with an enormous space of 18. she this time for any former neglect. of robes. and continue on to the Women's Pavilion. canned goods. Notice particularly the collection of birds in the center specimens of various woods.. " of the finest exhibits of the Exposition is the display of " mohair plush made . COMMON SENSK mJIDE BOOK. The exhibit of this state embraces three sections: 1st. upholstery goods. reptiles. birds. and stove used on Greely Expedition. Manufactured Products. fectly as large ship Bar Harbor row boat. wood goods. which is cut from wood trunk . cross the aisle. without viewing. for launching. and elegant boat for trout fishing illustrations of brook trout. and black gros-grain silk in case. but here are represented Jewelry Industry of Providence. drawing. maps. Educational. free-hand and mechanical drawing. and iron novelty manufacture. paper-making from wood. The natural products MAINE. work from School of Design. notice particularly as follows. paper made from wood. table scarfs. vegetables. paper. cotton and woolen inNotice dustry. down to large globe in U. a new material in all conditions necessary for paper-making. The manufactured products are largely represented in Main Building. she is displaying a most interesting Though this state has certainly making up . photographs of Educational Buildings. is never before taken part in a World's Exposition. textiles. TEXAS. and specimens of free-hand and mechanical charts. photographs of school-houses. penmanship. 3d. . Next enter Maine. minerals. for. weighing as much as 10 pounds. This state makes a very interesting display. made by Barston Stove Co. National Products. State Department. else. pass through Patent Office exhibit. 23 RHODE ISLAND. and edge tools. drawing. duck. to main aisle. S. grasses. which finishes the Right Wing. Leaving this state. particularly excellent cotton and woolen goods. which completes the right wing. and enter Texas exhibit in left wing to the left of large globe. consist of animals. ginghams. lumberman's accoutrements. made by Goodall Manufacturing Co.000 feet on Main Floor. carving and clay-molding. granite. which does great credit to itself You will see much here that you can find nowhere In addition to excellent display of grains. of which they sometimes catch. with leaves and autumn foliage. and the Commissioner. wood manufactured from wood One of leatheroid. <fcc. every part of which is made as per. and woods. commencing with exhibit next to Iowa. and showing number and grades and government of schools. The educational consists of examinations. shell fish.

rose quartz. of several state ladies. interest.000 botanical specimens. of Corpus Chnsti. supposed to be 7. the work . and well worth careful examination. See. painted on " Una. minerals. is a profound scholar in this branch of ethnology. rice. table of petrifactions.045. as follows. and Tex. 77. Ac. 360 varieties of grasses. . population. live stock. onyx. 21. in same case also porcelain figures representing the "five senses. Next. comprising 40. iron. near this pagoda. but of very great persons from the north and west. viz: Indian relic on top of case." mattipg. Keller. end is very attractive. shows . wool. and used is cooked as other vegetables for cooking house. entering the Witch's Hut. of Dallas: valued at $1. which are the leading products of the state. . America prior to the Aztecs. on eight panels. . consisting principally of fruits and grains of state. $1. granite. also wonderful table. which displays contributions from the ladies of 30 counties in the state. .485 bushels. .785 bales. Notice particularly. It PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. made of 2 340 of space is the joint exhibit of pieces of Texas timber. oats.) beautiful crystal of fluor spar. as the cotton. . as follows. made by little girl 12 years of age magnolia blossom . an entomological exhibit. LOUISIANA. of which Gumbo is made.24 exhibit. copper.000 specimens in glass cases. 5. decorated with the native birds and flowers. displaying all of Texas woods in mosaic work. wheat. cereal production.317. decorated plate. and will give valuable information regarding these peoples. viz: Screen. Senator Lamar. used as office of Commission.000. them great IS by Mrs. and towards front. as pure asphaltum as there is in the world. and upon this table a water bucket. by Miss Mary S. baculite . with hand-painted tiles. which belonged to Prince Eugene. and cotton production. De Ryee. at rear of pavilion. Notice the two-room house made of curly pine. petrifactions. petrifactions. finished without nail or screw. . $80. and tobacco samples from cotton and woolen mills taxidermy exhibits. . 13.000. Dr.236. and wonderful relics dug up at Corpus Christi. especially to not only varied and extensive. who defeated the Turks. Commencing with the department next to wall. The exhibit of this state is both in their natural growth and wax representations vegetable pear. and cotton.000 years old. in which can be seen many varieties of insects. sugar. <fcc. pass from this exhibit into Louisiana. In center is pagoda. &c. which Okra plant. R. as follows. excellent mica. Notice particularly here.. old books. who existed in Central .136 Numi>er of Schools. belonging to the Maza people. and sugar culture is so well illustrated.000 State Tax. which is 146.211. marble. just beneath the roof. cotton. showing area. doing ing credit j ust above mantel is a paintear the ladies' pavilion are cases containing rare specimens of antiquky. wheat. notice particularly. specimen of zinc ore. 20 cents on $100 Assessed Valuation. viz: Specimens of fruits and flowers. drawn by his sister. corn.000. See specimens of gold. 150 distinct varieties of trees. (immense. chloride of silver. wonderful mantel of fossiliferous limeit is ornamented stone." which belonged to the Empress Josephine. At lower end or front the Mo. See portrait of Frederick Schiller. R. a large panel giving comparative size of state near this. rice. . is the ladies' pavilion. which is dressed with corn. coal..000 head Public School Fund. notice statistics. barley. The state geologist. P.




which beer

species of sunflower, propagated in New Orleans; wild persimmons, of is made fruit dipped in rosin new method of preservation two kinds of silk cocoons the white shows that the worms were fed on osage

orange leaves, the yellow, that they were fed on mulberry leaves. From the cocoons butterflies are hatched, the butterflies lay the eggs, as you see represented these eggs hatch silk-worms, which, after they attain their growth, spin the cocoon of silk, and when the cocoons are used for silk, unwound, the

not permitted to change to butterflies again see samples of raw specimens of jute and bearded rice; the celebrated Perique tobacco, how put up, &c., raised in no other place in the world but St. James Parish cotton displayed in all forms, raw and manufactured next see obelisk showing mechanical products and comparative production of sugar in Louisiana, with other countries general statistics see immense cotton plant as it appears in the field in November it is genuine; next see sugar exhibits the best sugars and blackest molasses are made by the new centrifugal method, and in this way all the molasses is taken out of the sugar the lighter-colored syrups were made by the old open-kettle method. Any person wishing tosee the manufacture of sugar can do so by visiting ex-Governor Warmouth's plantation just below New Orleans. Governor Warmouth extends invitations to all, and boats run to the plantation see samples of sugarcane, the ribbon arid green varieties next see specimens of upland and lowland rice in straw, then as threshed after being threshed, it is taken to the miller and put through a process, hulling and grinding it, obtaining bran, rice-flour, and then rice itself see specimens of each the flour and polish are used for food, the bran is fed to stock see garden showing growth of rice, and obelisk made of rice, showing increase of rice production; specimens of
silk; passing back, see

worms are






Spanish moss and

its preparation, for commerce, collars made from it which are not injurious to horses; specimen of Cassa bean, (look some like large cucumber,) used for preserves and pickling; tea plant, see card of explanation next cotton-seed and its various products near this, don't fail to see, in

their pets," made of cotton, by Mr. Roberts, of New Orleans; wild cane, 30 feet in height, used for fishing-poles arid baskets; on case, a jar of peas which are grown to use vines as a fertilizer, said to be excellent; wonderful display of native woods, in bark and in dressed lumber,

"The aged couple and

cypress, 5 feet in diameter, yellow ash, red maple, curly pine, finished beautifully; table of native nuts, including pecans, which grow wild in great abundance black gumwood dressed, similar to mahogany; see little
150 varieties

model of house containing
of rock
it is



149 varieties of native woods examine it ; column a representation of an inexhaustible supply found in New Iberia very pure notice an aligator 14 feet long native ores and min;

near which is wonderful petrified hickory tree, and a barrel of pork petrified in the river photograph of remarkable twin tree views of sugar plantations, illustrating method of manufacture specimens from sulphur mine, the bed of which is 112 feet thick collections of birds, among which notice "rice bird," and near these, Indian corn-mill. Leaving this state, next take up Mississippi.







The exhibits of this state are deserving of and will repay a careful examination. Commencing at side of building, notice particularly as follows, viz: Wonderful display of canned fruits; immense peaches, and Japanese persimmons, pears, figs, <fec., show the state to be remarkable for fruit-growing; second crop of Irish potatoes, planted in August; jutes, grasses, and cotton 11 feet high, remarkable petrifactions, among them the Zenglodon celordes 73
long specimens of native nuts; excellent display of timber, including a Cyprus 6 feet in diameter, enormous section of sassafras and hickory display


offish, including the blanket fish, (spotted;) the flounder, (peculiar shape;) in jar the floater and balloon fish the stingare, 75 pounds in weight, and is a " great enemy of man. Be sure to see "The Burial of Cock-robin at lower end

of exhibits, valued at $750.

Interesting exhibits are made by state mills; the wine and silk interests are large display of silica and glass specimens of modeling pottery and artistic coloring by Miss Maude Kingsbury specimens of the tea-plant and dried tea. Next enter



This state may well be proud of its exhibit, for it does it great credit, and is the admiration of all visitors. Commencing at side of building, you see Davidson Co., or Middle Tennessee, exhibit, in which are Early Rose potatoes, the second growth this year asparagus, and sweet potatoes next to right Shelby Co. exhibit of excellent silk, cotton, and corn next to right Madison Co. exhibit of enormous sweet potatoes, dried fruits, and cotton next Robinson Co. exhibit excellent tobacco and millet next Giles Co. exhibit, made by Mrs.
; ;






varieties of the

cases at right showing native grasses. You now come to 115 famous Tennessee marble, used so generally for furniture. Notice the pure white and deep, rich chocolate also, the variety known as the landscape marble, white and red, which, when separate, are considered

M. Spofford



the finest
for $ 150

celebrated ocoee granite samples of corn, result of competition General Jackson's sick chair, and furniture made from the Hermitage. In center column of native woods case and pyramid of native seeds next native timber, enormous knot of black walnut, claimed to be worth $1,000 iron and coal golden eagle, Thos. A. Hendricks.







This state has added a new feature to its exhibit by a display of pictures showing the picturesque, fertile, and striking localities of the state. These comprise 625 transparencies, 60 water-color sketches, and 1,100 card photographs, and should be carefully viewed; in rear next to wall, beautiful collection of preserved fruits and vegetables, by a new process, and vastly important to housekeepers; next, fine collection of timber, comprising white oak and ash, beach, white and yellow poplar; 65 varieties of timber from one county, (Henderson;) coal exhibit, including fine cannel, from undeveloped portion of state, one vein 9 feet 7 inches, and another 7 feet 9 inches excellent



(abundant;) specimens of grasses and grains; specimens of soil from each county display of iron-ores and building stone fine display of tobacco and hernp. Next enter Alabama.

is largely that of the Louisville and Nashville R. R. The state represented by Prof. Charles Mohr, of Mobile. Commencing with exhibit at end next to center, you find the mineral display, mostly from Birmingham District notice particularly specimens of coal weighing 10 tons specimens of two fossil trees, one lying in sections alongside the pile of coal, the other back of large specimen of coal; iri these, knots are visible. Iron ore, very rich and excellent, weighing from 5 to 7 tons. Farther on grains and grasses, 180 varieties. See Guinea grass cut 3 times a season near this Chinese Sugar-cane j ust back, cotton-seed cake used for feeding in bag near it, meal used for fertilizing; to left, towards Missouri, see cresoted wood. Farther along, specimens of fine timber, among which are white ash, yellow poplar, white oak, chestnut, black walnut, wild cherry, cypress, longleaf, or hard yellow pine, curly pine. Octagon pavilion made of Alabama woods and another of Southern pine. Near this, section of immense cypress. Building stone, among which should be noticed fine-grained limestone, finished building stones, crystallized limestone other valuable stones and fire-clays. Very fine kaolin, or porcelain, earth used for highest grade of porcelain, (No. 48,) asbestus, corundum,
; ;

The exhibit




(No. 52.)

In alcove next
to wall is the art

department, containing some fine speci;

mens from the Art Museum of St. Louis, also fine exhibit of birds. To left, work of Hydraulic Press Brick Co., of St. Louis notice fine work in fire-place. Work of inmates of State Blind Asylum. Next to art display is work from
Convent of Blessed
Sisters, at St. Louis.

Farther on, towards front,



of grains, largely from their Agricultural College. Farther on towards front, the Women's Department, consisting of antiquities, fancy-work, &c.; it makes a good exhibit of minerals, timbers, grasses, cotton, and manufactured articles.


this state, pass




This state has great variety of climate and soil, and its immense exhibit includes all the grains and every textile fiber produced by all the other states. Its resources are very great, and as their development is in its infancy, a careful examination of its exhibits will be of interest to the viewer and the state. Notice particularly 137 varieties of timber, 75 of which are commercial woods, specimen of white oak, best in the world, cypress, ash, black walnut, yellow pine, gum tree, and method of preparing last-named, so that it will not warp. Section of huckleberry bush, 12 inches in diameter. Sections of immense grape vine, sumach, elderberry, sassafras, hickory, and oak. Case of commer-

Arkansas honestone. Queen and Crescent R : . beauI iron. in Miss. with Japan and . . 93 C in tiful ferns in fire-clay. Ala. . Notice particularly large smoky quartz. It has a large display of minerals and woods.. Pa. Private Mineral Collection of A. . and are worthy of attention. R." the first steamer prettily in book form model of old steamship which crossed the ocean also model of the new u Savannah. ex. .. ex. and turpentine and rosin made from it. which is distilled." now on line to Europe old Indian relics its minerals and metals are beautifully displayed in cases. M. ex. This exhibit is collected from eight states. or the Erlenger Syndicate. . exhibit. . see . and here also you will seethe process of manufacture sections of pine tree showing the cut made necessary to collect the resin. the rosin is the residuum left after the turpentine is made you will see different grades of this rosin see cases showing the manufacture of cotton in all forms. remarkable fire-clay in Ala. the earth iron. gypsum and wonderful block of quartz. A. The locomotive to be here was built by this company from materials obtained along its route. from Pike's Peak. cases displa3 ing large quantities of quartz crystals. . coal and iron display in Ky. Leaving this state cross the aisle and view the Queen and Crescent R. pounds. This collection weighs 26 tons. Foote. . As you enter the exhibit from Arkansas. besides many other objects of interest. .. this state occupies but a small place in this Exposition. viz In La. Before leaving the state. tobacco in all its forms. the private mineral collection of Mr. corn. it is well- and its exhibit will be of great interest to visitors. as it displays naval stores and the process of manufacturing turpentine and rosin. woods.000 . cases of china made from Alabama clay (Kaolin) Tenn. GEORGIA. . . fine feld- . . you find the still with which the turpentine is distilled. and see his method of manufacturing Arkansas diamonds. be sure to visit Mr. J. Notice particularly as follows. both hematite and magnetic wares made | of clay.28 cial PRACTICAL. to this Exposition. and clover 7 feet high 150 varieties of native grasses sugarcane. which is a novel feature to many. from near Birmingham. Blake. iron as melted in excellent iron ore 73% red hematite used for paint piece of brown . coal from seven different mines. K. California clover. Pass towards center and enter r Georgia. and then passing its pagoda. Esq. . Desk of 30 . a pitch pine grown into an oak .. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. ex. intended to bring President Arthur weighing 10. large and interesting display. varieties of native woods. Though filled. and contains many very interesting specimens. from the cotton-mills in different parts of the State native woods put up very " Savannah. of Philadelphia. ex. Its grasses. and cotton iron ores.. through which it controls roads. Foote.

1814 the wonderful Entomological collection^in cases. .. steel. &c. from Yellow Stone Park large crystals of beryl geological map showing the different strata forming the earth's surface. Next you come to Pennsylvania. report of conductor in 1831. photographs of . in 1840 see ufactured in . made of vulcanized rubber. R. where see specimens of cold bent iron and steel. . the first coupon ticket. Fancy wood work by C. books. brought to America by early Pilgrims. containing models of birds of state. around which are cases. . and gutta-percha. which are in Commissioner's office. more than 1. and model of plow used in laying it under ground alongside of thisisthenew"Selden Sextuplex Telegraph. In cases see relics of old linen. adjoining. the "Cooper.000. . MARYLAND.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Next. The colors of this state. photographs of fine scenery along B. silver plated. wood. Treat is made of two or three thicknesses of wood. and has a small space here. clay. man- London 1789 piano and state council table of Lord Baltimore. The center of exhibit has the model Battle Monument of Baltimore. illustrated in brick front. remarkable stalactites of chalcedony tree trunks of agate lined with amethysts. The Baltimore and Ohio exhibit. . representing house 16 feet high. . model of original Morse Telegraph and section of wire.200 specimens. original of first message ever sent. Commencing at wall adjoining Pennsylvania. models of wooden vessel. in glass cases. . electric engine of 1851 . case of minerals from Delaware College model of vessel. . which was by Mrs. enameled Though this is a small state tastefully arranged. second engine. specimens from wood. are very conspicuous. an old vesper bell. notice how light in weight. . observe. finest in this country. R. taken from its coat-of-arrns. read cards. . PENNSYLVANIA. in case. & O. Pass from this state into Delaware. road in elegantly furnished alcove of B. the "Grasshopper. and the first passenger car ever used in America of first railroad track laid in America. in 1682 old bomb-shell fired by British in attack on Fort McHenry. notice particularly samples of manufactured work of Diamond. . Notice display of canned goods. knitting machine case of birds. which cost $3. . near Models. DELAWARE. & O. <fe O." built and run by Peter Cooper in 1830. for placques. ornamental brick and terra-cotta work. the production of Cusho Machine Co. tread-mill car. pertaining to early days of B.. in rear of state exhibit models of first locomotive run in America. . The alcove is used mainly for display of manufactured goods and oil paintings of governors. it is well filled and The display consists largely in manufactured articles. Vulcanized Fire Co. also. R. Steel and Iron Co. R. Madison. in iron. H. one of the most beautiful of the exhibits. . <fe Co." models of sail section car. &c. 29 spar from same place large quartz in rock crystal beautiful amethysts. black and yellow. "the latest improvement. cotton cans. which Also. Notice particularly the piano of Charles Carroll.

and is extremely interesting. see cabinets showing mineral resources so far as practicable. . This collection of stone shows the varieties used in the state capitol at Albany beautiful and unique ophite-spotted marble of Lake Champlain district. and commencing illustrations of school and college buildings. It includes bituminous. anthracite. the state has shown the resources and their practical use. and timber. seini-bitu- minous. . and terra-cotta. . zinc ores. all worthy of careful examination. The lettering is on carved coal. clays. excellent clays. monument of building stone 15 feet high. art work of schools. This state has a large and interesting display. Notice particularly as folIts fine exhibit of fossils. . their manufactures. and brick. . as shown by comparison with samples of each. Yorktown Centennial vase improved ice casket. notice light-colored pair. Indian School and students at Carlisle. glass sands. . and splint coal it exhibits coal from a Notice among this exhibit the celebrated splint coal. <fcc. of Philadelphia. weighing 3. Hare. and for this purpose it displays iron ores. WEST VIRGINIA.30 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. viz : . The variety of its coal display is unequaled at the Exposition. display of native minerals. Read table of the state's leading industries on the wall overhead. and crockery. which are used as fertilizers. of which it posabundance. fine collection of wine from lowlands. sesses a great This state displays principally its coal. including drawing and original designs third. JERSEY. In this alcove also are interesting views. Powell & Co. marble. . Next take up in alcove you see first. charts giving complete statistics of public schools. West Virginia. In case of tine shoes. New York. . . . read card of explanation 12 varieties of cranberries. beautifully decorated. In center is an art building.. containing excellent display. made of flowers. terra-cotta. wampum manufacture. Wonderful display of copper work display of Reading Coal and Iron Co. See display in open frame work. second. Near this. among which are tooth of Mastodon and oyster shell. NEW lows. peacock. grains. . iron. by Robt. Notice name of state. Pennsylvania. Next. From this state enter New Jersev. particularly fine photographs and oil paintings among school exhibits in alcove fine American-Scotch granite. Notice tile. Next. much superior to the foreign Scotch granite. see huge block of anthracite coal. school display with the state exhibit. S. This school is the great peace-maker between the whites and Indians. illustrating the state manufacture. iron ore. glass display from Pittsburgh. and fruits. case of relics from battle-rield at Gettysburg. worth $25. woods. case of minerals see lodestone. cannel. made from their own material examine carefully.255 pounds. NEW This state unites its YORK. U. and asbestus. Examine specimens of green sands. Pa. which re14-foot vein.

.. . also the butterfly toad great variety of tobacco 42 feet in circumference. derful leopardite marble.) from Shenandoah Valley upon this case see stalactites from Weyer's Cave the third. (red. Near center. < minerals. weighing 50 pounds . tar.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. The woods displayed in crude and polished form. (purple. &c. and manganese. Indian relics. (yellow. grains. . down at will. collection of the Hidden gems and diamonds. native woods. . iron. including coal. See. Hidden nuggets of native gold. silver. chess-board of marbleized slate. sembles and . tobacco.) from the tide-waters of Virginia. The first. and pitch industry table made of 40 kinds of work pavilion made of dressed woods. Entering this state at the end nearest center. . and samples. display of cotton. 31 is nearly as hard as the anthracite. you reach a series of five tables containing minerals from different portions of the state. clay. very beautifully polished section of petrified tree fishery exhibit. . and burns easily without clinkers beautiful peacock coal. in which may be seen all the colors visible in a peacock feather. lithographic stone. A . . hematite. with photographs of sheep from which taken in exhibit of woods. which extend copper. Notice particularly the art collection of state. granite monuments. the sheephead. and named after Prof. including fine-dressed lumber. (green. coke. . firemarble. Notice also fine wool display in fleece. and fossil ores. cannel coal (excellent). . Back are native minerals. porcupine. sections of hemlock from trees growing from 90 to 100 feet without a limb. . &c. peanuts. It is of sword-fish family. This coloring is caused by iron with which it comes in contact. with leopard carved from it tin ore. worth $2.. showing the long-leaf pine. and sail fish. Gold. showing gold. specular and magnetic. fire-brick. iron ores. . (blue. .. the grains excellent canned fruits botanical and forestry collection. . VIRGINIA. . whose dorsal fins or sails can be shut containing all . . and can kill a shark or whale. vegetables. . The Jew fish on panel high on post enormous black bass.) from Piedmont Region the fourth. manganese. huge trunk of Cypress tree . and pagoda covered with mica wonfar As you enter this exhibit nearest wall.) NORTH CAROLINA. Notice here new method of preserving fish to retain natural appearance and among peculiar fish.000 pagoda . silver. (Va. also. by Richmond Granite Co. and copper ores are from different counties all over column and pyramid of phosthe state. turpentine. of Natural Bridge.) from the midland portion of state the fifth. <fec. . mica. with foliage and in books. Next back. you find the down on each side of space. next back. are the work of boys of Miller Manual School at Lyiichburg. Near this. Notice particularly as follows: phates used as fertilizers cases of mica. including a burr-stone used by Indians for grinding. The state makes a good . slate. found only in Alexander Co. and the model fertilizers. display of terra-cotta.) contains minerals from the Appalachian Chain the second.

This is a fine display. and embroidery. Next you come to octagon pavilion. painting. which are found in no other below are botanical plants. birds. cassava. woods and On other side of woods. which is the Chautauqua of the south. showing how the phosphates are found. Beyond this is collection of woods from southern Florida. whalebone. among which are the navy orange. Read card on it. tropical plants. illustrated. commencing at main or street entrance. of Lake de Funiac. will be found very interesting. Alligator. containing works of art. Notice statistical figures on pagoda. county last year. This division of the U. and topography of state. also.000. including cotton manufacture. beautiful transparent quartz. upon careful examination. and at end of exhibit nearest center. Ac. S. principal towns. . of which tapioca is made. in FLORIDA. Jamaica root. fine kaolin. fruits from eastern Florida.32 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Around it are cases of fossils. arrow root. in black Center or General Government. see the monument of phosphates. or sea cow ancient Latin Bible . See method of manufacture. hickory. and $2. ribs of manitee. and. Above these 45 varieties of native ferns. belonging to fruits of northern Florida. The suckers at base of fruit are used for planting. branch of cocoa. shaddocks. Next. with fruit. Building. University of Fine Arts. The second table to left is from eastern Florida. In the collection. The dark rocks are found in the rivers and the light rocks in the land. choice Indian relics and curiosities. showing gold taken from one Next. valued at Next. In case near octagon is the tortoise turtle and articles made from it. barks used for medicinal purposes and coloring. and should be examined. commence with end next to house in center with magnolia. Entering but to have a proper understanding of them. should be examined by beginning with 1st. which see fossil. manufactures Also. Just here a relief map. showing over 400.500. and two Commence sections of earth. ing and angel fish letter. you first see woods of northern Florida. On other side. you will find Indian Fig or rubber tree. with fruit. on each. birds. notice the label state. table of coral and Florida reef plants. Under these. made of phosphates. Farther along the pineapple. SOUTH CAROLINA. imitations of gold bars. The large pieces are phosphates taken out of the rivers. Next. Near these. pawpaw. The Smithsonian Institute ex: . geology. T-nere are different brands in jars. which shows counties. railroad. Next on table wooden bowls made from tree flyFlorida yew tree To left . 30 of which are found only in this state. animals. Near. and in case To left of by fish. fishes. where you find the agricultural horticultural display in the pavilion. and savin or stinking cedar.000 tons mined last year. keeping to right as you pass around and read tnis space nearest wall. taken out in mining phosphates. with fruit. Many of these woods are peculiar to this state alone.

pertaining to the early people inhabiting these Western states. and explode in it.PRACTICAL COMMON ABXHK OUIDK HOOK. :. are those who build and live in towns the Zuni and Moki are only tribes of Pueblo Indians. arid Patent Office display. of all important cloths. 10th. This exhibit contains eight models of the dwellings of these Indians of New Mexico and Arizona. it shows mountain formation or growth and the surveys and drawings pertaining to Pueblo Indians arid Cliff Builders. Smithsonian Exhibits and Fish Commission 8th. painting in rear entitled "Capturing a Whale. commencing with the Geological and Ethnological exhibit*. Mammals. and Posfc-Ofucje on left. thus doubly wounding. 4th. which are interesting examples of the highest culture and type of architectural knowledge yet found. an equipped whale-boat. which extend* on left to Philadelphia Truss Co. Natural History: Birds. war clubs. 2d. Ethnology. The exhibit of thi* Institute extends on left from Main Entrance to the ex- hibit of Philadelphia Truss Co. Light-House Establish- ment. . These ruin*. se* pair of boots made of a man's skin. 5th. dec. 2cL Interior Departhibit. inDepartment. 4th. 8th. viewing General Government Exhibit. works of old masters.xact copies. which is so gamey as ft make it almost impossible to capture with old harpoon method. American Taxidermist Display. This exhibit of the Interior Department is first at right. brocade cotton. left. Treasury Department on right. Geology and Ethnology. and are possibly the connecting link between the high state of civilization shown in architectural remains of Mexico and Yucatan and the wild nornandic tribes of the north. shields. among Indian Helios. cluding Greyly Relief Relic* 6th. I>and O/Ji<:<. Notice. ment.. very ingeniously constructed pipes. Archeology. State Navy Department on right. H. . and Portugese cottons arid silks among manufactured In Art Division see autotypes (a kind of photograph. The harpoons are shot into the whale loaded. viz: 1st. and Agricultural Exhibit. . and the pottery obtained from them. . In Mineralogy. Pueblo means village or town. 7th. The collection* of model* of Cliff dwellings further illustrates tbi* connection. also. or Indians. Siarn.. boomerangs. arid Reptiles. 9th. Art. for here are represented the largest and most valuable diamonds in the world by *. />th. War Department on . and also a large number of genuine valuable gems models showing the various methods of smelting. China.:. Animal Products and Animal Capture. including Bureau of Engraving arid Printing. Gun for shooting the fin-back whale. Do not fail to give this collection close examination.. 3d. In Animal Products and mammals. Building Stone arid Marble. and Pueblo people. if connection there be. 3d. see cabi net of minerals and a corn plete collection of gem-bearing rocks of North America. Vessel Building and Textiles. and usually killing the monster. are the only re 3 . Shells. and U. Smithsonian." This picture is in Fish Corn. Mineralogy and Metallurgy. Japan. Notice particularly : 2 scalps. and is divided as follows. and continuing on right with Kail road Commission. and gems taken from them.

16 feet high and 42 feet wide." and the mileage of railroads in the United States on where gold was . In connection with these are a series of maps. R. The illustra- tion of the place discovered. On the other side. Land Office. numbering about 200 pieces. showing comparisons between the "old and new carrying facilities. Arizona. The S. to show the location of the different mineral deposits. vast interest. west of the Mississippi River from 1860 to 1884. inclusive also remarkable feats of engineering in that construction. In this exhibit there is also a large and most interesting map.000 years old." at rear of the train. was made from a sketch taken in 1850. and northern Colorado. is to object of this exhibit show the progress of railroad construction . which shows the progress of railroad construction west of the Mississippi River from 1860 to 1884. and produces the great pressure and consequent force. 8. to one mile of railroad. prepared expressly for this Exposition. B. illustrating incidents in mining life both the primitive and present methods for the purpose of giving the general observer an idea of the manner of procedure in producing the precious and economic minerals of the country. each state or territory taking position in the train according to its relative mileage. Salt mining in Cracow.700 Here they have mined for 1." which is situated on a high elevation. Commission. such as number of square miles of territory. beating the combination. the total mileage is given. they wash : away the feet deep. making it hard. 1. population to one mile of railroad. On the "way car. This is represented by trains of cars for each year separately.34 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and not based upon the lines of theoretical geologists. which are illustrated by charts and views. but particular notice should be given to the following. At the end of each decade. The principal feature of the display is a large chart. which you will find near it. you see illustrations of the "pressure box. leaving the precious metals. this display of pottery includes a large collection of this antique pottery. and to the right the total mileage of the whole United States is also given. mains of a tribe which once inhabited ail of northern New Mexico. U. earth. U. inclusive. taken from actual developments by practical miners. There are also several large cabinets of specimens of ore taken All of these illustrations are of from mines now in successful operation. &c. Suter's or Marshall's Mill.200 years. Notice the primitive arrestre. executed by hand. and the timbers displayed 1. is very readily seen. then the improvements made upon it. including the "hydraulic" method. where the water actually washes away hills and mountains. The superiority of this pottery over the modern Pueblo ware. generally many miles distant. and supplies the pipe with water. and then taking it out. elaborate statistics are given. are more than having been preserved by first salt. viz The primitive methods of mining. especially in placer mining. an old Spanish method of mixing the earth containing the gold with quicksilver. This display consists of a series of about seventy-five paintings.

and improvements upon them. nearest and which contains electrical machines. Small method . in which a needle passes through the powder. the blacksmith. Refrigerating and Printing and Paper-Folding Machines. Fire-Arms. the owl. denoting "electricity. shelf. by photograph Lyon. notice. See on another dale.. her chosen bird. which. commence with case be carefully examined." taken from a photograph of an engine built by the Pennsylvania R. 1829. C. and not ballasted. 2d. Brick and tric Engine 2d case. is of 80 horse-power. his blazing forge and pondrous hammer. old kettle method. Loaf-Sugar-Making Machinery. Esq. 12 inches deep. In the center of exhibit is a large painting entitled "The Genius of Invention.. Hoisting Machinery. and various Mechanical Movements. Sugar-Manufacturing Machines trifugal 1st. on upper shelf. on upper shelf. new or cenon upper shelf. 4th case. stands Vulcan. on lower shelf. . was of 9 " horse-power. de: noting "subtlety and knowledge . 8th case. Large Fire-Arms. It (the engine) weighed 3 tons. Delaware and Hudson River Canal Company. the serpent." in which are the following characters The large figure is Minerva. Pa. R. fastened on wooden rail by means of screws 4 inches long. Torrey. particularly. a series of photographs showing the progress of invention." on right hand of Minerva. D. Pa. Patent Office. 7th case. representing " wisdom. on lower shelf." on right. Presses. and Machines for Cooling Liquids. 1885. Soap Machines. The other locomotive on the map represents the "locomotive ot to-day. Tobacco Machinery." on left." under it. Apparatus for Signal Service. : Main Entrance and main . on lower shelf. taken by electric light and enlarged also. should In viewing display in cases. which road was constructed at the head of canal at Honesdaie. and at foot. Hydraulics.. A careful view of the map will show the old methods of conveyancethe stage-coach. Clay and Lime Kilns. The rails were of wood. with a strap rail of iron 2| inches wide and one half an inch thick. ting Machines. 5th case. notice Needle Gun. as follows . and its spokes and felloes were of wood. on upper shelf. the " goddess of invention . and its speed 60 miles an hour.. &c. and ran' 5 miles an hour. on upper and Ice-Making Machines. Cloth-Cutaisle. The small locomotive is an illustration of the Stourbridge of John loaned a from made Honesdale." It was used for hauling coal cars on a short line of railroad of the Pa. and its first trial trip was from Honesdale to CarbonIts boiler was 10 feet in length. map the number of miles of railroad constructed each decade since 1830. on upper shelf. diameter of wheels 4 feet. to be rightly appreciated. balancing a globe on a lever near him. on lower shelf. 4 feet in diameter. This was the "first locomotive ever used in the United States. August 8. The object of this exhibit is to show some of the most practical and useful inventions.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Machinery for Washing Bottles. the original Colt Revolver. on lower shelf. 35 " January 1. Jove's Thunderbolts. Morse's Original Telegraph. The crossties of the railroad upon which it ran were 10 feet apart. Painting and Varnishing Machines. Next see photographs of the United States Public Buildings at Washington. (fee.000 pounds. Printing Telegraph Tile Machines. Its weight is 70. Page's Elec3d case. man going to mill on horseback. little Mercury with his harp. and ignites it from . and Chimney-Ventilating Apparatus 6th case. .

departexhibit . Rotary and Oscillating Engines. Whitney Jenny 2d case. with peculiar short . thirteenth case. Row-locks. Cotton Jennys and Spinning Machines notice original Eli T. sugar. case. . bed-springs. . so as to get the exhibits in their order. Life-preserving Apparatus and Tanning Machinery ninth case. LeatherWorking and Boot and Shoe Making Machinery tenth case. paddle-wheels. screw-propellers. shovels.Working Ma- chinery and Apparatus for Feeding Fuel and Air Smoke-Stacks and Exhaust Apparatus. case. Illuminating and Heating Apparatus. notice blue grass of stock- timoihy. Invalid beds. cribs. also bee culture. sixteenth case. Entomological display showing insects stroying them. . Metal-Working Needle Machines and Dairy Machinery twelfth case. . bunch and gramma grasses. and means of deNoticQ particularly as follows. . . see old Ross Winan's Locomotive. . charts showing area of cereal and textile culture. viz: culture. in early days. ting and Weaving Machinery Machines for making Paper. plates. charts. with artificial comb. Hay-cutters and har. with analysis of each specimens of grasses. The silk culture in various phases. farming lands. tall valley grass. bedsteads. . illustrations of all fungi. . rakes. and the old Tompkins Engine. the front. Harvesters. &c. The object of this exhibit is to show the practical working of the ment in furnishing information to farmers. House illustrating silk. seventh case. Knit3d case. vesters.worm made from sorghum sugar. horticulturists. Agricultural Department. Samples of wools and other textiles and fabrics samples of cane and . . &c. &c. bee culture. tin water-lamp. and Felt Hats 5th case. for attracting fish. Steam Apparatus. seeds. fourth case. native American woods. with their chemical products. 7th case. and exports of each. &c. relative growth of different cereals and textiles in different states. large iron candlestick. samples of sugar and candy Among the grasses. &c. with their uses and chemical products. and commence second row of cases. sowers. which contains plows and harrows ers. mountain fatal to growth. sixth case. among which see Abraham Lincoln's Boat eighth case. Grate Bars. Power Hammers. S. Now return to starting-point. . Agricultural and Mining Machinery. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. &c. and Metal. and along to the first or Now second row of 'cases. Boiler Furnaces. fifth case. sorghum : casts showing various fruits of the U. fourteenth fifteenth case. cylinder and long stroke. on which pine-knots were burned. second . . . Envelopes. Injectors and Ejectors for Boilers. Governors and Steam Hammers. Milling machinery.36 PRACTICAL. steering and propelling machinery. thus preventing any portion of the powder from being blown out and retaining full force. Sewing Machines see original Howe and First Continuous Thread Machine eleventh case.. The furnishes information by means of valuable maps. <fec. men. Pulp-Making Machine 4th case. and Safety Lamps notice stove for burning straw. pass back to front aisle. plant- third case. Bedsteads. 1st case. timber lands. . 6th case. Boiler Furnaces.

St. 37 War Department. and makes its display back of the Engraving and Printing Bureau. showing light-house. and microscopical collections specimens illustrating normal human anatomy. micro organisms growing in various media. and for this purpose it has divided the exhibit into live classes. . photographic specimens surgical instruments and appliances microscopes. Notice particularly model of Tower Rocks Light-House Spectacle Reef. . . the larger of which cost $6. .000 down also specimens of internal revenue stamps engraved vignette portraits of all men prominent in American history or politics. . A. with peculiar mushroom anchor. see exhibit of United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. means of transportation of sick and wounded on land and water. with descriptions. This branch of the Treasury Department exhibits two large frames containing specimens of Government bonds and Treasury notes. Engraving and Printing Bureau. of all denominations from $10.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. together with This . 4th. . &c. and a little care will enable the visitor to understand what he ex. and treatment of sick and wounded soldiers in field and hospital. Lake Huron Light-House. including portraits of eminent U. models of hospital cars of the Army of the Cumberland and Potomac hospital steamers and steamships. Medical Transport Car. but the lamps of every class may be seen models of Bell Buoys and Whistling Buoys used to guide the mariner interesting map on wall. and splints. and cacoletes. large map of U. . (horse litters. culture apparatus. with large and small instruments used in the surveys. S.) U. bandages. Light-House Board. C. (chair saddles. D. 4th and 5th class lenses are here. which cost $6. on the field and in the hospital. S. and the coffer dam used 111 building it the crib is first built.000 the largest could not be brought. consisting of ambulances. ambulance.000. : The object of this exhibit is to show the practical workings of the Department in caring for its sick and wounded. models of hospitals and hospital tents. . The exhibits are labeled. John's Ambulance Association. comparative otology and histology. showing locations of different military stations and diseases prevailing at these stations this map is of vast interest on left side is a " key" that explains it. amines. 2d. . . just is also a branch of the Treasury Department. stretchers. S. hampers. which holds the boat model of Minot's Ledge Light-House. eight feet high. 5th. and life-saving stations in United States directly back of light-house display. then the coffer dam is placed in it model of Light Ship on Delaware Bay. methods employed for systematic study of diseases. viz 1st.) and models of travorps. . Surgeons. stretchers. and steel engravings of public buildings at Washington. . surgical. litters. miscellaneous. medical and hospital supplies. litters. 3d. . with a view to better treatment of sick and wounded soldiers to illustrate which the Army Medical Museum is represented by specimens from medical.

American patent. The object of this display is to exhibit the industries of various nations of the world. carried the dead at farther from "The Bear . ice auger. full display of cottons manufactured for foreign trade read labels furniture and other articles made of teakwood. statistical tables of commerce of the world it is divided into six compartments. table near center different kinds of clothing . : . . government standards of measure. . but upon examination you will find the dress is lined with eiderdown. the ship builder's models. . (Atlantic Ocean). which is over five miles. in Africa section linens. carvings. near end of exhibit. . also. used for sinking in port row of charges of powder. which are fired by elecelectric search lights. but manufactured tricity in France one of these is generally placed on each side of the bow of a vessel to discern the position of an enemy or approach of a torpedo the largest of these great concave reflectors is of 60. in Europe outside o. State Department. . which are American patent. range 1. and mattings from India. in center. whose dress looks rather light for the climate. Dahlgreri breech-loading rifle cannon. viz The interior of large globe. Navy. the hardest wood in the world illustrations of cattle and sheep industries of the world ornamental woods. made of ivory. model showing land elevations of United States and depths of the Gulf of Mexico. worth $110 mode of dressing feet four coverings. divisions. and cases in which they are carried case of guns and pistols. . huge . at end near door are dummies showing dress in Arctic region notice particularly harness around them dummy of Esquimaux girl. snow sledges. . . . a Gatling gun ." illustrations of agricultural interests of Japan. laces. which used . notice at lower right-hand corner. . including a "monitor. (boat. Notice particularly as follows. . Canasee pyramid of provisions used in Arctic expedition . The Greely Relief Exhibit on .) and man in it. . .000 yards. (Hotchkiss. near corner. knapsack. representing the six geographical : . spices. used at port-hole to prevent boarding boat near corner. . habits. including Revolutionary musket and Hotchkiss new repeating rifle see here. with contents as stated on card. see torpedoes. and industries of the people of that division also picture illustrations Egyptian pottery. sharp pikes. and in each compartment are articles showing the customs. end see Esquimaux Hyack. in Arctic regions. revolving five-barrel cannon. dian toboggan (sled) ". chandelier from Japan on glass. making it sufficiently warm photographs in center showing progress of Greely Relief Expedition see their living tent. &c.38 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE OUIDB BOOK. .000 candle power and throws a light from ten to fifteen miles powder mine. and the Bay of North America. called boarding pikes. . little model of dog sled.. globe. and at corner. On second platform in Navy. fires sixty times a minute. fires shell next. the great depth of Bay of North America. which is decorated with handwork of every nation. one suit of underclothing. . also Japanese bamboo fence. in glass case two large whale boats. screens and drawings illustrating tea industry in China.) made in Paris. is 50 feet in diameter. ice anchor.

. Arkansas. projectile. comprising Illinois. Nebraska. . namely: 1st. displaying French flowers. (store and kitchen combined) this is not so large as the generality of them. the states are divided into groups. to be used on new cruisers Chicago and Atlanta. used in Mexican war.300 balls can be fired in a minute next. On third platform.000 feet per second. Minnesota. Pennsylvania. Iowa. weight. 2. . range 11 miles it is a 10-inch gun to be used on section of boat showing sicktwo models of rifle guns. Art Gallery. and the entire case is put into gun. NEW ENGLAND STATES. ascend the left-hand stairway. one. adjoining educational departside and the colored people's department on the other side. ister next. comprising Florida. Indiana. This exhibit displays industrial-art scientific work . see immense torpedo carbonic acid gas is the propelling power. charge of powder. Dakota Territory. . pounds. 27. is a miniature " electric railway. Tennessee 3d. Michigan. Southern states. to left. situated at head of the stairs. in rear. 125 pounds.000 feet per second. National Women's Temperance Union. intended to show . see card of explanation room on board vessel. Alabama 4th. 22-inch wrought-iron plate. was made in 1490.000 pounds. situated back of the South-western group. New England states. the brown are canister . New Jersey. next to this. among which is Wellesley College. 39 1. is Post-Office. to right. improvements in ventilation. Colorado 2d. South-western states. and read card of explanation line of port-hole models. industrial. called "Sick Bay : as originals the largest is as follows 250 pounds. ment on one DE- This department occupies the west gallery. weighs 410 pounds. 7-inch wrought-iron plate. and commence 'with the " New ing. penetration. . Missouri. . around and above which." This completes the exhibits on main floor of this buildNow. see ship's galley. projectile. and used by Cortez in conquest of Mexico. called Billinghurst next. by women ated. velocity. three old Spanish guns. " England exhibit of the Women's Department. located in Alcove also. from 1 to 4. Montana Territory. comprising New York. Next. range 9 miles. table of projectiles the white are shrapnel shells filled with musket the largest canballs. the Creole exhibit next. . Wyoming Territory. and proceed on towards the Educational Department. and inventive work of women. and the whole is controlled by electricity see crematory. see apparatus for working guns aboard ship. .PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK." monitors . comprising Kentucky. velocity. the models of which are here. 250 the smaller. photographs and reports of schools for women. a peculiar gun. Delaware In 5th. artistic. back of this. Middle states. penetration. . together with the State and Navy Exhibits. .western states. next. . charge of powder. 54. Life-Saving Buoy. which has an excellent reputation and is delightfully situ. WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION PARTMENT. a breech-loader. Christian Women's Exchange. North. addition there is the Scientific and Literary Society. old Mexican gun. same size weight. the red are the ordinary shells. Wisconsin. 500 pounds. displaying their exhibits as one group. Their object is to illustrate the educational.000 pounds. 2.

In same case is a papoose's cradle with Indian doll. See old work done by ladies. samples of linen plucked. France. New Hampshire. illustrate that method of teaching. ENGLAND. School exhibit 21st. Bath. . beautiful lambrequin in case. wreath made of scales of silver fish. object is to This exhibit is in charge of Mrs. A. Louisiana. it is made of blue broadcloth." placque painted by Miss Nelson. a charcoal drawing entitled. with an annex exhibit of wood work from Swedish Schools 6th. the various exhibits of cities. including N. hair wreath said to contain hair of Washington and many of his successors the lady spent two years in making it painting representing corn and cotton. Indian banner illustrative of buffalo hunt. etching in case. . and states are as follows. and should be carefully examined by all visitors. the Commissioner. one of the best and most instructive exhibits in the Exposition. carved mahogany chairs. NEW JERSEY. S. Societies. with old flax spinning-wheel portraits of General Jackson and Daniel Boone a Boston. societies. England 2d. . a crayon by the Eider Peel. including one piece of very tine mosaic. and photograph of bas-relief of "Mollie Pitcher. Virginia 20th. spun." the heroine of New Jersey. Florida 18th. a poker sketch. . Notice particularly dress worn by Mrs. viz 1st. "The Tribute to the Minotaur. particularly those engaged with Colored People and Indians. logcabin quilt. . Indiana 16th. Missionary. 15th. in contrast with the modern baths of that city. absolutely necessary. and is really beautiful. hackeled. hibit of industrial work by Special Schools 7th. while others stood on watch for Indians flax work in every phase. examine. and bleached by Early Dutch Settlers." MISSISSIPPI. Notice particularly large case of crazy work. Ermina Smith. and in following order. "New Mown Hay.40 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Christian Brothers Ward's Natural History. . table cloth 400 years old. . in case on wall handkerchief that ran the blockade.. Tennessee 19th. . Leaving this portion of the Women's Department. Ne12th. woven. . . Bureau of Education 5th. Iowa 13th. KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL. 10th. U. Leaving the Women's Department and passing along the gallery. . It is Ogden . Ohio 17th. BATH. pink satin reticule 104 years old. Miscellaneous ex8th. Here you will see models of ancient Roman baths. In Art. EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT. Gazette of 1774. . . . The ladies of this state have made a wonderful display of the antique. see painting.. embroidered with white wampum and silver buckles. you come Department. the its city. . 9th. Industrial branch of High School of Tulane University. during the period that Rome governed England. 3d. KENTUCKY. rag carpet made by a lady 77 years old. . England. . . 14th. 4th. enter the Educational Department. B. Comto the Educational mencing at corner of gallery. Minnesota llth. case from the Ladies' School of Pharmacy at Louisville. Kindergarten and Kitchen Garden. : . schools. silk display. when she was baptized after her adoption by the Iriquois Indian chief. pottery and bead work by Indian women. . Pa. and commence with the exhibit from Bath. and a war-rattle made of turtle-shell. Mass. Wilkes-Barre. . O. together with illustrations of fine natural scenery surrounding braska .

particularly. works of infant and primary schools. school apparatus. exhibit of Civil Engineering. Nissen gives illustra- tions at half past ten and half past eleven. Hasting Nisson. school exhibits. M. in charge of Prof. a collection of reward cards for the same purpose. with models: exhibit of Chicago public schools. next. ton. A. next. deaf mutes and blind. S. mens from throughout the United States. collection of casts for drawing models also. also. geographical and scientific. and publications for schools of every grade. next. at Philadelphia. Swing. who is in charge. near here. after school hours. far as possible. P. in cases. at a trifling expense and a limited amount of time. of Washington. Swedish System. when arrangewill be made. Capitol : . school architecture. The last room illustrates drawing and decorative art notice. medical school . professional. cutting. . which includes a model of U. M. Amherst College exhibits. BUREAU OF EDUCATION. specially. The center part of the exhibit contains displays from the Primary Schools of Paris next. exhibited by the Societi des Cr6ch. panels of drawings by pupils of various elementary schools and training colleges. for persons desiring to see the teaching private application to Mrs. The object of this exhibit is to explain the plan or method of working and scope of the Chautauqua University. mens of . viz the Washinghistorical exhibit.. for the proper 41 to make ments conduct of the school. C.. This exhibit It is is organized under the auspices of Public in nine rooms or divisions. which is considered the best. the panels for decoration of school-rooms a set of cheap prints and casts. . Pa.. Notice. and schools of industrial and decorative art a frame of drawings.es.. every child to a sense of the beautiful . Prof. selected specimens of school furniture. a set of six plans on school architecture. On table extending along window side. . C. executed by candidates at the examination for chiefly. education. and who does fine clay modeling for the interest of visitors. museum and didactic material. as types of improved cheap schools recently erected in France also. and from one to two and three o'clock. are Bibles printed in every language next. You will be shown that. All will be explained by Prof. CHAUTAUQUA This exhibit comprises voluntary speciTJ. next. illustrating. Ogden. plans of Secondary Schools and Universities. and methods of teaching. in order to initiate. D. with apparatus for schools and families. and Normal Colleges. to form a typo of art museum for elementary schools. and art schools. wood-carving and patternBack of this is the Gymnasium. . It bears especially upon Instruction and Fine Arts. mechanical and art drawings also. and graded school-books. D. Md. are. : chemical exhibit. This display includes such representations in the folillustrations in primary work School architecture lowing order. after the . . you can obtain a thorough collegiate course. the progress made in France in School Architecture and Decoration. certificates of drawing-master in public schools. by plans. .. as . S. apprenticeship.PRACTICAL COMMON SKNSK GUIDK BOOK. training. Normal School of Baltimore. next to aisle. and embraces nearly every phase of teaching. next. the visitors should notice the models of a creche. <fcc. FRENCH EXHIBIT. from the University of Pennsylvania. . School of Design for Women. . higher primary.. shown the primary. in center of rooms are specimanual work by boys and girls of Elementary and Professional schools near balustrade. respectively.. In the first rooms.

and deserve care. nuggets and imitation of precious and principal gems. see immense beryl on wall. including the University. WARD'S NATURAL SCIENCE ESTABLISHMENT. farther along. samples of promotion papers. the following Copy of the famous Rosetta Stone. which first . bound volumes of examinations 2d. comprising mechanical. Some of her methodsof instruction are admirable.. map-drawing. especially in their methods of teaching. wall and portfolio work of drawing 3rd. are not in existence. This exhibit demonstrates that Iowa ranks among the first in school system. interesting charts showing school statistics method of primary instruction work of . and consists of. Notice. Notice. the Irish elk. wall. Notice. and exhaustive treatment of particular subjects in theses examine bound books . . . free hand. but require the pupil to know every possible fact concerning process.42 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. &c. particuarly. see giant crab of Japan. . university students. geography. with calcite interspersed . excellent method of teaching. in last case. on end of next case. PA. England. particularly. large sponge growth. . views. colleges. rewards of merit. on wall in center. <fec. turtles. . TULANE UNIVERSITY. but the general principles of all trades. 23 feet long. . This organization is 209 years old. This exhibit is from Third District Public Schools. and will very kindly give any information concerning it desired. . CHRISTIAN BROTHERS. MECHANICAL BRANCH OF HIGH SCHOOL. whose pictures are on the wall. The mammoth. by way of illustrations. casts (actual size) of gold nuggets found. and conducting class talks. This collection comprises Zoology. which is a clay concretion. a septarium (over-case) from Weymouth. : . Geology. pertaining to it also. WILKES-BARRE. vocal music. <fec. plans. and makes a very instructive and interesting display. sword fish. reports. on case. Next this are displays from various industrial schools in New York and Massachusetts. parochial. &c. work in penciling and drawing. &c. and cost of High School and other schools 4th. and should be carefully and thoroughly examined by those specially interested in education. origin. industrial or reform school and turning to side aisle. is 16 feet The great lizard. and industrial schools. and the object of this exhibit is to show the works of their normal. 1st. of instruction in their industrial schools they not only teach a trade. geology. next showing form of crystallization of minerals and metals also. Next. making it very interesting. This school is in charge of Prof. at end next to Christian Brothersread cards of explanation near this. plan books. their method object of this exhibit is to with their regular studies. and academies.. Brother Noah is in charge of the exhibit. and Mineralogy. and map drawing. ful attention. Ordway see the exhibit he has of work of Swedish schools. particularly. models casts of gold NEW HAMPSHIRE. penmanship. you reach last. high. (paterion neptuni). and 26 feet in length to curve of tusks. specimens of kindergarten work. and belong to pre-historic ages. This exhibit contains charts showing general school system. 5th. &c. . and many of the large animals arrests one's attention. The show the work done by students in connection They are not taught a particular trade. work of the feeble-minded. Its object is to show these methods throughout their entire school system. large bird tracts from Connecticut Valley. IOWA. high up.

0. display of St.PRACTICAL. and tables of school statistics. specimens of map and mechanical drawing. the Stillwater School. drawing. also. . and attention should be given to the exhibit. and work Notice. at odd hours. FLORJ DA. as will be seen. made in school. Notice. Opportunity view objects through these instruments. AMERICAN MISSIONARY SOCIETIES. Ward's Seminary. penciling. work of the blind. mary schools. Normal School makes an exhibit also. in drawing and crayon sketches home-made school apparatus. This exhibit is made largely by the Vanderbilt University. and third exercises geometrical drawing and tests of strength of materials. Examine charts showing the plan of studies in the graded and high schools. pass to the Colored People's Department. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and map drawing. The Public Schools of Columbus make a very creditable display. This exhibit includes work from the priINCLUDING LOUISIANA. manufactured work of students. MINNESOTA. and dumb. This exhibit includes that of the public schools of Lafayette and LaPorte. made is offered to persons to SCHOOL APPARATUS. of which see table of statistics Tennessee Female College. of artistic map NEBRASKA. mal . . 43 containing these theses. N.. and geometrical drawing. McBride. by . deaf. Y. but. who deems it a pleasure to impart any information concerning their admirable methods of instruction. This exhibit shows work from a large number of schools for the Colored People and Indians. Here the State . and general school work. and their first. This is an exhibit of microscopes. kindergarten work. of Rochester N. In College of Science and Literature. illustrations .The university of this state consistsof four colleges and a norschool. and by Rauschtfe Lamb. charts illustrative of instruction the College of Agriculture and Geological Survey are represented in state exhibit on main floor. "St. VIRGINIA. INDIANA. they are quite old.This exhibit shows the work of graded schools of the state. of which their entire number is 62 and teachers 280. at a trifling cost." of Miss Clara Link. The exhibit is in charge of Professor T. specimens of botanical work of the junior class in High School. of Lincoln. Notice particularly. of the State University. and charts made by student-teachersgood work charts on walls showing studies taught. and the exhibit is intended to illustrate all. H. &c. Notice illusillus- trations of school-buildings. eye-glasses. TENNESSEE. Leaving this department. ... The exhibit of this state shows a fine system of giving statistics. in Mechanical Arts. trates mechanical and The exhibit from this state is from her public schools. OHIO. drawings. In Normal School. illustrating work in clay molding and drawing also. particularly. work. Clare Hall. Sidereal Clock. the private school. second. &c. Paul's eighteen public schools. telescopes. penmanship. and colored maps made by teachers Howard's Electrical . of various kinds of work of primary students. . see illustrations of school buildings. They are doing a wonderful work.

lace work from a convent. NEBRASKA. New England States Sec. illustrated in animals. and Maryland Sec. . O. New Jersey Sec. "Sleeping Captive. Girl. P. The Commissioner has also mineral cabinets on exhibition. Michigan. decorated. arid occupies the north It comprises the respective states and territories. District of Columbia. The gem of the display is the autograph quilt. state IOWA. particularly. Wisconsin. ." two school-girls. Nevada. among which those of Washington. The display of Art Work. and should have special attention. Delaware. large portrait of a bride. Leaving this department. containing autographs of many of the most prominent military and literary men and statesmen in the world of the present age. modeling in plaster. . . one weighing two pounds. C. Indiana. D. South Carolina. Tennessee Sec. E. in mantel forms. made of seeds in MINNESOTA.. and Kansas Sec. and Colorado. "Tell Me. K. As many of these states and territories had not displayed their exhibits when we went to press. representing "Hiawatha's Wooing. Iowa. worth but $1. and Texas: Sec. Sec. Alabama. . North Carolina. Notice. on easel. and Nebraska Sec.44 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. H. in almost I. including a remarkable collection of old coins. Even the New Mexico has a varied collection. is certainly very commendable. N. Georgia and Arkansas Sec. Notice Indian women's work. Utah. and Louisiana are quite remarkable. F. Pennsylvania. and complete examination of same. It is to be regretted that much of the interesting exhibit of this was destroyed by railroad accident. G. as follows. Sec. B. ." agricultural wreath. pass around to the Women's Department. and in following order. . Illinois. and the New York Exhibit has a number that are very ingenious and useful. C.." painted from a cast by Michael Angelo. for a most creditable display will be found.. Nearly every state has one or more inventions by colored people. one teasing for the other's secret. COLORED PEOPLE'S DEPARTMENT. New York Sec. These exhibits should be visited by all. M. ." sketch in oil." panel-piece. . banner containing coat-of-arms of each state in the Union good copy of . Idaho. which are for sale. end. some of which are by boys of fourteen or fifteen years of age. sippi to among paintings. This exhibit commences at the north-east corner. Florida. Sec. <fec. quite a novelty " Christmas Tree. . Louisiana. Q. The displays of Kentucky and Alabama are excellent. far-off territories are represented here. "Husked Corn." hand-painted china. of "Falls of " a Minnehaha. D. "The Upper Missis- Lower. L. "Market "Pelicans. every variety. oil paintings and water-colors. Minnesota. Kentucky. Wyoming. Missouri. crazy work. a set of tiles. : . on glass. Notice zephyr work." a set of china plates. Mississippi Sec. A." "Fort Snelling in 1861. . and fine display from silk culture. with lily designs child's set. Sec. Rome." 1 " from the original . "Beatrice. and decorated china. viz Sec. they consequently are not described. including casts of Justice Miller and exSecretary Harlan decorated mirror. New Mexico. "The Italian Sailor's Wife placque. . Virginia and West Virginia Sec." copy. Ohio.



PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and for them on commission. . Music hall is nearly in center. Notice. particularly. or side to left as you come from . portrait of Bishop Talbot. Turning to left. . embroidered. T. with three owls in consultation.300 number of Length. Building. N. 375 feet width. W. Next. and display methods of work and evidences of results gained in individual work. S. being purposes. notice Taft's course as Guide directs. 164 feet incandescent electric arc lights. The north end is that next the U. . Republic of Honduras. 60 feet height of tower. respectively. entering door at end nearest U. needle-work on satin. 1. patented by a lady this work ap. the sides nearly east and west. British Honduras. respectively. which propels the train along the track. width.") INDIANA. "Threading . and from the track the coach receives the current of electricity. and pass over to the Main Building. . 4th. Interspersed among these are representations from other countries. Austria and Hungary. Japan. In this exhibit. Great Britain and Ireland.460 total square feet. General Description. . in brown silk. back and west of this. 905 feet . directly The building : is : . lined. 6th. viz. The main entrance is at center of east side. square feet of offices. 700 . . a painting. 1787. 3d. height to gallery. which will be S. 46. . patented silk exhibit work in wood and brass carved cabinet of cherry several fine paintings. Building and Main Building receives motive power from a plant in the Main Building. made by a woman 69 years old copyright book. 1. total length of all aisles. 206. showing territorial growth . Notice. crocheted of silk rare old laces.840 square feet of gallery floors. R. 2d. worn in . trance. . 23 feet height of front elevation. MAIN BUILDING. . Next. Here you complete the examination of the U. and for this reason they only are permitted to sell goods. Building. . disposes of it work of women. S.403. you find Spain. Italy. pears in great variety a trunk. The exmade up of nearly every kind of women's work. in following order. Needle for Margy.378 feet . 115 feet square feet of space.000 ends of building front nearly north and south. In center.000. particularly. made in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries silk wedding slippers. back and west of this. Germany. . are Foreign Exhibits. The Electric R. . ." This organization takes the its profits WOMEN'S EXCHANGE. with red satin table scarf. Building. China. 15. . . a rug of tufted work. . by Miss Cora Campbell. and edged with chenille balls feather. TJ. 1. 5th. Columbia ironer. France. Electric Railway. acres. 33 length of Music Hall. . U. back from main enoccupied with the following exhibits. S. on left of Music Hall 1st. . The lights. which is conveyed by wire to the track.work.656. on each side of Music Hall. and are used for charitable hibit is very fine. 23 feet height from gallery floor to rafters. and pursue On the way over to Main Building. 4. Building. 6 miles 300 feet. its electrical between the U. S. . Back and west of this. the states are all grouped together. representing the cotton plant in various stages of blossom vase of flowers.

comprising. every day. and agricultural department is Machinery Hall. on south end which you enter from machinery hall 6th. are Miscellaneous Exhibits. the viewer can begin anywhere but the best way is to commence as Guide directs. [the letters running from W. as you enter end towards U. which should be visited by both ladies and gentlemen. of Washington D. Bake well & Co. S. On the front. . Machinery Hall. there are chimes. and the Guide indicates where special attention should be given. and much that is curious Guide indicates when to notice particularly. Building. statue of Washington. In Music Hall. inemding the great engines. Miscellaneous Exhibits. which lie on the east side. and directions of Guide as to making turns. with letter and number of post where he is located. Back of machinery is the boiler-house. Galleries. Agricultural Implements.46 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. 3d. is Department of Agricultural Implements. On the north end. and below. a stately female. the cotton and silk manufactures. commencing at north or end towards U. of New Orleans. in which are all the boilers where the steam is generated. is a statue of Columbus in center over entrance. south of music hall 5th. . Machinery Annex. This department should be visited by both ladies and gentlemen. Widdows. and take Miscellaneous Exhibits Wherever it is thought that the visifirst. S. though from a distance it might not appear to be so. By following the letters and numbers of posts. . S.. there are. rung daily by Prof. Building. back of Music Hall. of Salem. no difficulty will be experienced. band music. next to the foreign exhibits. The name of the exhibitor and his exhibit.. the cold storage-rooms.. or adjoining agricultural exhibit.] with letter A and No. . for nearly everything is of greatest interest and easily accessible. C. refrigerators. at the end and entrance nearest U. those Foreign Exhibits that are north of music hall. is an interesting group. pointing westward with wand and leading a huge bison upon back of bison sits an Indian female on right is female " emblem of peace "on left is another on the war-path. The lettering and numbering commence in the south-west corner. 120X570 feet.. Miscellaneous Exhibits. and ice manufacturing machines. in front. in niche on left. Building 2d. and organ music on grand organ. but is peculiarly adapted to America. the celebrated master of this art. For convenience of visitors. any exhibitor and his exhibit can be found. and 2d. . London. Belgium. and by following Guide. many of which are of great interest. built by Pilcher Bros. F. which are in operation. the numbering from S. music hall. Over Main Entrance. S.. . Below. Back of foreign exhibits. by consulting the Index to Main Building. to N. Russia. . viz 1st. the Guide directs special notice. It was manufactured by Messrs. 1. General Directions for Main Building. which are engines : . I have divided the building as follows. or east side. in niche on right. Building. In Main Tower. as the it contains the finest machinery in the world. to E. and others in the order indicated. in which will be found a large variety of machinery running and working. or next to the U. . This is a copy of a group in Hyde Park. 1st. tor might be interested unusually. or left. taken up in their order further on. Ohio. is given in Guide so. Coats-of-Arms of Louisiana and Mississippi. in the foreground. for this occasion. 4th. To the right of Music Hail are. There are easy and safe stepson and over the platform upon which great rest.

52. V. Western Union Telegraph.. Hardware and Manufacturers' Agents. and mark with pencil that which has special attention called to it. but the numbers increase with posts. 33 to 30. Each letter is used twice. A. Southern Express Co. 53 and 52. 58. 25. Main Entrance and Aisle. then B 1 and BB 1. checking the The visitor must. Samuel Cabot. 43. Chemicals and Medical Preparations. which you cross to 49 to 48. 47 and 46. 15. 54. V. and Centrifugal Mixer. Prep. W. V. I have thought it best. Am. N. examine displays in the Gallery.V. Combs. & H.. Hance Brothers and White. and any that he might think he would care parBy ticularly to see. Gingers. Myers. R. . for instance. Electrine Magic Cleaner. Paper Box Co. It would be well for a person to glance over his Guide previous to viewing exhibits. 53. Office of Director General. and so on through the alphabet to VV so. V. Crude Drugs and Chemical Preparations. 39 and 38. except when especially directed. V.V. V.. V. in locating a party. V. 21 to 19. and and and and 55.. V. ' means. as A 1. V. . Marietta Hollow Ware and Enameling Co. V. Japanned and Stamped Ware. Granite Iron Co. V. J. 45 and 44. V. V. A 2. 16. and 47. 27 to 26. Agate Iron Ware. Hart & Co. 53. Stains. 37 and 36. following Guide. V. McBryers. V. V. V. Am. V. V. Chemicals and Drugs. Homoeopathic Pharmacists. Ladies' Dressing-Room. turn to Index. V. Durrie and McCarty. 48 Parker & Drigs. 36 to 33. 61. V. 57 and 56. finest exhibits are . nothing will be overlooked. V. 17 and 16. and John Evans..V. Embossed Envelopes. and Frederick Brown.. for some of the there. H. 54. J. . Lamp Chimneys. and Lampblack. Pure Whiskies. and in this way be sure to see everything of importance. Smith & Anthony & Co. V.. V. Reed & Co. Jr. 15. Excelsior Pottery Works notice beautiful vases. V. 56 and 55. Stoves and Ranges. excellent display examine. V. Office of Chief of Transportation. and at the end of a day or any time of viewing. and you can readily find him. T. Lalance and Grosjean Manufacturing Co. Denler's Bitters. Norton Door Check and Spring. Ideal Coffee Pot Manufacturing Co. Engelbach. by all last exhibit viewed. V. Creosote Wood. Patent Medicine. Manufacturing Chemists.V. V. 16 and 15.) Paraffine Works Paraffin e Goods. V. John King. Gillam's Sons. 13. E.. Kilpstein. Elizabeth (N. I 56 55 55 54 Egyptian Chemical Co. Hard Rubber Co. get his letter and number. V. V. R. 41 and 40. A. Glass Goods. V. Pure Whiskies.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. 14. Brushes. Biliousine. <fec. where tickets are stamped for return. for visitors to view the exhibit on one side of the aisle only at a time. the next post to east of A 1 is AA 1. V. Embalming Materials. &c. 51. Standard Drop Shot Co. 52. 47 then the same letter is on the same line of posts the entire length of building. . Ticket Office. O. 24 to 22.

Marine Colors. Louis Wrought-Iroii Range Co. Pond's Extract. . 7 to 8. 39. Chemists and Importers examine. V. U. Bet. F. U.U. O. 12 to 11. U and U. in rear. Wrought-iron Butts. U. Chief of Installation Office. 38. T. Passing under stairs and turning to left. 43 to 44. monumental Bronze Co.U. Patent Fishhook examine it from next U. Office of Baltimore Sun. V. I. U and U. C. U. examine examine from next aisle. U and U. examine. 26. Rest.U.U. V. 50 and 51. 8 to 7. 36. U.U. McKinnon. Bet. Importers and Wholesale Druggists. 46 and 47. Cross Main Aisle to U..U. 10 to 9. 23 and 24..U. Hardware Specials. Examine Soft Coal Base- U and U. V. Colt's Fire-arms Co. Perfumers. 47 and 49.U.. examine from next aisle.. 17 and 18. i examine. 25 and 26. Buck's Stove and Range Co. Black Diamond File Works. W. .U. Tiemann & Co. Smith & Co. Lyons & Co. U. Vail Bros. arid Brass Stable Goods. Nickle. Powers & Weightman. .U.U. Charter Oak Stove Co. Pen U and U.U. U and U.U.U.. U and U.N.. 14 and 16. U and U. Crystal White Essential Oils. Colgate <fc Co. John W. Griffin.U. U. D. Stove Works. . Cross. Bridgeford & Co. William Miller & Co. come to Samuel Bent & Co. C. .U.. 19 and 20.U. Albert Todd. burner. V. 6. see samples. U. U. Stoves and Ranges: fine display . C. V. 9 to 8. 9 to 10.. U. Stove and Ranges examine. Stearns & Co... Inman Steamship Line see model steamer Turning back to same aisle. 43 and 44.U. Sponges. 23 and 24.. U. examine. 22 and 23.U. U. U.000 pounds. 6 to 5. Manufacturing Chemists..U. U and U. L.U. St.U. Japanese Goods examine from next aisle. Cooking Crocks. 40 and 41. Iron. Lebess & Co. Fisher.. Machine Co. 42 and 43.U. 41 and 42. 43 to 44. Mich. 26 and 27. U. Perfumers. Ranges. examine immense Alum Crystal.U. 20 and 21. U. 5 and 6. 24. Phoanix Glass Co. Bowers. Heniiugray Glass Co. U. examine from other aisle. G. and American Ship Windlass Co. American Ultra Marine Works. 11. examine from next aisle. Favorite Stove Works examine. examine.U.U. 2. V. 8. Fred. R. 44 and 45. Iowa Farming Tool Co.. it from next . Bet.. 12. Freman's Face Powder. V. you come to U. U.U. U and U. Am. and Sponge Cup. Stanley Works. Brace Goods. Ranges. Pottery Manufacturing: examine.. U.U. Finlay <fe Co. . 51.48 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE OUIDE BOOK. 23 and aisle. Weaver & Shandein. Importers and Wholesale Druggists. Michigan Stove Co. Manning Co.U.U. Rustic Monument Works. U and U. Fong. Detroit. V. aisle.. 39. examine.. 11 to 10. Ideal Tooth Powder.

49 T. T. and Franklin . Hutchinson. Pierce & Co. 39 Miss. 17.U.T. T. Soapine. Abraham & Co.. T. Florida Curiosities examine.T. .. Mosler. Beef Extract Co. Winchester Repeating Arms Co.T.. T. T. Ac.T. Cibil's 54. Plasters. Japonica. 16 T.T. 26.U. T. Cincinnati Safe and Lock Co.T. 27.T.. 27.. and Alpaugh and Magowan Pottery. 53.T. T. 26 and 25. fine. T. Lehman. can Machine Co. U. To left see Ameri- T.U. 51 49 54. Empire Pottery Works. 23 Between T. Cotton Mills. 24. O.U. Hough & Ford.T. U. 17. Alaska Down Co.U. in rear. Fire and Burglar-proof Safes. <fec. 35 and 34. 54 and 55. Star Shirt. Military Goods. 30 and 29. 44 to 43. Mills. H.T. Clark. T. 34 and 33. T. Wilmerding. W. 20. William Simpson Sons . play.T. Crockery and House Furnishing . . Schwab & Co.T. Hoget & Co. Dress Goods. 25 and 24. Stein Manufacturing Co. E. 22.T.T. T. 31 and 30. Parker Gun. Fire and Burglar-proof Work. L. J.T. T.T.. Selz. ex- Knitting Works. T. Soaps T. Barbour's Flax Thread examine. T. Fine Decorated China. See diamond chamberware. T.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Hecht. Seabury & Johnson. T. T. . & S.T. Jewelry. Herbert <fe Co. See carpet-weaving.T. and celebrated porcelain dinner ware and hotel china.T.T. . International Pottery Co. 16 T. <fe Co. Cheesborough Manufacturing Co. T. Mott. Norfolk and New Brunswick Hosiery Co. Chemical Products. Bed Spreads.. fine dis- and 38. 47. 45 to 44. Umbrellas. Safes and 54. Bahtnann & Co. Fine Shoes Stern berger. Horstman Bros.. T. Shirts. and and 53 and 53 and 52 52. C... U Vaults. . N. 4 . Boots and Shoes. shoe-laces. 50.T.T.U.. 36. 37. Randolph Paper Box Co. Bustles T. 42 to 40. Swift Manufacturing Co. Manufacturing Chemists.. Heinernann. Metallic Burial Co.T. Between T. Amasa Lyon. 53 T. .. U. T.T. 48. J. Turn around and view exhibits on opposite side of aisle. Northfield Knife Co. T. T. T. T. Trenton. 29 and 28. Thompson's Glove-Fitting Corsets. Carpets. Funeral Furniture. and 22.T. Cotton and Woolen Goods examine.T.T. 56 and 57.T. and U. Keller. 25 and 24. and should be examined.T. examine. Manufacturers of Piasters. Ott & Brewer.LT. U. 55 and 56.. Kendall's Manufacturing Co. Union Pottery Works. 19 T. . Le Grafs' Manufacturing Co. fine goods. and and and John Bromley & Son.. Fletcher Manufacturing Co. U. U.T. 17. Burroughs & Montford. 22. J. 21 and 22. 51 and and and 51. John Gauche's Sons..T. &c. Boots and Shoes. John Wyeth & Bros.. Artistic Porcelain and Egg Shell Belleck Cross Main Aisle to cellent display. Bet.T. Taylor's Premium Cologne. Keller in charge.T. 27 and 26. Lotus ware. 47 and 46. Crockery. Favorite Silk examine.

Holmes 6. T.T. 14. A.. and Chinese Rubbers.. Myers Manufacturing Company. A. Peet & Co. Johnston's Fluid Beef. examine. T. This pavilion is made of bamboo. punch bowl.T. Fred. Schlichter Jute Cordage Co. 15. Cotton T. Manufacturers of & Bauer. and the reeling of silk from cocoon. R. Clothiers. Brown's French Dressing for Shoes. 20. T. ^ T. free of charge. the third making silver-plated . 5. & Corsets. B. 30 and 31. Shriver & Co..T. Chalmette Mills Fertilizers. T. Rope and Twine. & Coutts. 16. Belding. P. 17 and 18. T.T.T.) T. 15. T. T. 8. T.T. value. Hughes & Co. Laces. 20. Schwartz . Stribley Cahill's <fe Co. T. T. Marsop <fc Schottler. 9. 15. 11 and 10. Famous Eng.. turning back. passing to and 8. T. J. Marshall.. and at night the dragon 5. examine. 9. Fine Hats. T. where a cup of tea will be furnished you. . 16 T. old the first is it second is gold-plated.. Boots and Shoes <fe .. Altimus T.. agents. 12. 10. 15 and T. Bet. 22. 24. 7. T. Coffin.. 19. Biscuit.Weaving notice that the patterns control the harness. Denny. ine crazy quilt. . T. T. 28. T. 16 T.. Cassidy & Miller. T. Remmington Manufacturing Company. Jennings <fe Son. the shuttle. Paints. T.. Steel you examined from the other side. Renewing of Crapes and Mourning Goods. see Corticelli Spool Silk. Rogers. T. Silk Manufacturers fine display . made by T. Rubber Clothing. 13 and 14. T. and and 15. | | | Goodyear Rubber Co see shoe made in South America in 1821.T. He-No Tea pavilion. ice-coolers. and then the figure is largely . which controls the warp. 15. G.T. 25 and 26. Fine Shoes. 12. 15. copy of one made Moorish style is platina. Sailmakers and Cotton Duck. excellent display. Dom value. exam- I T. & Co. F. in rear of this.T. Next. Notice. Importers of Feathers and Flowers. quets. John Lucas & Co. Hoffman. T. . $1. 19. an epergne for banfor Pedro. $1. John T. Bros. 16.T. & Nissen. T. 12. Andrew Bros. 27. 7 on top spouts fire from its mouth. 10.T. T. the decor- .T. Worsted Store. and T. J. Passing on toward end of building. in center. See this from next aisle. examine. Cuff-Holders. T.50 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSK GUIDE BOOK. Alma Shoe Polish. Boots and Shoea Edwin Burt & Co.. (See from next aisle. Bonsteiri's Patent Pin Hook. and Woolen Goods. Meriden Britannia Co.250. Bailey & Co. Co. T. T. T. & Sons. J. Dry Goods Architectural Ornaments. Joseph Beck Co.T. next.092 .T. Bakeweli August Benheim & Mullins. Poor & Co. 13 and U T. 8. Cloths . see Doherty & Wadsworth Silk. Bullard Repeating Arms Co. the iridescent. T. 2. Wire and Iron Rope. Shoes .

$255 old silver embossed tea set. T. T. S. Majolica in front. . Stieff Piano Co. Ladies. T. Here turn and take opposite . Manufacturing Co. $80 per yard. T. value. T. and waiter. Stetson. 40. handmade. 58. $60 white Valenciennes lace. (See Ship of Exhibits. Holmes. Am.000. T. . . $575 near this. 47. 55. T. $163 at rear of outside case. . value. Celluloid Goods. Next beyond. and Chamberlain's Cartridge Co. handwork. . Chase T.S. 47 and 48. Fine Hosiery and Underwear. in center of main aisle. . Notice " leaving Carthage. pair of brown vases . Noin rear. 43. D. cross the aisle to T. Dunlap & Co. B. value. $375." value.. and Rockingham Ware.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. 51. Ala. T. T. value. same style. Pittsburgh Arms Co. . J. Lee's Patent Ventilated Organ Co. Mills Am. is the mass of solid silver ore from Mexico.640 pounds. Mayers. Penfleld T. 46. side of isle. Hats. 56 and 57. . 56 and 57. & Ga. weighing 5. value.140 in corner of inside case. White Cotton Fabrics. 38 and 39. on nickel silver. Women's Work. $225 near front. . 59. display T. T. on pink silk. Brussels lace. six goblets. Pomenah . . pair of blue vases. 42. Dry Goods. H. Now. Am. with large flowers. Cleopatra fruit stand. Merchant and Manufacturer. Kranch & Bach Piano Co. in outside case. tice. E. Neptune fruit bowl and stand. C. $25 per lace. 48. Solicitors of Patents. Inlaid Mosaic. 46. Empire Lamp Co. $1. & . Brooklyn Shirt Co. nickel silver-plated dinner set. value. with glass protector. Buckskin Undergarments. "Regulus goods. T. Juan B. $35 per yard another piece. embossed set of four pieces. . prize cup for a yacht race. $300. T. at end of case. . Danziger. .. $250 line plush .S. handmade. $60 per yard yard curtains. value. value. Soft Hats. $300. T. $200 punch-bowl ladle. ation is front of 51 handwork. A. $389 gold tea set. . This . & Co. 49. in which is the steamer "General Lee. Satin and Plush goods. Mathushek Piano. and border $14 per yard (dress made and trimmed with these materials would cost $350) lace handkerchief. $30 per yard. 37. S. gray. on Nile-green silk. you have seen. . examine. Philip Werlein. Hosiery Co. 34 is subject to change.. over black satin. .. $45 per yard (it is over corn-colored silk) Duchess lace. and 35. white. 33 and 34. escurial lace. blossoms. $500 each leaf is formed separately. 44. 53 and 54. H. T. T. Cotton Duck. 48.. value. D. $45 per yaf d Valenciennes brocaded satin. representing the cotton plant. Canfield Dress Shield Co. T.) Clark's Mile End Spool Cotton. Packard Organ Co. and border $14 per yard black escurial lace. T. $30 per yard. . T. Rich display notice white point d'aloncon. value. ground. Young Zerbe. Hosiery Co. examine. valued at $114. $300 per pair real Paisley shawl. 47. . 47. and balls. among mosaic work. for Mayer Bros. 36. T.

S.S. Cotton Goods. Old Irish Whiskey. Erie Preserving Company. & and 14. . 25 S. <fec. 44.S.S.S.S.S. 24. S. Junius Hart. and Am. Morris Tobacco Works. A. J. A. Cotton Oil Works and Soaps. S. . King's Favorite Food peculiar examine.S. 31.S.. C. and cart bladder of snuff on top of pyramid weighing 40 9. 53 S. 7. Manufacturer of Fine Plate -Rolled Jewelry. S. 44. Maginnis' S. Speer's Favorite Wines. S. Jarvis S. Underwood's Chemical Writing Ink. S. electrical railroad. 8..S. 23. A. S. & M.S.S. 42. 39. Embroidering Machines. Publishers. of Crown Filled Watch-case . Wheat Baking Powder. Mfrs. Colgate's Soap. Coffees and Teas.S. Appleton. 54. Packing Co.S. brewer. Globe Pickle Co.S.S. bridge. 49. revolving pyramid light-house tobacco farm nel. examine. Mahr's Sons. Hotman Co. and boat.S. Wine Wines. and and S. John Schwab. Canned & 37.S. William Fields S. . Martin Kalbfleish & Sons. Lancaster Mills. . 6. Mfrs.S. Ginghams. Here S. Mason & Hamlin Organ and Piano Co.S. S.S. 11. Haraszthy Co. Blatz. Colburn & Co. 22. S. 13 S. 39. Erkenbrecker. notice tobacco ship in motion . S. E.S. Schlitz's Milwaukee Beer.S. 14 and 15. Lamps. pounds.. 17.S. E. 55 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Bergner & Engel Brewing Co. Earner S.S.S. . and V. S. F.S. railroad and mountain tunis playing "The Old North State. S..S. <fcc.S.S. 26 S.S. main aisle to <fe S. . Houston Electric Co. 17. S. &c. . Cocoas.S. Philip Best. & Relsing. fine display.. 15. Brandies. Books and Publications. notice cascade. 30. Wine and Vinegar. Carlton Blades. 10. and S. 29.S. 30. 41. Durham Tobacco Manufacturing . 12. 35. S. Fish.S.S." S. 38 and 37. Robinson. Wolf Co. Chocolate and Cocoa. Am. Brandy Co. Henry Moillard. Hair Brush and 25. S. S. Bollmann. S. S.S. A. S. 49. Tomsori cross & D. 34.S. 5. John Moir & Son. S. Lobster. H. Co. Preserves... 3. Walter Baker <fe Co. examine. Donnell & Co. The Valentine Meat Juice Co. 27. Wines and Brandies. S. &c.S. The Connor's Pianos and Organs. 17. S. Dozier & Weyl Cracker Co.. granulated tobacco the music you hear . J. S.. Pianos and Organs. and and 50 and 56. Co. 43 and 44. . Royal Gloss Lump Starch. Mitchell & Co.52 S. Milwaukee Beer.. of Mustard and Laundry Blue. Tomsou's Potash. Dwight Manufacturing Co. examine. S.S. S. S. S.S.S. 36.. .. 42. P. Fine Confectionery. mule. Face Beautifier.S. 52. 20. and Runkel Bros. and Purdy & Nichols' Liquors.

S. Schnapps. Evan .S. 48. 19. &c.S.R and R.S. R.S. Kirk's Perfumery.R. R. Wilbur & Son. R. 22. Crane Bros. R.R. fine display. Ivers 55. Pacific Mills. R..S. R.S. Deinuth & Co.R. Bill Dress Goods. R.S. Shaw Stocking Co.. Jenney Electric Light Co.R. Brewing Association. Russian Soap.S. R. 8 to 10. Turn here to right ^o R. Confectioners. Boker's Stomach Bitters. East India Fancy Goods. 24. Eavenson <fe Sons.R. 11. R.R. E. California Chocolate Co. J. Busch.R. Schmidt & Ziegler. 14 and 15..R. 24. Harper Bros.S.R. R. R. Publishers.R. 34. trays..S.S. R. paper baskets. Simons & Bros. R.S. Chinese Goods. 59. R. 50 to 54. examine. 41. R.S.S. 56 to 50. M.S. Wines. 3.R.R. 26. Canes and Smokers' Articles. R.R. Berkley & Co. & Pond.R.S. 27. 5.S. L. .R. R. R.R. Hahn & Co. &c.R.R. 42. 36 to 37. Wolf. O. W..S. R. see exhibit of 53 Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co. Heinz Bros.R. as office. Allen & Gaiter.S. R R. Cigars. R. Sun Quog Wo.S. 18.S.S. J.. Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic. R. Manufacturers of Tobacco. Brewers. Hall. 34 to 36.S. Turning to left. Purdy & Nichols. Blank-books. Sunny Side Tobacco Co. R.R. 31. 48.R. R. R. R. Urbana Wine Co. R. James Kirk <te Co.R and RR. Edison Light Co.. Continental Brewing Co. Wines and Liquors. R. Chocolates.R.R.S. 8.S.S. Gardner Piano.R. notice cute display. Wines and Liquors. 40 to 41. H. 49. Win. Millinery. 46.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. 43 and 44.. 49. T. R. R. <fec. 55. See Chart. Arm & Hammer Brand Soda.R and RR. 20. T. New Canning Process. R. 37 to 38.R. R. Baldwin.R.R.S. 13.R. notice paper dome used . Clawson & Son. 49. John Hallihan. 5 to 6. Sugar Plantation examine.. 24. R. Pianos. Hartel. R. Importers of Cigars and Liquors. R. R. Helme's Snuff.R. Toilet Soaps. 28.S.S. R.R.R. fine display. Paper Manufacturers. R. 16.R. Now turn back to same aisle. examine. R.S.R.S.R.S. R.S.. Albert Krell. 56.R.R.. The Cavarro Wine Co. R. 42. Brothers. A. R.S. White Goods. Magnolia Ham Co.S.S.R. Leather Goods. R. 33 and Elgin Watch Co.R.S. 47. 44. Craft and Allen.R. Anhenser.S. H.R. Violins. Pickles. Grunewald Piano fine display. 16.

Palmer & Co. fourth.R and R. Fancy Goods. Type Foundry. 37.. Rushton. Lawn Dressing. Q. 44. C. McAllaster. Gold Leaf. 50 54 Q. viewing exhibits to QQ.R and R.R and R. A. E. Farm Implements and Machinery.P. R. combined cotton and corn planter. Wade & Co. Bagasse Furnace. R. examine. Q. Cox & Poynter. Blank-books. &c. R. . Consulting Oculist. Farmers' Fertilizer Co.Q. Q. Meyer. R. H. and and 53. 48.Q and Q.R and R. the Chattanooga Wagon Spring.Q. which to wall we will complete. Notice particularly double row corn planter. R. Butters. fine display. 44. P. DB D G third quar- DB. Artificial Limbs. This clock has a chime it set . 41 and 42. 56. 48.Q and P.Q and O. Blount's True Blue Plows. 47. R.P and P. Plows and Cultivators. R. 62. Threshers and Traxtile En55.Q and Q. and 39.. J. Fairchild Gold Pen Co. Ac. Oriental Goods. R. Carson . C. Paper and Paper Goods and Stationery. Printer and Lithographer. William Mann. Whiting Paper Co.Q. 44 and 45.P. J. Q.Luby. Hyatt. Q. Tags George Bruce's Son & Co.Q and Q. Blank-books. R. J. and and and and 39. 49. .R and R.. . W. Articles from Holy Land and Egyptian Jewelry.R and R. DB. G. R. Co.R and R. Q. D. With E.R and R. 47.Q and P. A. R. Dentistry. Shepherd & Co. Turning about here R.. DB. second quarter. See large books. The Kruse Check and Adding Machine. Remington Agricultural Works. Nichols. and GB. 46 and 47. 44 and 45. H. Fail-bank's Scales. G. H.Q and Q. Olive Woods. to. Randolph & English. R. DG. P. gines. J. Q. 62.54 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. DG. 38 37 George D. and Preserves Q. Dr. A. Palmer. Printing Inks Estabrook Pen Co. Lamar. Linen Record Paper.R. Jacob Touck. Blank-books. We are now in mences next the Agricultural Section. Olive Woods. <fc Brown. not entering the Russian and Bel- 40. Hastings & Co. Paper Mfg. Semones. Artificial Teeth. Now turn back to QQ. B. J. DB . . and Gilpin sulky plow. 41 and 42. 43 and 44. S. Now R. 22. 62. and take that side of aisle. Cotton Cultivator. .R and R. Waterbury Watch Co. Mansur & Co. R. Thomas Clock. J. 43.. Byron Weston. W. Q and Q. S. Dental Manufacturing.O. 58 and 59. R.R and R. Ferdinand Vester. the Vehicle Spring Co. 40. gium Depts.Q.R and R. A. Deere. Dennison Mfg.. Barnard & Co.. Kanny.. It com- with R. C. 42 and 43. R. on D B and First quarter hour. H.. R. 62 and 63. Sporting Boats and Sailing Canoes. White. strikes DB . and 38. Q. Anderson's Fruits.R and R. Stationery. R. R. 40. 38 39 39 40. Marks. S. 47. &c. Holyoke Paper Co. ter. cotton and corn-stalk cutter. 43 and 44.Q and P. 44. Sibley. 62. 44. examine. Q.

61. & H. Level Tread Horse Powers. 61. 61. Q. O. Foos Mfg. Dejan & Carter. E. Co. Automatic Ice Cream Freezer.Q. L. 61. Hebner <fe Sons. Q. Co. Q. Piano Mfg. Wagons and Cotton Cultivators. E. W. Baldwin Dry Air Refrigerator. 59. Acme Pulverizing Harrow farmers. C.. Gas Machine. Trucks. II and L 62.. 61. &c. 62. Perkins & Co. Brown's Corn Planter Works. Feed Cutters.M.. F and E. Reed & Co. R Now turn S. these have an excellent reputation and should be examined. N. .O. Union Grain and Rice Thresher. Superintendent of Agriculture.I. Emerson. examine.P. and representation of Pennsylvania R. 61. Rornkey's Iron Harrow and Corn Cultivator. A. 61. Carter. Ross Patent Refrigerator. K and K.G and H. Warren Fire Escape Co. P. 61. M and M.. Nash & Bro. ex- amine. 61. R to R. I. 61. Co. Produce Exchange.61. Kemp Burpee Mfg. Seeders. to S. 61.Q. P.O to P.K and K.R. 61. 61. I and LI. II and K.. Mill Machinery. 61. A. excellent exhibit. James L. and Johnson Harvester should be examined by farmers. Grist- & Sons. Now turn to F. C. Hiram Holt <fc Co.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. W. Tread-mills &c. 60. Rogers & Maher. N Hay Knife.. Steak-tenderer.. Bet. 62. Ross & Co. R. I. and W. Boyer& Bros. Johnson & Field. .G. .. C. G. 61. Noye Mfg. Talcott & Co. examine. Lawrence Mfg. Haven & Co. Ewald Over. Chess Carley Co.F. Cultivators. G and G. ..K. R.. Fire Escapes. O and W. R. Henning Bros. N. Potato Planter. K and K. S. American Live Stock Salt Roller Co. 62. 61. and Dunn Edge Tool Co. 62. Lightning and MM. L.. Cisterns. Wickes' Patent Refrigerator. . 61. 55 O to N. Plows. 59. 61.H to F. mills. see process of boring and pumping oil. Turn to left. K. Ditching Plow and Road Grader examine. Co.S. Agricultural Implements. D. K. Ivey's Adjustable Box for Wheel Vehicles. Fire Proof Oil. D. 62.. Homestead Fertilizer... 62..I. C. Gray & Q. The next you have seen. Riggs& Bros. edy. 62 and 63. Harrows. Co. Pumps and Windmills. F. to I. E.H. L. Tread Power Threshers. 61. O. Fanning Mills. 59.E.. 62.. Can. Wheat Scourer. P. and go back in next aisle to F. John T. examine. H.. 62. Harrows and Seed Drills. Co.S. 61. O.O. . Brown Mfg. St. to <fe Speer Sons. &c. J. 62. The Hercules Mfg. K. Royal Churn Power.. Cleveland Carriage Goods Co.F to F. Q. Draft Equalizer. 61.P.K. 61.F. Walker. Grinding Mills and Hand Power Blowers.N. Hartshorn Double Spiral Spring Bed. 62. Co. and Cultivators. F.K.

L. Frick & Co. Williams Tension Wheel Co. 59. American Salt Co. Seed Drills. W 7 I. L. Seedman and Florist. Charles T. Maltre. American Well H. 52. Q..K. 56. 59. Dairy Goods examine. exhibit of Wisconsin canned butter.M 59. N.N. Davis' Fire Escape. Harron & Dexter. 54. Dairy Board of Trade. 54. M. 56. N.F. 59. R. Whitehurst & Co. Farm Implements. F. K. A very & Sons.. fine display . to M. Turn back to G. &c. <fec. 59. Refrigerators. O.K. Turning about here you have F. 56. Superior Drill Co. Chattanooga Plow Co. examine. Come back to G and G. Manufacturers of Farming Tools. .K. to F. Agricultural Implements. O. David Bradley Manufacturing Co. I to Saw-Mills. James H. K. Plows . 56. 56. 59. to N. See miniature farm. to P. and L. PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. K.F.L. Michigan Scales Co. 59. 56. 54. Pitt's Threshing Machines. Hall & Co. 59.L. 52. G.. Whitman Agricultural Manufacturing Co. to N.. N. to L. 54.56 P. Plowing Engines. See figure of Lot's Wife. 54. &c. N. Meat Mixer.N. Cross aisle to O. 0. 54. 54. 59.. to G. K. Palmer. Higgins Eureka Dairy Salt.. Mavel & Williams. 59. Mast & Co.O. Plows. Owensboro' Wheel Co. Now turn to G. N.G. to N. F." cut out of salt rock.H. Tichenor's Hand-Power Press. &c.. K. 56. 54. 54.G. M. 1. Curtis <fe Greene. Leader Chilled Plow. Portable and Traxtile Engines. 59. F. to F. 56. O. 59. . Manure Spreader. to I. Simpson. 54. Dodge Manufacturing Co. 54. 52 and 51. Cornish.F. to Turning N. 52. to right. Kemp & Burpee Manufacturing Co. Murry Iron Works.. examine display. Hutchins Refrigerating Car. . N.F.. ex- amine. 59. 54. Field & Co. 59.N and N. 52. 59. Clothes Washer. 60. 56. B.Q.. and L. The Globe Planter. McEntire & Co..G. Wisconsin Dairymen's Association.N.. Has been described walk to next aisle and commence with P. . Sugar Makers' Supplies.I. 51. 54.G. Sheboygan Co. examine. 59. to M. 56. J. 56.N. 62. H and H. to H. 56 to O.M.. Buckeye Cultivators.N..G.. H. examine. to N. Buckeye Harvesting Machines.F. Allen & Co.O and O. Co. A. P. P. to G. 54. P.L. N.M. Cider Mills.. Cambria Iron Co. Thomas Meikel & Co. Wood and Splint Pulleys. 62. 59. M. F.K.O. 56. Birdsall Manufacturing Co. Monarch Baling Co. 54. Plows. See here original model. N and M. Steel Plows fine exhibit. Wrenn. G. 53 to 59. K. 54. toG. 54. <fec. N and M. McCormick's Reapers. F.. 56. orks. &c.G.'s Exhibit. Newark Machine L. M.K. 52. Cincinnati Water Elevator Co. 54. to K. 54.

N. O.O. and Western Wheel Scraper Co. Hughes Evaporator.. Blymer Manufacturing Co.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. O.O. examine. 200 feet high all the various buildings connected Turn to left. 52. Thermostatic Incubator. Eagle Cotton Gin Co. 47. G. 250X170 feet. see " Bell of Justice.) Dei tz Automatic Fruit Evaporator. R.. L. J. to Q. 49.G.K. . (next.. 49. George Burkhardt. the water-tower. the arcade. 47. M. I. M. Co. Bells.G. M. I and 1. The Taylor Cottonseed Crusher and Grinder. From and M. in Straw. K. J.) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Grain and.K. Concentrated Salt and Columbian Marble Fine display. Ticlmer. Next. extending to Flour Display. Stong. Engines and Threshers. with the car works . 49. the Flour and Meal Display. Tubes. just beyond. containing 120 different kinds of stores . H. 47. Prominent are Lake Calumet. Buffalo Scale Co.. (on left. Albert Landon. 49. Porter. E. Pumps. Excelsior Gate. P. 49 and 48. Osgood Scale Co. From The World's Exhibit of Vegetables. 47.. Harrison Machine Works.L. 52. 44.M. Schwartzwselder. E. 0. A. you have seen. H. 49.Li. American Scale Co. 44.O. 49. Woodard. Here you will see a miniature representation of the "City of Pullman. 49. 51.H.O. 48. 47. 52. 49. 51. L. ." and read card of exexhibit.. I.) Grover. 57 Co.. 44. P. the park. K. Car-fitting Boiler. K. P. Turn to right. Automatic Patent Scale.I 49. 49. Johnson's Oat Meal Co. (to right.M.I.) M. Springfield Machine Co. &c. and enter next aisle. F. Pass on to L. Sprout. Champion Iron Fence Co. 51. and Springfield Manufacturing mills. to L*. Allison Manufacturing Co. R. Engine and Sugar Mills and G. Notice illustration of the & Co. G. (next. I.G. O. N.1. 47. N. To the left of this exhibit. &c. Hay-rakes. Comstock Scale Machine Co. 52.N. tfc Smith 49. to M.P. N. & J. Randolph's Grain Header. and O. planation.. 47.) 1. T. Eureka Windmill. 49. to O. (To right. 47. 47. Hamer Cotton Chopper.P. Steele & Austin. 47. examine. P to Q.O.. L. and Pipe. 49. Moline Plow Co. G. Cedar Tanks L and K. S. Cars. and J.) Chamberlain Plow Co. 47. the cottages for workmen. (on left. Flour Mill Machinery." a suburban town of Chicago. Steam M.L. See Minnehaha Falls. O. (to left.N. and Sugar Evaporator. L.. Holmes is the Mill Exhibit of the World. A. 49. Hay-tedders.) Pullman Car Co. &c. Wind- Now turn to left in next aisle and go to Syracuse Chilled Plow Co. 52. Howe Scale Co. L. The Bidwell Evaporator. where the palace-coaches are made. O. Union Scale Co.P and 6. examine.

" on the u Russian Telaga. Passing next to P. large panel. valued at $600 just below. On panel at M. 44. $10 per yard. beginning with Russia. who was private sculptor to Alexander II.68 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. joining Music Hall. examine.500. which are not only very wonderful. and enter the Belgium . (next.M.) Grain Exhibit of the World. on opposite side gold tinsel or drapery (cotton ground) $10 to $15 per archine (Russian yard. . be carefully studied. the placques $5 to $10. . . $9 per yard. as they represent much of Russian life. . Leav$250. in gold . W." valued right. with his falcons . At end of case. exhibit. Abolone Shell Jewelry wonderful display. Near this a piano from Moscow. but illustrative of Russian life the largest boxes are $50. are many of the designs. of Prof.500. This shell is found in no other place than San Francisco Bay. notice piece. the Terrible. and same material in other forms the largest table is valued at $1. Each piece should : . viz Beautifully painted wooden ware. is the display of C. valued at $500. . 44.) North-western Terra-Cotta Works. Commencing with Q. notice several varieties of Russian droskies. Jackson. see paper mach6 work. Petersburg and Moscow. case of loaf sugar made from beets to right. including reindeer hide on opposite side. next to and ad. . . turn to the Russian Bronzes. valued at $800. Lieberich. ing these. F. 37. the large one is $50 the woolen pillow. and fruit and vegetable pieces were made by a lady 60 years of age.N. Woerffel. Amour. and reN. O. which is lighted from beneath when the water is hot. on which see fine carving. see artistic work cut with scissors. With the malachite tables is one of lapis lazuli. see tanned leather. high up. a case containing pillows. turn to right. 44. of 28 inches) next. j | j ! | I or tinsel drapery. see porphyry vase. but instructive. $40." with a beautiful robe. out of black paper. 37. . Turn here. shawls of woolen. Next. $15 each." a peasant carriage with three horses. tulle lace. (next. valued at $1. The principal exhibits from this Government are from St. worth $500 shell-framed clock. on left side set of laces. in bright colors. see illustration of " running drosky. you enter the Foreign Department. in bronze. very durable. On top of case see "John. RUSSIA. and M. Near this. and a "state sleigh." a sledge. 38 and 39. in case. the malachite tables. and woolen and cotton mixed. turn to Q.it is drawn from the faucet on the dry tea in the teapot. ready for use. many of them being novel to most visitors. made into almost every form. 37. 38. cotton. where you should notice particularly the following.44. which is not only beautiful and artistic. and should be carefully examined. and California sea moss. the pair of large vases at end of large case Near these. You will notice that their usual custom inside j j j j is a burner tilled with charcoal. . laborite vase. a cloth leather. Passing on to P. See mosaic From here table. astrakhan cloth. "The Russian Emigrants to "Market Peasant with Oxen. by the Russian peasants during the winter next. is to drive three horses. next. and see R. In rear. and $50 next. to M. The tea has no other steeping. see Russian Somovars in brass these are for heating water for making tea. and are valued at $30. case." valued at $300 to the . Having reached the rear o f Russian exhibit. at $500 In front.

street car. Next. ice daily. Ice Manufacturers. and traxtile engine and continue as directed in Guide immediately fol- lowing. Leaving here. entering this exhibit. E.. French Spring Co.000 next to left. I state that when examination was made . 41 and 43. 62. and Re- B. 49. Smith & Co. . pass along to corner of room. R. ment geographical and museum display . 56. B. fine display of cotton and linen goods next. Having finished these. B and $ ' B. beautifully carved bedstead.9 BELGIUM. A. and take up exhibits on other side of platform as indicated by Guide. marble clocks beautiful hand-made laces. where you take up the regular order of viewing the exhibits. is the reservoir. until you come to platforms on which Engines are situated then turn back and examine each aisle and the exhibits on the side of Engine Platform. Hand-Spikes. until you reach the ice machines. in corner. in which notice peculiar shapes further along. Smith. . Injustice to this exhibit and myself. To the right. Ladies' Toilet. draperies on panels next. Aymer & 54.D. very fine display of 500 styles of cloths exhibited by Chamber of Commerce of Verniers near front. Your best course is to wend your way among the railroad. the exhibit was not complete.PRACTICAL COMMON SKNSE GUIDE BOOK. which you are now on. street car. W. value. John T. where all the water used in the buildings is filtered. 50 and 51. you pass directly back toward the rear or west end of building to the exhibits of R. in case. showing the particular exhibits with post numbers. and cooling 12.. additional crockery. $1. A. Knoxville Wheel Co. 54. Oars. Rolling Stock. Coal see 8 and 10-ton blocks. Refrigerator. and locomotive exhibits. . Brown Sons. Degraw. Cold Storage -Rooms. The most of the exhibits in this section are of vast interest and should be visited by ladies as well as gentlemen. . . the govern- Upon which is .B. 62. to )Cold Storage-rooms. next. You now enter upon the examination of Machinery Hall. Car Springs. this. which join the refrigerator pass from ice machines to A. 60 to 59. Car Wheels. A. fine display next to right. and ice machine where ten tons of ice are manufactured daily in front of this is the great filter. 62. where you will see some very pretty designs. and then pass to end of building to E. Co.500. are the great refrigerators and cold storage-rooms. back of % Tanks. is part of crockery exhibit. ..A. to right. 61 to E. and Lunday. you first reach the display of iron manufacture. and arranged alongside of this are the force and ordinary pumps.. making ten tons of Rooms. . 39. H. which it will be well for you to consult as you proceed so as not to omit anything of importance. 63 to 54. Carlisle Manufacturing Co. one price. D. D. f. 62. to left. Filter. where you come to Refrigerator and Cold Storage-Rooms pass alongside of building and refrigerator. cross platform by steps near side of building. church goods next. next. Boats and Oars. glass goods. To the right. ..000 cubic feet of space in Cold A. A. S servoir. next. . &c. worth $2. to right in cases. Builders. A. . : . I now continue the Guide in regular way. 60. to the Reservoir. A.A. A. worthy the special attention of all interested in that product. B.

H. E. W. 34. B. A.C. Metallic Pattern Letters. Detroit Blower Co. H. Flushing Syphon and Housetraps. Head Light. See paper car wheels A. Here turn back to B. R. & B. B. W. A. Iron Filing and Steel Color Machinery Turn here to D.D. Stratton & Co.60 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. This completes Machinery Hall on this side of platform for engines. 48. 50 and 51. B. 38. C and C. 34. but " before crossing.. Laundry Machine.B. Still well 36.. B. 36. and 46. B.B.C. 48. Barrett.B. 43 and 44. H. Paints. G. 45. Printing Presses. T. Boston Woven Hose Co. D. Glass Blowers . Tully. McMann & Bros. Thorp Manufacturing Co. you have seen. 40 and 41. 44 and 45. Kcenig & Bauer. B. Dolph Co.B. D and D.D. B. 41 and 40. D. R. Printing Machines. Turning back. Here turn to left and see display of the Reading Iron Co. R. One of these.B. D. 49 and 48. B. 38.. the Rey- . Blowers and Drying Apparatus. B..D. H. D. and pass along to C. L. A. Car Wheels and Axles. Lowrie. you have seen. D and D. 52. H. Printing Presses'and Saws.D. B.. The Smith Exhaust Fan. C and C. B.. 39. Payne &. M. Freeport Machine Co. C. Deitz. C. 48.D. B. Whitney & Sons. C and C. American Steam Gauge Co. Benj. Hoe & Co. A.C. Prouty Power Printing Press Go. 34 and 35.. see operation. 38 and 39. B. Ice Machine. Palmer. Combination Gas Machinery Co. A. Huyett & Smith. A. Burkey Foundry and Manufacturing Co. examine.C. Ventilators. 43 and 42.C. J. 45. D. Return to D and D. 40 and 43. Laundry Machine. 39 to 41. Quint & Son.D. Housetraps. Type Materials. Allen Paper Car Wheel Co. Steam Water Heater. Ames Iron Works Co. D. Wind Mills and Feed Grinder. and B. C and C. to right in next aisle. and 43. D. E. 39. 43. YuncR & James Co. 46. 44 and 45. Bickford. B. See car wheels. 44. Heaters and Gas Fixtures. D and D. Exhaust Ventilator Co. Alliug's Lightning Dish Washer. examine the largest of the engines. B. Now turn C. A. 45 and 44. Hanson. M. Lithographic Press. Hancock Inspirator Co. you have seen. Excelsior Steam Pump. 39. 48. Printing Presses. S. D. Hand Cars. Babcock Washing Machine. F. Sons. 35. C and C. D.. 47 D. 50 and 51. B. R. 46. Baltimore Car Wheel Co. Sturtevant. Baily Wringing Machine Co. 48. 47 and 48. & Bierce. R. 41 back to C.. 49. Automatic Engines. Inlaid Work. Rayner's Challenge Pressure Filter. A. Eastwood. Graham & Son. 41 and 42. 34. C. Radiators and Valves.

Engines.C. Brick and Tile. C. 11 to 10. Chaffee & Burden berg.. the other. B. Skinner <fe Wood. Stevens & Son. 17. 28.A. A.. Thos. A. H.PRACTICAL. Carriages and Hardware. 11 and 12. Belting. Y.. B. A. 27. Armstrong & Co. 5. B. Gas Fitting. Junius Jackson & Son. A. J. 15. The Altman-Taylor Thresher. 4.A. 10 to 9. James Aikman & Co.A. D. H. A. W. 24 and 25. Bergner & Co. A. A. 25 and 26. 23. Mason & Co. C. Chattanooga Foundry Pipe Co.A. 10. 6. A. A. &c. 14 to B.. Chas.. 16. Turn about in same aisle to B. A.A. A. Penilliat. 25 to 29. Maine Belting Co. Upright Boilers. Sewer and Culvert Pipe. Fine display of Portable and Stationary Boilers. 8 B.Portable Forge.A. commence at C and C. C. A.A. American Wire Nail Co. F. C and C. Passing here into next aisle on left. Watson's .. Baltimore Bell and Brass Works. Jones & Co. B.000 pounds each. A. Cast Iron Pipe. nolds-Corlis. A.A. Taylor Manufacturing Co. A. Adjustable Stock and Dies for Presses. B. 25. Mining Turbine Wheels. Saws. you reach. B. is of the Passing over platform.A. Co. 11 to Paige Manufacturing Co. 30. 27. A." Their balance. 31 to 28.C. 17. Hotchkiss Boiler Cleaner. J. A.. 6 to 4. Blackmer & Post. B. A. Hoyt & Co.A." COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Fine display of Mining Turbine Wheels at work. W. Pass on to A. 12.A. Cooper. The Winn Boiler Compound. A. 31. 17 and 18. Belting and Packing Co. A. N. Dudley Coleman. ' 61 same power. 13. A. Medart Patent Pulley Co. S. Chapman Valve Manufacturing and 9. Steam Governors. Steam Governors. 13. A. Gents' Water-Closet. Burr Mills. is of 650 horse-power. 22 to 18. Boston Belting Co. 26.. Cincinnati Corrugating Co.. Johns. Metallic Steam Packing. 24. James Leffel & Co. A. Coleman's Counter Shaft and Grist-mills. Eberhard Manufacturing Co. 28.A. See pipe 6 feet in diameter. Johns. 4 to 3. 8. . A. B. Asbestos Cement A. 27. 9 to 8. 31.A.A. B. 15 and 14. A. W. A. &c. A.A. Schroeder & Co. 25. and French 17.. Leviathan Belting Co. the Harris-Corlis. Stamped Japan and Tin Goods. a large Turning Lathe of 36 inches swing. 13 to 12. A. National Sheet Metal Roofing Co. Stair Work Machinery. Henry Disston & Sons. A.A. Threshers. Gandy Belting Co. Cincinnati Brass Co. C. B. Standard Lighting Co. A. A.A. A. B. Engines and Boilers. Wood & Co. 9.wheels weigh 60... B. Graphite Lubricating Co. &c. A. 3 to 1. Machinery. Portable Engines. Leather Belting.

) Louis Schwartz. 7. 3. Saw Works. first. 9. T. (at right hand. H. ) Laclede Fire Brick Co. 16. then into the vacuum pan. D. Manufacturers of Iron Buildings. A. Sugar Apparatus.) Jackson & Tyler. Atkins & Co.) Frank H. Machinery Tools. Delemater & Co. 5.. Oil Stoves and Ranges. and E. H. (opposite side. 19 and 20. in which the cane juice is clarified^ from here it goes into the evaporating pan. Scroll Saws and Scroll Sawing Materials. (to right. ( C. (to left. Grovet.B. J. (to left.) Buffalo Union Belt Fastening. Morse. Barnes' Hand-sawing Machinery. Metallic Shingles.) Sirnond's Manufacturing Co. E. 3. the Pratt & Whitney Manufacturing Company. D.) American Machinery Engines. Saw. 4. Stationary Boilers and Engines. W. Goes.) Atlantic Engineering Co. D. Morley Bros. Saw Tools.B. the clarifier. C. 12. Beandry & Cunningham. 14 and 15. C. C. 9. Machinery Tools. (to right. C. 3. Collection of Patents.. 13.B. B. and Forge Co. 14 and 15. N. F. Michigan Ax and Tool Co. 7. L. Co. B. Mixter. 16. 6. D. where the centrifugal motion throws ail the molasses from the sugar. Opdyke & Co. C 11 and 12.. Lumberman's Tools and Michigan C. Sufkin. B. E. B. T.) C. (On left. 8. 13 and 14. 6. 12. C. Hot Air Pumping Engines. P.. & B. Now turn to left into next aisle and see C. J. Rotary Nutmeg Mill. the largest in the world. F. Now C.. Pomeroy. 4 and 5. Narragansett Machine Co. Saws. 9. Foot Lathes. B. Well-drilling Machinery. 2. 5. Walker & Co. Oshorn & Co. C. Austin. The Buckeye Iron Grain Machine. (opposite side. C. 8 and 9.. C.) the Scoville Manufacturing Co. D. Flanigan .C.. 11 and 12. Rule Manufacturing Co.. Scarfe & Sons.) F. C. (to right.C. Machinists' Tools. Here you see the apparatus for sugar manufacture. National Sheet Metal Roofing Co. C.B. 19 and 20. Sewer and Drain Pipe.B. 2. B.) B. Rornmarine's Bale Metallic Splicing Machine.. 2. It next goes into the mixer. The Powell Tool Co. Water Conductors.C. Smith. Drill Presses.B. Russell C.B. C. Planer. 15. pass on to D.) Wing's Disc Fan.C. 22..62 PRACTICAL. C.B.. (to right. C. Otis & Gorsline. (to right. C. Eclipse Blacking Brush. 18.) Cleveland & Hardinwick. Boiler Feeder. 5 and 6.C. Upright Power Hammers. Files. Co. 12 and 13. fine display of saws. See one 86 inches in diameter. B. 4 and 5. D. The Clark Gas Engine Co.) W. 10.C.. D. (to left. &c. B. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and Knife-sharpener. 12 and 13.C. (to right. C. B. in which the syrup is cooked to sugar.. (on right. and from thence into the centrifugal boxes below.C. E. Bowers & Co.) Myers. (on left.C.C. C. . C. H. (other side.

Carding Engines. Planing and Matching Machines second on right. also other manufacturing com.. Here. E. on opposite side. machinery next opposite . foundation could not be laid. Iron Barbed Wire Co.. E. Smith. H. E. E. Mill Machinery examine. William Strange & Co. E. . Variety Iron Works. . Hewit & Co.000 lamps in the Main and Art Buildest in the world ings. Cincinnati Barbed Wire Fence Co. E. Dies. D. 18. 9. E. next on same side. 14 and 15. instead of in a separate building as was at first anticipated. Detroit Safe Co's exhibit third on right.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. A. It is run by six automatic steam-engines. E.F. 21. 22. the largit supplies some 18. which drive twelve generaAs the ground is such that the ordinary tors. From here " annex. 26. D. 24. Harmon & Co.. 12 to 10. George T.. . opposite. E. Wood Splint Pulleys. Wood. Band Scroll Sawing. Now turn back to . E. & F. Here is displayed immense steel cable used in Brooklyn and other bridges. Wood.000 seven steel wires. Steel Cable." where you may see various machinery pass into machinery hall. R. and F. Miscellaneous examine. 11. A. and F. 27 and 29. a peculiar frame-work was constructed. Engle Cotton Gin Co. Cooper. Waymath <fe Co. Electric Machines. on opposite side.. . 25 and 26. next on right. Marble Working Machine inlaid Tennessee marble center table examine. A. which supply the electricity. Here turn to right into next aisle to D. 26. Here go to E. E.000 a day. the Heyle Suspension Hooks. Thompson <fe Houston. Wood. & Myers.000 pounds without vibration. . and its strength is 22.Working Machines on right again. ing Machines. Thompson-Lewis E. where you will see the Edison Electric Light Plant. Examine. E. E. Silk Goods. you see first on right. 6 and 4. Leigh & Co. Emery Wheel and Machine Co.. Diamond. one that cuts 150.) John A. . on same side. Tool Works next on opposite side.. Wood Turning Lathes next. ? 28. Steel Tablet Fence. . largest in the world. which notice. W. with cotton and Saw Mills . Jillson & Palmer's Cotton Opener. B. Now turn to opposite side. . It sustains 200. Schmidt. W. Novelty Iron Works. S. Starr & Co. panies. E. Leigh's Cotton Machines first on left. 13.. B. Smith. E Electric Light.. Woods <fe Co.300. side. Window Exhibitor. Fay & Co. Barbour's Cotton Gin opposite side.000 pounds. A. William B. D. too. 24. Plumley & Kitchie. Manufacturer of Presses. and Daniel Pratt's Cotton Gins. Nordyke. will be the Cotton Mills exhibit. F. Shingle Machine. and other Machinery. A. 63 D. Centrifugal Flour Dressing Machinery. Dodge Manufacturing Co. On entering. Flour Mill Machinery. Bliss. 22 and 23. . Smith. . 3.Working Machines . 8 and 7. . Wood and Iron Working Machines. 13 and 14. the Tennis Gang Flooring Machines on opposite side. D. Engines . D. much of which is interesting. Fenton. 24 and 25. (to right. The Brooklyn Bridge wire is composed of 6. on right. Enterprise Manufacturing Co. D. at work. C. F. A. Kalamazoo R.. Hall & Brown.Work. Moffett. Roebling's Sons. J. Brown Cotton Gin Co. A. Gleason. 16 and 17.. Velocipede Co. Good ell <fe Waters.

The model is 12 feet high and 11 feet in diameter. and examine The Sullivan Diamond Prospecting Drill. Noye. which regulates the cutting as desired. Allen & Co. next. Pass along to first cross aisle to left.. next. Triumph Drills next on left. F5 and 6. pass back of it. Puffer <fe Son. . Ramie Fiber Co.. Holmes. Wooden. pass along main aisle until you reach first principal cross aisle. . Covel. through which pass to main aisle and back to Machinery Hall. James F.) J.F. turning to right. to E. Rutledge.) Rose. Egan WoodWorking Machinery. 11. Wire and Wire Goods. The Gilbert Read quotation at top regarding it from Longfellow's "Skeleton in Armor. Arn. M. Wood. (on right.. Next on right.E. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. W.) S. L. & Bennett Mfg.Working Machinery. F. The Ryder Hot-Air Engines.. made E and E. and in large building of their own.64 PRACTICAL. which should be examined by persons interested. 5. Flour Mill Machinery. I. Israel. Saw Sharpener. F. next. 2. Now pass back into the machinery annex of "The Forsaith Machinery Co. 4. B. ' ' . E and E. next. C. from N. P. all kinds of sugar machinery next on opposite side. you have patent boring and tenoning machines. Y. Fiber Machine. (on left. Gage. opposite side." E. Rock Fischer. and P. (on right. Engines next. and is composed of over 80. Benjamin & front. which strips the fiber. See all kinds of wire and barbed Fine display. C. . new plan next on left. fine display. Remington Agricultural Co. a most yonderful display of a great variety of machinery.E. (on right. Stone Mill " at Newport. Fulton Iron Works. 12 and 13. Model of "The Old F.E and E. Soda Apparatus. next.) F. just beyond this. E.E.Wedding Goods next on left. Co.) A. Returning and passing cross aisle by which you entered this aisle. Colwell Iron Works. E.. supposed to have been built by the Norsemen in the tenth century. F and F and shredding Sugar Cane. Mfg.. G. 7. John T. Beach's Scroll-Sawing Machines. wire here. F.. 6. George Gibson's Fiber Machine..E. S.F. 8 and 9. who make here. From this place is a walk to boat " landing. 10 to 12. near which is a machine for crushing and bleaching fiber. next." and is supported by eight columns. (on left. Co. see H. E and E. C. Mill Machinery. with 153 shades of color. The Forsaith Machinery Co. Pease. It is half the size of the "Old Mill.F. American Hoop Dresser next. Rand Drill Co. Co. . Curtis' Scroll-Sawing Machines. Washburn & Moen Mfg. John White. .E. Downs & Thompson Seed Oil Mill. . next. 9.) Harden's Grenade Fire Extinguisher. . This mill has been exhibited at Calcutta. Warrnouth's Machine for each a different color. turning to right. Reading Bolt and Nut Works." where an excellent display is made. Pass along aisle to F. Scroll-Sawing next on right in r in rear. also. Frederick Stoltz.. agent. Tuft's Sod-a Water Machinery and Fountains. Fiber Machinerj on next Planer Resawer and right. &c. . India. R. F and Noiseless Rolling-Mills. Gordon's Planer. here see core of rock bored out. and its hydraulic feed. (on left. After examining this. in which.000 spools of cotton.. Diamond Rock Boring Co. E. Coats' Spool Cotton. 22 inches in diameter. Barrel and Stave Machinery. Gray's . . Morse Cotton Compress next on left. Returning now to machinery hall annex.. D. See.

F. 100 thread. G and H. 20. They also make "Exposi- F and tion Souvenirs. specimens of which you see here. &c.F. 17 and 18. with different maAfter a few drawings. bed-spreads. Improved Cord-twisting Machine.E. F and F. 17 to 7. S.) National Tube Works Co. Stepping upon platform. the fibers are called chines. fastens the thread on each. Clark's O. Cotton Machinery.F and G.F.) and the process which it passes through in general. your left in small room.F.G.000 spools Back of this. Mussey & Co. 19. 25. 20 and 21.. thus drawdone by several operations. G. 22. see to G..F. picking to remove seeds and dirt. will use No. Now. E and E. and drops the spool. Spool Cotton. see monster 100mile spools of cotton. which is 5 . Now turn to opposite side of aisle to G. American Pin Co. taking 8 spools at one time.. F. cuts off the thread. Converse Lock-Joint Pipe.) U. of braid. and L. the spool-machine. 23. Lithographing. 65 F. which is done by hand one young lady stamps 30. Textile Machinery.F. (the best. G. then commence on left with F. nitric. A. F. to G and H. as you will see here..) August Gast & Co.F. Co. <fcc. the wonderful braid-machine.F. you pass on and see the process of spool-cotton cotton used in making the thread is Sea Island. 17 and 18. and winds 200 yards on each. and fastens the thread in it. Next see the stamping process. cost about $2. Dowdell. F. Turning of Ivory. which stands 20 feet high. 21. F. Silk Weaving. See coming of silver dollars. Pioneer Silk Co. Turn here into next aisle to right. 29 and 30.000 spools a day. Whitin Cotton Machinery.F. Bone. Brownel. W. Henry Mitchell's Silk Mfg. See manufacture of Gold and Silver Thimbles. 22 and 23.F. Also. See manufacture of handkerchiefs. which is the running of the fiber bemachine will stop. Hopedale Machine Co. Now. as follows: 1st. Mint Exhibit. 24. and at the breakage of one thread only. tween two ing out the one set running faster than the other. to comb them again.F. 2d. towels.000. powerful acids. 15 and 18.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK.000 spools a day. fiber. (on right. with illustrations on them of the Exposition Buildings. 28 to 22. carding to arrange the cleaned fibers parallel 3d." F and F and F and F. These slivers are put together in another machine. which requires some 100 tons pressure. (on right. Here are manufactured ginghams. Cotton Mill Furnishing Goods. F and F. 30 and 29. and other . The case. F. N. by watching this bobbin you can see So delicate is this machine that it just what the movement of each one is. See automatic machine which winds over 6. so as to remove any foreign substance and short fibers. 28. slivers. Vegetable Ivory Goods.G. and it is again sets of rollers. F. Kuemmerle. Bridesburg Mfg. <fec. (on left. stopping immediately at the termination of the 200 yards. J.. 14 and 16. The Willimantic Cotton Co. It then makes a slit or incision on the edge of each spool. the drawing out process. which makes all kinds a day. You will notice that one bobbin has a piece of paper on it. which makes some 22. F. The . the entire manufacture. T. Jars in which they test the color of their thread by oxalic.

every form. 25 and 26. inside of case. The next process is "spinning. three card stands. 17. In large case at end. r . F. See the Roller Mill. through aisle to H. as follows. . Soda Water Apparatus. process which cannot be shown here. Haing Chong. opposite. . plac16th. spinning. $450 per pair: set (3 pieces) on opposite case. $450. in blue and gold. . Petrified Trees. or . . doubling and making the six 3d. which. . viz: $450 Beautiful vases on case. where you reach the Foreign Department. carding twisting.G. The next you have seen. drawing or reducing and twisting slightly 8th. as follows. drawn out.F. comber. two cords doubled 12th. 8150. 18. or fibers. . J. viz: 1st. see pyramid of spool-cotton.F. cut-glass fruit dish." which is a simultaneous drawing and To accomplish all this. making six cords in one. Here they are making buttons 1] and 12. llth.000 spools also. Pass to F. enameled glass. commencing with the wonderful Bonemian Glass Exhibit of Ludwig Moser. together with spooling and stamping. for removing all foreign substances and short fiber 6th. Here they make Exposition Souvenirs. . : . to Q Q. $225. T. John Mathews. Now.^ih rollers 4th. that is. for which it is sent to the dyer's. from Desert of Ari- See how it polishes." then it is drawn and doubled again. picking 2d. Noye. F. $480. 10. and winds them together 5th. twisting the new cord 17th. see illustration of all methods used among Chinese in working cotton also.) Waterbury Button Co.F. from raw cotton in seed up to the different forms of manipulaPass on to lation.) and that is the whitening or coloring. Turning to right. also near by. follow posts numbered 27. you have seen from the other side.F. drawing. draws.66 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. turning to left and taking opposite side 5. (reeling. . beautiful. drawing out v. ticketing. The Phoenix Silk Manufacturing Co. twisting these two cords into one 13th winding on bobbin 14th. (next. $225. and Q. 15th. vases (hand-work). high up on case. China Ware and Japanese Curiosities. Notice particularly. 7th. wine-color and white. you enter Austria. . Now pass along aisle till you reach G.F. 25 and 26. drawing and twisting slightly again 9th. see specimens of cotton in cords of the thread . 28. F. 12 and 13. which takes fourteen strands.G. 10th. 28. and continue on I now give these exhibits in their order. : . . at which place turn to right. Leaving here. 27. . (next. . and the waste by the side of each specimen. F. examining the exhibits on line of posts 27 and 28. jmnch set (bowl and 7 glass). see Weikel & Smith Spice Co.F. a pair of vases. spooling 19th. $450 lamp near this. $500 vase by it. and winds on bobbins. . G. twists.) Wonderful Collection of zona. of same aisle. $250 blue enameled vases. lap-winder. this company have nineteen processes. Next commences the twisting of fibers.000 yards in front of other long pyramidal case. decorated. F. M. $200 punch bowl. large spools. composed of 22.F. which comes after the 16th process. called '-roving. and process of making New Process Flour. 15 and 16. 5. uniting three of the two cords. reeling There is one ing on swift for spooling . Glass Engraver. is slight. 18th. each containing 12. . . F. . which takes the fourteen fibers and reduces or draws them to size of one. and putting pins on a paper by machinery. at first. reducing.

Inlaid Mosaic Wood Work examine. mosaics. large variety of tortoise and conch shell work. fine display. R. &c. majolica. Next. Next. Maurice Taussig. S. 24. and sofa. Venetian glass. jewelry display. Manufacturer of Jewelry and Lapidary. examine. . . O. Roman Jewelry. very beautiful a rocking arm chair. Next. mosaics. Graziotie Petoreto. examine. most Next. Now turning to left. composed of four chairs. Canini. J. Notice particularly his Egyptian and Arabian styles of jewelry. Real Bohemian Goods. See fine pair of vases on top of case.N. cameos. Naples artistic work. cameo. M. 25. photographic illustrations in Venice. vases. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Next.M. which are beautifully hand-painted. pretty majolica. hand-carved lava work. Venetian glass.. Achile Olweri. lava : . Notice particularly beautiful mosaics. Amber Meerschaums. especially Venetian Goods. examine the displays noticeable in display of fans. 27. 1. examine. Michele Griscuolo. fully Q. beautiful display. 25. Turning to the right.P. Valsecchi. H. N. and should be carefully examined. 26. M. fishermen and boat. of Vienna. 24. Next. . in case. Notice particularly lady's dressing mirror. Schreppel & Walch. glass engraver. N. careat P. Next. you enter France. . worth $500 beautiful display of Austrian Jewelry and genuine gems. Upon entering this exhibit.. the furniture display (bent goods) of Thonet Bros. fine filigree work. Next. Next. . including silver filigree. fine display. and his illustration showing the mode of coral fishing. ITALY. Imitation Gems examine. majolica.PRACTICAL. $250 and $350. coral and filigree jewelry. Notice particularly the following. including the celebrated Count Harrach's Bohemian Glass. Alia Farfalla. and O. and Venice China Jewelry. $250. No. <fec. .M. Venetian photographs. two arm chairs. Raimond Nagl. Garobolo & Co. Labriola. delicate and beautiful jewelry. Florence Mosaics. Di Mariano & Co." bronze candelabra. in dark mahogany* (new style . viz Two large bronzes in front. M.O. &c. diamonds and fine jewelry. a bronze "Minerva. including Rialto. O. you will see the tine display of F. (hand made) scales. Florence mosaics. Venetian Goods. . and glass work. First after this. Continuing on. . Gioni Boncinelli. 67 M. rePompeiian bronze. . M. N. Notice in tortoise shell work the difference in beauty and value between the light and dark colored shell. Veit.) a gilded set. pair of spectively. Next. tortoise shell. as they contain fine and varied exhibits of Italian manufacture. . upholstered in black silk parlor chair. Michael Goldschmidt & Son. and peculiar terrafine display cotta. mense pearl. examine. and Venetian Notice particularly beautiful filigree. and jewelry. Francis Waich. including an im. Next. and coral work. Roman filigree work very peculiar exhibit don't fail to see. beautiful exhibit of mosaic and filigree tine cameos. Antonio Mari. Venetian Glass and Wooden Statuary. Florence mosaics and bijoutry examine. Brunacci. 24. 24. 27. 27. E. E. Olwoti Brothers. P. Next. glass. coral. Inlaid Olive Woods. Meerschaum Goods and China Flowers. Errico. enter Italy. which should be examined. Bohemian Glass.. 27. of Italian bronzes. .. . Next toward front. with fine upholstering. Dodany. which none should fail to see. first in front.

Next. Artistic Chiseled Bronzes. Industry and Peace. examine. samples of track and cars." Next. a lady of the middle ages. next.L. the Mexican Gardens. A. $175 in rear. $'200. France" the pope. painted on Faience. : . Fox.M. These are $600 per pair. $375 next. The bronze ground-work of the metal or. and cooked at crystal tire." value. and burned twice. merce. and M.. representing uEsop's Fable of the " Crane and the $500. each burning of six hours value. $550. Charlemagne. pearls. St. Paul de Vincent. Notice particularly. $100. Stained Glass. chiseled after the school of Odiot the cupids are exquisite Next. .N. <fec. 20. back. and leading another. and the yellow." value. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK.H. notice Sepoy slaves. 20. showing every color of the rainbow. Beginning with I <fe I. $225 " Com. painted porcelain screen. $350.000 yards. see fine porcelain placque of dogs. of statue representing "The Prayer for Montmartre. value. H. " value. namentation value. Among placques. value. particularly. $2. Tapestries. . and should be contrasted with the first.Q. and makes a fine display of Art Bronzes. $750 near this. Next. in front. . . R. viz: porcelain stand in Louis XVI style. and above. handwhich is baked in a heat of 800 painted Sevre. same work Cachemere marble stands. Sacred Heart. very beautiful and transparent. Paintings. . in . Cigarette Paper. 20 and 22. value. Neiter & Prestat. L.I. toilet table in Pompadour style. L. and one of 4. value $180. 22. Porcelain Articles and Imitation Dresden Ware and Antique Glass with &c. Lafargue & Brierre.P. a church. . $225 each bronze and onyx vase. the mercury. value. 20. F. The mate to this one is on opposite side. Shoes. Patent Enameled Mirrors. Paris. M QandQ. N. and Corsets. Louis XIV vase. . in enamel. for use at mines. Lacroix. as follows. 20 feet high. In front. value. vases. very fine. $60 . .500 a pair near here. This firm represents a large number of houses in France. Porcelain Flowers.68 PRACTICAL. This road may be seen in actual operation at. beautiful stained church glass. as each presents two different faces. as follows. 22. the green. $90. is . fine display examine the largest one worth $400. Renaissance vase. . which are the matte." value. Notice little coffee set. embossed leather furniture. or Gros-Bleu. Religious Jewelry. French Diamonds. a copy of the original at Fontainebleau on other side. Decauville's Portable Railway. Luez. Among bronzes. " The Steeple Chase. Notice one roll containing 6. Ceramics. . value.000 yards. Kaffel & Freres. The painting is on enamel. $1. . giving four different faces in the pair and notice the exquisite chiseling upon them and varieties of color of gold. viz : Among re- ligious statues. the blue Sevre vase. China flowers. M. Decorated clock. France. artistic chiseling. P. Ruinine. FRANCE. next. and a model . J.150 *' The Boy and Cat. the great philanthropist of France holding child in one arm. after the school of Wateau examine both sides. largest chair. classical style of Louis XIV value. value. M. Pouvier. A . a vase on stand. and 20. $50. Notice. : . $400. the Saviour. Religious Statues. Mechanical Dolls. this statue is to be placed in the church notice the wonderful expression in the eyes of " France. degrees then the gold decoration is applied.

worth $2.000. and should be carefully examined. . The carpet is an Aubusson the finest carpet made and is worth $1. A room furnished in this style would cost from $10. only two have ever been made the other for the Princess Louise. worth $1. The wrought-iron candelabra is valued furnished with two bed-room sets one is . fourteen pieces. and it should not be passed with a glance. The sunshades are of festooned silk. Sancho Panza.) one made for the Princess Louise. which includes largely laces made by poor Irish peasant women.500. This collection is for sale. K. is a beautiful exhibit of ceramics of the most artistic styles and finish. but the most interesting display is of the Donegal Testimonial Fund. at the right. made of paper mache. the first room you view is furnished in style of Louis XVI. Around the room are fine specimens of Axminster carpets. the brass work is chased and then gilded. and should be examined by all interested in this 17. 17. It is done by placing it in an oven with spirits of ammonia. ical dolls back still farther. the other worth $1. made taken from iron ore smelting. 69 In large case at right. of the latest pattern. you first see slag ware.000 17. ance. The third room.000..PRACTICAL. COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. Artists. in Kensington Palace the four chairs. From any roughness of surface no paint can be detected. in yellow brocade the two sets are worth $1. As fine a collection is seldom seen.000. M. turn to left and enter England. from the slag which P. which makes a wonderful display one seldom seen and none should fail to see it. Next. Felix & Wayman.700. French and English holstery. Entering-from the front. and the proceeds are to be charitably distributed among these poor workers. and others. <fec. finest of all notice here fine panel work. hand. is an exhibit of Row-locks and Thole-pins for boats.500. wonderful mechandisplay of artistic and expensive tapestry in all styles. among which are fruit jams. in upThis exhibit represents one of the great London houses. in imitation of bronze. notice Don Quixote. decorating. on the other side. Here are various displays. ) the secret and beauty of which lies in its perfection of surface. . worth $1. most excellent. (the new method of painting. to K. The two side pieces of Verin Martin. the second is inlaid mahogany here see white oak side-board in Renaissance Notice illustration of giving to wood an old appearstyle. to $15. canned meats. direction. the furniture painting is Verin Martin. The second room is mahogany and painted coiffier. Notice particularly the screen in imitation of Dresden china. ENGLAND. with the finest furniture and furnishings made in England. &c. cabinet-making. back.painting.500. The red velvet screen was made for the wife of one of the wealthiest bankers in London. fine laneous Department. and high value. This illustrates how useful millions of tons of heretofore considered worse than useless material may be utilized. next to Miscelnext. M. Finishing this.200. The curtain you see at side and was made by Genoaese Nuns. Q. Entering this exhibit at this post is number. fine boots and shoes. but carefully viewed. a new style. at $1. 17. each differentnotice perfection in carving. The window drapery. which this firm manu- is one hundred and fifty years old. (a new discovery. Directly back of this.

underneath a cover. and yields the most luxuriant crops of cotton. A pair of large grain corals . showing that nearly all of their implements used in the raising and manipulation of cotton are very rude. notice the Brazil In this exhibit. pass along to P. cotton-field implements. and guin made from it. . Before an operation is performed. JAMAICA. cotton rolls. P. . within the last year. see lace and lace work made from the lace bark tree table of canned fruits. crank and treadle. discovered In the exhibit from this island.70 factures. notice a bitter wood. notice particularly a peculiar wheat. Continuing on. the outside covering of which is called "coir. in case near by. coffee plant. among grains. tice particularly. as follows. hoes and models of the skein reel.000. Turning here to H. The perfume is absorbed by the lard. with the fruit before it is chucked specimen of gutta-percha. among which notice the cocoa-leaf. . any size desired. Next. the green pulp 2d. COMMON SENSE GUIDE carpets of BOOK. the small cocoa-palm. . notice particularly. in place of hops. which will repay examination. some 30 years old among woods. as follows : . Fine exhibit of Sterling Silver and Precious Stone Jewelry. labeled. you reach Jamaica. table of cocoanuts. the mace 3d. Among the woods.P. . notice in tub of water. Tittle Kruger. which is used. This exhibit consists of all grades of cotton goods. you next enter the German Department. you reach the Republic of Honduras. . Stepping around to rear of the exhibit. which is done by laying them on lard. Turning to right. of which cocoa matting is manufactured. 15. is They manufacture between $30. and the peculiar way it thrusts itself through the shell. Fine display of Worsted Work. for making beer . PRACTICAL. Entering this department. viz: GERMANY. fibers. different machine-dressed Leaving Jamaica. which is sent abroad and prepared for market. Albert Uebele. 15.000 and $40. . of this exhibit The total vaiue All of this display is for sale. Yet this country is one of the richest in the world in the variety of its production. SIAM. where it will destroy all sense of feeling without injury to the person. you will see specimens of the finest English wall paper. where it subsists on the cocoanut inside until it actually absorbs all the meat of the cocoanut on the other side. . It was recently applied to General Grant. Photographs of buildings on the island. . the nutmeg on the other side. cotton-carding brushes. near table. crank and spiral gear. rock coral see method of extracting perfume from tube roses and other flowers. the chocolate beans. shuttles. NoThe Siamese loom. Samples of rum. 15. REPUBLIC OP HONDURAS. among which observe nutmegs 1st." see fiber made from it. H. observe. 200 medicinal plants. a local anaesthetic. this cocoa-leaf can be applied to the part affected. woven by women. cop winder. you next enter Siam. which are labeled. At end of exhibit.

Near this wood see cochineal insects. see iron vase inlaid with gold it took five years to make it. near this a . $50 silk screens. $150 hand-made lace. 71 wood. see one in gold.) CHINA. Cloissonne-work vases. and with these a small box. perhaps. with a thin iron plate attached. bamboo and bead screens. $250 value $250 Koransha porcelain placque. raw silk. beaten gold the largest pair is valued at $1. inlaid with Among screens. from $10 to $50. value. decorated china. (agua de vejuco. from $15 to $50. to right cute porcelain tub. $325 . three feet in diameter. of Kioto. . made expressly for this Exposition. hand. on case. telegraph instrument manufactured in Japan. JAPAN. value. and a set of laces valued at . one 'pair worth $900 also a single vase valued at $650. The seed is planted in April. Ex. said to be equal to Brussels. silk pattern. in case fnear center. Among the brandies.000: screen. Notice particularly the fine bronzes. shell cup and saucer. . eagle. This exhibit is made up of the Government exhibit. even greater interest on that account. as it is complete in all respects.) hand-painted porcelain. also a bed spread finished with gold. value. $150. set of vases. with section of comb-tree. and is valued at $1. standing on case. wine made from Around pagoda in center. Next you enter Japan. value. value. is a handkerchief valued at $105. gold. Near here is a bronze piece representing . $250. value. rose wood. pair of curtains. notice particularly in case tine collection of bronze vases inlaid with gold. valued at $450. $650. cactus. $550 a pair wood panel inlaid with tree trunk and . valued at $1. Their plow is a crooked branch. Japan. (hand. . The tilling is done with a . . exhibit of Misan Kaisha. which are over two thousand years old cloissonne enameled vases there it has to pass through from is only one artist who makes this elegant work seven to ten processes in large case back of this. . ivory. . another.. but still it has. . valued at $1. a brandy made from sugar-cane. plate of Satsuma ware. in which is also wonderful display of the Nipon Merchantile Co. value. beautiful porcelain ware. &c.200. to . and attention can only be called to the most beautiful and expensive articles. made expressly for the Centennial. $50 tea-pots. . Each of these exhibits is very fine. (3. value. of Tokia. In alcove at end of pavilion. and adjoining. $150 a six-fold screen. school work in Spanish. with lotus flowers inlaid with a pair of blue and white Koransha porcelain vases. silk toys. In the Govt. also. . the figures represent antique designs controlled by the emperor. $75. The "display of Meisan Kaisha in the adjoining exhibit is of great interest. and. See bamboo cases and bamboo work in all shapes. balsam wood. $150. among which $305. $350. and contains some very rich wares.. in same case. representing the cotton plant. see ancient armor. metal placque. $150.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. wines. value $900 a Satsuma Incense Burner. in silk and gold.200 one Koransha porcelain vase in gold relief.600 it took one man six years make it. Also notice the coins which they use. valued at $150. painted.*) Indian relics. near this. in this case.painted paper screens. eighteen inches high. Lace-making is a new interest in Japan. value. This exhibit is almost purely a cotton display.

one of the ablest and most enterprising of the public men of Central America. . A bride of common class in winter costume a widow in mourning.. irrigating pumps. particularly. you enter the Central American States. of the Republic. on post. a gum taken from the incense tree. . particularly. which are a nut carried to sea by the river incense. and so proud of its plumage that at a loss of one feather. <fec cotton spinning wheel. Specimens of these and all cotton machinery. Bed quilts with silk finish bamboo jackets. &c. The : . see the wonderful "Liberty. invented by a woman. or strainer. (see samples. . the following. case of pre-historic relics pile of log wood. can be seen. . . " and in her hand she carries the " Her dress is stick. viz Various custornes as illustrated by dummies. Notice.000 feet and upwards. and should be carefully examined. Notice particularly as follows. . BRITISH HONDURAS. sea cow. . In center of this part of the exhibit . in corner a wooler. Near this. . very beautiful. . it dies." very beautiful. on top . which is struck by a man with a mallet. in wood and in beautiful case bath tub native fish trap. on side table. . see fiber of maguey India rubber sea beans. . She makes her knives. vegetable tallow. white.. . to prevent the clothing from touching the body in warm weather. . worked by men and oxen. Indian goods. The production of this staple is large and fine. Mandarin and accountant Buddhist Priest. . but practically it is reduced to 27 months. 4. from which cocoa and chocoFurther along. with yellow robe and scarred . . the large kernels of coffee. viz The altitude In first at which most of her productions are raised. and nearly every thing else of it. also large logs of mahogany and cedar. or deprivation of its liberty. and illustrations of their working. for straining cassava three inlaid tables of native woods. interior of a dye-house cotton gin the flocking-bow. grains. pyramid of seeds. . Turning to Pass along and examine these left. Still farther along. from which three threads are reeled machine for preparing yarn before it goes to loom cotton loom cotton press brown cotton. three-pronged hoe. &c. . . GUATEMALA. Cocoa beans. the tropical belt and all her agricultural exhibit is of tropical productions. This republic lies in : beans of tallow tree. . . This (bamboo) is China's iron. made from the late are made. sold at 50 cents a yard inside of house. among birds. mourning period for mourning is three years. bamboo work in every shape and use. &c. This exhibit comprises mostly native woods. fine display of mahogany. . . head to mark his calling. Here see portrait of President Borrios. or chop sticks. thus loosening and spreading the cotton so it may be used for quilts. the largest one is valued at $125 Pitpan or Canoe used on rivers native rubber. and the Republic desires to call the attention of American merchants to the fact. . On next pyramid of seeds. . until you reach Guatemala. . . in imitation of lamb's wool cotton and silk velvets Chinese houses and boats boots and shoes case of ivory carving wonderful grass woolen goods inlaid furniture and screen cloth. Notice. At end of exhibit. see red beans.) used for candles.72 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDK BOOK. from which " nankeen " is made mixed cotton and silk goods cotton clothes of various colors and quality cotton lining. . houses. peculiar wheat see raw hide of the manitee or .

valued at $180. Entering this exhibit at P. or box. Mexican Exhibit. you should carefully examine the excellently tanned and colored leathers. making 16 qualities. These are made of all qualities. You will see that it is dressed and colored in imitation of a great many patterns of cloth. 398. and in this large exhibit they will show you the different coffees sold as Java. in which you find wools and cottons. . 8. next to Miscellaneous. : making 3 qualities. of a beautiperfumed wood. used for roofing.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. empire is made by the Association of Commerce. which enter at P. bed5. Next. enter the next front court. ful . The cases on each side are filled with wonderful Indian work. the pottery is remarkable. which is a viper's hide. 547. including marbles among these. another box of the most precious woods of the tropics wonderfully carved picture-frame. BRAZIL. and should be examined next. and between tables. The association shows coffee from 624 plantations. 8. 233. wood. The water is poured in. O. see 73 From here. next to Miscellaneous Department. but the finest are generally cotton. as Mocha are as follows right i and enter Mexico 186. cone-like formations you see are water-filters. are used for cutting sugar-cane. as follows : 493. leather and goods made from it. 5. 214. near here. 52.O and O. 510. 620. The large knives. At outside corner. They are so finely woven that they may be drawn through a finger ring. turn to bunch of straw from which Panama hats are made. and near here notice the down of the pelican. spreads. 508. flat tile used in build. Beginning in this court. mantillas. which is its natural . 200 cotton. 8. dripping through pure and cold.P. Now enter next court. and of fast colors also. examine the cloth made from a silk bark. you will notice that it is arranged so as to courts. Passing around to case on other side of this court. and permeates the material. of Rio Janeiro. Now turn to the MEXICO. with cases on left . red semi-circular tile. the elegant saddles. which show the quality. you see exhibited building stones. and an immense tub. used for wearing both over the head and shoulders. and is very rare . of the most beautiful colors. the cloths made from them. including a brown cotton. in which are woolen and cotton manufactures. 38. costing as high as $150. There are The exhibit from this 624 qualities of Rio. form your toward front. Here see table of inlaid work. 39. 176. notice. cut out of same . showing how they make these articles also. That which you might at first suppose to be cloth is actually leather. trunk. 356. some of which are silver-mounted. of both cotton and silk. for this is one of the finest features of this wonderful exhibit. and P. narrow shawl. you see the wood fibers of Mexico next. five feet in diameter. and the robozo. . and another long one. 211. which is a long. and cost as much as $900. hollow. which always retains its perfume. including shawls. 619. equal to 50 grades. Those sold 353. also. Passing on to the table of minerals in this court. Q. nearly as soft and fine as silk. Turning now to woods in center of court. ing. Turning to left. at P. which are all numbered. 141. see large section of cedar. for the purpose of showing to the world that much of the coffee which is sold for genuine Java and Mocha is really Rio Coffee. and on top of case. and made of No. 216. see alligator hide. The white.

74 color; cotton

and woolen goods, including
line cassirners;

two earthen


in imitation of ancient Aztecs.

Notice particularly here a blanket decorated with Mexican and U. S. Flags, on left. Next court, N and M.M, 5, contains exhibit of City Hospital ot Mexico; government army exhibit; government mail service, and uniin case
tire company, &c. Now, turning to right, examine the furniture display by a merchant in the City of Mexico, where notice a bed-room set of Scripture wood, very hard and much finer than mahogany, valued at $5,000 side-board of ebony and inlaid woods, valued at

forms of police of City of Mexico,

cabinet of inlaid woods, value, $500; carving, 250 years old, taken from an old church cabinet of tiger wood, a hard and expensive wood, value, $500 specimen of dining-room flooring, 20x40 feet. Beyond this, and to left, is the monument of polished woods of Mexico, 40 feet high, which contains a



wood every two







notice an


broidered piano stool, value, $104, and near it gold embroidery, value, $40 near this, cases filled with Mexican onyx in the shapes of all Mexican fruits; this onyx is a species of chalcedony, or uncrystallizsd quartz. In next court, and L.L, 5, Mexican marbles, and at L.L, 5, antiquities and casts of an-



In next court, K.K and K, 5, to left, books and publications, including a Mexican City newspaper and one edited by a woman. On the other In next side see shell work, onyx, .woods, and Lower Californ4a birds. court, I and H.H, 5, you have every kind and form of liquor made from the maguey, wines, and sugar from cane some in cakes, you will observe, resembles the maple sugar. In next court, I, 8, canned and preserved fruits, and in cases on right in front are exhibits that must be of great interest, viz: The artistic display in bird work, and wax, and other figures, illustrating real life in Mexico the first among the latter shows costumes of horsemen and women next the method of making tortillas, (griddle cakes ;) in same case, the method of gathering the pulque from the maguey he draws it out and pours it in the sack which he carries on his back still farther back, the water-carriers; above these the shoemaker, a porter, and Indian woman, with a load of charcoal upon her back for sale, <fec. In next case, a court scene a dancing girl showing one of the styles of wearing the rebozo, or long narrow shawl. Farther along, a fancy dress made of pith, of which you see specimens. These cost as high as $500. You now pass out of the Mexican Department toward the end of building and complete the examination of the Miscellaneous Exhibits as indicated by Guide, as much of this portion is of interest and should not be
; ;







end of building with

G.G, 3, Riechle Bros., R. R. Scales. G.G, 2, Marden's Standard Scales. Proceed towards front or east side. H, 2, Becker Bros., Balances and Weights. H, 3, John Matthews, Decorative Glass.




H.H and

H H, 2,
I, 2,

G, 3, Twisted L. Stephenson

White Lead Co. Wire Box




Co., Balances Co., Tin Plates.





Irwin, Builders' Hardware.

I, 3, St.
I, 3,




Louis Lead and Oil Co. Penn. Wire Works. 3, Geo. D. Wetheriil <fc Co., Ready Mixed Paints.

I.I, 3,
I.I, 2,

Indianapolis Terra Cotta Co. G. F. Atkins, California Novelties. Here see bark of California big Illustration of big tree, 30 feet in diameter, with a tree, 18 inches thick. carriage-way through

It is 500 feet high,


3,000 years old.

H. Barton <fc Co., Wood Veneers, beautiful display Notice particularly snake wood and camphor wood. L, 3, Le Paiges' Liquid Glue. M, 3, Valentine & Co., Fine Coach Varnish. M.M and M, 3, American Soap Stone Co.






N and M.M,

N, 3, N, 3, Eastern Manufacturing Co. N.N, 3, Thomas Christian, Ground Glue. N.N, 2, Tenn. Lumber Co. See a poplar plank, 12 feet long, 3 inches thick, and 50 inches wide. O, 2, The E. D. Albro Co. Veneers. One of the finest exhibits of the ExpoNotice particularly burls (knots) of Persian and French walnut, sition. birch and cherry, ebony, lignum-vitae, mahogany, and box-wood. The large, grayish, pulpy-looking mass you see is veneering cut, but not fin-

Heugley & Challenge, Roller Skates. Southern White Lead Co.

The proqess of manufacturing veneering is as follows: The burl or knot is first steamed, then cut in very thin layers as the one before you then each layer is laid on a heated board background, after which hot rollers are passed over the veneer; it is then sand-papered and varnished. Their advertising card is printed on holly wood paper, the one hundred and sixtieth part of an inch thick. O, 3, N. Y. Enamel Paint Co.
ished. O,

O.O, P.P,
P, Q,


Portevent & Farre, Lumber, &c. Gutta Percha Co., Paints.


Union Paper Bag Co. George H. Wood & Co., Spanish Gloss.
Pyle's Pearline. Q.Q, 3, Henry Woods, Son

R and



Manufacturers of Colors.

Duryea's Mazena.

Going in direction of Music Hall, you come to and R.R, 5 and 6, Root & Peters, Mexican Goods. This is in some respects a novel and interesting exhibit, and should be examined carefully. R and R.R, 7 and 8, S. Hemsheim, Cigars. R and R.R, 9, J. Massman & Co., Fine Whiskies. R, 9, John Wolf, Canes and Yankee Notions. R and R.R, 9. Delpit, Tobacco and Snuff. R and R.R, 11 and 12, Turkish Egyptian Goods. R and R.R, 13, The Gross Pin Co. R and R.R, 14, Fountain Ink Co. R and R.R, 15, Caw's Ink. R and R.R, 17 and 18, Chas. Scribner & Sons, Publications. R.R, 20, Colby & Co., Adams' Historical Chart Any person in any way interested in history, and parents especially, should examine this chart, for it




is a remarkable work, making history exceedingly interesting and at the same time very easily learned. R.R, 21 and 22, E. Berg & Co., European Stitching and Stamping. Every lady

should examine.

R and



The Columbian Type Writer.

Now pass on

R.R, 25, Moseley & Co., Watch Makers' Tools. R.R, 26, Keystone Watch Case Co. See exhibit. R.R, 26 and 27, Waltharn Wateh Co. See fine watches and gems. The best watches here are $375. Diamonds are not used for watch jewels, for the finest watches are jewelled with rubies and sapphires. Cheaper watches have aqua marine and chrysolite. Notice in case splint diamonds and diamonds in rough. Turning about, return in next aisle to R, 24 and 25, E. J. Hart & Co., Elastic Trusses.
R, 22 to 23, L. H. Thomas, Writing Inks. R, 20 and 21, A. L. Redden, American Writing Machine. This is an excellent and interesting machine, a great saver of time and expense, and should be

examined. MacKeller, Smiths <fe Jordan, Printers' Type, <fec. R, 14, C. J. Conley & Co., Rochester Rubber Stamp Works. R, 13 and 14, Clagul, Schlicht & Field, Labor Saving Office Devices. Good. Business men should examine. You now examine the exhibits in the GalR', 20,





some of the


and best exhibits of the Exposition.
to Gal-

Proceed towards the south-east corner of building and take stairway
lery at that point.

Entering the gallery, proceed westward to and 2, Mclntosh Galvanic Faraday Battery Co. T, 1 and 2, Poulson & Egan, Architectural Bronze fine display. T and S.S, 2, L. Schwartz, Marbleized Slates and Mantels examine. S.S and S, 1 and 2, Ky. Furniture Co., fine exhibit examine. S, 1 and 2, Sidney Squires & Co., Automatic Sofa Bed examine. R. R, 1 and 2, Gardner & Co., Perforated Veneer Chairs, &c. R to Q.Q,, 1 and 2, Heywood Bros. & Co., Chairs, Rattan and Reed Furniture examine. N.N, 1 and 2, Charles TJsch, Fine Furniture examine. N to K, 1 and 2, The Robert Mitchell Furniture Co. See carved and decorated
T.'T, 1
; ;





furniture and stained glass. exhibit be sure to examine.

A complete

dining and drawing-room, elegant


and K,




Wakefield Rattan

Rattan and Reed Furniture, fine

display; examine. H, 1, Brunswick, Blake, Collender <fe Co., Billiard Furnishings be sure and visit their elegantly fitted up billiard-room. 4 H.H and G.G, 1 and 2, Hertts Bros., Artistic Furniture. Their exhibit represents a room hi an American gentleman's home. Notice the Sevre vases

and brass clock on mantel these alone are worth $1,000. The furnishing of the entire room is worth $10,000. As the room is lighted by electricity at



should be seen in


greatest beauty.

A. Quinby & Co. The Marks Adjustable Folding Chair Co. 25 to 27. Demerest & Co. Edward Storm. A. James Cunningham. D. Sloo & Co. Dexter Spring Co. A and B.. C.C.C. Hame.. Varnishes. Mathias Klein. 1 and 2. 60.. G. G. C. . A.. Phaetons. The Graphite Lubricating Axle.D and E. C. 62.. E. C. 62. Carriage and Harnesses fine display. 61 and 62. A. Lengert & Son. El khart Carriage and Harness Manufacturing Co.C.. " Russian Drosky. A. Carri... Patent Automatic Jump-Seat Carriages.D.. 37 to 41. A. 48. A. C. The Steinbach Adj ustable Baby Carriages. t Fine Carriages.. 21. examine.C. Fine Carriages and Hearses. 49. Excelsior Top Co.C. Curtis & Co. C. Henderson Buggy Bo. C." C. Fine Carriages. carriages.. exC. Omnibuses. and Light and Heavy Harness. C. Studebaker ..C.C. Christina Carriage Factory.F. 52 and 53.. J.. Saddles. A. Bros.. 54. 29. fine display examine. 62. Automatic Jump-Seat examine. E to D. fine display. C. Columbus Buggy Co. T. A. A. Mud. Carriages large and fine exhibit see here a C... Sayers & Scoville. examine. Hall Manufacturing Co. Bent Goods. C. Ortmayer <fe Son. G. New Patent Split-Shaft Sulky. A. 52. Leather and Rubber Carriage Tops. Phoenix Chair Co.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. and Phaetons. 1 and 2. should be examined by all persons interested in carriages. Son & Co. Hiram W.F. Dinnei Bros. 54.. 15. R. C. Richmond Transfer Co.. Road Carts.C. F. Crane Bros. The Renick. A. F. Little 58. D. . 58. 77 G and F. Miller.Fasteners examine. Carriages.C. C. Buggies.C. and Carriages. Light Wagons and Carriages of all kinds large display. 16 to 19. 48. C. B. fine dis- play. 1 and 2. Express Wagons. 14.C. Berry Bros. Plimpton & Co. 12 and 13. 1 and 2. Fenner. 57 and 58. 61.C. 47. 58. 53 and A.. Sand.. . Fine Carriages. fine display. Fine Carriages and Road Wagons. .C. and Perry's Patent Road Cart. Abbott. ages. Patent Two. Dexter Queen Phaeton. C. William amine. A. Davis & Co.. 41. D. and Harnesses. F and R. 56. C.C. Joseph Schwartz. A.Milburn Manufacturing Co. Farr. A. Little Giant Hub Borers and Box Puller. A. Omnibuses. A. Robinson & Hitt. O. celebrated Hard-Oil Finish. 49 to 51. A. D. A. Adjustaole Bit and Harness Goods B.Bar Spring and Gears B. R. Saddles and Harnesses.D to D. 62. Carriages. Baker. 2. Abbott Buggy Co. Adjustable Chairs. C and C.C. . Buggies. Carriages and Wagons. H. and Dust Bands for carriage axles. Fine Furniture.D and E. Reichle Bros. C. Adjustable Folding Chairs. Carriages. 59. D. . examine. . M.. 62. Shuler. Hearses and Carriages. with instruc- tions as to setting carriage boxes. 41 and 45.. C and C. Randall..C. Manufacturing Co. 46. G.Wheeler. A.C. M. A. & Larkin. 23. Heald & Jones. 10 and 20. Sofa Beds examine.C. P. . A. Patent Curry-Comb. and 60. Side. Phineas Jones & Co. 34 to 37. which should be examined.C. fine exhibit examine. A.C.

E. . COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. McBride &^o. H. Sewing-Machines. Saddles and Harnesses. V. V. Anderson. T.78 PRACTICAL. examine "the burning kettle" suspended from crane over fire-place of front mantel. 46 and 47. 62. Globe Knitting Co. Stained Glass. J. Furniture. V.. T. No one should fail to . peculiar. E. . Edgefield and Nashville Mfg. S. Kursherd & Co. J. Singer Machine Co. Trunks. T.S and T. 62. P.M and M. 62. new patent and good. Nashville Trunk Manufactury examine. 42. 43. Patent Combination Collar and Fireman's Equipments. silver. Stamped Linens examine. Dape Bros.. 24.T.. Saddlery and Harness. Friedrich. 62. gold. Invalid Bed. J. V. 62. Peters and Calhon Co. T. M. R. good thing examine. .QandR. fine exhibit V. S. Fair Haven Slate Co. fine display of paintings. 62.. 62. E.. The Moscowitz Model Waist Lining. S.. This is a novel idea for grate ornament also. Tolman & Co. Trunks. JL and L. Curtain Chains. Martin Weydig. &c. M.. Thome. E. Ready Cash Carrier. Art and Advertising Cards. The Daisy Sewing-Machine Co.P. 46 and 47.. Trunk Co. Potter. G. 62. fine display examine. Refrigerator Co.N.T and U. 62. . Horn Chairs. F. 45. 62. examine. Shutz. Horse Bits. Suhr & Hauptmann. L. Charles Gunold & Co. Horn Furniture. Schmit Bros. 62. Koons..F. Myers. W. Invalid Chair . &c. 61 and 62. McCaw. F. 53.. Notice New Paragon School Desk. 62. <fec. 60 and 59. V. Stephenson & Co. La Moine Portable and Adj ustable Dress Form. Q. Williams Manufacturing Co. Cooper & McKee. V. 55 and 56. a patent solid relief wall decoration. ex- amine. August Buerrnann. C. Family Knitting Machine. oak.S. Thos. E. E. This should receive careful examination. O. Kaemper. M. U.T and U.L. V. as solid as wood. 41 and 40. V. 54 and 55. Refrigerators. Lincrusta Walton. &c. 53. V. Co. 62. 62. V. bronze. Union Mfg.. U.. J. Duffy. 61. 49. examine. 62. V. H. 48. 62. Buffalo School Furniture Co. P. Show Stands and Store Fixtures. here you register your name and take your chance for a machine without cost. M. 62. Cordage. Monarch Rein Button Co. Gillett & Gottschalk.V. Co.E and F. 57 and 59. Standard Saloon Fixture Co. Novelties.. . V and V. V. The Buddington Dress-Cutting Machine.. Union School Furniture Co. & Kugemann. 61. Oil-Cloths. 62. P. F and H and H. Buford's Sons. M. and House Furniture.U. 62. visit this exhibit.S and T. 62. N and N. Furnishings. Hair Goods. V. Boardman. K. Palmenberg. J. Frederick Beck. . Stone Filter.E. 62. Sewiug-Machines and Wooden Ware. Sons & Co. Rein Button Goods: examine.. in imitation of terra-cotta. F. Weedsport Hoop Skirt Co. <fec.. 62. Builders. 62.

which were brought from Mexico very . from one half to ten inches in diameter. 9. France. C.PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. known as ginger root . Ol watte Bros. 2 and 4. 7 and 8. Scholl. Patent Blinds. building. see the cinnamon. the cinnamon tree. see group of bananas. . 14. enter the hot-house. On side wall see the orchids or air-plants from Central America. 13. Moore & Co. over 100 varieties they grow on trees. Mexico. See also Australian pines. turning around at south end. James Wilson. Ginoris. Stained Glass Institute. Saginaw Manufacturing Co. HORTICULTURAL HALL. from Russia. To the right of these. <fcc. Upon>ntering the hall. J. 22 and 24. cloves. the acacia. showing nearly every variety of tree or plant in both the temperate or tropical zones. and. 79 W. with blossoms and bolls. Young. ." to first exit-way. V. " V. Artificial Flowers. West and beyond this. thirty feet in height. . &c. V and VV. Solon Palmer. on wall to left notice illustrations of the varieties (44) of Japanese oranges. Hammock Chair. Hub bard Hammock Co. Thomas L. J. the sweet olives. from where you journey towards Horticultural Hall. England. V. good display. . Passing from the hot- . In center. also the melon fruit bush. which bears a fruit resembling our cantaloupe it will grow readily and is likely to come into common use. beautiful an immense cactus. Ware.. the She oak of Australia. 23 and V. . &c. see pineapple and fruit. Perfumes. 19 and 20. Just east of and near fountain. and near. 9.. Pass farther along. Just beyond these. from Arizona. Notice. 18 and 19.. wonderfully adapted to barren regions the caral tree. showing stems that bore the dates south and near fountain.. and bread- fruit trees. Brass Goods. at end. At farther end of hot-house in the south-west corner. V. among the Jamaica plants. V. V. Matthews & Willard Co. turn to left and see the fine collection of This building < . V. and the largest collection of cacti and aloe family ever made. north. see coffee tree turning back to other side of . V. 16. the same from which the Prodigal Son is supposed to have gathered the beans which he eat. the vanilla plant. you will see them lying on a shelf or table. along post. Carpets. & J. which is surrounded by a large number of royal palms. Shade Rollers and Wooden 21. Self-acting Swing. or fever tree. M. state is 600 194 feet. which grows rapidly and absorbs malaria the tea plant the camphor tree. pass on to the fountain. Passing down the stairway at this place. examine. Majolica. one of the largest cocoanut palms in this country or Europe. and contains fruit exhibits from nearly every and territory in the United States. . and have a very pretty flower with a peculiar odor. the root of which is used. C. House Furnishings. the eucaliptus. Leedon & Co. Now. near which is the cotton plant. twenty feet high. proceed straight ahead. particularly. V. V. the fruit grows from the center of main stalk. grown California botanical exhibits. tree ferns. a fine date palm. . the ginger plant. and Central America terns and palm trees plants Irorn the Temperate and Tropical zones. beautiful examine.

Mr. where you can see how the Mexicans form the basin that collects the pulque in first or second plant and covered. variety of sweet potatoes. a species of the orange. notice a jar of pulque. England. see plantains. consisting of marbles. and near them a cluster of cocoanuts. three on the front and a fourth running parallel and occupying one half the building. By Willem. and enter the . where the fruits of each state and terand can be examined. hairy growth surrounding the plant called the "old-mancactus. On this table. but not good to eat the lime. . bronzes. fruit. as potatoes originated in the Andes. from which lime juice is made. in south-western corner. TRIBOULET. called the organ cactus. Samain. among which notice one having a long. By By Bruniu. and plaster casts which stand forth prominently against the dark brown walls. The building is divided into four large halls. really large bananas. shows a beautiful work entitled "The First Flight. 250 feet long and 100 feet deep. yams. By Bruneau. ART GALLERY. Near the end of this table. &c. furnishing 20." also several busts of merit. also.000 square feet of hanging space splendidly lighted during the day by sky-lights. an antidote for scurvy. of New York. or large dies. of London. CARLIST. Entering through the broad vestibule. Italian. among which the acacia. 50X250 feet. Bruce Joy. or north end. among which those of "Gladstone" and "Mary Anderson" should be noted. See immense yams on end of next table. turn to your left. which produces a small delicious Now passing to front. Belgian. On Mexican table. and during the evening by 2. like our cider or beer when it gets hard.80 PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE GUIDE BOOK. . as should also the strong head in bronze of "Bryant. see the cochineal cactus and the insects from which the cochineal is obtained. the alligator pear. 50 feet square. In the Florida exhibit. After examining these. branritory are designated . Passing out of the Hall. The works shown are by French. see snake cactus. and go to a group of maguey. and American of visitors are : artists. central hall. it is made into alcohol. terra-cottas." by Hartley. see the Mexican plants. When this pulque is first collected they use it for a drink.000 Edison incandescent electric lights. English. common potatoes one species of which is supposed to resemble the wild species. A. the agave. the sappho-dilla. you come to the very large collection of cacti. house to the Pomological Department. notice the shaddocks grape fruit. It is a peculiar and very rare species." by Valentine. the liquor of the maguey or century plant. rilievos. and France in contrast with those of our own country. In this part of hall. MARK'S. This Art Hall is a spacious fire-proof structure. return a*nd go to the Art Gallery. we pass the Superintendent's office on the right and the Committee-room on the left. or century plants. valued at $300. and of "Beethoven. Farther along toward the door. Among those that will attract the attention "THE PIGEONS OF ST. notice particularly the fruit display from Russia." L'lMPRUDENT AND L'AMOUR MALADROIT. grayish." Further along. on west side. a club-like cactus. filled with sculpture.

ART * .



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