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Class Diagrams

An Object is a representation of a real world object, entity or concept A Class is description of a group of with common features (attributes, operations and semantics)

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Boundary Classes Entity Classes Control Classes

Boundary Classes

Represents the interface between the system and a user or another system

Entity Classes
By identifying nouns and noun phrases, entity classes can be identified. Reflect real world entities, and are needed to perform internal tasks.

Control Classes
Usually one per use case. Denote the sequencing behavior of an use case. Deals with (coordinates) the functionality of the use case.

These are groups of classes. Their purpose in to help maintain systems which have large numbers of classes.

Association Dependency Aggregation Generalization

Associations and Dependencies

A B Client Supplier



Aggregations and Generalizations

Whole Part


Aggregation Generalization

Child 1

Child 2