Joanne Marie V.

Santos 2011-53494 BS ECE


From the UP Vargas Museum, the photo was taken (by El Bacani of UPSIO) from the on view exhibit Lupa: Struggle For Land – a group exhibition of progressive Filipino artists, artist collectives and non-traditional media practitioners reflecting on the question of land. These artists include Buen Calubayan, Ted Camahalan, Neil Doloricon, Boy Dominguez, Ang Gerilya, Renato Habulan, Gene de Loyola, Nikki Luna Renan Ortiz, Iggy Rodriguez, Jose Tence Ruiz, Pablo Baen Santos, Manolo Sicat, Mel Vera Cruz, Chitoy Zapata. Also, the show is curated by Renan Ortiz. As we can see here in this photo, it is both an Expressionist painting and also of Social Realism. We can see from the expressions of the faces of the people drawn in the painting, they have morbidness in them. In other words, the artist may want to evoke concrete ideas in this art. Also, the word ‘LUPA’ and ‘Hacienda Luisita Incorported’ are already give-aways. Also from the name of the exhibit itself, the artist may want to portray the state of the infamous issue of the farmers in the Hacienda Luisita. This includes the so-called ‘Hacienda Luisita massacre.’ Up to this day, the victims of the massacre are still seeking for justice but it seems that justice is still beyond their grasp for one of the Aquinos is still sitting there. Also, aside from the dramatic details of the painting, we would notice that the artist only used two colors - yellow as its dominant. We all know that the said color is a trademark of the Aquino family. Therefore, we can say, that this strategy of the artist is used to attract attention and to provide a message. It’s not just about creating important and intelligent laws but it’s also about the implementation of them despite personal risks of anyone.

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