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The Times-Picayune

April 2, 2005
The image of Chip Grabers final shot to win the NCAA championship game for the Minnesota State Purple Tide

Minnesota State wins NCAA championship despite threats to star player

By Sam Warren

The NCAA championship game last night already was no ordinary game, with Minnesota State winning on a buzzer-beater three point shot by star player Chip Graber which finally capped off the Cinderella story. But the real story is what went on behind the scenes. What sources believe happened is that Minnesota States star player, Chip Graber, the son of Coach Alan Graber, was blackmailed. When two 13 year old reporters, Steven Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson, tried to help Graber, the blackmailers tied them up and threatened to kill them if Graber didnt throw the game. Somehow, the reporters escaped and got to Graber before it was too