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CONTROL-M Presentation

Control-M Presenation


Introducing CONTROL-M
ƒ CONTROL-M is an interoperable solution for the integration of production control from a focal point of management across diverse environments ƒ Challenges Managing the enterprise vs. Platforms Controlling the Business Process
Alert reactivity

Control-M Presentation


Control-m Architecture

Control-M Presentation


Three-Tier Architecture Enterprise Management DB GUI TM GATEWAY Engine CONTROL-M/Server GATEWAY DB CONTROL-M Server Gateway UNIX CONTROL-M/Agent CONTROL-M Agent CONTROL-M Agent CONTROL-M Agent WINDOWS NT WINDOWS 2000 Control-M Presentation UNIX 4 .

etc … ƒ Submit. control and manage jobs ƒ Receive order from Control-M Server ƒ Send result to Control-M Server Control-M Presentation 5 .CONTROL-M/Agent Control-M Agent CONTROL-M Agent CONTROL-M Agent WINDOWS NT UNIX ƒ Run under Windows NT/200. monitor. Unix.

Control-M Server CONTROL-M/Server GATEWAY DB CONTROL-M Server UNIX ƒ It’s the engine of Control-M ƒ Contain all job definitions ƒ Contain all calendars ƒ Activate and Control the « up to plan » Control-M Presentation 6 .

Enterprise Management Enterprise Management DB GUI TM GATEWAY ƒ Focal point of control ƒ Standard GUI for all the Production platforms ƒ Responsible for cross-platform dependencies ƒ Give graphic tools to develop jobs Control-M Presentation 7 .

Job Definitions Control-M Presentation 8 .

Control-M Job Definition ƒ What ? ƒ Where ? ƒ Who ? ƒ When ? ƒ Flow Control ? ƒ Resource Requirements ƒ Results Control Control-M Presentation 9 .

pl ƒ NT Batch Files (.cmd ƒ Executable ƒ Operator Commands Execute Command ls -l Control-M Presentation 10 .bat .cmd) Wha t d:\prod\Ctm\Copy_Logs\del_logs.What do we schedule ƒ Unix shell scripts /export/home/hipfeed/interfaces/scripts/ft_process.

Where do we run Wha t ƒ Which server do we use ƒ Does it have a Control-M Agent ƒ Is it a Production or a Uat agent Control-M Presentation 11 .

Who can execute it Wha t ƒ Which user login is needed to run the job ƒ Does the user login have access right to run the job. Control-M Presentation 12 .

When : Date & time Scheduling Criteria ƒ Specific days of the month/week/period When ƒ Automatic holiday processing ƒ The nth workday ƒ The nth last workday ƒ Time window ƒ Job can be executed in several times in cyclic mode with personnal interval Control-M Presentation 13 .

Friday Depend to working days Control-M Presentation 14 . 2nd. Run every: Monday. 4th. 3rd. Wednesday. 7th and 23rd of the month.When : Selecting a Date When Run every: 1st.

When : Calendars UK Working Days Calendar for Year 2002 When No Run : Bank Holidays Control-M Presentation 15 .

When : Complex Dates When Run on the 4th of the month. in addition to the day in WD Calendar Last Working Day of the month Control-M Presentation 16 .

Flow ƒ Cont rol ƒ It is not a « goto » command ƒ A condition depends to the ODAT (Control-M Systeme Date) Control-M Presentation 17 .What is a condition ƒ Is a Flag sent in PREREQUISITE CONDITIONS BOX under Enterprise ControlStation This Flag can be expected by one or several other jobs.

END Exist ? Yes or No END Control-M Presentation 18 .END OR JOB-OK .END JOB-NOK .END Prerequisite Conditions Box JOB-NOK .Condition Process START NOT OK (exit 1) START – JOB-NOK Flow START – JOB-OK START – JOB-NOK OK (exit 0) Exist ? Yes or No START – JOB-OK Exist ? Yes or No Cont rol JOB-NOK JOB-OK JOB-OK .

Complex Dependencies Flow Cont rol Many jobs can depend on one condition One job can depend on many conditions Combination of conditions AND/OR Control-M Presentation 19 .

Benefits ƒ ƒ ƒ Flow Cross-platform automation flow No need for manual intervention Create a Business Process View Create a Focal Point of Control ƒ Cont rol Control-M Presentation 20 .

Resource Requirement ƒ ƒ ƒ Prevents resource contentions between jobs Provides workload balancing Eliminates contention bottlenecks Control-M Presentation 21 .

.Results Control ƒ ƒ ƒ lts Co ntrol Capture Standard OUTPUT in Sysout Sysout contain and Error Code will be tested Shout Message can be sent to User Mail. Distribution List. Console . Rerun Facility ƒ Runs same job « n » times ƒ Runs another job ƒ Stop a Cyclic Job Resu ƒ Control-M Presentation 22 ..

Job Process Control-M Presentation 23 .

Dynamic Scheduling JOB-B JOB-A JOB-C ƒ We can accumulate ƒ Conditions ƒ Schedule Date and Time ƒ Quantitative Resource JOB-D Control-M Presentation 24 .

A plan is a period of 24 hours The plan begins at 7:00 AM (for that example) The plan stops at 6h59 AM the following day The Control-M System Date isn’t a System Date ODAT – Control-M System Date 11/11 12/11 13/11 14/11 00:00 07:00 12/11/2002 00:00 07:00 13/11/2002 00:00 07:00 14/11/2002 SYSTEM DATE Control-M Presentation 25 .Schedule PLAN ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ To be executed. a job should be up to plan.

. JOB-B JOB-A JOB-C JOB-D Control-M Presentation 26 .Dynamic Scheduling If all goes well ..

. JOB-B JOB-A JOB-C Exit code 8 JOB-D Control-M Presentation 27 ..Dynamic Scheduling Problem .

. JOB-B JOB-A Restart-DB JOB-C Exit code 16 “DB Closed” JOB-D Control-M Presentation 28 ..Dynamic Scheduling Other Problems .

JOB-A JOB-B Restart-DB JOB-C Clear-DB Exit code 8 Exit code 16 “DB Closed” JOB-D Exit code 32 “DB Error” Control-M Presentation 29 .Dynamic Scheduling Many Problems ...

Result Analysis Control-M Presentation 30 .

Error Recovery Process Job Ended Exit Code Job’s Output Result Analysis OK Not OK Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Control-M Presentation 31 .

Result Analysis ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ CONTROL-M is capable of detecting errors and react to them dynamically Analyze contents of the Job Log Match Line of statement with statement ouput and errors (contain of sysout) Actions : ƒ Set completion status to Ok or NOTOK ƒ Set a parameter value (counter) ƒ Create or delete a condition ƒ Force a job to run ƒ Notify a user or console message ƒ Rerun the job ƒ Stop Cyclic Control-M Presentation 32 .

Result Analysis – Control-M Logs Control-M Presentation 33 .

Result Analysis – Job Sysout Control-M Presentation 34 .

Result Analysis .Unix ƒ Unix $ cp /etc/passwd /tmp $ cp /etc/passwdx /tmp cp /etc/passwdx: No such file or directory $ cp /etc/passwd /usr/kvm/xyzzy cp: /usr/kvm/xyzzy: Permission denied $ exit 12 On Statement/Code examples for this job: On Stmt Code cp /etc/passwdx/tmp No such file or directory (the string 'no*file‘ will also work .see wild card characters above) cp /etc/passwd/usr/kvm/xyzzy cp *: Permission denied On Stmt Code Control-M Presentation 35 .

could not connect to node nt-tlv2 -SYS-E-ERRMSG.Original command was : fcopy "E:\\fastcopy\\*.Result Analysis . Connection refused On Statement/Code examples for this job: On Stmt Code fcopy* *could not connect to node nt-tlv2* Control-M Presentation 36 .NT/2000 ƒ NT E:\fcopy -recover -context_file="fccf_00007" FCOPY-I-CMD_LINE .doc" "\\\\nt-tlv2\\tmp" -report -user="fctest" password=PASSWORD -replace -context_file="fccf_00007" FCOPY-E-CONNECTREF.

Error Message ƒ Regular (Green) Message for information Use to keep log information No Pilote Action ƒ Urgent (Orange) Warning Message Need Pilote acknowledgement Not a Critical Problem ƒ Very Urgent (Red) Critical Message Need Pilote acknowledgement Critical Problem. need immediate action Control-M Presentation 37 .

.. Time. Calendar.) Error code and Error Message Received and To be Sent Actions List.What do we need ƒ For the Control-M Diagram ƒ ƒ ƒ A Organization Chart of the treatments An Application Architecture Diagram For Each Job Definitions ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ External parameters and processes Command Line or Executable User Login Scheduling Criteria (Date. Order for each error Control-M Presentation 38 .

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