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Lesson 4 (Kerri)

Unit Topic: Shel Silverstein Grade: 4 Unit Theme: Poetry and Short Stories Unit Goals: Through a variety of balanced literacy activities, students will explore selected works of Shel Silverstein, including both poetry and a short story. Lesson Title The Little Boy and the Old Man Specific Outcomes Students will be expected to Methods/Activities/Procedures APK: Each student will be given a copy of the poem. The students will be asked to read over the poem and identify the rhyming words. speak and listen to (Logical/Mathematical, Linguistic)(2 minutes) explore, extend, clarify, Read Aloud: The teacher will read the and reflect on their poem aloud as the students follow along with thoughts, ideas, their copies. (3 minutes) feelings, and Group Discussion: How did this poem experiences make you feel? Why did the poem make you feel that way? Is there a character in the poem respond personally to that is similar to you? Do you ever feel like the a range of texts characters in the poem? (Linguistic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal) (5 minutes) Compare and Contrast: Students will work individually to fill out a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the differences between children and the elderly. Explain that one circle is for the characteristics of children, the other circle is for the characteristics of the elderly, and the middle section is for characteristics that they share. (Logical/Mathematical, Naturalistic, Linguistic)(10 minutes) Point of View: The class will be put into two groups (random selection). One section will be responsible for the Little Boy, the other will be responsible for the Old Man. The groups will be responsible for choosing a spokesperson to share the groups responses. The groups will work together to answer the questions on the question sheet (students should write the answers on the sheet, one sheet per group); design a costume for their spokesperson, and Resources The Little Boy and the Old Man em/8538955The_Little_Boy_And_ The_Old_Man-byShel_Silverstein Venn Diagram http://www.studenthan Question Sheet respond personally to a range of texts Students will participate in discussion of how the poem made them feel and be able to explain verbally which character they can relate to in the poem. Assessment Strategies Students will be expected to: speak and listen to explore, extend, clarify, and reflect on their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences Students will participate in discussion of their thoughts and feelings, while listening to others discuss their own thoughts and feelings about the poem. Students will also participate in a Quick Write that will allow the teacher to assess.

then the spokesperson will share the responses with the class. (Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal) (20 minutes) Wrap Up: Students will be asked to write a Quick Write about what they learned during the class. Students will write something that they learned, a question that they may have, or something that was confusing in the lesson. The students will submit their quick writes before leaving the classroom. (Intrapersonal, Linguistic)(5 minutes)